EDITORIAL: Russia, Nation of Cheaters


Russia, Nation of Cheaters

We continue to believe that much can be learned, and much insight gained, about the true nature of Russia as a nation by studying the country’s wretched legacy of pathetic athletic exploits.

It can hardly surprise anyone even vaguely familiar with the work of the Transparency International think tank, for instance, to learn that in the run-up to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympiad so many Russian athletes have already been caught cheating, through the use of performance-enhancing drugs, that the President of the International Olympic Committee has openly made a demand to the President of Russia to clean up his nation’s act in order to avoid disgracing the entire worldwide athletic community.

Making things even worse, the only athlete actually caught cheating during the last Winter Olympics, Olga Pyleva, was also a Russian, and because of a loophole in the regulations she is being permitted to compete this year even though a recent rule change will ban such competitors in the future.

The IOC’s warning to Russia was humiliating in its severe tone and public nature. Properly, stiff sanctions are being threatened to bring lawless Russian behavior back within international norms.  Hard questions are being asked about why Russia’s conduct has grown so egregious under the rule of Vladmir Putin. Where was Putin when all this was occurring? Was he too busy bashing the West to worry about his own nation’s flagrant misdeeds.

And yet, far stronger actions ought to have been taken.  It is, quite simply, a moral outrage that this nation dares to claim host duties in 2014.  How can a country with one of the very worst records for shameless cheating in the entire world possibly be considered for the honor of hosting the games?

In a recent poll, 64% of Russian respondents asserted either that Olympics judges are biased against Russia or did not know if they could be fair.  Undoubtedly, Russians are able to convince themselves that the entire world abuses performance drugs as much as Russian athletes or that the charges against the Russians are part of a vast Russophobic conspiracy (without being able to decide which variant is best in many cases).  Hardly any Russians will ask themselves whether perhaps, just perhaps, Russians are cheating more than other athletes because Russians generally lie, cheat and steal more than other countries and do nothing to impose any vague morality on their transactions.  Even fewer Russians will ask whether reform is necessary, or why reform hasn’t be implemented already by the Putin regime.

In our view, the IOC is undermining the very legitimacy of the Olympic movement itself by awarding the 2014 games to Russia.  Not only are Russians obviously incapable of upholding the Olympic ideals, their naked aggression against tiny Georgia, their shameless crackdown on democracy and civil society, and their relentless provocation of the Western democracies all add up to just one thing: Russia is not qualified to host the games, and must be divested.  The IOC is enabling and indeed encouraging Russian corruption to continue by allowing Russia to use the Olympics as a propaganda tactic, and this is a serious error.

All that is to say nothing, of course, of Russia’s epidemic of terrorism and tumult sweeping through the very Caucasus region where it proposes to stage the games like wildfire.  The IOC is risking lives by allowing this to occur.  It should reverse course and divest Russia immediately.

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  1. It is not only in Russia. They are bad news anywhere.

  2. [All that is to say nothing, of course, of Russia’s epidemic of terrorism ]

    I once read some idiot suggest that IOC should stop awarding Olympic Games to USA because of the Islamic terrorism like 9-11.

    Wouldn’t re-scheduling Olympic Games because of terrorism be a capitulation to terrorists?

    • If you had a brain and/or could read, you ridiculous little maggot, you would know that incidents of terrorism on the US homeland ARE FAR MORE RARE than in Russia. Every single day one reads about another Russian policeman or government official who has been murdered by separatists in the Caucasus. That simply doesn’t happen in the USA.

      And if it did, Americans would be the first to admit that the games should not be held on their territory until they could guarantee their safety. Russians, however, simply could not care less how many lives they risk to get their jollies over international attention.

      There is NO PRECEDENT in history for sending young Olympians into a terrorist meat grinder like Sochi represents, and that’s a simple fact. The IOC’s action is totally demented.

      If dozens of athletes are killed in Sochi in a terrorist attack, what will your response be then? Oops, sorry about that?

      • [And if it did, Americans would be the first to admit that the games should not be held on their territory until they could guarantee their safety.]

        I disagree. Telling the terrorists that if they succeed in committing enough terrorist acts, we Americans will stop hosting Olympics, will encourage anti-American terrorism.

        • I thought you said you were a Russian?

        • You are truly depraved, Artie, if you have no problem sacrificing the lives of young Americans so Russia can prove it’s tough on domestic terrorism. Sorry to disappoint you, but Americans don’t hold Russia that dear to their hearts.

          We urge you to step out on any American street corner and make that declaration. We’d love to watch as your fellow Americans bash in your so-called brains. After that, you might “think” differently, cretin.

          • Well, Americans don’t hold Russia dear to their hearts, but you definitely hold Russia close to your dildo.


            Now the next time anyone asks us whether the defenders of Vladimir Putin are civilized and educated or barbarian morons, we can simply direct them to this “comment” for the perfectly succinct answer. Bolshoe spasibo tebe dorogoi!

          • [We urge you to step out on any American street corner and make that declaration]

            Which declaration? “Telling the terrorists that if they succeed in committing enough terrorist acts, we Americans will stop hosting Olympics, will encourage anti-American terrorism”? OK. Gladly.

