Dangerous, Tsarist Russia

James Corum, Dean of the Baltic Defence College in Estonia, has taught at American and British staff colleges and is the author of seven books on military history and counter-insurgency. He is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve and has 28 years’ experience as an army officer. Writing on a blog of The Telegraph, he describes a dangerous, Tsarist Russia bent once again on confrontation with the West:

Western nations and NATO ought to take note. Several events have recently occurred that will embolden Russia to adopt a more aggressive and less cooperative stance in its dealings with the West.

Domestically, Russia has had some good news lately. After disastrous yearly drops in population for two decades, Russia showed a minuscule increase in population (11,000) last year. The Russian inflation rate has dropped to single digits. A rate of 8.8 per cent is high by Western standards, but a huge improvement over the massive inflation suffered by Russia in the last decade. With oil prices holding fairly high, the Russian regime can count on a steady income.

The foreign news is especially favourable. The Ukrainian attempt to join the West is now finished, or at least put on hold. The election in the Ukraine pits two Russia friendly candidates against each other. Whatever the outcome, Ukraine is now likely to opt to become a satellite state of Russia and join with Russia and Belarus (another satellite state) in a Russian-controlled trade pact to counter the EU and WTO. The Russian lease on the Ukrainian naval base will be extended on good terms and the Russians will be allowed to continue their strong military presence in the Ukraine. The Ukraine leadership will turn away from democracy – with strong Russian encouragement. The Ukrainian people will get nothing from the arrangement – but that’s what being under the Russian “sphere of influence” is all about.

The good news on domestic and foreign fronts will give the Russian leadership the impression that things are turning around for Russia. This will encourage the Russian leadership to continue its recent crackdown of dissent and to suppress the small vestiges of democracy that remain in Russia.

Russian leaders will use the news to take a much harder line on cooperating with the West to limit nuclear technology and weapons sales to Iran. It will also mean a more aggressive policy in the Caucasus in regards to Georgia and the two Russian-occupied breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Russia will also take a harder line against NATO emplacing missile defenses in Central Europe – even as the threat from Iran grows.

Russian foreign policy is based on a truly weird combination of nostalgia for the old Soviet Union and the imperialism of the Tsarist Empire. Russian politicians and academics use the term “sphere of influence” in the late 19th-century sense of the ruler’s right to control the external and domestic policies of neighbouring states. One of the strangest aspects of the new Russian ideology is the revival of the old Tsarist symbols to include the double-headed Romanov Eagle – complete with crown— displayed on official buildings and in the Russian parliament.

While Russia demands recognition as a first rank power, the only things it has to back up this claim is a lot of oil and nuclear weapons. Even with vast oil and energy reserves, its GDP is barely above Brazil’s. Outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia is an impoverished, miserable Third World country. Life expectancy for men is 61 years – mostly due to the prevalent alcoholism. Most of the Russian government and economy is mired in corruption. The incredibly low birthrates and high alcoholism rates of the last decades are evidence of a demoralised population.

The rise of the new form of Russian nationalism and authoritarianism is something the West should not ignore. Russia is likely to turn away from any cooperating with the West and chart a course based on more open confrontation. Both NATO and the EU need to take a firm line and not ignore Russian expansionism and support of the Iranian regime.

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  1. Assuming the vote counting is not tampered with,(perhaps a big assumption!), at any rate, residents of Ukraine have voted for their self-destruction. Perhaps it is just. Maybe they will deserve what is going to happen to them.
    Ukraine is a weird mix of many different residue ethnic nationalities, left-over peoples from previous ruling empires. And, they seem unable to make a truly united country. So, why not just accept Moscow’s swallowing them up?
    But of course, the foreign observers, have declared the election, ‘democratic’ (!).
    Is my memory wrong, or wasn’t Herr Hilter, at one early stage, domocratically elected too?

    • They did not say the election was democratic, I think they said it was fair. Which seems to be true — no massive cheating, ballot box stuffing and the like was observed.

      I don’t think that comparison with Hitler is fair or relevant. Ukraine today may be a lot of things, but a Nazi state it ain’t. And yes, Hitler came to power lawfully

      • RV,

        How can the people of Ukraine be allowed to choose a pro-Russian president? That’s not democracy! Democracy is when pro-American candidates win.

        Another thing: why are you surprised when russophobes like Psalomschik compare Nazi Germany to modern Russia and Ukraine? These are just attempts at making the Nazi crimes look unimportant.

        • Comrade ‘Arthur’, America-Hater:

          ‘Democracy is when a pro-American candidate wins’ (your silly words).

