EDITORIAL: Vladimir Putin, Surrounded


Vladimir Putin, Surrounded

Last week, we must say, was an exceedingly delightful one if you are a Russophobe.  Vladimir Putin got his from every direction, left, right and center.

On the left, he was besieged by a group of incensed OMON officers — you read that right, OMON — who turned out to have written to Russian “president” Dima Medvedev begging him to take action to curb corruption run amok within their ranks.

An OMON stormtrooper (they’re not unlike Hitler’s SS)  is paid the pathetic sum $5.30 per hour for his work.  He’s told that unless he arrests three citizens on every shift, his wages will be cut to$3.18 per hour, in other words by 40%.  Think maybe some innocent people are doing to get arrested under such a scenario? That’s only the beginning:  Their pathetic salaries and barbaric working conditions have apparently led any number of these officers to take jobs working protection rackets for everyone from the mafia to small business.  In other words, business as usual in Russian law enforcement. The Kremlin has a response:  It calls these officers “disgruntled” and claimed they had been previously disciplined.  The Kremlin does not appear interested in asking how OMON’s ranks could be filled with so many officers who are slandering liars, nor in asking how many other such persons might be in the ranks and not yet been fired.

Then on the left came Medvedev’s own supposedly loyal think tank, the Institute of Contemporary Development, proclaiming their conclusion that Russia must experience sweeping reform undoing most of the major Putin anti-democracy initiatives if the country is to survive.

And finally, right down the center came Putin’s hand-picked leader of the upper house of the Russian parliament, Sergei Mironov, openly attacking the new Putin budget.

To put it mildly:  Ouch!  Nasty cracks are beginning to appear in the Putin foundation, there for all to see.

To put a perfect little radioactive cherry on this racid sundae of humiliating failure, the Ukrainains –yes, the Ukrainians — busted a large network of KGB spies operating in their country, busted them red-handed so that their masters in Moscow could do nothing but mutter gibberish.  The event came at the worst possible time imaginable, just when Russia was hoping for enhanced influence in Ukraine as a result of the pending presidential elections.

And all that is to say nothing of the wave of mass protests that swept the country and had Putin at the throat of his own party, looking panicky, weak and confused.

This could well have been Vladimir Putin’s very worst week since he arrived in the Kremlin. Everywhere he turned, stunning disasters awaited his gaze.

We could not be better pleased.

9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Vladimir Putin, Surrounded

  1. La Russophobe of course covers the senstional accusation made by OMON officers against their former commanders. It, however, somehow fails to note that a jounalist had simply put the names of certain OMON officers on a report he was writing simply to give it credence. It fails to mention that the very same officers had retired from the services and spoke out, saying that they had never out thier signatures on any accusatory statement. Not suprising, considering that LR isn’t quite willing to report information if it doesn’t fit nicely in the mold of it’s preconcieved narrative. LR refuses to note that the accusations made were not substantiated, or that they were clearly libelous, and that the officers in question denied making them.

    A report from the English-language daily, the Moscow Times :
    “Moscow’s OMON riot police rallied around one of their commanders on Tuesday after a media report based on his subordinates’ accounts accused him of corruption.”
    “the motion sparked controversy, with reports saying some signatures on the motion had been falsified.”

    Sensational reporting on things that never happened. Why am I not suprised at LR ?

    Full article can be read here : http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/riot-police-back-colonel-accused-of-corruption/398889.html


    As we understand your drunken gibberish, you believe that if anyone in OMON denies corruption charges than OMON is not corrupt. You also believe that OMON is somehow immune from the rampant corruption that plagues every other aspect of Russian society, even though they are paid slave wages.

    Dude, you’re truly sick in the head.

    • So, very serious charges have been leveled against law enforcement. Does the fact that those who have brought charges are from that riot police force (whether active or retired) would require official investigation? Is anybody investigating? Or is it enough just to deny this?

      By the way, that people deny making this accusations tends to show their fear as much as to show that nothing happened.

      • @Is anybody investigating? Or is it enough just to deny this?

        @they’re not unlike Hitler’s SS

        No, they were different. The SS often took the corrpution accusations VERY seriously. To the point of many executions of their high-ranking leaders.

        (Such as the executions of Karl Otto Koch – the commandant of Buchenwald, Hermann Florstedt – the commandant of Majdanek, and Bronislav Kaminski – “the German Fuhrer” of the Russian SS.)

  2. Speaking truth to power is a good start.

  3. Everything seems to be picking up speed against the Putin regime. The signs were there sometime ago.

    Still I am surprised at what is happening. Normally a dictator with a brain will set up a “prime minister” to take the fall. Putin is too dumb for this old strategy.

  4. Steamed McQueen

    Could this be the beginning of a total meltdown of Putinism? If OMON is speaking out, could the Putin loyalists be far behind? Or will they look to what happened to the others who dared challenge Putin and keep quiet?

    As far as the general population goes, well yes they are largely sheep but one can only push people so far before they begin to push back. It’s not as if Russia has no experience with revolutions…

    Not sure if I want to watch this from close up or a safe distance.

  5. Five-thirty an hour? Hell, I’d beat old women too if I was that bitter.

  6. You want to know what it’s like beating old women up? Just ask that brainless ape, that Ka Ge Bist stukach ‘Nikita’!

    But of course, firstly he will deny that the KGB exists – although his boss is a proud Ka Ge Bist spy. On the other hand you and I will know that that these Chekists have undergone many name changes in their murdering career since their inception AND are currently hiding under the FSB name. But their actual modus operandii has never changed.

    For all we know, maybe ape boy Nikita ‘moonlights’ as an OMON at night to earn extra cash?

    Aye chum, come on spill your guts, and come clean on your career, we in the ‘oppressed west’ are literally breathless waiting to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your Ka Ge Be career.

    Finally, you and that other idiotic ape man ‘Arthur’ make a good pair. As an after thought, have you ever thought of getting married, I’m sure that you two would make a lovely pair! The two of you certainly deserve each other!

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