EDITORIAL: The Missiles of February


The Missiles of February

Last week yet another nation in Eastern Europe made an emphatic statement of how it feels about Russia:  Romania agreed to host an American ballistic missile defense system starting in 2015.

Russia’s representative to NATO Dmitri Rogozin, a crazed nationalist whose nomination itself speaks volumes about whether Russia wants normal relations with the West, sputtered and fumed and demanded “exhaustive explanations” from the USA.

But what Rogozin didn’t do was ask why Romanians hate Russians so much that they would wish to take an action that would so infuriate the Kremlin.  Nor did he ask why the Obama administration, whose craven cowardice in regard to Russia is well known, suddenly started getting tough.

Rogozin didn’t even consider such issues because he has nobody in opposition parties or independent media forcing him to do so.  Like the infamous Emperor with his “new clothes,” Rogozin spends his days in a ivory tower isolated from criticism of any kind. Therefore, like so many Russian leaders before him, he’s biologically incapable of assessing his country’s actions in a objective way, much less of reforming them.  This inability destroyed the USSR, and it will do the same to Russia.

Though Russia is a pathetically weak nation, it seeks to conduct foreign policy only through brute force.  It is friendless, yet its actions only drive fellow nations further away.  It rails against unilateral action against it by the USA, yet it behaves unilaterally throughout former Soviet space.

No nation can survive conduct this deranged. Russia certainly will not do so.

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  1. Let’s see what will happen next in Romania – ‘progressive’ forces will get organized – there will be non-stop protests all over Romania against the missiles – all financed, of course, by the russians. The leftists all over Europe will unite in condemnation of ‘fasist’ Romania. Suddenly there will be no russian gas flowing to Romania, people will be freezing, opposition will demand government to resign by protesting non-stop. It will go on until Romania surrender. Russia can manipulate not only near abroad, ex-satellite countries but also the West. Remember the ‘collapse’ of the Czech government during the Czech’s presidentcy – it was brilliant manipulation of the leftist Czech parties by Russia – look at the poor Czech, they cannot keep the government in place let alone run the EUpresidency. After they humilated the Czech , after the collapse of the government, suddenly everything calmed down. Wait until it will be the turn of Hungary and Poland to hold Eu presidency. Russians are really good at it. THE ONE THING THE RUSSIANS CANNOT CONTROL IS THE DEMISE OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY. Truly priceless.

  2. MCC, what are you talking about? There will be no protests against the missile shield. Even the Russians didn’t make such a fuss, compared to their reactions to the Polish missile shield. Romania has its own gas reserves and is less dependent on Russian gas than, say, Germany, so the Russians don’t have a lot of leverage over Romania. As for the government collapsing, that would be great, having in mind that it’s possibly the worst government in Romanian history, but that would have nothing to do with the missile shield (on foreign policy, Romanian public opinion is more or less homogenous)

    “But what Rogozin didn’t do was ask why Romanians hate Russians so much that they would wish to take an action that would so infuriate the Kremlin.”

    That sounds as if it was taken from some paranoid ultra-nationalist Russian website. The Romanians don’t “hate Russians” at all. Due to obvious historical reasons, Romanians don’t want to ever have anything to do with Russia. That doesn’t mean there is any ethnic hatred towards Russians. And the decision to accept the American missile shield was not taken to “infuriate Russia” but for pretty simple security concerns and out of solidarity with the security concerns of other NATO members.

    The missile shield isn’t directed at Russia anyway, but even if it was, it wouldn’t show any “hatred” on the part of Romanians. Let’s make an analogy. Suppose you live in a neighborhood that is mostly nice, but there is a crackhead who has repeatedly broken into your house to support his drug habit (as he doesn’t work for a living) and repeatedly assaulted and robbed you and your family. Not only has the police refused to intervene, but they’ve even punished you when you decided to go after the crackhead, kick his ass and take some of your stuff back; the police even forced you to give him more of your stuff. So if you install an alarm system, or build a bigger fence, is that a gesture of “hatred” and “aggression” or just simple common sense?