          I respond: No! in this Ukrainian election situation, the best and most democracy-preserving- result would have been, when/if…a pro-Ukrainian/anti-Moscow candidate had won.
          Present day enslaved Russia, is THE most evil nation, on this earth! It is a culture of repression and murder, murder, murder! Day by day, it resembles more and more, Nazi-Germany, or better to say, Stalin’s tyranny- which your Putler worships.
          Russia is today, extremely anti-Democracy and too, anti-Ukrainian freedoms and anti-Ukrainian independence.
          And, yes, I am indeed your ‘russophobe’, as I with much of the civilized world, have much to FEAR from your stinking anti-civilized neo-soviet ‘Russia’.
          (By the way, in my English language, which you use imperfectly, ‘phobe’ means fear, not ‘hate’! dummy).
          THOUGH, I and many millions of fellow humans on this planet, have every right, every reason, to HATE your stinking slave-state of ‘Russia’!
          Especially do they have the justified right to hate your Russia, are those which border you, and which used to be under your Communist-
          Russian boot.

          But, ‘Arthur’, it is just peaches and cream, that you and your always-lying Russian communist ilk, are America-Haters, isn’t it?
          You and every word you utter, are nothing but pure Kremlin FSB propaganda.
          Propaganda, means….lies and distortions, not truth.
          How often do they give you your new propaganda script to spew here?
          You don’t care about truth, do you?
          Hitler’s Nazis and Russian Communists, BOTH, never cared about the truth….and both evil systems have MUCH in common, as you well know.
          To compare ‘modern Russia, to Nazi Germany’, is not difficult. Just look at all the ever-expanding political repression under Putler and his Kremlin gang.
          Come on! ‘Arthur’, we are not all blind idiots, as you are.
          You… will go down, as your neo-soviet KGB-gangster run, Russian Federation goes down.
          It is crumbling already. Just look and see, comrade.

        • Modern Ukraine is not comparable to Nazi Germany, it is not a dictatorship and people are free to choose their leaders. Daniel was just making a point that even fair election can bring about undesirable results. Of course, no surprises in Russia as their elections are just a sham.

          • Well, Latynina thinks that the problem with Ukraine is that it has democratic elections. She thinks that only wealthy people should be allowed to vote:



            Artie, you are truly one of the most hilariously ignorant slobs who has ever commented on this blog.

            We published Yulia’s article IN THIS ISSUE. Instead of reading the issue before spewing out your brain-dead nonsense, you spammed another post as if you had discovered the piece. We’ll let your SPAM lie, just because it is so hilarious.

            Meanwhile, Latynina never said only wealthy people should be allowed to vote. She merely said, as our headline states, that Ukraine has made the institution of democracy look bad.

            Isn’t that exactly what YOU think Georgians do when they elect Saakashvili? Do you have any trace of intelligence AT ALL?

            • [Artie, you are truly one of the most hilariously ignorant slobs who has ever commented on this blog. We published Yulia’s article IN THIS ISSUE.]

              Looks like when I wrote my post, I hadn’t seen or read your latest batch of articles.

              [Do you have any trace of intelligence AT ALL?]

              No. Keeping up to date on your articles is the necessary condition for all human intelligence. I can understand why you are so mad at me. I apologise. From now on, I will pay more attention to homework.

              [Meanwhile, Latynina never said only wealthy people should be allowed to vote]

              What she said is:


              Letting Poor People Vote Is Dangerous

              10 February 2010
              By Yulia Latynina

              Viktor Yanukovych’s victory in Sunday’s presidential election once again raises doubt about the basic premise of democracy: that the people are capable of choosing their own leader.

              Unfortunately, only wealthy people are truly capable of electing their leaders in a responsible manner. Poor people elect politicians like Yanukovych or Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

              Iimpoverished people are incapable of making sober decisions and voting responsibly in a popular election.

          • [you spammed another post as if you had discovered the piece.]

            Actually, Latynina’s article was published in Russian 4 day ago, on February 8, in Yezhednevnyj Zhurnal; and on February 10 she published an “export version” in the Moscow Times, the main English-language newspaper in all of Russia. I read both.


            О геноцидах, дебилах и выборах
            8 ФЕВРАЛЯ 2010 г.
            ЮЛИЯ ЛАТЫНИНА


            Letting Poor People Vote Is Dangerous
            10 February 2010
            By Yulia Latynina

        • Well, Nazi crimes are terrible, but no worse than Russian ones during the same period.

