February 12, 2010 — Contents


(1)  TRANSLATION:  Making Journalism a Crime

(2)  Uncool Russia

(3)  Stalin and Facebook

(4)  Kadyrov and his Mommy

(5)  Russians on Russia

(6)  Of Russians and their Love of Whale Penis


NOTE:  An interesting translation of information about the recent wave of anti-Putin protests from the Russian blogosphere and exchange of comments afterwards over at Global Voices.

NOTE:  Ah, Russian cuisine. Yum, yummy, yum!

One response to “February 12, 2010 — Contents

  1. Here’s a quick suggestion for all the loyal Putinistas and Slavic racial-purists out there. Instead of murdering your own intellectuals and minorities to coddle your own systemic corruption, you might try “sticking it” to the Yankees in a way that actually hurts us…


    “Three companies now dominate 95 percent of the [Russian] market: British and American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International, and Philip Morris International, the world’s largest tobacco company. Russia is Philip Morris’s biggest market.”

    If you hate us so much, fine, but then quit buying our cancersticks. It’s really that simple. Give one coherent reason why that’s unfair, illogical, or too much to expect of you people. I still can’t believe it’s happening, but public acceptance of smoking really is on its last leg over here.

    Doubtless a suggestion like, “Stop smoking, lose the booze, and don’t fry absolutely everything you eat so you might live past sixty,” as we’re encouraging ourselves to do is just expecting too much too soon, so let’s stick with baby steps for now. Seriously, if we can finally do it, then anyone can. But no. Keep wallowing in your self-pity.

    You people. Christ almighty.

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