  3. A,
    Wait and see, Romania’s feelings toward Russia are irrelevant, for the Russians Romania is a near-abroad therefore the Russian sphare of influence. Central Europe and the Balkans have been bartered to Russia by Germany and France for gas and oil a while ago.
    Have you already forgotten Georgia and Ukraine? Russia is retaking her ‘shpere of influence’ with Western Europe’s blessing. Of course, everybody in near-abroad hates Russian barbarity but it won’t stop Russia from restoring its shere of influence by force if necessary, e.g., Georgian invation. So be prepare for the worst. The only bright spot is that Russia really and truly is rotting from within.

  4. I’m sure Russia would like Romania and other post-communist states to be part of their “sphere of influence” but that’s irrelevant; it simply won’t happen and there’s nothing the Russians can do about it (short of outright invasion, but they would not invade a NATO member). Any government that would try to cuddle up to Russia would lose popularity instantly and commit political suicide.

    Georgia and Ukraine are in a very different situation, so it’s not a good analogy. Both are former Soviet states, unlike Romania. Both still depend economically on Russia (Georgia is trying to change that, but it’s not easy, for example, to sell Georgian wine and agricultural products to an already saturated EU market). And Ukraine is still a predominantly Russophone and Russophile country.

  5. It is not a matter of military invation – Russia’s military is a joke no modern army, navy or airforce – Russia would need at least 3 trillion $ to basically modernize its military and will never catch up with NATO. By the way, Russia will never give up the nukes – it’s their only trumph card. So the only thing they can do is to manipulate/blackmail Western Europe with gas and oil. If you follow the NATO events you should have noticed that only recently the Baltic States – on USA and Poland’s insistance – were given the assurance that in case of aggression they will be defended by NATO. The whole Western Europe, manipulated by Russia, opposed to this. So there are old and new Europe still. You have to be vigilant.

  6. A,
    By the way, the Georgian wines are becoming quite popular in the USA – they become my favorite, thanks to Russia, so there is silver lining in everything. Your argument about Ukraine’s rusophile attitude could be used against Romania as well – You are orthodox christian therefore you are under Russian ortodox patriarch. Russia is using this religious argument against Georgia another orthodox country It doesn’t matter that Georgia adopted Christianity seven hundred years BEFORE Russia. That’s how ridiculous it is. Only because Russia is the largest country in the world no matter 65% of its territory is useless perma frost.

  7. MCC, you don’t need to be worried about Romania or Poland or the Baltics becoming part of the Russian sphere of influence, it’s Germany and France and Italy who are Russia’s Trojan horse in Europe. Romanians and Poles and Balts know what to expect from the Russians and how to deal with them.

    Romania is indeed predominantly Orthodox, but that has nothing to do with the Russian patriarch, since the Romanian Orthodox church is autocephalous. Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Ethiopia and various communities in the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Israel) are also Orthodox, and have been so centuries before there was such a thing as Russia. In addition, Romanians aren’t Slavs, have never been part of the Russian empire or the USSR, nor do we have a significant Russian minority, so we don’t share the cultural, linguistic and historical ties that the Ukrainians have with Russia.

  8. A,
    Just to let you know that Moldova, a Russian puppet state, has just complained officially about the missiles in Romania that will endanger the security of the region. Just watch and learn.

  9. Where did you get that information? Who “complained officially”? It certainly couldn’t have been either the president (Mihai Ghimpu) or the prime minister (Vlad Filat), who are both ethnic Romanians who are trying to repair the damage done by the puppet pro-Russian regime who was in power until last year. You really should verify before making statements like that.

  10. Neighborly protest: Moldova against AMD in Romania
    permalinke-mail story to a friendprint versionPublished 09 February, 2010, 14:27

    Romania has come under fire from neighboring Moldova – for agreeing to host elements of the US missile defense shield.

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    Propeller Senior Moldovan politicians – including ex-President Vladimir Voronin – say the move would threaten security and upset the balance of power in the region.