      • To RV,
        Well we shall yet see, if there will be a comparison with Hitler, after this criminal character gets his full power.
        I did not claim that Ukraine is a Nazi state, but it may indeed become a Moscow submissive province, where just like the RF, there will be NO civil rights for anyone! Isn’t that bad enough in itself?
        And, hooray! for that ‘fair’ election, when ‘yes, Hitler came to power…legally’.
        ‘LEGALLY’! ???
        Well then so much for voting as a protection or guarantee of anything!
        Where is your head, ‘RV’?
        I suppose, it is loyal to the Kremlin, which can do anything, is that correct, ‘RV’?

        • Very true. Voting as such is not a protection or guarantee, it is not sufficient without other things. But none of those things mean anything if there is no fair vote.

          I just stated the historic fact about Hitler. So, don’t shoot me, it ain’t my fault

  2. The Machine of Victor Yanukovich won the election for him, and by a very small margin. Ukrainians wanted to punish the Orange Candidate. The vote for “against all” could have carried it either way. The system of elections in Ukraine needs constitutional correction.

    The OSCE made a suggestion for Open Party Lists, as this would prevent sale of Ministerial Posts added by party list. Voters had no choice of representatives, and the President Picks the Governors.

    Overall the voting was heavy, and the people picked a very flawed candidate for the sake of stability caused by the upheavals.

    The government is going to be more Roosified and Kremlin Organized. The set back could be 20 years, if Filthy Rooshan Kremlin has its way in Ukraine.

    Balts and Poles left alone now. No thanks to the EU policies of “Maybe yes, and Maybe no of the Syphilitic Alphonse’s in the EU like France and Germany. Moscow is not a State if Ukraine cannot be used to their advantage.

  3. In other words, the fact that Ukraine remained out of Western Alliances and Aide that Roosha got in Lend Lease, the Marshall Plan for Germany. Particulaly when Part of Germany was still under Rooshan occupation.

    The US rejected WTO for Ukraine because of Jackson Vanik. Being in the middle of a rock and a hard place. Ukraine had no way of becoming a neutral or or unaligned country since it was destroyed many times by both sides.

    The preaching of the Eurocrats, and with the stupid Obama reset button, Russia made the case in Ukraine, that the West does not want you, but we do, and will give you gas and oil.

    Being fresh out of Savokdom they took the bait.

  4. Letting poor people vote is deadly. The purpose of poor people is to work.

    The purpose of the middle class is to vote and work and screw things up slower.

  5. sascha_hero Germany



  6. sascha_hero Germany



  7. LaQuanta Washington

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    • ‘LaQuanta Washington’:

      Your list of mentally insane murderers in America, is very very small, compared with Russian murderers.
      And by this list, are you trying to claim, that in your Russia, you do not have these same insane criminals?…or more and worse?
      Ha! Ha! Ha!
      You barbaric and savage uncivilized Russian criminals, both those who are simply common criminal-murderers ,(which your rotten and immoral culture seems to produce a lot of!) and those violent murderers sponsored/employed by your FSB, have tortured and murdered, many millions, and that by state-orders and deliberate design, not because of simple or common mental imbalance.
      In America, when we catch our murderers, we arrest them, and we imprison them for life or execute them. In your Russia, you seem to promote your murderers to higher posts in your government.
      Come on, comrades, get real! You are not fooling anyone.

      • LaQuanta Washington

        the US has 4% of the world’s population, yet produces 75-80% of the world’s known serial killers;

        you’re the one that needs to get real comrade

        and I’m not Russian; I’m a liberated black woman from the racist US

        • ‘LaQuanta Washington”:
          In that case, why don’t you go and live in the Russian Federation, where you will be better appreciated, since you are a liberated black woman from the racist US -?

          “75-80% of the world’s KNOWN (???) serial killers”-?
          And how many millions of unknown mass murderers, and the mass murdered, are there, in Russia???
          Try to exist in Russia, madame or whoever you really are, (likely since you post on this site, you are not who you claim to be!) and see how THEY appreciate black people.
          As a white American, I am sick to death, of black belly-aching, while black criminals commit most crimes in this country, way out of proportion to their % in the total population.
          Why you choose to post your venom towards America, on this site, dedicated to exposing what is wrong in current Russia, I cannot know, except that it seems that your motives are pro-communist, comrade.
          Go live there, and then tell us how you got along.

          America, love it or LEAVE IT!!!

          • LaQuanta Washington

            You’re a white cracker whose AmeriKKKan compatriots have been killing and enslaving my people for ages now.

            Your fellow white crackers also start endless, criminal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., to enrich their pockets and cheer up their ugly cracker white faces.

