EDITORIAL: Annals of Humiliating Russophile Failure at Russia Blog


Annals of Humilating Rusophile Failure at Russia Blog

Here’s an interesting factoid:  Nobody has commented on the insidious Russia Blog propaganda project of the even more nefarious Discovery Institute since December 10, 2009.

That’s right: It’s been more than two months since RB has received a comment.  And it’s not like they haven’t been posting.  Since December 10th, RB has published a dozen posts by seven different authors.  And not a single one of them has received a single comment.

Or, that is, no comment RB has seen fit to publish.  For all the world knows, of course, many comments exposing the fraudulent nature of RB’s content have been received, and each and every one of them has been censored.

What was that comment back on December 10th, you ask?

It came in response to a post arguing Russia should not apologize for the barbaric slaughter perpetrated by Soviet Communism, and began like this: “The fact is that Communism itself was a western sponsored coup financed by the major western banking firms and Marxist terrorist groups were given sanctuary and support prior to 1905 and 1917 holding international Marxist conferences.”

That’s right:  According to RB’s “readers” Communism was an American plot to decapitate the Russian monarchy. Devilishly clever, one must admit.

What else can one expect from a clan of apes who believe that the theory of evolution should not be taught in schools but rather the “theory” of “intelligent design”?

And what can one expect from an institution run by a Russian citizen with close ties to the Russian government (Yuri Mamchur — just put his name into our seach engine in our sidebar if you’re unfamilir with the scandalous lies he churns out in serivice of the Kremlin),  and the Russia Today Kremlin-sponsored propaganda project, a venal combo which publishes the senile ravings of a ragtag collection of Russophile losers so intellectually and morally bankrupt that, well, nobody has commented on their work in over two months.  The blog you are now reading  received more comments last week than Russia blog did in all of 2009.  It received more comments yesterday than Russia Blog has so far in 2010.  And, unlike RB, we don’t receive a penny of financial support from anyone.  If you’d care to check, you’d find this blog also has more Google linking websites than RB even though our address is three times younger than theirs, meaning they’ve had three times longer to collect such links.

We’ve repeatedly exposed Russia Blog’s analysis for the dishonest fraud that it is, and it is now clear that our work has had its effect. RB has been utterly discredited and now circles the toilet bowl waiting for the final whoosh that will carry it into the worldwide web’s septic system for disintegration.


5 responses to “EDITORIAL: Annals of Humiliating Russophile Failure at Russia Blog

  1. I have no doubt that censorship on Russian blogs is widespread; I have direct experience of this censorship. I used to send posts to RT the state paid for English language channel, very few of my posts were published, and any criticism of Putin or Medvedev never got through, in the end I got tired of only posting my thoughts on neutral issues, so I gave up. The Russians have very thin skins, they are not used to the kind of criticism our western governments receive from its citizens, their blogs and sites are a sick joke, they show us that Russia is no better than the Soviet Union, the government still tries to control the media, and will use all means at its disposal including assassination.

  2. The uSSr only taught three things to its comrades. These were how to lie, how to steal and where necessary how to TO MURDER its independent thinking reporters/critics or nationalists!

    So tell me R John has anything changed under Ka Ge Bist ‘Vova’ Putler? I personally doubt it in the strongest terms.

    By the way I’m also starting to believe that a lot of the communist propagandists, that spew their trash on La Russophobe, are in fact Ka Ge Bists using an alias to hide their true background, or just plain idiots like artie who never answers any questions that are asked and instead brings up totally irrelevant matters that satisfy his warped ego i.e he answers a question with a totally irrelevant question.

  3. No Bohdan; there’s no improvement. Things have got worse (unbelievably), for example Russia has the second highest suicide rate in the world with 60,000 deaths a year pre economic crises, god knows what the figures are now!!,

    But a friend of ours told us about a very distressing programme recently aired on the Russian NTV channel, this shocking programme describes Russia’s suicide level is at an almost epidemic level, it reported many cases of parents killing their children before committing suicide themselves, All due to having no money and no prospect of help from family or friends who’s plight is just as hopeless, and a state that is powerless to help. As I said this was a “Russian” programme not western propaganda.

    To give you an idea of Russia’s chronic suicide rate, pre crises was 39.7 per 100,000 of the population in Georgia it is only 3 per 100,000 in Britain 10 per 100,000.The rate has now shot up, the Russian state is scared to release the figures for 2008/9.

  4. you know—just to test the waters i’ve sent a few comments to RT mildly-critical of putin/medvedev and no—–not published.

  5. You should refrain from commenting on the “Discovery Institute”‘s main purpose, and insist on the fact that they have no expertise on Russia and no legitimate reason to peddle its propaganda.

    Unless, of course, you have evidence that they do receive money from the Chekists, which is quite possible (why otherwise would they dabble in matters Russian at all?).
    Even then, THAT should be the thrust of your criticism.

    I have seen good people praise “democracy” in Russia either because its government does not ostensibly deny the rights of its ethnic majority as such, or because it is not part of the internationalist “global warming” hoax.

    The fact that Putin and his gang are criminals does not imply that those who denounce the dictatorship of pressure groups or organized lies in the West are wrong to do so.

    On the contrary, their praise of the Moscow regime is the only thing you should take issue with.

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