    They also say Romania should have consulted Moldova before agreeing to the US proposal.

    Bucharest says it is ready to negotiate the details with Washington in order to set up the missile defense system by 2015.

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    The above text copied from Russia Today.

  11. Well, that’s a poorly written and inaccurate news item. The only “senior Moldovan politician” to protest against the missile shield is former president Vladimir Voronin (a paranoid Russophone Communist who has frequently made anti-Romanian statements). He has the right to express his opinion, however idiotic it may be, but that has nothing to do with any “official” reactions from Moldova.

    Romania hasn’t come “under fire” from anyone, you’re just talking about a scared old Communist ranting to the Russian press in the hope that Russia will help him and his pathetic party again.

  12. A,
    Poorly written or not – it doesn’t matter. I hope that the legitimate Moldovan politicians in power take the opposite view and openly side with Romania. Remember how it started in the Czech republic, Polad, on the contrary, never waiver and was betrayed nevertheless. If Russians manage to organized the opposition in France and Germany among the left it might be a bad news for Romania. The Russian will never stop trying to regain its so called russian empire which I called barbaric idiocy. I must admit, I watch with total delight the disintegration of Russia; dying population, 1 in 50 Russian is HIV positive, no hospitals, schools, or roads; total corruption, drugs coming freely from Afghanista, Chinese openly and without any resistance retaking Siberia stolen from China two centuries ago. Russia is truly drawning in its own excrements. Priceless

  13. This Rogozin carecter is a real greasy little upstart. he has no diplomatic skills seems to revel in confrontation and has an unrealistic appreciation of Russia’s power and influence, I suppose for Putin this makes Rogozin the perfect choice as he mirrors the repugnant leadership he represents.

    I believe the USA’s decision to drop the original missile shield was more about cost rather than Russia’s ruffled feathers, also the US knew the deployment was controversial in Poland and the Czech republic with a majority of the citizens not wanting the radars and missiles deployed on their territory,

    The USA seems determined to have a shield in Europe and if that’s the case Russia is powerless to do anything about it. Anyway who are they to dictate what form of defence system we have in Europe.

  14. MCC, I agree with you that we need to be vigilant and that there will be Russian provocations, but their options will be very limited. The French and German lefties might get their panties into a twist and protest as much as they want, but the French and German governments know that there’s only so far they can go with appeasing Russia; ultimately, the US has the last word when it comes to NATO security concerns.

    Moldova will probably come around too, but it might take some time. Despite the overwhelming majority of the population being ethnic Romanian (around 75%) they were subjected to decades of Soviet brainwashing, where the Romanian language was forbidden, they were told that Romanians were fascists and imperialists, and that they were somehow a separate nation. Unfortunately, Russification and brainwashing continued after 1991 as well, as the Russians gradually came to control most of the media, as well as economic and political power. But things are starting to change and they finally seem to have a sane government; and both their president and their prime minister have declared that they are Romanians and speak Romanian, so that’s a good start.

    I don’t take any delight in Russia’s population decline, criminality, poverty and drug epidemic. I feel sorry for ordinary Russians and I wish their government would use Russia’s vast resources to help out their own people, instead of investing in delusional imperialist projects and in financing terrorists, rogue states, organized crime, Chechen warlords and separatist regimes.

  15. A,
    I wish I could be as optimistic as you are. But look what is going on in the West , especially in France, this little Sarkozy guy selling ‘mistral’ warship to Russia to punish American because this little dwarf was mistreated by Obama. His wife who serviced sexually all leftits of Paris for years uses her political power to release the convicted murderes only because they are far left commies – France should be kick out from NATO. No wonder, when France rejoined NATO there were celebration in Moscow -finally our man in NATO. To RJohn – in Poland has NEVER been an opposition to the shield Russian couldn’t not manipulated Polish people. By the way, A, the same ordinary people you feel so sorry for will come and enslave you or kill you in the name of mother Russia so forget sentiments.

