Ukraine looks West as Russia fails Again

Bloomberg reports:

When Yuri Davydov needed investors to expand his Ukrainian food company, he looked west to the European Union, not east to Russia, even though his VAT Creativ Industrial Group is in the Russian-speaking part of the country.

“We have good connections with Russia, but we prefer to trade with non-Russian companies,” Davydov said after a Jan. 19 presentation to potential investors in Vienna. “If the European Union removes barriers, we can find a niche.”

His attitude may explain why both contenders in the Feb. 7 runoff presidential election, Viktor Yanukovych and Yulia Timoshenko, have vowed to sign a trade accord with the EU. They favor it even though Yanukovych had Russian backing for his first run in 2004 and Timoshenko accused President Viktor Yushchenko of being too confrontational toward Russia.

The EU is looking more attractive to executives from Ukraine’s eastern industrial centers of Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, as well as in Kiev and Lviv farther west. The need to diversify from Russia, Ukraine’s largest single trading partner, has business leaders pushing politicians for easier access to the 27-nation EU. Its market of 449 million people is more than triple the population of Russia.

Opposition leader Yanukovych, 59, topped 18 candidates in the Jan. 17 first-round election with 35 percent support. Prime Minister Timoshenko, 49, took 25 percent, while Yushchenko was eliminated after garnering 5.5 percent. Polling less than two weeks before the vote is prohibited.

Trade Accord

Both finalists say they will repair relations with Russia that deteriorated under Yushchenko, and they question entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Both plan to work with the International Monetary Fund to unblock $5.8 billion in loan funds that were frozen in November when the parliament failed to adopt a budget or cut spending.

Timoshenko says she wants to abolish the value-added tax, while Yanukovych would cut that tax rate to 17 percent from 20 percent and cut the corporate tax rate to 19 percent in 2011 from 25 percent now.

Both also promise to sign a trade deal this year with the EU. The accord is part of a pledge made by Yushchenko, a former central bank governor, after the 2004 Orange Revolution.

Yanukovych’s presidential bid that year, against Yushchenko, was supported by then-Russian President Vladimir Putin and outgoing Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. Kuchma courted Russia and picked Yanukovych, his prime minister at the time, as the candidate to succeed him.

Changing Laws

Talks over the EU trade accord have been stalled for more than a year. European Commission President Jose Barroso said on Dec. 4 that Ukraine has only “partly met” its promises to change laws needed for closer EU ties. The next discussions are set for early March in Brussels.

Ukraine needs more trade: Gross domestic product probably shrank 15 percent in 2009, Yushchenko’s office estimates, as the global financial crisis cut demand for Ukraine’s products, dried up investments and weakened the currency. Exports make up more than 40 percent of GDP.

The accord is intended to ease trade in all goods and services, including energy, and to eliminate a range of tariffs on both sides. The plan would also provide a blueprint for making Ukraine’s regulations on competition, public procurement and customs more transparent, according to the EU’s Web site.

‘European Perspective’

“For Ukraine, it is very important to have a European perspective,” Yanukovych said in an interview on Jan. 21 while campaigning near the Black Sea. “The most important thing is to create a real mechanism for real integration into the EU.”

Timoshenko and Yanukovych were both invited by Ukrainian billionaire Viktor Pinchuk, Kuchma’s son-in-law and a 2004 supporter of Yanukovych, to address investors at a luncheon at the World Economic Forum in Davos via satellite on Jan. 29.

The two also attended the opening of a soccer stadium in Donetsk financed by Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s richest man. Grammy-winning singer Beyonce performed at the August event.

A political leader who wants to support business needs to promote easing trade restrictions to the west, said Jathan Tucker, head of trading at BG Capital investment bank in Kiev.

“Most business leaders lean towards a free trade agreement with the EU,” Tucker said an interview. “It would open up a new market for exports that they could take advantage of.”

The EU restricts the import of agricultural products that don’t meet EU norms, as well as limiting such manufactured goods as steel pipes and imposing tariffs on chemicals and drugs.

