EDITORIAL: The Russian Scourge Named Putin


The Russian Scourge Named Putin

We republish a trio of news stories today each commenting on a different facet of the regime of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and its effects on the people of Russia.  They are stories of deception, violence, corruption and, ultimately, the destruction of the nation just as it was destroyed by the institutions of the Tsar and Politburo.

Each one is more horrifying and appalling than the last.

The first, a truly brilliant and heroically courageous essay from Michael Bohm of the Moscow Times reveals how Putin routinely and shamelessly lies to the people of Russia to cover up his personal and political corruption.  Putin brutalizes the people of the country while pretending to be their savior in exactly the same manner as Josef Stalin.  Last week, when hundreds of patriotic Russians, including a former deputy prime minister, gathered in a public square in Moscow to peacefully protest this outrageous misconduct, Putin had only one response. The Stalin response.  He arrested them by the dozen.  How long,we can only wonder, before this proud KGB spy starts with the executions and the show trials?

The second makes the personal allegations of corruption against Putin specific, addressing the profligate scandal that is the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Finally, the third piece illustrates the pallor that Putin’s corrupt and malignant regime has cast across the whole Russian business community, so that even Putin’s own functionaries, in this case German Gref, cannot deny it, so afraid are they of its horrific implications for Russia’s future.

Vladmir Putin well may be the worst thing that ever happened to Russia.  Unlike his predecessors, Putin is pretending to be both democratic and religious, thereby undercutting the reform movement that would oppose him.  Unlike his predecessors, Putin is a lifelong member of the secret police, and has no personal qualms about using the most crude and barbaric types of violence to perpetuate his power.

And Putin is a man of no personal talent or accomplishment.  He did not rise through a large organization to achieve great things, he simply fell in with a group of corrupt St. Petersburg thugs and got lucky.  In no way is he qualified to govern a large complex nation, and were it not for a spike in the price of crude oil Russia would already have collapsed financially and politically just like the USSR.

NOTE:  Graphic courtesy of Oleg Panfilov’s Facebook page.

28 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Russian Scourge Named Putin

  1. ha ha, you make him look like one of the good guys from avatar. that’s ironic….

    • funny, he doesn’t look good to us. he looks exceptionally evil. you must hang out with a pretty intense crowd of scum if he seems otherwise to you.

      • He looks evil without the photoshopping.

        Typical souless chekist.

      • you don’t get out much, now do you? Look up something called “avatar”. Hint: it’s a movie. look at the artwork. Then come back and tell us what you think.


        If you’ve seen the movie, you know none of the figures look like Vladimir Putin, moron. And THIS image looks like an evil alien.

        • to Victor,
          Also! V. Putin is a real life monster, not a movie character.
          Do we have to go to movie theatres to learn anything….about anything?
          Why not just look and see and read what Putin does, isn’t that enough to know that he is indeed a very frightful goolish person?
          “Avatar” isn’t the end-all for learning, anything.
          Or, is that where you get your information?
          Think about it, Victor.

          • OOPS! I meant to address my comment to
            ‘Visitor’, not a Victor.
            But it is hard to keep everyone’s monikers straight, especially when they, often, are likely anglo-cover names, for agents of Moscow.

      • Vlad the Impala

        Polonium is in the post. will you have it with cucumber and salt?

  2. The Russian people are screwed, but they deserve it. If you do not constantly agitate for democracy and freedom you deserve what you get.

  3. The Russian people have been screwed for their whole history of mere 700 years – we have to extract over 300 years of total mongol domination. This time is serious it is really the desintegration of the empire – it is unstoppable.

    • At this day and age, Chechnya is one of the worst places in the entire world to live in. I can’t see what is the purpose of that war. Does Chechnya have any economic value for Russia?
      Or is it all about national pride? Thank you Sascha for sharing this.

  4. Sascha,
    These bastards ran loose in Rooshan areas of Ukraine, when they did their “business” in Donetsk. That was what the Orange Revolution was about. A free election not controlled by Rooshan Thugs hired by Kremlin Mafia.

    Now in the coming presidential election a Yanukovich victory will bring Ukraine back at least Twenty years. It starts with minorities and ends murdering even musicians for singing in Ukrainian. Volodymyr Ivasiuk 1949-1979. Ukrainian popular song composer, murdered by the KGB. His best known song is Chervona Ruta, for those that heard it.


    This is an example of what is coming out of Putin’s Moscow as an example of civic pride.