  3. larussophobe I like your comment “We’d love to watch as your fellow American bash in your so-called brains.”

    Now come on give the cretin a break, he hasn’t any brains to bash in.

  4. Yuk verniece you are crude, the language of this, your second article like your first one seems to confirm that you are a street walker (or something like that).

    How about keeping your comments above the navel. This is not the blog for such or whatever fantasies you may harbor.

  5. There is only one solution and that is select SARAH PALIN and she would boyocot SOTCHI!

    Sarah Palin where are you!? We love you!!

    Obama WEAK

  6. Did you know that a chimp knows more about sports than you do?

    From another of your editorials it was crystal clear you know absolutely nothing about sports, so i will not heat up on that fabulous quote of yours: “…as a nation by studying the country’s wretched legacy of pathetic athletic exploits.”

    Oh man, if a nation stamped its legacy in the history of world sports that´s precisely the Soviet Union; the U.S. was still going through the stone age in gymnastics when the USSR was shocking the world with legions of superb gymnasts.

    I will agree, however, with that point you make saying its incredible that the 2014 winter Olympics will be held in a location so close to recent terrorist activity, in addition to the utmost incompetence of the Russian government to prevent and counter terrorist action that led to some of the most horrific blood chilling loss of human life in recent history.

    Good point there. Drop the sports subject though [you know nothing about it]. Oh, and Marion Jones was a cheat.

  7. LaQuanta Washington

    Дорогая Ким,

    ваш клитор касается пола, когда вы моете пол шваброй?

  8. LaQuanta Washington

    Wonderful contributions to the world:


    * Charles Albright: convicted of murdering three prostitutes in Dallas, Texas; sentenced to life imprisonment in 1991
    * Joe Ball: AKA “The Alligator Man”; killed at least 20 women in the early 20th century in Texas
    * Herb Baumeister: suspected of killing 20+ men along I-70; fled and committed suicide after remains of 11 were found on his Westfield, Indiana property
    * David Berkowitz: AKA “Son of Sam” and “The .44 Caliber Killer”; convicted of six murders in New York
    * Bloody Benders: family who killed guests at their inn in Labette County, Kansas in 1872
    * Robert Berdella: convicted of killing six men in 1988 in Kansas City, Missouri; sexually tortured and dismembered his victims
    * Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono Jr: AKA the “Hillside Strangler”; killers of 13 women and possibly involved in three other killings
    * Richard Biegenwald: convicted of killing five people in the early 1980s in the Asbury Park, New Jersey area; suspected in at least six other murders
    * Arthur Gary Bishop: Utah man who murdered five young boys; executed in 1988
    * Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris: kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered five girls in 1979
    * Terry Blair: Kansas City serial killer and rapist; active 1982–2004
    * William Bonin: AKA “The Freeway Killer”; with several accomplices, claimed the lives of 20 boys in California
    * Robert Charles Browne: convicted of two murders in Colorado; confessed to 48 murders
    * Jerry Brudos: AKA “The Lust Killer” and “Shoe Fetish Slayer”; killed at least five women in Oregon
    * Ted Bundy: law student who raped and murdered more than 35 women in six states; executed in Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989
    * David Carpenter: AKA the “Trailside Killer”; murdered five women on San Francisco-area hiking trails between 1979 and 1981
    * Michael Bear Carson and Suzan Carson: nomadic hippie killers involved in the counter-culture movement; suspects in 12 homicides; sentenced to life imprisonment for three San Francisco Bay Area murders in 1983
    * Dean Carter: murdered at least four women
    * Richard Chase: AKA “The Vampire of Sacramento”; murdered six people in California the 1970s
    * Doug Clark and Carol M. Bundy: AKA “Sunset Strip Killers”; killed at least seven people during 1980
    * Carroll Cole: killed 16 people between 1948 and 1980; executed in 1985
    * Alton Coleman and Debra Denise Brown: multi-state killers whose killings took place during two months in 1984; convicted of murder in three states
    * Ray Copeland and Faye Copeland: oldest couple ever sentenced to death in the United States at the ages of 75 and 69; convicted of killing five men; modus operandi was to hire unskilled drifters as farm hands and later kill them
    * Dean Corll, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks: committed the Houston Mass Murders in the 1970s
    * Juan Corona: California killer convicted of murdering 25 men in 1971
    * Andre Crawford a convicted serial killer, who killed 11 women between 1993 to 1997
    * Charles Cullen: nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who killed as many as 40 patients through lethal injection
    * Jeffrey Dahmer: Milwaukee, Wisconsin cannibal who kept heads, skulls and body parts in his apartment for sexual gratification; convicted of 15 murders, but believed responsible for at least two others
    * Albert DeSalvo: AKA “The Boston Strangler”; convicted of unrelated rapes; DeSalvo was never indicted for the Strangler murders, although he did confess to them
    * Westley Allan Dodd: raped and murdered three boys in 1989; executed on January 5, 1993
    * Ronald Dominique: confessed to raping and murdering at least 23 men in Louisiana; sentenced to eight life sentences in 2008
    * Nannie Doss: AKA “The Giggling Granny” and “The Jolly Black Widow”; serial poisoner who killed 11 family members
    * Paul Durousseau: murdered seven in southeast United States between 1997 and 2003; may have killed while stationed in Germany with the Army
    * Mack Ray Edwards: convicted of murdering three children after confessing to the murders of six in Los Angeles County between 1953 and 1969; claimed at one point to have killed as many as 18
    * Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck: AKA the “Lonely Hearts Killers”; killed at least three women and one child in the 1940s but suspected in up to 20 murders in New York and Michigan
    * Albert Fish: AKA the “Werewolf of Wisteria”; sadist and pedophile who cannibalized several children; convicted of one murder, confessed to 2 others,claimed to have molested 100 children
    * Wayne Adam Ford: AKA “Wayward Wayne”; confessed to murdering four women; believed to have killed others
    * Kendall Francois: serial killer from Poughkeepsie, New York who targeted prostitutes; after strangling the women, he would store them in various crawl spaces in and around his home
    * Joseph Paul Franklin: racist serial killer who targeted interracial couples and attempted to assassinate Larry Flynt and Vernon Jordan; convicted of 11 murders and confessed to nine others
    * John Wayne Gacy: AKA “Killer Clown”; killer of at least 33 men and boys; kept bodies buried under his Chicago home
    * Gerald and Charlene Gallego: AKA the “Gallego Sex Slaves Killers”; kidnapped, raped and killed victims in the late 1970s; most of them were teenagers
    * Carlton Gary: convicted of the murders of seven elderly women in Georgia
    * Donald Henry “Peewee”” Gaskins: AKA “Meanest Man in America”; convicted of nine murders; confessed to more than 200; executed on September 6, 1991
    * Ed Gein: two known victims, one suspected victim, four missing persons; elements of Gein’s life and crimes have inspired, at least in part, the films Psycho and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and the novel/movie The Silence of the Lambs
    * Janie Lou Gibbs: Georgia poisoner who killed five family members
    * Kristen Gilbert: AKA the “Angel of Death”; nurse convicted of killing four by epinephrine injection
    * Lorenzo Gilyard: killed up to 13 prostitutes in the Kansas City area 1977 to 1993
    * Harvey Glatman: Californian rapist and killer of three women; lured women to pose for “bondage photographs”; executed September 18, 1959
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    * Vaughn Greenwood: convicted of nine counts of murder, including eight of the “Skid Row Slasher” killings in southern California
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    * William Heirens: AKA “The Lipstick Killer”; confessed to three murders spanning from June 1945 to January 1946
    * Dr. H. H. Holmes: active from 1890 to 1894 during Chicago’s 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition; convicted of only one murder but definitively tied to at least eight more and confessed to a total of 27
    * Waneta Hoyt: New York woman who murdered her five children
    * Michael Hughes: killed four women in the Los Angeles area between 1992 and 1993; charged in 2008 with raping and murdering four additional women between 1986 and 1993
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    * Phillip Carl Jablonski: killed at least four women in California and Utah
    * Keith Hunter Jesperson: Canadian serial killer convicted in the United States
    * Vincent Johnson: AKA the “Brooklyn Strangler”; a homeless crack addict who killed at least five prostitutes
    * Genene Jones: Texas pediatric nurse who poisoned infants in her care; convicted of only one murder but suspected of 10 or more others
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    * Derrick Todd Lee: AKA the “Baton Rouge Serial Killer”; convicted of two murders; linked by DNA evidence to five others
    * Henry Lee Lucas: convicted of 11 murders and confessed to approximately 3,000 others, although most of his confessions are considered outlandish; a task force set up to investigate his claims suggested that the true number of his murders may be as high as 213
    * Rhonda Belle Martin: Alabama poisoner who murdered six family members; suspected of poisoning at least nine; executed in 1957
    * Michigan murders (John Norman Collins and Gary Leiterman): committed separately in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor between 1967 and 1969
    * Frederick Mors: Austrian who killed 17 elderly patients by poisoning in New York
    * John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo: AKA “Beltway Snipers”; Muhammad was convicted of seven murders and was executed for the murder in Virginia, leaving nine others unprosecuted; Malvo was convicted of, plead guilty to, or confessed to at least nine murders
    * Herbert Mullin: schizophrenic in Santa Cruz, California who killed people to prevent earthquakes; convicted of 10 murders and confessed to three others
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    * Gordon Stewart Northcott: AKA the “Wineville Chicken Coop Murders”; California man who confessed to kidnapping, raping and murdering nine young boys with the aid of his mother, Sarah Louise Northcott in the 1920s; suspected of the murder of nearly 30, executed in 1930
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    * Dorothea Puente: convicted of three killings in Sacramento, California during the 1980s; suspected of six others
    * Dennis Rader: AKA the “BTK Killer”; killed ten people between 1974 and 1991 in Sedgwick County, Kansas
    * Richard Ramirez: AKA the “Night Stalker”; terrorized Los Angeles in 1984 and 1985; convicted of 14 murders
    * David Parker Ray: convicted of rape and torture and sentenced to 224 years in prison; FBI believes he was responsible for the deaths of 60 women in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
    * Paul Dennis Reid: killed seven people during armed robberies between February and April 1997
    * Ángel Maturino Reséndiz: killed nine people in Texas, Kentucky, and Illinois
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    * Joel Rifkin: murdered 17 women in the New York City and Long Island areas
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    * Efren Saldivar: respiratory therapist who killed six patients, possibly as many as 120
    * Altemio Sanchez: AKA the “Bike Path Rapist”; responsible for three murders and numerous rapes spanning a 25-year period in Buffalo, New York; currently serving three consecutive 75 years-to-life sentences for the murders
    * Heriberto Seda: New York City copycat killer of the “Zodiac Killer” active from 1990 to 1994; convicted of shooting eight individuals, killing three; sentenced to life imprisonment in 1998
    * Gerard John Schaefer: Florida police officer who killed up to 34 women and girls
    * Tommy Lynn Sells: convicted of only one murder; admitted to murdering dozens of people across the United States, possibly in excess of 70 although only six are confirmed
    * Serial Shooter ( Dale S. Hausner and Samuel John Dieteman): Convicted of killing 8 people in random drive-by shootings in 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona
    * Arthur Shawcross: AKA “The Genesee River Killer”; convicted of 12 murders; confessed to one more
    * Robert Shulman: convicted of murdering five prostitutes between 1991 and 1996
    * Lemuel Smith: confessed to the murders of five people, including an on-duty female prison guard
    * Morris Solomon Jr.: handyman who killed six young women between 1986 and 1987 in Sacramento, California
    * Gerald Stano: convicted murderer of 41 women; executed in 1998
    * Cary Stayner: killed four women in Yosemite, California
    * Michael Swango: physician and surgeon who poisoned over 30 of his patients and colleagues
    * William Suff: AKA the “Riverside Killer”; killed up to 19 women near Riverside, California
    * Marybeth Tinning: New York woman who smothered nine of her children to death
    * Ottis Toole: Henry Lee Lucas’ accomplice; convicted of six murders in Florida; confessed to but never tried for Adam Walsh’s murder
    * Maury Travis: St. Louis area torture killer of 12-17 prostitutes from 2000 to 2002
    * Chester Turner: murderer of women in Los Angeles, California; convicted of 12 murders and linked through DNA evidence to another
    * Henry Louis Wallace: Charlotte, North Carolina killer of at least nine young women from 1992 to 1994
    * Coral Eugene Watts: convicted of two murders; admitted to killing 80 people in Texas and Michigan; possibly guilty of 100 murders
    * Nathaniel White: convicted of stabbing to death six women in the Hudson Valley, New York area from 1991 to 1992
    * Wayne Williams: convicted of two murders; police claim his arrest solved 23 others in a string of 29
    * Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood: Michigan duo who murdered five elderly nursing home residents in their care and claimed to have killed another
    * Randall Woodfield: AKA the “The I-5 Killer” and “The I-5 Bandit”; convicted of four murders; believed responsible for 14 others
    * Aileen Wuornos: shot six men dead in Florida; executed in 2002
    * Robert Lee Yates: murdered at least 13 women in Spokane County, Washington

