EDITORIAL: The Slaughter at Rechnik


The Slaughter at Rechnik

We previously reported on the Russian Kremlin’s barbaric actions, flouting a promise made in court, to eject dozens of homeowoners onto frozen Moscow streets in order to raze their allegedly illegal riverfront homes.  Now, 12 elderly residents of the homes have perished according to Other Russia “since city-ordered demolitions of their houses began in late January.”

Other Russia reports:

The demolition of several dozen houses in the small Moscow village began on January 21, after a court ruled in favor of a claim by the Moscow government that the houses were built illegally. Residents maintain that the Soviet-era buildings fall under a “dacha amnesty” program that was implemented for other similar villages. Rechnik, they say, was simply forgotten, and charge that authorities now want to use the area’s prime real estate to build luxury villas.

Two Rechnik residents were hospitalized and 25 detained on January 21 after attempting to block demolition teams from reaching their homes. Since then, the village has employed a variety of measures to call attention to their plight, blocking traffic on Moscow’s main roads and appealing to the United States and Germany for refugee status. Sixty-four resident veterans have appealed to the Federal Veterans Council for support.

As of Tuesday, 22 Rechnik houses have been torn down, with at least another 15 slated for demolition.

And according to the Moscow Times, the Kremlin onslaught has only begun:

After razing two dozen houses in Rechnik, Moscow authorities are considering flattening a similar number of homes in Sokol, a neighborhood of low-slung cottages in northern Moscow that once won a Soviet prize for best town planning.  Oleg Mitvol,  prefect of Moscow’s northern district, has asked city prosecutors to check the legality of 30 houses constructed in Sokol, his office said in a statement Wednesday. Sokol — 113 cottages hidden in a park-like area behind towering apartment buildings — was started in the early 1920s as the country’s first cooperative settlement and was populated by artists and thinkers.

A message is clearly being sent by the Kremlin that nobody is safe.  It will not hesitate to seize any property or take any life whenever it chooses to do so, just as was the case in the time of Stalin.

One response to “EDITORIAL: The Slaughter at Rechnik

  1. Such thing happened to hundreds, maybe thousands of elderly ethnic Russians (!!!) in the ruins of Grozny especially in 1995 and 1999-2000.

    They’recompletely forgotten. I mean, absolutely. This is just so sickening when for example, the Russians are flocking to YouTube to mourn their “18-year-old boys” who died in Grozny but one gives a damn about the 80-year-old grandpas and babushkas who were killed by the said recruits. And of course it’s even more sickening when it’s something really stupid like “glory to Russia”, or “great job, kill them all” (this also by the clueless foreign fascists who seemingly hate old Russians but don’t even know about it).

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