EDITORIAL: Greedy, Heartless Russians


Greedy, Heartless Russians

UK — 0.43%

France — 0.39%

Germany — 0.38%

Japan — 0.18%

USA – 0.18%

Those are the percentages of gross national income (GNI) donated by the five named countries to their poorer fellow nations in 2008.  Judged in strict dollar terms the USA was the leader, handing over $25 billion to the impoverished “third world,” twice as much as its nearest rival, Germany.

Care to guess Russia’ s figure?

In 2008, Russia donated a mere 0.05% of GNI to the third world — three times less as a share of GNI than the USA and, at a paltry $800 million, more than twenty-five times less in dollar terms even though the USA has just twice Russia’s population.  Pound for pound, each American gives over twelve times more to international charity and world betterment than each Russian. And don’t forget:  Russia itself claims to be qualified not only for membership on the UN Security Council but also on the G-8 panel of prosperous democracies.

In other words, Russians just don’t give a damn.

We feel this data provides a remarkably telling counterpoint to the information we provide today in our special issue devoted to Russian human rights atrocities in the Caucasus region.  The data makes it perfectly clear that Russia’s barbarism in Ingushetia and Chechnya is merely the reflection of a far wider Russian hostility to the outside world, something that will surprise few who have experienced Russian xenophobia.

In other words, the people of Russia are deeply complict in that barbarism, and need to be called to account for it.  They must learn that their relentless hatred of the outside world has only brought them shame and disgrace, depravity and failure, and driven their nation again and again to collapse.

Only when Russians realize that they are part of the global community and accountable to its standards will Russia have any hope for a civilized, prosperous future.


2 responses to “EDITORIAL: Greedy, Heartless Russians

  1. Russia is a self-ruining 3rd world country itself, at least the majority of Russia is. ;)

  2. Did you know that Russia a G8 nation (Ha Ha) still accepts financial aid from the UK?

    In may it is likely a conservative government will be elected in Britain.
    The Conservatives will end aid to Moscow if they attain power; the shadow development secretary announced in October 2009.
    Speaking to the party’s conference in Manchester, Andrew Mitchell criticised a government strategy which sees aid go to a country with a GDP of over a trillion dollars and say the Tories will give the money to poorer countries instead.
    “Giving aid to Russia is simply ridiculous,” he said.
    “Under a Conservative government, that will change,” he added. “We will only give aid to the countries that really need it.”
    But the pledge is likely to upset relations with Russia, (so what) fortunately Russia’s potential anguish receives short shrift from the Conservatives.
    Earlier this week shadow defence secretary Liam Fox told a fringe meeting that Russia was a “gangster state”.
    “What we’re dealing with in Russia is a gangster state, where the political stakeholders are the same as the property holders, are the same as the economic giants,” he said.

    How despicable of the Russian to take aid especially as they claim to be a rich nation, why don’t they use their own resources to help their own people instead of helping themselves to British tax payers money, If Russia can sink to this level how can we expect these money grabbers to help poor nations their actions show them to be extremely selfish and uncaring.

    I am counting the days until the conservatives get back into power they will put some backbone into EU/Russian relations and hopefully they can apply some much needed pressure on Obama before he sells us out completely.

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