    • @Wonderful contributions to the world:

      And all of them altogether killed far, farless people than were killed by the NKVD Major-General Vasili Blokhin, Russia’s wonderful contribution to world.

      Because only this one Russian serial killer, Blokhin, murdered tens of thousands of people.

      Personally. Shooting them, one by one.

      Oh, and he was even not a criminal.


      Clean your keyboard, K is jammed.

  9. LaQuanta Washington


    the US makes up 4% of the world’s population, yet produces 75-80% of the world’s known (documented) serial killers

  10. I watched the opening ceremonies. The voice-overs made mention that there were Russian athletes found with forbidden substances but would be dealt with AFTER the games. Just in time for them to cheat, cry and steal the gold for themselves.
    Sadly, there are Russian athletes who DO work hard. Why should THEIR reputations be tarnished with cheaters, liars and crybabies?

  11. Drogaia Laquinta,

    My nie znali chto wsie tshornyje w amerikie gavariat po russkie. K zazaleniu, nikto culturnyj nie gavarit zdzies na etom sobachom jazykie tolko w obosranoj rossii. A propos, skazytie pazausta, volodia putin vytrakhal sevodzia uze malczika ili jeszczo niet?

    • LaQuanta Washington

      ЛаКванта, а не ЛаКвнинта, польская пизда!

      • Oh haha, it seems you were right MCC, “LaQuanta” is indeed just a Russian troll. I remember when Russia invaded Georgia, all Western news websites were flooded by Russian trolls who were pretending to be Americans, Chechens, Ossetes, Somalis etc. What’s your real name, “LaQuanta Washington”? You’re probably called Ivan or Aliosha or Borat or something.

        • I guess you found something funny in that preceding “LaQuanta” response. Too bad I cannot read it

          • I don’t understand Russian, but the fact that the “liberated black woman” replied in Russian is a pretty good clue about how authentic this “LaQuanta” character is. The other clues being, of course, as you’ve noticed elsewhere, that the type of outdated 70s black power language this person uses doesn’t really sound very plausible.

            Even the name is a bit too stereotypical to be convincing, ghetto names are a lot more imaginative nowadays.

            • It’s not funny at all. LaQuanta’s Russian comments are very vulgar. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post a translation here.