  16. Theoretically Russian Federation can respond by extending range on their tactical missiles but I don’t think that will be necessary. Romania is further south west from Moscow so in the event of the preemptive decapitation strike there is enough time to retaliate with the strategic arsenal.

  17. AlexG,
    I am so impressed by Russian Federation’s willingness to defend itself against the West. I suggest that you use ‘preemptive decapitation strikes’ against all Western investments in Russia; nuke McDonalds, Ikeas, Avtovaz your shining Russian car industry [which is, in reality obsolete Western junk technology from the sixties which was given to Russia out of pitty – but beggars cannot be too fussy] Western built hospitals and school and please, please defend to death magnificent Russians inventions; gulags, Chernobyl, Lubianka and Tea with Polloniom. We in the West truly respect your choices. By the way, how are you doing on bulava missiles any progress??

  18. AlecG,
    Correct me if I am wrong – your new nuclear defense initiative include the use of nukes internally – Does it mean that you are going to nuke yoursef? We in the West love this option. Is all Russia drunk with contaminated vodka??hm

  19. Well, the notion of internal nuking is just as logical as the idea that missile defence is a “provocation” and an act of aggression. So for example, if you lock the door to your house, that is an act of aggression and provocation against burglars, and you should negotiate with the burglars to preserve a “balance of power”

  20. I am glad that you are impressed with Russia’s willingness to defend it national interests and I want to congratulate you because that is the fist step to attain a broader prospective on things.
    As far as I know Bulava progress had a few setbacks in the past, but nothing serious that will undermine the future of the project.
    Also, I am sure US in its short and violent history had plenty of their own, as you adequately put it “magnificent inventions”. Good examples are slavery, segregation, extreme obesity, highest divorce rate, most number of suicides and kids violence in schools. US of A is number one and Borat will tell you who is number two is.

  21. A,
    One of the major components of missile shield is a long range missiles with the limited capability to intercept enemy missiles in the different stages of the flight trajectory. However “kill vehicle” that is mounted on top of the interceptor missile can be easily replaced with an offensive weapon such as thermonuclear warhead.

  22. A,
    What exactly are you defending with your faulty outdated armament – the rights to be sent to gulags – you Russians have no dignity, no honor and no selfrespect – you did go to the gulags without resisting like pigs to the slaughter – all these horrors of the slaughter housese have been prepared for you by your government – you were better treated by your Mongol masters. As for the Russian history it is mere 700 years – we have to extract over 300 hundred years of total Mongol domination then the Polish and Swedish domination, Romanovs and commie regimes. At present – No schools, no hospitals, no orphanages, no obesity because the majority is on the verge of starvation. Here we have lot of Russians especially Russian women mostly deseased hookers. Why don’t they want to go back to Russia, I wonder???

  23. Cowboy,
    To answer your question, I suppose the main reason why Russian diseased hookers do not want to go back to Russia and continue to stay in United States is because American men, either out of desperation or sexual frustration, are willing to pay more for their services, even if it means STD.
    I was not clear on the slaughterhouse comment.

    As there is no magic wand to transform someone to an honorable person just because he or she was born in America, there no way for a person to be born in Russia inherently evil. It is absolutely irrelevant if you are white Russian or black American- there is no such thing as automatic superiority. Each individual, regardless of the race or country of origin, has to take the responsibility of learning the process of gaining new knowledge. Only knowledge brings dignity, honor and self-respect. Throwing an entire nation under one blanket of the preconceived notion is more or less signature of your own ignorance and inferiority complex.

  24. I think LaRussophobe criticisms of Obama and his administration’s policy toward Russia has been way off the mark. Obama’s decision not to continue Bush’s Ballistic Missile Defence system in Poland and Czech Republic, was not a decision made from weakness or desire to “appease” Russia. Rather the system wasn’t good enough to justify the expense.

    Yes the way Obama’s administration handled that situation, specifically failing to give proper notice to the Poles and Czechs of the decision was bad. However it must be remembered it was Robert Gates who wanted the change, the new Ballistic Missile Defence system the US will deploy in Europe will be MORE extensive and flexible.