Exports to Russia

Exports to the 11-nation Commonwealth of Independent States, which includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, accounted for 34 percent of Ukraine’s $35.6 billion in international shipments in the first 11 months of last year. Exports to Russia alone totaled 21 percent.

Exports to the EU, including steel, food and chemicals, were 24 percent of the total, the government said Jan. 13.

“Ukraine needs to win western market share, we need to export more,” said Mykola Tolmachov, chief executive officer of TMM Real Estate Development Plc, Ukraine’s largest property developer, in Kiev. “We believe our investors are not in Russia.”

TMM is among Ukrainian companies that have raised money by selling shares in the EU, including in Frankfurt, London and Warsaw, the largest bourse in the EU’s eastern states, rather than in Russia.

Kharkiv-based Sintal Agriculture Plc, which grows grains, raised $13 million in October on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange through a private placement of a 17.2 percent equity stake.

Creativ offered shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2007. After falling 75 percent from October 2007 to April 2009, the stock has soared 135 percent since then.

Davydov is CEO of the company, based in Kirovograd, a Russian-speaking city 299 kilometers (185 miles) southeast of Kiev. He was at the Vienna Euromoney magazine conference seeking as much as $50 million to expand and improve production of his cooking-oil products.

His EU market is limited to Italy and Spain because meeting EU standards reduces the products the company can ship there.

“Ukraine has a great possibility to export” to the EU, he said. “Standards are very high and only a small quantity of Ukrainian enterprises are certified.”

47 responses to “Ukraine looks West as Russia fails Again

  1. [“Ukraine has a great possibility to export to the EU”, he said. “Standards are very high and only a small quantity of Ukrainian enterprises are certified.”]

    Is this a joke? Under this logic, Rwanda has an even greater possibility to export to the EU because even fewer Rwandan enterprises are certified.

  2. Arthur, you betray Rashan emotions.

    Your filthy ilk wants control over people even though your kind have nothing in common. Moscow’s attempt at polluting language, and culture by murdering intellectuals and using psychiatric institutions and criminal methods has failed. Now Russia is paying the price for being known deviates and manglers. Killing your own journalists is removing what little protection your “people” have left.

    NATO and EU is coming to all the nations surrounding your filthy thieving RaSSiya. The few dregs that remain there and have not emigrated already are trapped like rats. Appologies to the few humans that still survive there, I feel your pain. Not you Arthur.

    Ukraine is already doing substantial business in the EU and making more inroads. You can try to slow down nations from joining NATO to protect themselves from your filthy kind, but already it is too late. 28 Member countries are aligned against Moskwa for that purpose alone and everybody knows it including you. Ukraine is already guaranteed admission, only a question of readiness. Probably the next time RaSSiya collapses and the borders are rearranged and fixed. The only use that I see for RaSSiya is to use it as a dumping ground for the criminally insane and have no chance to be rehabilitated, for that Rashan Society is perfect.

    But you Arthur will like it, and may even move back, since functioning humans will be in charge this time and have a high tolerance level for swine that speak their own language. Order will be restored and the people of disorder (yours) will be dealt with. Nukes won’t save you since they did not save the Savokian Union the last time.

  3. The EU is both Ukraine’s largest financial investor and offers the largest market for Ukrainian products. Unlike Russia the Ukraine is part of the EU’s European neighbourhood policy. This and becoming a member of the WTO means the Ukraine offers a very favourable investment climate.

    Many deals have already been struck for example, the British company” Land co” has been working closely with the Ukrainian department of agriculture, so far they have leased a two hundred square mile section of land, thanks to modern farming techniques the wheat yield from this land is 5 times greater than the average seen in the Ukraine, these modern methods can be spread throughout the country.

