The upper sign on the tree reads “Yanukovich” while the lower reads “Tymoshenko.” The skier wears the colors of Ukraine.

Source:  Ellustrator.

27 responses to “CARTOON

  1. Yanukovich, “Wow, so far so good!”

    • Bohdan, it is not “Yanukovich” but “Yanukovych”. Learn some Ukrainian.
      Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych

      • Actually, Artie, there is no “correct” way to spell words in English that use letters in their native script that don’t exist in English.

        The letter “y” in the name you’ve written would not be pronounced in English the same way as the letter you use it to replace in the Russian spelling of his name, and the Russian spelling used in this cartoon is not, of course, Ukrainian. The letter is the same one as in the name of “Russia” itself in Russian script, but not many write “Rossyya” when transcribing.

        You’d do better not to lecture others on linguistics and to think a little more before you lecture anyone at all on anything since, as is obvious, you are a moron.

      • Arthur,

        You are a painful, pedantic, pathetic little cyka.

        I would say you have very few friends, let alone a wife or girlfriend, and therefore I feel sorry for your workmates.

      • From what I see on this board, Bohdan is a genuine native Ukrainian and you are not. So, are you really in a position to tell him to learn the Ukrainian language? Just stop for a second and thing how vapid you sound!

  2. Listen Artie, you bloody stupid ignoramus. It is you that should learn to read!!!

    The above sign, and I quote, reads ” The upper sign on the tree reads “Yanukovich” while the lower reads “Tymoshenko.” Got it stupid?

    Besides here at the farm, the pigs only ‘come a running’ when I rattle their bucket. For your information I did not rattle your bucket, so there was no need for you to come a running to add your snout to the matter.

    • [The above sign, and I quote, reads ” The upper sign on the tree reads “Yanukovich” while the lower reads “Tymoshenko.” Got it stupid?]

      No, Bohdan. The cartoon is in Ukrainian, not in English. The upper sign on the tree reads “Янукович” not “Yanukovich”. The lower reads “Тимошенко” not “Tymoshenko.”

      You correctly transliterated the letter “и” in the name “Тимошенко” as “y”, but you transliterated the same letter “и” in the name “Янукович” as “i”.

      Why? For the same reason why you can’t read the signs on the cartoon: you don’t even know the Ukrainian alphabet.

      Of course, under normal circumstances, that would be no offense, but given that Bohdan’s fellow Uke nationalists like Georg/LES and Wal have been harassing people for using “the” in front of “Ukraine”, I find it highly significant to point out the double standard, for example:

      Georg // February 6, 2010 at 5:03 pm | Reply

      R John, thanks for the support. However please note that the use of the superfluous article “the” in front of Ukraine implies that it is a part of something else and is offensive. “The Crimea” is OK since it belongs to Ukraine.

      Hopefully the correct spelling of the cities of Lviv, Kyiv will also be used more universally instead of the Rooshan Kiev or Lvov, as Ukraine has moved from Rooshan control. The rule is that the original historic name or the present name should be used. Thanks.

      I myself was insulted by Wal just because I said that the use of “В Украину” vs “На Украину” depends on your political position, who chose to talk about his sexual positions instead:

      Wal // February 10, 2010 at 1:17 am
      Oh! The rat pounces again! Surprise surprise! And what is your position Arty? On hands and knees ready to receive?

      So, why is it OK for Wal to assault me, while not OK for me to point out that Bohdan doesn’t know the Uke alphabet?

  3. Back to the meaning, of the author of this cartoon:
    Ukraine, the country -personified as the skier, is headed smack into the tree, i.e. to great bodily harm and injury, perhaps even to it’s death.
    That ‘tree’ is EITHER of the two chief political candidates, though the one is pointed ‘left’ and the other is seen as aimed to the ‘right, in their perceived (Ukrainian) political sympathies.
    This dismal feeling about both of these candidates, is apparently shared by many Ukrainians, who feel that their country is not going where they would wish it to go. Their individual lives are not going where they want them to go.
    They have a heavy degree of hopelessness, and doom.
    Many, thus, have tried to vote, for the proverbial, ‘lesser of the two evils’, but they really don’t like either.
    This cartoon, is an accurate pictoral presentation of feelings over there.