            The US now has 2.5 million people behind bars, the MOST OF ANY NATION!

        • And, you are not liberated from insanity-
          whoever you really are-

  8. LaQuanta Washington

    I swear Obama will punish you white cracker devils for the damage that you’re doing to this country!!!

    • to’ La Quanta’:

      First of all, your comments do not fit the purpose of this site, or the above article, which has to do with RUSSIA, not America.
      Secondly, the racism that I see around me today, is mostly black, anti-white racism.
      And, ‘white’ people here, are VERY tired of all that CRAP!
      Your Obama, was elected, mainly, by air-headed ‘white crackers’, being manipulated by the ‘race-card’ i.e. collective white-guilt, due to the past history of slavery, etc.
      Unfortunately, though there are many truly qualified to be president, black men or women in America, Obama is not one of them.
      Yes, Obama IS punishing us all, as he is a totally incompetent leftist airhead, regardless of his skin colour.
      My Prussian immigrant grandfather fought in the Union Army, to free blacks from slavery, and all of my life, I have stood up for blacks and other minorities, not only for their full civil rights, but for their total acceptance as….fellow human beings.
      My Christian beliefs, are a mainstay of my sympathy for black people, and indeed for people of every race and ethnicity.
      No one in my family, EVER sympathized with or belonged to the despised KKK!…nor did any of us , northerners, sympathize with the Confederate cause.
      I was once called ,by a black friend, ‘Casper the friendly ghost’, but I realize that your ‘cracker’ is more current a black put-down term for all white people-?
      And, who is ‘white’ anyway? That term is meaningless, so I cannot take offense at being labeled that, or….’cracker’ either. Aren’t white crackers good to eat? (especially in starving Haiti?)
      What about all the CRACKERS helping out, black people, in Haiti ?….both long before this quake and for many many years before it?
      Assuming you are who you say you are, you need to get your head straight, and stop uselessly blaming people of a different skin colour than your own, for everything that may be perceived wrong or lacking in people of your skin colour.
      Racial hatred, of any sort, is soul-corrupting/mind-blinding/self-destroying, and it never contributes to any SOLUTIONS to the problems, ever!
      It is time to move on.
      Black Americans who are succeeding, are those who take the bull by the horns, stop blaming others, (i.e. ‘the man’), and…..start DOING for themselves.
      There are lots of such people in America.
      But, why mix up issues, by posting your rabid-‘black’, hate-white-America sentiments, on this, RUSSIA-oriented site?
      It doesn’t add up….unless you are a KGB propagandist? Are you?
      Those dear commie folks, love to stir up racial fighting in America, though……their Russia does not have a good record on such matters. Go there, and see.

      Black Americans, as with people here of every ethnic mix, succeed in America, IF they struggle to MAKE a place for themselves.
      Why not be busy on positive efforts, madame, and leave off your venom, which is only poisoning yourself-?
      Just some random thoughts from an old cracker…….who sees good & beauty in all people, and is not turned off by their skin colour or their differences with myself. Communists, however, are persona non grata with me, as they seek to take over the whole world and turn us all into slaves of the state.
      Stop hating, LaQuanta! it is messing up your head.

      • OOPS! I meant to say, my Prussian GREAT-grandfather fought in the Union Army….
        (I am not THAT old!)

        • Don’t waste your breath Daniel. It’s useless. Also, an expression “liberated black woman” strikes me as quite dated and sounds odd. It’s what black panthers and such would use in the 60’s and the 70’s.

          It does not sound authentic anymore; contemporary black Americans don’t talk that way — it may be that the modern day NKVD thinks they do, and re-uses the old play book.

        • Psalomchick,

          I never understood one thing, why are you Americans so fake and superficial in your day-to-day interactions with other people?

          Why do always have such a fake smile on your face?

          • ‘Skiff’:
            Your words are so true, ‘I never understood one thing,’……..

            What dumb two sentences you put here. They make so sense at all.

            Who said that we Americans, ‘always have such a fake smile on …our…faces’?
            I am not smiling at you now, comrade.
            Ha! Ha!

            • Most immigrants in the US, even the ones who have been here for a long time, always observe the fake smile on the faces of Americans.

              That’s hardly a secret. Your response is quite immature, as you have been unable to answer neither of my questions.

              • ‘Skiff’,
                I have read no questions from you. Did you aim some at me? Where are they?

                Could it be, that you…..do not smile, because you are not a happy or successful person?, that you are a failure in life?
                Never smiling, is a sign of mental unbalance and severe long-term depression.
                Are you a product of soviet-Russia?
                If I were from that same sour culture, I would never smile too.
                Why don’t you answer my questions? Has the cat got your tongue?
                You are beginning to make me smile….thanks!