    With the world’s population growing and the demand for food due to spiral the Ukraine (the bread basket of Europe)has the potential to meet some of this need and bring in a large amount of capital into the economy, If the Ukraine stays on its current path (a western orientation) the future is bright,

  4. R John, thanks for the support. However please note that the use of the superfluous article “the” in front of Ukraine implies that it is a part of something else and is offensive. “The Crimea” is OK since it belongs to Ukraine.

    Hopefully the correct spelling of the cities of Lviv, Kyiv will also be used more universally instead of the Rooshan Kiev or Lvov, as Ukraine has moved from Rooshan control. The rule is that the original historic name or the present name should be used. Thanks.

  5. Georg, how about the Netherlands? It’s convention more than grammar.

    • Ilya,

      “The” article means something special. The Netherlands is a very special country. Ukrainian nationalists don’t want it to be special.

      Разминка харьковской команды КВН.
      Вопрос: Как правильно сказать: “В Украину” или “На Украину”?
      Ответ: Зависит от позиции.

      • Actually “The Netherlands” refers to a region of Holland.

        Most Dutch find it strange that the whole country is referred to by the name of one of its territorial divisions.

        • I’ts the other way round. Holland is a region of the Netherlands. The Netherlands have several provinces, like Limburg, Zeeland, Noord-Brabant etc. Holland is just one of them. But as it is historically the most important part of the country – buth culturally as economically, Holland is often used as name for the Netherlands as a whole. By the way, Dutch often refer to themselves as “Hollanders”, especially when talking with or comparing themselves with their southern neighbours in Belgium.

          In Dutch the Netherlands are called Nederland (singular nam), without article. Sometimes the whole region of the Netherlands, (northern) Belgium and even a part of northern France are called “de Nederlanden” (plural name – translated as the Low Countries). Because the word is in plural, it gets an article. This grammatical rule exists in English as well as in Dutch. So the article isn’t there because the Dutch are special (they are, of course) but just because the English grammar demands it.

          • Thanks for correcting me Paul.

            • [Actually “The Netherlands” refers to a region of Holland. Most Dutch find it strange that the whole country is referred to by the name of one of its territorial divisions.]


              Notice the aplomb with which you pontificate total nonsense time and time again. Why do you constantly invent things? Or more importantly: why do you take the readers of this blog to be such idiots that you think that nobody will take you to task over your constant childish inventions and lies?

  6. Georg please excuse my use of “The” in front of Ukraine, I can understand the point your making and because of history the offence that can be coursed, I will take this onboard and be more careful with my phrasing in future, I visited Lviv in 1999, a very beautiful city the stunning architecture was breathtaking, the people were very warm and friendly , I hope Ukraine will soon join the EU I have no doubt the beautiful city of Lviv would become a major tourist attraction.

    • Of course Lvov is a beautiful city – it was built by Austrians and Poles. No bydlo was allowed to live there.
      After the WWII original population was either exterminated by ukrainian ‘freedom fighters’ or sent to Poland by Stalin.

  7. “Lviv has been populated since at least the 5th century. From around 8th century AD the area seems to be inhabited by a West Slavic tribe of Ledzane that in 9th century were subdued by the Empire of Great Moravia. In the second half of 9th century Ledzane could be included in the area of influence of the Magyar tribes. Then became an area of contention between two emerging states: Poland (during the reign of Mieszko I, ruler of the Polans) and the Kievan Rus. Mieszko is thought to have controlled the area from 960 to 980. According to Nestor’s chronicle, in 981 this area was conquered by Volodymyr the Great, ruler of Kievan Rus.

    However, the city itself was founded in 1256 by King Danylo of the Ruthenian duchy of Halych-Volhynia, and named in honor of his son, Lev. Other sources mention that it was his son himself who founded the city. Thus the toponym might best be translated into English as Leo’s lands or Leo’s City (hence the Latin name Leopolis).