  4. With all due respect, that analysis is wrong. The hitting of the tree is a representation of the even divide between the vote totals. The fact that the Ukrainian is hitting a tree and will probably be hurt is just the artist’s typical russian contempt for Ukrainians, as if to say ” those stupid Ukrainians with their failed state, that chimera with an invented language, don’t they know that they will only win when they are governed by their superior older brother from moscow?”
    Even russian liberals have a hard time recognizing Ukraine as a legitimate entity.

    • Not at all, we in Russia love Ukraine so much that we would like to have two of them! At the very least…

    • To Gordon,
      Could it be, that there is no one accurate interpretation of the artist’s full meaning to his cartoon? Or, so what does it matter, anyway?
      At any rate, it is his artistic creation, so he may depict whatever he wishes. You label him as a Ukrainian hating, Russian, but why? Is it because the signs are in Russian and not in Ukrainian?
      (The skier IS the entire country of Ukraine!)-
      I as an American, fully support Ukrainians calling themselves whatever they want, and in existing independently from Russia, etc.
      Most Russian emigrees here in America, that I have ever spoke to, about, THE Ukraine (as they phrase it), say: ‘Kiev is the mother of Russian cities’, ‘there never was a Ukraine (‘border-land’) seperate from Russia, and there NEVER will be!!!….and hense, every ‘Russian’ will fight to the death, before they ‘allow’ the Ukraine to leave Mother Russia…i.e. World War III!

      But then, you must know that typical Russian sentiment, don’t you?
      Unfortunately my Ukrainian friend, present day Ukraine is so very very divided, that even without further Moscow manipulations and threats and even military invasion, I cannot see HOW it can continue to exist!
      Can you, Gordon?
      But, again, I remind you, I am an American, and thus I support Ukraine’s right to exist.
      Our present Obama administration couldn’t care less about your country! It only wishes to please Putin and his gang.
      And with a large part of Ukraine’s population, (especially in the eastern parts), continuing to label themselves as, ‘Russians’, you have a ready made situation for civil war, and for a large ‘fifth-column’ INSIDE your Ukraine.
      The only slight hope that I can see at present, is that, among the large numbers ofself-identified ‘Russians’ inside Ukraine, there are lots of them who are not in love with Putin……yet some are. They are very confused, by all reports.

      Long Live A Free Ukraine!!!

      • To Psalomschick,
        You are absolutely right about the artistic license of the artist; it could mean anything and could be interpreted in any way. I choose to interpret it based on my own experiences and prejudices. These experiences and prejudices are confirmed by your response.
        Why would you quote the Russian émigrés you have spoken to as if that is somehow bolstering your point? Quoting Russian émigrés about the status of Ukraine and the Ukrainian language, people, culture, etc. is equivalent to quoting the German Nazis of 1939 on their justification for invading Poland. If there never was a Ukraine separate from “mother Russia”, why the Ems Ukaz? Why the famine? Why the russification? It’s true that Russians will fight to the death to keep Ukraine under their heel, but fight who? Ukrainians?
        Ukraine is not nearly as divided as you might think. Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine are, on a day to day basis, amiable. Outside of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea there are really not many Russians that refuse to learn and speak Ukrainian, though Russian is their language of choice. Even in the three provinces mentioned, Ukrainian is heard occasionally. Certainly, even for Russian-Ukrainians, with the exception of Crimea, there is really no great urge to reunite with “mother Russia”. If there was a great movement to dissolve Ukraine, union with Russia would have been the main plank of the Party of Regions in the recent election, and you would not see the yellow and blue flag at their rallies (I think you are correct about your Putin comment). Ukrainians, for their part, speak Russian because they were forced to for centuries just to get ahead in life. It is not unreasonable for them to expect their government and schools, in a Ukrainian state, to operate in Ukrainian. That is where the rub is.
        When Ukraine is joined with Russia, Russia controls Ukraine. You ALWAYS get the Ems Ukazes, the ethnic cleansings, the draconian russification laws. Anything that is in the Ukrainians’ interest, but is not in the Russians’ interest, is squashed. Ukrainian language and culture is not in the interests of the myth of “the mother of Russian Cities”, not in the interests of the myth of “there never was a Ukraine separate from Russia”. Ukrainian language and culture must be crushed.
        I am not a supporter of Yanukovich. If he governs Ukraine as a puppet of Russia, if he tries to eliminate the Ukrainian element in Ukrainian government and education, if he fosters the belief among Russian-Ukrainians that Ukraine IS Russian and must be ruled as such, there will be a problem. My brain is telling me he will do this, but my gut is telling me that he won’t.
        What the future holds, I don’t know; I do however believe that Ukraine will prevail in its current borders; quite strongly in fact, even in the face of Russian myth-driven chauvinism and Russian state fascist expansionism.