                • To ‘Skiff’ and to all,
                  Since today is ‘Maslenitsa’ (Forgiveness Sunday, the start of the Great Lent before Pascha/Easter), I refuse to argue with anyone today. It is against the sacred tradition of the Orthodox Church to do so. Now is the time for forgiveness and self-introspection and repentence, of how we can be better human beings.
                  If anyone wants to continue to argue, let them do it with themselves or others.
                  But, I do remind others: this comment section is supposed to be connected to the main article, about the recent election in Ukraine, and related to current matters in the Russian Federation.
                  We all do tend to get off-topic, don’t we? (myself included).
                  To those who observe the lent, have a good one, and a great celebration of Pascha/Easter at the end of it.
                  Reader Daniel (Psalomschick)

                  • If you are an American, you should ask forgiveness for your country’s crimes (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc.), and the Russians should do the same (Chechnya, Afghanistan, etc.)

                    High time to eliminate that karmic debt!

                    • How about the French? Should they apologize for Vietnam or Algeria? Or Hungarians? Didn’t they have Atilla the Hun to apologize for? What about Spaniards and their Cortez and Pizzarro? Or Mongolians? Surely, Ghengis Khan was not a very pleasant person? And then the British; here you have a long list of victims: your Indians and Pakistanis, and South Africans and Kenyans and on and on…

                      How about everybody apologizes for everybody and everything?

              • Really? I have never noticed. Even if true, would you rather have us scowl or make grimaces or something like that. Perhaps some sociologists have studied this, I don’t know. I think smiling is merely an outward expression of friendliness, just like saying hello, thank you and please. Or maybe it reflects optimism or maybe the standard of living. It’s hard to say, it really is automatic, if it truly exists, that is.

                But whatever it is, if some of those immigrants don’t like it, they only have two options, either to adjust or to keep a stiff upper lift (or go home). When in Rome , they should do as Romans do. Americans are not going to abandon their cultural habits just because some newcomers don’t feel comfortable.

  9. Nice try, ‘LaQuanta’ and congratulation – what an exhaustive list you prepared, considering you live in the homeless shelter and you deal with drugs. I suspect you are a seventy-year old crippled ex-KGB man who tries to survive on a Russian pension of 15 dollars a month.

  10. LaQuanta honey (what a ghetto-ass name, by the way), why don’t you go try to be a “liberated black woman” in Russia? Take the subway a few times, visit some working class neighborhoods, go to a football match and hang out with the fans, have a nice pleasant stroll around Moscow on Hitler’s birthday. And see what happens. Psssst everybody, don’t tell her what happens to black people in Russia on a daily basis, or what the Russian word for black person (“makaka”) means.

    It’s interesting how some of these “liberated black people” are so incensed against white devils (even though the ancestors of most modern-day Americans have had nothing to do with slavery, and some, like the Italians or Irish, suffered discrimination themselves) and against “Amerikkka” yet they love totalitarian or authoritarian regimes that are more openly racist than America ever was (whether it is Russia, or Islamic theocracies where black people are still considered subhuman). That’s kinda like how the extremists in Hamas and Hezbollah talk about America and Israel being evil and all that, yet take money from a country that has a long record of genocide against Muslims (unlike either America or Israel).

  11. skiff wrote:
    [If you are an American, you should ask forgiveness for your country’s crimes (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc.), and the Russians should do the same (Chechnya, Afghanistan, etc.)

    RV wrote:
    [ How about the French? Should they apologize for Vietnam or Algeria? Or Hungarians? ]

    Are you trying to say that both Russia and USA should NOT apologise for their crimes? Or is your point that Russian should apologise, but USA should continue to commit crimes without apologies? Double standard?

  12. Your parents should apologise Arty.

  13. “Democracy is when a pro-American candidate wins”

    This is so true. All of “La Russophobes” polemical ramblings above could have been condensed into this simple statement.

  14. RV ignore this piece of Muscali trash.

    Skiff – how lopsided your communist propaganda is! You should crawl back to Putler’s dung heap where you obviously originated from and still belong.

    Also how come you never mention the 10s of millions that your beloved NKVD murdered, or the 100,000’s that the KGB did away with. Aye you must be proud of that murdering scum – but why? most probable because you are a member of it and no doubt proud of it.

    Now you brainless baboon show me where the Americans come anywhere near this number in times of peace or civil war.

    You were born a communist idiot and sadly you will die as such.

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