    Lviv is first mentioned in Halych-Volhynian Chronicle from 1256. Due to its central location it grew quickly, and was made the capital of the Kingdom in 1272. As a major trade center, Lviv attracted German, Armenian and other merchants.” -Wiki

    Ukrainians were not the Majority because of the many times the city was conquered or not. But that is our history, and city, lies squarely on our territory The city is in the province of Halychyna or Galicia. Claiming it by Poles or Magyars or others is ridiculous and if they got hurt they deserved it for the invasions and occupation. Otherwise the normal people got on and lived among each other in harmony.

  8. Ouch ;
    Of course ” bydlo ” was not allowed to live
    there , we NEVER allowed moscovites to set
    their dirty , rag covered , flea bitten paws in
    Lviv .
    King Danylo of Halych build Lviv , you lying
    son of a moscovite whore , and nothing you
    or any other moskal can say is going to change
    that fact .

    • ‘bydlo’ – it’s the synonim for an ‘ukrainian’. Ininially both words were equally popular and useful in that meaning. So I don’t understand why you’re talking about ‘moscovites’ here.

      Please show me any building in Lvov that was built by ‘Danylo of Halych’.
      You see, I don’t care who built a first traditional ukrainian manure hut in that area. All the buildings Lvov can be proud of were built by Austrians and Poles. And now bydlo isn’t able even to sustain all that beauty in good condition.

  9. I hope the shale gas efforts in the Ukraine work out. The shale gas story (No hot air) is so important.

    • The latest shale craze will produce less gas than a hearty bowl of beans.

      BTW, as I recall, a decade or so ago, russophobes were equally excited about the prospects of all cars running on bio-diesel by year 2005. How did that pan out?

      • Clarification: The latest shale craze ALL OVER THE WORLD will produce less gas than a hearty bowl of beans, not just in Ukraine. (and yes, this is a joke).

  10. I hope the shale gas discovery in the Ukraine works out.

    The shale gas story (No hot air) is so important.

  11. Arthur,

    But surely biofuels adoption has little to do with russo-philia/phobia. Or do you mean to say God is a russophil, by giving Russia (together with S. Arabia and Venesuela) all those hydrocarbons – the only foundation for its current pretense for greatness? (as in “energeticheskaya sverhderzhava”).

    And why are you being so pessimistic on the shale gas story? Are you a geologist? Or is Ukraine’s shale inherently inferior to America’s?

    • The long list of ukrainian crazy ideas that supposed to enrich them.
      Zoloto Polubotka.
      Diamond and gold deposits in Karpaty.
      Odessa-Brody pipeline.
      Lybian oil.
      Rape oil and bioethanol.
      Cheap fuels from algae.

      Now shale gas. You know Ukraine firstly needs to find some shale deposits to get that gas out of?

    • Yes Ukraine is inferior to America almost in any area. In terms of shale deposits as well.

      I don’n know about Russia, but god definitely punishes Ukraine for something.

      • Why are you acting so nasty, Ouch? And of all people, to your own brothers: Ukrainians. What have they done to deserve this? Sure, people like Georg/LES act like real jackasses and say horrible things about Russians, but they are not even Ukrainians: they are Australians/Americans/Canadians etc.

        Don’t you know that the vast majority of real Ukrainians like Russians and consider them their brothers? Didn’t the Uke vote tell you this? Why do you think the russophobe Yushchenko got only 5% of the vote? Because he tried to drive a wedge of hatred between Ukraine and Russia.

    • Ilya wrote:
      [But surely biofuels adoption has little to do with russo-philia/phobia. ]

      You didn’t understand me. What I said is this:

      For decades, russophobes have hated Russia’s wealth in oil/gas and have been predicting that some new invention/development (bio-deisel, shale, etc) will make the world oil and gas prices collapse TOMORROW, making Russia poor.

      Their hopes and dreams have not materialised so far, and will never materialise. Let’s hope that shale gas and alternative fuels will prevent oil/gas prices from rising in the future, but I guarantee you that oil/gas prices will never collapse in the long run.

      [And why are you being so pessimistic on the shale gas story? Are you a geologist? Or is Ukraine’s shale inherently inferior to America’s?]