    As SM-3 on Aegis class destroyers in the Baltic, Mediterranean, and possible Black Sea, will compliment the anti-ballistic missiles in Poland. Poland will now or already has received Patriot-3 missiles, and they will based near Kaliningrad.

    People who criticize Obama’s foreign policy are incredibly ignorant and disingenuous. The difference between Obama and Bush in foreign policy is only rhetoric, language, tone, and presentation. People who say Obama is weak regarding Russia, ask yourselves how tough was Bush with Putin? Bush saw into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul, the two were friends in the “war on terror”, Chechnya conveniently forgotten. Bush didn’t come to Georgia’s rescue when it was invaded, and Bush didn’t impose any sanctions on Russia afterwards either.

  25. A

    “The French and German lefties might get their panties into a twist and protest as much as they want, but the French and German governments know that there’s only so far they can go with appeasing Russia; ultimately, the US has the last word when it comes to NATO security concerns.”

    It isn’t the European left that you should focus your fears, anger and derision to. it’s the European right, the right in France, Italy and Germany. Sarkozy, Berlsuconi and Merkel are all rightwing leaders yet their respective countries policies towards Russia incredibly friendly bordering on subservience. For example Georgia and Ukraine’s bid to join NATO and received a Membership Action Plan was vetoed TWICE in April and December 2008 by Germany, France and Italy.

    Sarko for all his ridiculous pouting, posturing and rhetoric is very appeasing towards Russia. Look at what is happening now the Mistral, an amphibious assault ship has been sold to Russia, who will purchase 3 more. Such amphibious assault ships will used in the Black Sea against Georgia, or NATO states such as Romania and Bulgaria. French company Total is involved in Shoktman gas field project, one of only 3 European companies given such a privilege the other being Staat Oil of Norway. BP and Royal Shell were told to get lost.

    Berlusconi is the most shameless cheerleader of Putin in Europe, the Italian company ENI is involved in the South Stream pipeline. Berlusconi has repeatedly called for Russia to join the European Union, and said he was Russia’s representative in Europe.

    Germany has the biggest trade links with Russia in the EU, German business, yes the German industrial establishment has become Russia most powerful lobby in Europe. Guido Westerwelle the new German Foreign Minister in his first foreign trip said, Russia was Germany’s most important partner. Even though Social Democrats have been removed from government, Merkel continues with the same policy regarding Russia. Merkel will NEVER confront and oppose Russia.

    Using old left-right political paradigms in talking about who supports or opposes Russia is foolish. Times have changed.

  26. Warren, I agree with everything you said. I mentioned the German and French lefties because MCC mentioned possible leftist protests in Germany and France. The right is indeed, in many cases, considerably worse (Berlusconi for instance is an outright fascist, no wonder he likes Putin so much)

  27. AlexG,

    Let me explain to you once again, slaughter houses equal gulags where about 60 million Russian slaves perished, destroyed by your own government – much more than in the nazi camps- probably half of your own family perished – but let’s not talk about it – this is your dirty little secret known globally. Poland and Ukraine tried to help you to deal with your own barbaric past by bringing to world’s attention Ukrainian holodomor/genocide and Katyn massacre of Polish army officers but without success.
    Russian born are not inherently evil, you are right, they are inherently slaves, that can be slaughtered, humiliated, and discarded
    Don’t you know that the gulag system is the only infrastructure that works in Russia – Gulags/Slaughter houses will be reopen soon wait until Russia start desintegrating e.g., Regions’ separatism, Tatarstan’s independence, ‘Karelia’ being returned to Finland, Chinese retaking Siberia, etc., etc. – this is called demise of the empire.

  28. MCC. usa wrote:
    [about 60 million Russian slaves perished, destroyed by your own government – probably half of your own family perished]

    If this propaganda claim of ”60 million” were true – then indeed average Russians would have lost more than half of their own family. But very few Russians lost half of their family. This number of 60 million is pure propaganda, cheap agitprop.