  12. Hello Mr. Ouch:

    You remember I promised to let you know when the first anti-American statement appears. Read this list of serial killers above. Yes, the United States has given the world nothing but crime — don’t you think it was posted here with such an idea in mind?

  13. This “LaQuanta” person (some Russian troll pretending to be African American) reminds me of this scene:

  14. LaQvarantanna,
    Kakoe eto schastie, govoriat shto moriaki iz kurska zyvyoe oni vyudyt is mora potomy chto ani sovetskoye geroii one khotsiat boriatsia za rodzinu za stalina za ordzonkidze za penkovskovo, za chasy, za odny kartoshku.

    Kakoi velikij narod!

    • Why are you lying? Nobody was “caught doping”. According to FIS, it was done ” “to protect the health of the athletes” :

      VANCOUVER, Feb 14: Niyaz Nabeev of Russia and Estonian cross-country skier Kaspar Kokk will not be allowed to compete until February 17 after high haemoglobin levels showed up in pre-competition tests.

      Nabeev has been penalised with a “start prohibition” which forced him to miss Sunday’s normal hill Nordic combined event but he can compete in long hill combined for which training starts on Friday. Kokk misses the 15km cross country event scheduled for Monday but is eligible to return in the men’s individual sprint on Wednesday.

      Some athletes generate high haemoglobin levels naturally while the condition can also signal dehydration. Also, however, it has potential links with possible blood doping using synthetic haemoglobin or transfusions – hence the strategy of “preventative” suspension.

      Hence the FIS described the “start prohibition” as a means “to protect the health of the athlete” not a punishment. Both athletes must pass new tests before they can be cleared to compete.

      • LOL- You’re the liar.


        Thanks for amusing me ;)

        • http://illumin.usc.edu/article.php?articleID=124

          Only an a$$hole would believe that increased hemoglobin occurred ‘naturally’ just before an Olympic Event… And only a complete moron would believe that Russia has actually made any kind of effort to eliminate their wide-spread doping problem errr policy…

          • Are you accusing Estonia – an EU member and enemy of Russia – of intentionally raising hemoglobin levels in its athletes?

            “VANCOUVER, Feb 14: Niyaz Nabeev of Russia and Estonian cross-country skier Kaspar Kokk will not be allowed to compete until February 17 after high haemoglobin levels showed up in pre-competition tests.”

      • No, the liar is you:


        In 2003, Dr. Wade Exum, the United States Olympic Committee’s director of drug control administration from 1991 to 2000, gave copies of documents to Sports Illustrated which revealed that some 100 American athletes who failed drug tests and should have been prevented from competing in the Olympics were nevertheless cleared to compete. Among those athletes was Carl Lewis.[70]


        Olympic statistics show the weight of shot putters grew 14 per cent between 1956 and 1972, whereas steeplechasers grew 7.6 per cent. The gold medallist pentathlete Mary Peters said: “A medical research team in the United States attempted to set up extensive research into the effects of steroids on weightlifters and throwers, only to discover that there were so few who weren’t taking them that they couldn’t establish any worthwhile comparisons.”[32]

        Jay Silvester, of the physical education department of Brigham Young university in the USA, questioned fellow competitors at the 1984 Olympics. The range of steroid use he found ranged from 10 mg a day to 100 mg.

        Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO), a sports nutrition center in California allegedly linked to doping of many high-profile athletes.


        The Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) was an American company that had supplied a number of high-profile sports stars from the United States and Europe with the Clear and human growth hormone for several years.

        Among the athletes listed in the record of BALCO customers were:

        * MLB players: Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Benito Santiago, Jeremy Giambi, Bobby Estalella, Armando Rios
        * Athletes: Hammer thrower John McEwen, shot putters Kevin Toth and C.J. Hunter, sprinters Dwain Chambers, Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Raymond J. Smith, Zhanna Block and Kelli White, middle-distance runner Regina Jacobs, boxer Shane Mosley.
        * Cycling: Tammy Thomas.
        * NFL players: A number from the Oakland Raiders, including Bill Romanowski, Tyrone Wheatley, Barrett Robbins, Chris Cooper and Dana Stubblefield.
        * Judo: Conte was also connected with supplying “vitamin supplements” to the 1988 U.S. Olympic Judo team coached by Willy Cahill of San Bruno, California.

        Drug use


        In an interview with the New York Times in September 2006, Andreu admitted that he had taken EPO to help prepare for the 1999 Tour de France, when he was riding for the US Postal team which assisted Lance Armstrong to his first Tour victory.[3] Andreu said he was introduced to performance enhancing drugs in 1995 while he was riding for Motorola, where Lance Armstrong was also a rider. Another former Motorola rider, Steven Swart, admitted to taking EPO while on that team in L.A. Confidential: The Secrets of Lance Armstrong.[4]


        Marion Lois Jones is a former world champion track and field athlete. She won five medals at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia but has since agreed to forfeit all medals and prizes dating back to September 2000 after admitting that she took performance-enhancing drugs.[1][2]


        Benjamin Sinclair “Ben” Johnson is a Canadian former sprinter, who enjoyed a high-profile career during most of the 1980s, winning two Olympic Bronze medals, and an Olympic Gold which was subsequently rescinded. He set consecutive 100 m world records at the 1987 World Championships in Athletics and the 1988 Summer Olympics, but he was disqualified for doping

        In October 2007, Jones admitted taking steroids before the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics and acknowledged that she had, in fact, lied when she previously denied steroid use in statements to the press, to various sports agencies, and—most significantly—to two grand juries.