      I don’t mean to single out Ukraine. On the contrary, there is no other country on Earth to whom I wish that it discovers huge new deposits of oil and gas than Ukraine. I love Ukraine.

      And I sure hope that Ukraine turns out to have a lot of shale gas. If Ukraine becomes self-sufficient in gas, this will also be great for Russia, because the two countries will finally stop arguing over the price that Ukraine pays to Russia for gas.

      My point has nothing to do with Ukraine. My point is: the international oil/gas prices will not collapse. Don’t you agree?

  12. Ouch, even though I know you are probably a worthless human being, I will answer you just once more.

    No natural borders is a strategic problem that Ukraine suffered. The other is the hoard of Asiatic Steppe Trash that continue to harass our non delineated borders even today. European wars, and the general drift of rejects from the more secured zones of Europe were hard to sustain a defense as even now our enemies are still arrayed against us, mostly for our resources. A common Ukrainian Failure of letting our Enemies divide us, such as the domestic vermin that just want to be on the “right side of the coin”, even now with today’s election.

    No different than most societies, except for the Mass Murdering Moscali that for hundreds of years, and even now, have been exterminating intelligentsia on all their bordering states.

    Our oil and gas were exploited and depleted as they were used for the greater good of RaSSiya.

    Ukrainians are not perfect, but we have good people. For example if you Googled “Ukrainian Genius” you will find the finest mind on the planet. So Phuk Off you mangy Bolshevik.

    As for God, if you believe in his justice here on earth you are mistaken. If it were indeed God that created this torture.

  13. I’d like to congradulate the folks here at Russophobe, but more importantly, the Ukrainian people, with the election of Victor Yanukovich to the president of the Ukraine, as per the earliest exit polls. Today is truly a momentous day. The most important part of the near-abroad has finally found it’s way foreward. I’m sure that very soon, LR will start posting hysterical editorials about how this was all an evil plan hatched in smoke-filled rooms by Kremlin neo-stalinists, but for now, I’m just going to savor the sweet feeling of geo-political victory.

    • Ukrainians that know, will remember Roosha’s Embrace.

      Nikita don’t “congradulate” us.

      Today Roosha is implementing its policies in the Caucuses. If Victor Yanukovich, the Red Factory Boss, election fraudster, rapist, common criminal and wife beater, is elected, then Rooshan Kremlin will gain even more power in Ukraine, and thus threatening European institutions more.

      However RaSSiya is imploding and Ukraine is still ahead, by at least having an honest attempt at elections even if flawed. Roosha will still remain a feudal society.

      • > Ukrainians that know, will remember Roosha’s Embrace.

        That’s correct. For too long ukrainians based their survival on russian charities. That is too dangerous. When russians stop feeding them, it results in Holodomor of some kind.
        Ukrainians have to grow responsibility, they have to value hard work and honesty. Hope the newly elected leader, whoever it’s going to be, will go that way, and i wish them good luck.

        • Responsibility, hard work, honesty… in that case they’d better not look too much to Russia anymore, because that is the last place on earth where you will find these qualities right now.

  14. Georg ,
    It is less than useless to waste reason and logic
    on an typical product of moscovite incest such
    as that creature that hides under ” Ouch ” . Not
    only he is genetically beraft of any , even a
    low level of intellect , but common to his breed ,
    is incapable of facing or telling the truth . If there
    is one common characteristic that is inherent
    to all moscovites , it is that they are world
    class champions at lying . Anyone that has spent
    even a few minutes with a moscovite , or had the
    misfortune to visit their dreary dung heap of a
    country will atest to it . All anyone needs to do
    is read foreign travelers and writers such as ;
    La Sotta , Beuplan , Balzac and many others , who visited Moscovia at various times , to find
    out what their impression of that savage ,
    primitive , dirty and uncivilized part of the world was .
    Ouch , however is right about one thing , God
    has punished Ukraine by allowing hordes of
    hungry, dirty , lice ridden moscovites to descend
    on our beutiful land and pollute the air we breathe . They and their descendants are the
    reason Ukraine has not yet fully regained it’s
    rightfull place in the European community . With typical moscovite cowardice and under-
    handedness they try to sabbotage any positive
    action to speed up this process . But also with
    typical moscovite stupidity , they cannot
    understand that while they may be capable of
    slowing down the process , they are absolutely
    unable to stop it . This is precisely what drives
    them insane with helpless fury .