    Even the biggest anti-Soviet historian Robert Conquest says so:


    In the preface to the 40th anniversary edition of The Great Terror, Conquest has revised his estimate of Stalinist killings downwards from 20 million to 13-15 million.[4]

  29. Russia is a democratic nation, but Russia’s democracy obviously is not the perfect one. Keep in mind that democratization is a very complex process that requires commitment and deep reforms in political, as well as social and economic spheres. Russia’s history, religion and culture also must be talking in consideration. Not even twenty year ago Russia was a communist state with a radically different set of believes. Today even so called “Totalitarian Democracy” is an improvement of what Russia once was.
    If Germany and Russia have mutual interests, let it be in energy sector, why this is viewed in a negative light? If Gazprom was able to negotiate a favorable for both parties deal with E.O.N. Energy how does it violate any of the democratic principles of the free market economy?

  30. AlexG

    Gazprom isn’t a private profit motivated company or even a “normal” state owned energy company. Gazprom is a tool of Russian foreign policy and geopolitical machination. Russia has repeatedly shut off gas supplies to Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia to punish those respective Governments. Russian, pipelines mysterious blow up, thereby allowing Russia to renege on its contractual obligation to buy gas from Turkmenistan, because the price was too high for Russia’s liking. Russia uses energy to play politics and as a weapon against countries that haven annoyed it.

    Gazprom and Russia have refused to sign the European Energy Charter that would comply Russia to liberalize its energy sector and end the monopolistic grip Gazprom holds. Criticism must also be levelled at Europe, because France, Germany, Spain and others have refused to liberalize and open up their energy sector for competition. Hence these huge inefficient state and private corporations in Europe able to horse trade with Gazprom to the detriment of their own customers who pay more than they would otherwise would.

    Europe must protect itself from Gazprom.

  31. Arthur,
    You are defending and justifying the Russian/Soviet gulags barbarity you must be Russian or the Russian sympathizer but then every nation has the government they deserve.

    Open your eyes – the unrest in Konigsberg is the first sign, wait and see what will happen in Ukraine when they start defending their constitution. The civil war much worse that the 1917 revolution is already unfolding and hence the gulags will be reopened for those ‘antidemocratic counterrevolutionaries and spies of the West.’
    Millions will perish in the name of the ‘Russian democracy’, of course.

    • MCC. usa wrote:
      [wait and see what will happen in Ukraine when they start defending their constitution. The civil war much worse that the 1917 revolution is already unfolding]

      Why are you so nasty to Ukraine? I assure you that there will be no bloodshed there. Nor in Russia.

  32. This is not the first time Rumania joins a powerful ally against Russia. Last time it was during the WWII, when Red Army cut through the Rumanian troops protecting the 6th German Army’s flanks at Stalingrad like a hot knife through butter. After that, a new Russian proverb came into being: страшнее пленного румына (more frightful-looking than a Rumanian POW).

  33. Arthur,

    This is a warning to the Ukraine – that what Russia will do to the Ukrainians who will defend its young democracy. As for Russia, of course, there won’t be any bloodshed; the Russians never rebelled against their masters be it Mongols, Poles, Swedes, Romanovs. Communists or Putin’s mafia – Russians are rotting away slowly from within – and, believe me, it is pleasure to see it happen.

    • > the Russians never rebelled against their masters be it Mongols, Poles, Swedes, Romanovs.

      My, what an expert in Russian history! Have you ever heard about such persons as Dmitry Donskoy, Minin and Pozharsky, Razin, Pugachev, Lenin? :-)

    • MCC. usa,

      Let me remind you that Russia voluntarily allowed the fall of the Berlin Wall and let all Eastern European countries go their way. Then in 1990 the President of Russia Yeltsin announced that Russia recognises the other 14 Soviet republics like Lithuania to be independent countries. Finally, it was at the insistence of the President of Russia Yeltsin that the Belovezhskaya Puscha agreement was signed, giving de jure independence to Ukraine and all other republics. And as par tof the deal. Yeltsin even gave the city of Sevastopol as a gift to Ukraine.

