Annals of Shamapova

The recent photo of Maria Sharapova, supposedly one of the most beautiful women in the world and definitely the hottest babe on the WTA Tour, is rather shocking.  Look at it closely (click to enlarge):   Her hair is mousey, her skin is ghastly, her eyes are puffy and she looks much, much older than her years. If we squint, we swear we can see signs of five o’clock shadow.   Published on the WTA website, even the tournament itself knew how bad it was.  As a result,  when they wanted to publish a photo array to draw some publicity, it was followed by a large number of photos of our gal Shamapova taken years ago, even at the beginning of her career, as if we’d forget about this one.

Maria, of course, has good reason to be aging rapidly.  And no, we’re not talking about her psycho father Yuri, either.

No longer ranked even in the top 10 and booted summarily out of this year’s first grand slam like she was a journeywoman, Maria was reduced to a desperate bid for a win, any win, by entering a lowly tournament in Memphis where she was the #1 seed and the #2 was not ranked in the top 50 in the world.  Maria’s semi-finals adversary was ranked #68 in the world, and her opponent in the finals was a laughable qualifier ranked #79.  Way to go, Maria! Maybe next up for you is a devastating victory over an senior citizen in a motorized wheelchair!

Is the Russian so wretched that she’s forced to stoop as low as this to build her confidence and avoid a total breakdown?

You bet she is.

9 responses to “Annals of Shamapova

  1. somebody’s gonna say it, so it might as well be me: she still looks pretty damn good.

    • If you compare her to other Russian “beauties” like Kuznetsova and Petrova, she’s a goddess!

    • don’t worry john…larussophobe is either gay or a bitter old lady.

      it’s funny she/he didn’t bring up Elena Dementieva in comparison.

  2. At least Sharapova is not ashamed to show her pictures in public; unlike some other women, who are hiding their photographs from the public, evidently being ashamed even of old photographs taken when they were young.

    getting older with time, unlike the owner of this blog who is an immortal and eternal beauty. Do much so htat she has

  3. Too late Arthur. You need to be able to utterly erase it.

  4. She is actually an ethnic Belarusian, so not a “Russian beauty” at all.
    In any case, isn’t judging people, and sportspeople at that, childish and sexist. Just wondering?

    • She is ethnic Russian “Sharapova was born in 1987 to Yuri and Elena, ethnic Russians, in the town of Nyagan’ in Siberia, Russia. Her parents moved from Gomel, Belarus after the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986 affected the region.[5] When Sharapova was two, the family moved to Sochi where her father befriended Aleksandr Kafelnikov, whose son Yevgeny would go on to win two Grand Slam singles titles and become Russia’s first ever World No. 1 tennis player.”

  5. Miss Sharapova and her parents have lived in Florida since she was 11, coming to the United States when her coach back in Russia suggested that she go to a tennis school there in Florida where she could continue to improve her skills. Her parents both took menial jobs primarily because they did not speak English. Has that been the beginning of success stories heard before?

    Her face? Get a grip. She makes her living out in the sun. She is not teenager any more. And her hair? It is still the same finely textured head of hair that she as always had. Her shoulder injury? She is a professional athelete. Injuries have shortened or ended athelete’s careers since the beginning of sports. Five o’ clock shadow? Oh, to put my hands on either side of her face! I don’t think so.

    Vladimer Putin is fair game. As bad as things are in Russia, life in Russia does nothing but improve for the Russian people. During the Second World War, it was the Russians who bled the Germans white, fighting a war on a stage the size of the width of the United States. If it hadn’t been for their sacrifices (Ever have bread made from ground-up sawdust? Leningrad Bread it was called. Yeah, they were that desperate.), who knows how long the Third Reich might have lasted.

    I digress. Maria Sharapova is an American of Russian birth. She can put down her tennis racket any time that she wants now. It has served her well. Were she to show up in the television broadcasting booth at Wimbeldon, or Paris, or New York, or for the Municipal Open in West Podunk, Montana, the ratings for those broadcasts would make the sponsors very happy.

    Stick to politics. It is your forte’. Remember Charles Lindberg? How about Herman Goering?Their forte’ was flying. They stuck their noses into politics and you see what it got them. Or. . . do you remember,. . . or do you care?


    She’s not an American. She has rejected American citizenship and plays for the Russian national team. Get your facts straight.

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