  5. Only the readers of this blog engage in long and clueless arguments as to what a self-evident cartoon means.

  6. Wow, wow and wow again artie (little A on purpose) are you a brainless IGNORAMUS of unimaginable proportion.

    Now lets get some things straight, moron, I was born in Ukraine and now live in an English speaking country. Hence I am extremely fluent in both the English and Ukrainian languages which INCLUDES KNOWING AND USING THEIR RESPECTIVE, that is the roman and cyrillic, alphabets respectively, as I attended both schools at an early age – got that right STUPID!!!

    Now getting to the heart of the matter, the above cartoon, I realize that this excellent blog HAD used the Russian translation of the future Ukrainian President’s name, and so, since I am in their territory – so to speak – I used their Russian translation – not a hard thing to work out. Besides – and for your information – Yanukovich only speaks in Russian, as he is a Russan speaking Ukrainian. Furthermore, he has lately attempted to sway the Ukrainian speaking voter when appearing on television by starting his speeches to them in the Ukrainian language, but his command of it is so bad and accented that in all of them he has invariably switched back to Russian after only uttering several sentences – got that ‘balwan’ (i.e. boofhead)!

    By the way I am quite positive that if you continue studying like you are that you will pass your IDIOT’S diploma with flying colors, you brainless moron, who obvious motto is – and also acts as if though – ‘stupidity is a virtue’!!!

    Your temerity at stating that I learn Ukrainian just defies all logic, but is understandable coming from a mentality such as yours – aye the ravings of an demented idiot with a bird brain. I’ll bet my bottom dollar, that you are the one that cannot speak, nor read the Ukrainian language?

    Do us all a favor and crawl back to your hole in the ground, moron.

    • Look, Bohdan. You are reacting that by saying that you don’t know the Ukrainian alphabet, I have acted in a cruel and insulting matter.

      Well, this is a polite retaliation for the non-stop REAL insults that you have bene heaping on me without any provocation on my part. For example:
      Bohdan // February 7, 2010 at 12:13 pm:
      You and that other idiotic ape man ‘Arthur’ make a good pair.

      Learn to behave like a civilised man, Bohdan.

      • Well, you used to say you were an American. Then I caught you red-handed when, referring to Russian losses in WWII, you stated “we lost 25 million.” Of course, an American would not use “we” when talking about another people, he would use it only referring to Americans.

        Then I caught you red handed when it was revealed you don’t know what music they play at high school or college graduations in the United States. Every American graduate knows that.

        And finally, now you ask Bohdan to behave like a “civilised” man. No American (or, I believe, a Canadian) would ever use this British spelling. Of course, only a Brit or some citizen of the Commonwealth would spell like that. Or a Soviet graduate of a foreign language school in Moscow. Since you are not British, what does this leave?

        So, what’s up with all that?

        • RV, your mind is full of puzzles, and I respect that. They keep your mind occupied. Keep them up.

          If you believe that no American citizens (not even contributors to Wikipedia) can use British spelling – I respect your beliefs.