      It has been almost 20 years since then, and at no point at time was there even a hint of a military hostility between Russia and Ukraine, even when a russophobic monster like Yushchenko came to power. So, now that the majority of Ukrainians love Russia and have elected Yanukovych – why would Russia ago to war against Yanukovych’s Ukraine? That’s as ridiculous as George Bush going to war against Tony Blair.

      • I agree. If it weren’t for Russia’s will to end communism, all of Eastern Europe, from the Adriatic to the Baltic, would have looked likea a giant North Korea now, no matter how much other nations yelled for democracy. The decision was ultimately Russia’s. They deserve credit for deciding not to use the vast military power they had in their hands.

        However, the dream disappeared already in the early 1990s. And now we have Putin who says that the collapse of the USSR was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century. Talk about revisionism.

        And I disagree with you calling Yuschenko a monster. They even tried to poison the man to prevent him from becoming president. And under his rule there was no persecution of Russophones in Ukraine (besides, Russian is the language of bussiness and entertainment). Only a deteriorating economy. But for that you can call Greek politicians monsters too ;).

  34. [They even tried to poison the man to prevent him from becoming president. ]

    Who “they”? You seem to believe the Western propaganda that “Russians poisoned Yuschenko”. Even if somebody indeed purposefully poisoned him, Yushcehnko himself blames his best friend and member of his own party David Zhvania, who is also a close friend of Mikhail Saakashvili and a father of the Orange Revolution [Maidan]. To demonstrate how Yuschenko himself knows that he was not poisoned by anybody, Yuschenko appointed his own alleged poisoner – David Zhvania – to ministerial posts:


    In September 2009, a special commission, created by the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament), came to a conclusion that the Yushchenko dioxin poisoning was falsified to strengthen his positions during 2004 presidential elections. The commission demanded to bring to justice those guilty in fabrication of blood tests.

    In June 2008, David Zhvania, a former political ally of Yushchenko and an ex-minister in the first Tymoshenko Government, claimed in an interview with the BBC[25] that Yushchenko had not been poisoned in 2004 and that laboratory results in the case had been falsified.

    However, Yushchenko himself implicated David Zhvania, the godfather of one of his children, of involvement in his dioxin poisoning.[26]


    Ukraine president blames former ally for poisoning

    July 24, 2008, 10:15PM

    KIEV, Ukraine — President Viktor Yushchenko on Thursday accused the godfather of one of his children and member of his own political party of involvement in his near-fatal poisoning, a stunning twist to one of post-Soviet Ukraine’s most notorious scandals.

    Asked Thursday at a news conference whether he thought Zhvania took part in the poisoning, Yushchenko answered: “I think yes, to put it mildly.”

    Despite a nearly four-year investigation, prosecutors have failed to identify a single suspect in the mysterious poisoning. Yushchenko has consistently said he knew who was responsible for the poisoning, but declined to name them while an investigation continued.


    David Zhvania, Emergencies Minister

    David Zhvania, who was one of the bursars in the Yushchenko election team, is now Minister for Emergencies. This is his first governmental position.

    David Zhvania was elected to Parliament in 2002 on YUshchenko’s Our Ukraine party list. He and his partner, Mykola Martynenko, were among the major financial donors of Yushchenko’s election campaign. His relations with Yulia Tymoshenko are far from warm.

    Zhvania speaks Russian, Ukrainian, English, and, of course, Georgian. He has close friendly relations with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, whom he introduced to Viktor Yushchenko. He is a relative of the late Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania. Zhvania came to Ukraine at the age of 30.

    His name first became known to the general public due to the “secret supper” with Yushchenko at SBU Deputy Chief Volodymyr Satsyuk’s dacha, after which Yushchenko felt the first symptoms of poisoning.

    Zhvania went on working in a new field – the Maidan [Kyiv’s Independence Square, the site of mass protest actions during the Orange Revolution]. Zhvania was its actual steward, who managed the tents, mattresses, food supplies, transportation, toilets, etc. Even the fireworks at the Maidan that inspired optimism and confidence were Zhvania’s gifts.