    • God
      has punished Ukraine by allowing hordes of
      hungry, dirty , lice ridden moscovites to descend
      on our beutiful land and pollute the air we breathe .

      Here we go! Funny how nearly all Galicians (in this lovely place, anyway :))) are explicitly mentally ill… I wonder though, what percentage of the old-timers here is of the same category?

  15. Hehe, Ouch is actually right here. The correct name for “Lviv” is Lemberg or Lwow, and the Austrians and Poles are responsible for the pretty, Central European architecture of the city and for its cultural heritage.

    I don’t get the “Ukraine has no natural borders” thing. In the west Ukraine has pretty neat natural borders: the Carpathian mountains and the river Bug.

    I’m sure Ukrainian businessmen would like to have closer economic ties with the EU (who wouldn’t?), the question is whether they are able to do anything about it.

    • Oh, and it’s funny to see an article with the title “Ukraine looks West” on the same day as Ukrainians elect a Russian puppet for president.


      What’s funny is that you didn’t read the article, which indicates that NO MATTER WHO wins the election, Ukraine is turning west because of the failed policies of the Russian Kremlin. Read then speak, it works out better most times.

      • I’ve read the article and “Ukraine turning west” is probably not the best phrasing. Yeah, the article suggests, I repeat, that Ukrainian businessmen want better economic ties with the EU. So do Russian or Chinese businessmen. So what? That doesn’t mean that the Ukrainian, Russian, or Chinese societies are “turning west”.

        • Now, only 3 month later, the above conversation looks just hilarious. NATO for Ukraine is impossibility now (for 40 years, if you want to be pedantic :). Russian is the official language in Crimea, the same is coming in Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, and even Kiev. Pseudo-Ukrainian, Galician nationalists have already failed. Their exceptional inaptitude to govern, organize and plan, their non-stop pity quarrels, pedophile scandals, their constant morbid nationalism (often of the Nazi kind), their nepotism and, most importantly, the catastrophic economic situation Ukraine found herself in after five years of their “government” – this all have secured their long-term loss.


    What’s funny is that you didn’t read the article, which indicates that NO MATTER WHO wins the election, Ukraine is turning west because of the failed policies of the Russian Kremlin.

    Then I am sure that you will happily join all decent people in celebrating the victory of Victor Yanukovich!

    Ukraine election: Viktor Yanukovych claims victory

    A Kremlin-friendly bureaucrat has claimed victory in Ukraine’s presidential election, ending the country’s brief flirtation with the West.


    In Ukraine, a Parting Shot From an Unpopular President

    Officially a lame duck after being eliminated in the first round of Ukraine’s presidential election last month, the country’s massively unpopular leader, Viktor Yushchenko, is going out with a parting shot that will stir up even more resentment among his critics. In one of his last acts as leader, Yushchenko has publicly honored a World War II-era nationalist leader believed by some historians to have collaborated with the Nazis and participated in the ethnic cleansing of Poles and Jews, naming him a “Hero of Ukraine.” The decision, quite predictably, has angered an array of parties, from Jewish organizations to the governments of Poland and Russia to everyday Ukrainians fed up with the disappointments of his presidency.

    Born in 1909 in what is now western Ukraine but was then a part of Poland, Bandera became a regional leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in the 1930s, a radical group modeled after other European fascist movements. The organization’s aim was to throw off the shackles of foreign domination — Russia in the east and Poland in the west — and establish an independent Ukraine. So when Nazi Germany invaded Soviet-occupied Poland in 1941, Bandera cooperated as a means of achieving that goal, including allegedly killing Jews.