  5. KGB PUTIN fits the role of the marine in this movie. This movie reflects Russia’s corrupt government.

  6. Good shoop.

    Putin really is a useless faggot.

  7. sascha_hero Germany

    you are all welcome to visit my group with war news from the rebel side. They are telling the truth,in contrast to the Kremlin bastards. We should work together,according to the phrase

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. by the way,i am also pro-american,i am an ethnic non-muslim german

  8. sascha_hero Germany


    the war is gaining speed again,today and yesterday heavy fighting took place in Southern Chechnya,while the incredible hardcore-guys from the “Jamaat Shariat” blew up another high-ranking dagestani policeman!!! This spring will be bloody

  9. sascha_hero Germany

    Minutes ago the “Jamaat Shariat” shot one of the most important pro-russian police commanders,the police-chief of the dagestani capital.This year will be hot in Dagestan,the russian Empire will collapse,God willing,Let´s work for it

    • The Caucasian republics could seccede from Russia, yes. Maybe even Tatarstan, Chuvashia and Bashkortostan. Ok, maybe Buddhist Tyva too.

      However, non- Muslim Russia won’t collapse, nor would its collapse be desirable. I mean, who would accept millions of refugees?

      I think it’s for the good of all that the abovementioned republics seccede. They’ll get their independence, and Russia will get rid of almost all of its Muslims. Everybody happy.

      • hroboatos said;
        “The Caucasian republics could seccede from Russia, yes. Maybe even Tatarstan, Chuvashia and Bashkortostan. Ok, maybe Buddhist Tyva too.”

        That is the idea, nobody wants the “protection” of the Kremlin. Just Moscow’s money to keep other business interests from developing an independent economy, that way Moscow Satraps can keep plundering for RaSSiya.

        If the Caucasian’s could, they would gladly separate, and fought bloody wars to do so, against invincible odds, but were slaughtered in the end by Moscali.

        Armenia is the exception, and Queers for RaSSiyan ambitions, housing a military base that was kicked out of Georgia. Armenia manages to hold on to Territory it captured with Moscows help in Nagorno Karabak.

        I hope that the Turks and Azerbaijanies teach them a lesson soon, about being Moscow’s Friend. If not, Moscow has it’s own plan for Armenians, like that others that they slaughtered. Armenians sucking Moscow to exploit other country’s territory.

        Turkey will be a winner in helping unite the Caucuses after RaSSiya breaks up.

        • So, you would replace Russian imperialism with Turkish imperialism? That won’t happen. If anything, the Caucasus wil be supervised by the UN or EU, as is the case with Bosnia and Kosovo. Neither Turks or Russians will have their paws on that area.

          • hroboatos, probably a Greek name, they like Commies a lot there, since they hoped Roosha would conquer Constantinople for them.

            I do not propose Turkish Hegemony, but a balancing force that is a member of NATO, to help free up the Pipeline Route that Moscow has, and is threatening. The UN is not doing a thing about the ethnic cleansing in occupied Georgia. Nor will it do more than make noises.

            Georgia has suffered a recent invasion, loss of lives and territory, and some destruction of the export pipeline.

            The Rashan troops in Armenia are there to further promote instability. Turkey is a pipeline destination as well. There is a need to open up Azerbaijan for exporting Gas without Moscow taking its cut or controlling business in Europe.

            I support the brave Chechen freedom fighters. Rooshan terrorists are in the caucuses and commit atrocities, should take over, Armenians to make them understand the rest of us what it means to have Roosha as “Guests that don’t leave”. Anyway they are now in Armenia and I do not wish them anymore luck then the rest of their neighbors had. Actually Armenians are just as bad. They must give up conquests if they want normal borders.

  10. hroboatos wrote:
    [The Caucasian republics could seccede from Russia, yes. Maybe even Tatarstan, Chuvashia and Bashkortostan. Ok, maybe Buddhist Tyva too.

    I can’t see what is the purpose of that war. Does Chechnya have any economic value for Russia?
    Or is it all about national pride? Thank you Sascha for sharing this. ]

    Didn’t you answer your own question yourself? If Russia left Chechnya alone, like it did in the early 1990s, Chechnya will once again become the hotbed of Islamic Jihad aimed at waging terrorism and civil war in Caucasian republics, Tatarstan, Chuvashia and Bashkortostan. Ok, Buddhist Tyva too.