        • LOL- Oh Arthur, you truly are the idiot everyone claims you to be. No one denies that doping is a problem everywhere. But, nowhere does it appear to be ‘sanctioned’ by the Athletic Governing Body the way it is in Russia…. It’s as if Russia promotes doping just as it “pays” for medals… which is completely pathetic by the way. I mean, how desperate to win are they? It’s just so very Soviet…

          • The number of medals is for them the means of proving their worth, so everything goes. Glory of Russia is at stake, are you kidding?

            The old East Germany was also an avid practitioner of doping. If you are at least 30 years old, you would remember that some of those East German women really looked like men. I mean, no drug test was needed, visual observation was enough.

          • [But, nowhere does it appear to be ’sanctioned’ by the Athletic Governing Body the way it is in Russia…]

            You forgot to provide your evidence. Do you have any? Of course, not. Russian authorities are working hard to weed out dope users:


            Doping-Russian cross-country skier Sidko gets two-year ban

            Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:13am EST

            MOSCOW, Jan 27 (Reuters) – Alena Sidko, one of Russia’s top cross-country skiers, has received a two-year ban for doping, the country’s skiing federation (FLGR) said on Wednesday.

            “She waived the right to test the B sample, so we had no choice but to ban her for two years,” said FLGR president Vladimir Loginov in reference to Sidko, who tested positive for the blood-booster EPO at a home ski race last month.

            Loginov told reporters the 30-year-old had already been kicked out of the Russian Olympic team.


            Another Russian athlete – race walker Vladimir Kanaikin – was suspended from Russia’s Olympic team after he failed a drugs test conducted by the country’s Athletics Federation.

  15. Circassian diaspora’s revoke/boycott campaign:


    • What do Circassians feel about the sad fate of Native Americans in USA?

      • @What do Circassians feel about the sad fate of Native Americans in USA?

        I guess they might be pretty jealous, as the Native Americans were not scattered around the world.

        • No, the Native Americans were not scattered around the world. 90% of them died before they got a chance to escape, and their land was taken by the English-American invaders. The rest live on reservations in USA.

          • @90% of them died before they got a chance to escape

            If they knew what was a disease and how to “escape” it, they probably would. Should I even mention most of them fell sick and died before they have even seen any white people with their own eyes?

            @and their land was taken by the English-American invaders.

            And why not, for example, the Spanish-Mexican invaders? (Yes, I’m still talking only about the today’s US.)

            And are you even aware there are more actually people of German rather than English descent in the United States? No, not the recent immigration (like the Irish one): http://library.thinkquest.org/20619/German.html

            No, of course you don’t know. Nobody goes into such details at your Nashi meetings on “how to distract the Foreign Devils from talking sh!t about our Glorious Motherland on the Internet”.

            @The rest live on reservations in USA.

            I guess you wanted to say “the rest in the US live on reservations” (55.7 million square miles), but anyway only, and any way only 1/3 of them live there today (or some 1.5 million).

            Arthur, I knew already how stupid you are, and I really don’t need you to remind me about this again and again.

            So for the last time now: Shut up already.

  16. The main problem here, as i a see it, is that a huge number of Americans can not deal with reality. So in this case, they can not deal with the crystal clear fact the Soviet Union DID surpass them in world sports almost from A to Z, during the entire duration of the USSR, from 1952 in Helsinki, until Barcelona 1992, where the Unified Team performed. Surpassed in summer Olympics, winter Olympics, and all universiades.

    Only in 2 summer Olympics could the USA surpass the USSR in most total medals, from a total of 9 summer games where the 2 big guys faced each other.

    In the ranch where i live this is called HUMILIATION, and they will not take it.

    They can not face the fact Sports became a matter of the state in the USSR, state policy, which meant having a healthy, strong and fit youth was of national interest, and that as such, the system proved more successful and provided more victory than the type of organization they had in the U.S. in sports.

    Now, use of illegal substances? Of course! But, hey, a state “sponsored”program to foster the use of illegal substances in their athletes? NO WAY. You have, and will never have, evidence to substantiate the ridiculous claim.

    Soviet/russian athletes have cheated, yes. But do you know how many American athletes have cheated? No you don´t, and i am sure that if the truth could be known you would fear it so much you would like to have it buried beneath the ground.

    The argument of Soviet or Russian athletes using banned substances to “enhance performance” becomes more ridiculous if we speak about gymnastics. Like if using a banned substance would give you the skill to be an Olga Korbut, or Elena Mukhina. Absolutely ridiculous.

    I find it simpler here, the Olympics were a comfort zone for America; they were the big guy in the hood, and would always dominate the competition. Oh, but hell that changed in 1952 in Helsinki when the Bear´s sports heavy machinery arrived in the Olympics. The American comfort was over. And you need explanations for that. And the explanations that would in fact help you understand what happened are to scary to be confronted, so you make up your delusional cases.

    The arguments you use to “explain”, or better said, to “justify” the doping cases among American athletes are ruddy ridiculous.