          But how do any of your puzzles relate to the fact that given that Bohdan has in the past posted unwarranted insults towards me, my zing at his knowledge of Ukrainian is highly innocent and justified?

        • RV,

          I am very flattered that you have dedicated your entire life to solving your puzzle which country I am from. I must be doing something right.

          Btw, could you please remind me of some of my British spellings that “no Canadian would ever use”?

          • “Civilised.” No American or Canadian I know would ever spell thus. One slip is enough to blow your cover. Tell you masters that their English language program needs fine tuning.

            But pray tell, how is it you are saying “we” lost 25 million people during WWII, if you are an American.

      • Well Art, if you would behave like a civilised man…

        Oh thats right, you are a Putinist.

        Never mind.

        • On the other hand, such a spelling would be expected from an Aussie or Kiwi.

          See Andrew, it’s the little things that lead spies to their doom.

  7. Forgive my ignorance, but what does the word “Ukraine” mean? I’ve heard it means border, outskirts, beyond the realm in both Polish and Russian?

    And is it true that “Ukrainians” were called “Rusyns” until the 20th Century? Historically what area constituted Ukraine? Was the Donets/Malrussia region historically part of Ukraine?

    To what extent if any has the Ukrainian language been influenced by Polish or Russian?

    Was Kiev under Russian or Polish control the longest?

  8. Artie, I’d love to tell you what I think of you, you brainless Muscal, but sadly it’s unprintable.

    There is no doubt in my mind that you are a Ka Ge Bist stukach, trying to polish up on his English by using La Russophobe.

    I stopped reading you propaganda trash a long, long time ago and only replied in this blog because as usual your reply (to my quote) was so far from fact that I considered it necessary.

    My deceased father always used an old Ukrainian saying i.e.”To have ONE argument, you need TWO idiots”, as the intelligent one will always walk away from such a situation! So that this time I will stick to my guns and treat you with the contempt that you so richly deserve, by ignoring you, PERIOD! you classic Muscali ignoramus, who by the way never does his homework on the subject matter and replies to logical matters with pure illogical propaganda.

    Good bye Artie, and may you never forget that in your case ‘stupidity is a virtue’.

  9. Warren, you have asked a question that takes quite some time to explain in its entirety.

    Nevertheless, there is a recent book in English called “BORDERLAND, A JOURNEY THROUGH THE HISTORY OF UKRAINE”, by Anna Reid, and published June 1, 2000; which explains Ukraine’s History, where a thousand years ago it was the center of the first great Slav civilization, in Kyivan, RUS.

    I strongly recommend that you try and obtain a copy by either borrowing a copy from a library
    especially one run by local Ukrainian community or maybe buying one, as it is not an expensive book to purchase.

    Hope this has helped.

  10. Interesting cartoon! Have a look at my recent article on Ukraine here

    • JV
      Your “article” is very superficial. Roosha still needs new colonies to feed on, or Moscovy would cease to exist. The implosion has already began. Roosha has never been a real country except a patch of Cenral Asia overrunning borders. 95% of Ukrainians voted to get out of the USSR and that included the Rooskis that lived there. When the new Rooski debacle and collapse occurs, they will not be so imperious if they are smart. All of the neighbors are grinding axes.

      Dividing the country of Ukraine by simpletons will not work as you, and the rests of the Neo Savoks think. RaSSiya is coming apart again and much faster then before.

      Rooshans think that they should get promoted and privileged because they are backed up by the gang next door. That is as simple as it gets.

      The Caucuses are burning and the East is pushing in. Moscow is selling off the empire and moving to safer and more civilized areas with the booty in foreign banks and family secured.

      Simply put, your article ignores the fact that there are 28 nations in NATO formed to protect themselves from the RaSSiyski menace. There will be even more NATO soon. Either the RooSSkies come up to civilized standards or they can emigrate to their huge and largely empty mafia state. Establishing new territories in Georgia is as unbelievable, as is the idea of a preferred influence over neighbors in the near abroad. This idea is often stated by Moscali. So what did i learn from the article? Nothing at all.

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