    Thus, the reason why Russia cannot leave Chechnya is exactly the same reason why USA cannot leave Afghanistan and Iraq: Islamic terrorism and Jihaad.

    • Islamic terrorists won’t operate in Tyva. It’s case is different from the others.

      And wouldn’t it be better to abandon North Caucasus, and put barbed wire and concrete walls between that region and Slavic Russia? Let the Chechens, Ingush, Kabardins… suffer from their own poison, the Sharia law.

  11. sascha_hero Germany

    arthur,you dirty pro-russian bastard. i hope,that pigs like you will die soon,so that our planet will be freed from human garbage like yourself. YOU STINKING SUPPORTER OF GENOCIDE

    • No, sascha_hero Germany, I do not support genocide, I oppose you, German Nazis, and resent your view of other other nationalities as “pigs”, who should “die soon” to give room to you, “Aryan supermen”.

      And what’s your point? That USA has no right to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq in order to fight terrorism?

  12. @!Arthur you really are a lying degenerate, You wrote: “Chechnya will once again become the hotbed of Islamic Jihad aimed at waging terrorism and civil war in Caucasian republics”

    To me it is a fight for freedom, and the brave Chechens saved many Ukrainians when Moskovy degenerates where starving and exterminating millions. The Chechens took them in and saved thousands. Once the Savokian Version of history is Obliterated and all Ukrainians learn the truth, Rasha is finished. Even the Americans won’t save you like they did in WWII.

    Chechnya has a border on the Caspian and is strategic to the flow of Hydrocarbons going to Europe. Moscali want to strangle or control this. Already tiny Chechnya defeated Roosha in the first war all by itself. America is only helping Roosha in Afghanistan, which sucks, really.

    Anyway USA is already defeated in Afghanistan and wants to parley with the Taliban to get out. This will leave Roosha alone and surrounded by China, Caucuses, Ukraine, Poland, Finland and the Balts and Byelorus, just some of your traditional enemies. Rassiyans now threatening the neighbors is not being ignored, just that we are waiting for the right time to finish you forever. Already it has started, just that you are too dumb to notice. Your own Kremlin is taking money out already, and made the London Stock exchange bigger than the US exchange. Soon the money will be confiscated for Russian War Crimes!

  13. The nature of Russian governance has not really moved on since the 16th century. One thing has remained the same Russia is a profoundly feudal society. Feudalism is the exchange of service for protection. In the absence of functional legal or law enforcement systems, people’s only real protection lies in a network of personal and professional relationships with powerful individuals. And so it is in Russia today — for every member of society with something, however small, to lose, from a market stall owner to the nation’s top oligarchs. Your freedom from arbitrary arrest, fraudulent expropriation and extortion by bureaucrats is only as good as your connections.

    Because Russia’s legal system is for sale to the highest (or most powerful) bidder, because bureaucrats are above the law and because policemen are not only corrupt but actively criminal Russians turn to older rhythms of social organization — to personal, feudal relationships with individuals and institutions that can provide security. Russians buy the protection that the state cannot provide.
    It’s hard to overstate how serious and corrosive a problem this legal nihilism is — and how fundamentally it stops Russia from becoming a normal, functional society and economy.

    Putin believes that it’s “he” the Tsar, and by extension the state, which must rule and which must solve Russia’s problems. But in reality it’s the rotten state itself which is Russia’s biggest problem, corrupting and ruining everything it touches.

    The Feudal system was eradicated in Western Europe because “true democracy” was fully embraced not the “sham” version we see in Russia. Those nations that freed themselves from Russia’s death grip after the fall of the soviet union have joined western institutions, this wisdom means they have gained the help and encouragement needed to remove the yoke of feudalism.

    A feudal system means that the brightest and best within that society may never reach their full potential unless they have the “connections” needed leaving the “unconnected” to either leave that society or “whither on the vine”.

    In a truly democratic society for example the USA those that study and work hard regardless of background have the opportunity to achieve their ambitions and as the saying goes the “cream rises to the top”.

    In a feudal society for example Russia only those who have the right “connections” will truly fulfill their ambitions, and as we see with Tsar Putin the “scum” will rise to the top.

  14. Какие эти европейцы и америкосы смешные.
    Бред несут и сами этому восторгаютса.


    Meanwhile Russians, of course, aren’t at all funny. How could they be, when they don’t rank in the top 125 countries in the world for adult lifespan and have no allies among the civlized countries of the world.

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