    One day i will hear from you people that in the contest for reaching the outer space “the Soviets cheated” and that´s the only reason why Sputnik was the first satellite ever.

    In the contest for supremacy between USA-USSR everything was valid to prevail, and sports was not a field that would remain indifferent to the type of contest the world was witnessing.

    Both sides cheated. The USSR was superior. Period. Deal with it, live with it. Walk on.

    • Stephanie Barbosa

      yeah, the only difference is that USSR did it as a result of Ukrainians, Belarusians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Georgians etc performing for USSR.

      Russia as a sole state, it has not even been close against USA

      • [Russia as a sole state, it has not even been close against USA]

        The population of USA is more than twice that of Russia. Even if you combine Russia with all other ex-Soviet republics, the total population is less than that of USA.

        Russia accounted for half the population of USSR and for more than half of USSR medals.

        USSR as a whole had a lower population than USA and yet won more medals.

        What’s not clear or not fair?

        • It is NOW my moronic troll, but from 1945 to the late 70’s/early 80’s the USSR had parity with the US in population, in fact its population was larger prior to the late 60’s.

    • Cheating is beside the point. The U.S.S.R. used professional athletes disguised as amateurs and put them on state payroll. We had colleges kids competing and getting no compensation. That was the difference in those years 1952-1992, when professionals were barred.

      Your statement that “sports became a matter of the state in the U.S.S.R., state policy, which meant having a healthy, strong and fit youth was of national interest” is simply ridiculous.

      Professional sports would never produce that “healthy, strong and fit youth” like aerobics or jogging or other kinds of non-competitive exercise might.

      If you look at former athletes, you will plainly see that in many cases that not only was not their health enhanced, it was ruined. And in any way, the facts don’t bear out your assertion that the U.S.S.R. promoted Olympic sports for health reasons. Just look at their life expectancy.

      It is clear that the USSR invested in sports for purely ideological reasons, i.e., in a vain attempt to prove the superiority of Communism, just for the same reasons they invested in ballet and the like. So, they did prove that with Olympics being a state business you can garner lots of medals. That’s all they proved, and it seems China is following the same path now.

  17. Stephanie Barbosa

    then again, USA did it and does it as a result of physically strong African Americans and other nationalities, definitely not as a result of 5th generation white Anglo Saxons

    if you put solely pure white Anglo Saxons against pure Russians, I’d suspect Russia would clean them out.

    those strong African Americans!

    • You must be out of your mind. I only know of one black person who got a medal in winter Olympics. Who won the rest of those medals? As for summer, while blacks are very prominent in track and field and some games such as basketball or football, there are many sports where they are not, such as swimming.

      I also resent this insinuation that comparisons must be made with “Anglo Saxons.” There are tens of millions of white Americans who are not Anglo Saxons

      • [I only know of one black person who got a medal in winter Olympics.]

        No wonder. You don’t know much. Look up the following names:

        Shani Davis
        Vonetta Flowers
        Debi Thomas

        • OK, three. I only remembered Shani Davis. Even with three black medal winners it is ridiculous to say that American Olympic achievements were made by blacks. Of course, you did not make that assertion so my remark is not directed at you.

      • Stephanie Barbosa

        lol what? most track and field events are dominated by african americans.always have. and track and field events dominate total medal counts in summer olympics.

        and I made that Anglo Saxon comparison on purpose just to raise a reaction lol

        kinda like when La Russophobe strictly pins the incompetence to striclty ethnic Russian athletes
        and how USSR was only successful as a result of everyone else but Russians

        • Don’t make us laugh. Black achievement and contribution in athletics is undeniable, but to say that this is why U.S. had Olympic victories is simply false. Even in field in tracks black athletes have dominated only in some disciplines, not the entire field. And there are plenty medals in other sports, like swimming

  18. Just look at the russias miserable performance in the 210 Olympics – so far. Nary a podium to be seen. Whaaaaaaaaa!

  19. Russia came third in the olympics, but in the para olympics they fell to 8th, Russia has no time for the disabled.

  20. This Laquinta, Is no African American it is a filthy Russian troll, what this thing is saying to MCC in Russian is this,

    MCC your are a Polish C U N ext Tuesday

    I think you can work it out, These Russians that comment are rude foul mouthed cretins my message to these creeps is “rot in hell”.

    • R John
      [MCC your are a Polish C U N ext Tuesday. These Russians that comment are rude foul mouthed cretins]

      The only rude foul mouthed bigoted cretin here is you.

  21. Listen Arthur I do not use foul language like your Ape friend,You really are an appalling hypocrite, you cry like a baby when people give you a hard time,but when your Russian beast friend uses the worst language possible it seems to meet with your approval, you are a typical Russian “dim wit”.

    • R John,

      If you think that the people here cannot immediately figure out what you meant by “Polish C U N ext Tuesday”, you are have a slightly bloated view of your own abilities and a slightly deflated view of the abilities of the other people.

      [you cry like a baby when people give you a hard time}

      I do? Please provide reference to my “crying”.

      [when your Russian beast friend uses the worst language possible]

      Who is my “Russian friend” and what did he do to make you cry? Did he use your term “C U N ext Tuesday”?