  35. Arthur , hroboatos and Eugene [genia]??

    Russia HAD to let the empire go – you had no choice. If there were any chance to keep the empire you would try. There is a limit even to Russian stupidity – what all these local names mentioned e.g. Dmitry Donskoy, Minin and Pozharsky, Razin, Pugachev?,[totally unknown in the West and totally irrelevant to the Western culture] have to do with reality – Read my lips Russia will be kept as the main provided of the commodities to the first world. Every ten year years or so there will be a crisis you will be starving and the first world will let you live for another ten years as it happened in the early 90s – remember the Bush’s chickens? Believe me Mr Putin is God sent – he takes Russia – this backward, p0or, country with aging nukes, even further back straight to th 18th century just to restore the empire. China won’t even have to distribute the Chinese passports to justify the silent take over of their old territory – Siberia. You will be speaking soon the Mandarin, but then you were the happiest under the Mongols.

    • I’m not Russian. And I certainly wouldn’t like to be under Russian rule, but if the USSR, or more specifically the Russian SFSR decided to retain control over Eastern Europe (by this I mean the area between the rivers Elbe and Socha in the west and the Urals in the east), they would have done so.

      I mean, how could the nations of Eastern Europe possibly stand up, without NATO (the West wouldn’t risk Western Europe’s security for East European freedom), to Russian power? Remember, Russia had half of the population and 70% of Soviet industry, and with loyalists in Ukraine and Central Asia they would be so powerful they could eat Central Europe and the Balkans for breakfast.

      The reason they let go is because the smart people who were leading Russia at the time realized that the East will only further lag behind the West, only prolonging the agony of East European communism. So they decided to cut it.

      And if the Russians speak Chinese in the future, fine, it’s their choice. The way things are going, we Croats will be speaking English in a century or two.

      • [I mean, how could the nations of Eastern Europe possibly stand up, without NATO (the West wouldn’t risk Western Europe’s security for East European freedom), to Russian power?]

        I made a grammatical error here. It should have said: “How could have the nations of Eastern Europe possibly stood up to Russian power?”
        I’m refering to the late 80s and early 90s here.

        • “and with loyalists in Ukraine and Central Asia they would be so powerful they could eat Central Europe and the Balkans for breakfast”

          Would have been, could have eaten. Another mistake. I apologise.

  36. hroboatos,

    The Western Europeans know they are in the same boat as the Central Europe – by the way if Poland is Eastern Europe – it makes European Russia Western Asia – what a stupidity!! By the way, recently, thanks to USA and Poland, NATO took a decision to defend the Baltic States as the rest of Nato countries – Russia was furious and opposed this bill by blackmailing, threatening etc. nevertheless this bill passed. Why? – because NATO is USA and all final military decision are being made by USA and USA only. Of course Germany and France opposed it; but it had NO bearning on the final decision. So those little glitches like selling of Mistral, which by the way is an obsolete technology, etc., are just little inconveniences.

    In 80s and 90s Russia was on its knees, a victim of its own political stupidity so 70% of soviet industry didn’t help much – in 80s and 90 they begged the West for food.
    Strangly enough the Russians still think that the communist system could have been saved if only the secret police in the occupied countries worked better, if they had less freedom, if we could isolate them totally, etc. Russians never learn.

    • It is easy for the USA to be generous at Germany’s and France’s expense: it is those two latter who have to feed the so-called “Baltic States” made bankrupt by the present economic crisis. As to the communist system – well, in 1989 a great statesman and a man with guts named Deng Xiaoping just spread the “Freedom-Loving Students” thin on the Tiananmen cobblestones with tank tracks – and now the Super Pooper Power USofA is head over ears in debt to the People’s Republic of China. :-) Pity that the USSR had such a nimcompoop as Gorby at its helm at that time.

    • MCC, have you read my posts in their entirety?

      Today, most of Europe is in NATO and Russia can’t do a thing about it. In 1989 it was an entirely different matter.

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