    His followers carried out partisan attacks against the Germans, but also slaughtered thousands of Polish civilians in their drive to rid the country of foreign elements. In awarding the title of “Hero of Ukraine” to Bandera on Jan. 22, Yushchenko cited his “indomitable spirit in standing up for the national idea and demonstration of heroism and self-sacrifice for an independent Ukrainian state.”

    Yushchenko, who was enormously popular after he swept to power in the Orange Revolution of 2004, encouraged a nationalist-oriented revision of Ukraine’s history.

    But Ukraine is split on Bandera’s legacy to this day: many in the more nationalistic west supported Yushchenko’s move to honor him, while those in the Russian-speaking south and east of the country were furious, as they still hold to the Soviet-era view of him as a traitor.

    The Bandera award made waves outside Ukraine’s borders, too. The Russian government called the decision to commemorate him “odious”, and Polish President Lech Kaczynski said it went “against the process of historical dialogue and reconciliation.” The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization, wrote to the Ukrainian ambassador in the U.S. to express its “deepest revulsion.”

    There’s one thing most Ukrainians agree on — Yushchenko should have spent less time and energy on history, and more on the massive problems of the present. Yushchenko managed only a fifth-place finish in the first round of the presidential election last month, garnering 5% of the vote. “The state’s falling apart as he’s deciding who’s going to be the next Hero of Ukraine,” Marples says. Or, as the influential newspaper Dzerkalo Tyzhnia put it:

    “”Yushchenko is holodomoring” – this is not only a diagnosis of morals of society. This is the verdict of the nationalist policy Yushchenko. He has become the opposite of King Midas. He has managed to turn into ashes everything he touched. And he preferred to touch sacred shrines.”

    The good news: the end of this nightmare is near.

  18. Do Russians really believe that with the election of Yanukovich they will now have some puppet in place in Kyiv? I mean, who on earth would, after winning the presidency of a country of 45 million people, behave as a vassal of some foreign power and not use all the power which comes with being president of a sovereign country?

    • I’d correct your question a bit.

      After winning the presidency of a bankrupted country of 45 million poor people, facing ugly economical perspective and the brink of starvation, ..

  19. [or example if you Googled “Ukrainian Genius” you will find the finest mind on the planet]

    I like this. So, I googled:

    And indeed the first entry is this article from our beloved Russia Today:

    Ukranian genius memorizes Pi to 30-millionth decimal place
    permalinke-mail story to a friendprint version

    Published 24 June, 2009, 22:39

    A Ukranian neurosurgeon, Dr. Andriy Slyusarchuk, has set a world record in memorizing large volumes of data, reciting the value of Pi to its 30-millionth decimal place.

    Now think about it. How long does it take to recite 30 million digits? Let’s say you can recite 200 digits per minute. That’s 12 000 per hour. About 250 000 per day. That’s more than 4 months without a break or sleep! That’s how long this genius took to recite these digits! Who else but “wealthy” and “hard-working” West Ukrainians can afford to waste many months in a row reciting digits?

  20. @Arthur

    What a moron you are. He did it randomly. Besides being a Neurosurgeon running his own institute Andriy is training others in his method. Not wasting time like you and your ilk.

    Western Ukrainians are busy people, now that most of your Savoks no longer drain resources to support Scumlords in the Kremlin. Yes there are still some around but we will deal with them.

    • He did it randomly…

      Well, this explains everything, doesn’t it? ;)
      So, let me see – one Galician savant is all your Circus has to offer? But really. There are surely great Ukrainian men and women, all *Ukrainian* people are extremely proud of. For one, Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov, the Chief Designer, who was indeed a *true* genius. He enabled Soviet success in space. But wait, I forgot – our Galician nationalists would never consider *him* a hero (or even “ukranian” in the sense that exists only in their sick heads). So, yes, the best they have to offer is a savant…

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