3 responses to “CARTOON

  1. Excellent message here!
    Tiny dictator midget Putler, on his soapbox, spewing out his re-assuring indignant/self-righteous message, aimed mainly at the Russian public- to show them that he IS defending them and Russia from it’s vicious enemies. Yet, ‘Russia’ in the form of the huge unwieldy wild bear, with it’s rear paw STUCK on the painful prickles of the Chechnyan ‘porcupine’, responds that….that threat and the actions taken, to subdue them, has proved useless.
    So now, where to go, Putin? Where to go, Russia?

  2. I say when you reward the assassins of your children
    with nuclear weapons, you are the monster!

    The Chechen assassins where trained and supplied from Iran.

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