  22. Can anyone give me personal information on Janie Lou Gibbs ,from durning the 1965-68 period.Are there any family photo’s,particullary from the Pleasant Grove Baptist in Cordele,Georgia? I am researching for a possible book and no information is to small not to be appreciated.Thank you very much.

  23. Arthur are you really as thick as you appear?, this troll Laquinta posted terrible language, but used the Russian language to hide it from our hostess, I was letting people know what this thing said, do you understand this Arthur or does it go over your head like most things appear to do, Now Arthur you can speak Russian so you understood what the thing was saying but because it was attacking someone you don’t like you said nothing, as for your crying did you not recently complain to our hostess about the rude treatment some dish out to you, problem is Arthur your pretty dame rude yourself my advice to you is; if you can’t take it then don’t dish it out. You pathetic little cry baby (boo hoo).

    Here you are cry baby this is some of your complaining remember this…. Hang on I will get my hanky I may need to dry my eyes,

    o I myself was insulted by Wal just because I said that the use of “В Украину” vs “На Украину” depends on your political position, who chose to talk about his sexual positions instead:
    Wal // February 10, 2010 at 1:17 am
    Oh! The rat pounces again! Surprise surprise! And what is your position Arty? On hands and knees ready to receive?
    So, why is it OK for Wal to assault me, while not OK for me to point out that Bohdan doesn’t know the Uke alphabet?

  24. O poor little baby Arty did big bad Wal say naughty things to our little baby? O did dums, please Wal don’t be a bad boy, please say sorry to little baby Arty remember children baby Arty is very delicate and we must all be especially nice to our little baby.Now I think it’s time your mummy tucked you into bed baby Arty its well past your bed time.

    • R John – don’t believe that lying imbecile arthur, ‘coz’ when he pointed out that I don’t know the Ukrainian alphabet, he was most definitely lying again – oops I mean STILL lying.

      I explained to this moronic ape that I had attended Ukrainian school for several years and hence knew the Ukrainian alphabet and language, after all that was the language of first choice while I lived with my parents. But do you think this had any effect on our brain dead moron, none whatsoever as once he makes up his mind, those lies are the gospel by his demented logic.

      Personally I avoid him like the plague, as I don’t like lowering myself to his low level of intellect. His only strong points are that he cannot reason, nor can he answer logic – in which case instead he invariably uses his illogical reasoning mentality and finally he is in reality a closet communist, reporting their biased propaganda as fact.

  25. Bohdan, I too try to avoid this person unless he confronts me, he really is a “waste of space”

  26. Let us not cover up American cheating by blaming Russians. With time passing, we are learning new and new shocking details of the massive American cheating in Olympics, often at the expense of Russian athletes. Just last week we have learned the latest scandal: how the Americans cheated Russians out of gold medal in the 2004 Olympics:


    US women to lose 2004 Olympic relay gold

    (AFP) – Mar 16, 2010

    PARIS — The US women’s 4x400m relay team will be stripped of their gold medal from the 2004 Athens Olympics after the suspension of Crystal Cox for doping, world athletics governing body IAAF confirmed.

    “This athlete recently accepted a 4-year period of ineligibility and disqualification of her results from 2001 after having admitted her involvement in the BALCO conspiracy,” the IAAF said in a statement.

    “She took part in the 4x400m US Relay team who won the gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. According to the IAAF Competition Rules in effect in 2004, the US relay team results will be disqualified accordingly.”

    Second-placed Russia are set to receive gold ahead of Jamaica and Britain.

    Some of the biggest stars in US sport have been swept up in the BALCO steroids probe including sprinter Marion Jones, who was stripped of her Olympic titles after admitting to steroid use.

    Meanwhile, US sprinter Justin Gatlin, the Olympic 100m champion in 2004, has had his request for an early return rejected by the Doping Review Board. His four-year ban runs until July 24 next.

  27. Nice blog, i like it, its informative,
    i will visit his blog more often.
    i like your article specially about
    It can hardly surprise anyone even vaguely familiar with the work of the Transparency International think tank, for instance, to learn that in the run-up to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympiad so many Russian athletes have already been caught cheating, through the use of performance-enhancing drugs, that the President of the International Olympic Committee has openly made a demand to the President of Russia to clean up his nation’s act in order to avoid disgracing the entire worldwide athletic community


  28. A. | February 14, 2010 at 8:40 pm | Reply

    I don’t understand Russian, but the fact that the “liberated black woman” replied in Russian is a pretty good clue about how authentic this “LaQuanta” character is. The other clues being, of course, as you’ve noticed elsewhere, that the type of outdated 70s black power language this person uses doesn’t really sound very plausible.

    You fokking morons, isnt a Russian entitled to write in russian, in a site “devoted” to Russians? (where this silly anti-russian frenzy has gotten beyond limits)?

    My friendly advice :
    If you want to be successful in your anti-Slav activities (because frankly this goes against all slavs, lets be honest), then you SHOULD at least learn the language.
    But, there is a problem with that approach, if you learn the language, then you have a great deal of chances of starting …. LIKING the Slavic world!!
    so in anycase you are lost.
    IMHO, most of Slavic haters do not have a clue. They are just parrots.

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