Virulent Russian Racism on the Rampage

Maria Gromakova in China

Global Voices reports:

The common notion that the Internet empowers those with democratic and liberal values is occasionally challenged by stories coming out of Russian online communities. The blogosphere can certainly be a place where people share valuable content with wide audience, but it can also become a platform for attacking virtual identities. Unfortunately, availability of information and growing connections between virtual and real personalities make online harassment as real as it gets.

Maria Gromakova, a young blogger from St. Petersburg, experienced the evil potential of the Internet first hand. Constant attacks of Russian radical nationalists on her blog turned Maria’s life into a living hell and made her and her small family leave Russia.

Maria studied philology at St. Petersburg University where she concentrated on teaching Russian to foreigners. She also played at a local theater and worked as an anchor at a local TV station. In 2007, Maria started teaching Russian at one of the universities in China. There she met Bo, a professional athlete and her future husband.

Maria has been keeping a blog on [RUS] since 2005. Colorful posts about life in China quickly made her online diary popular with more 1,500 regular subscribers to the blog posts.

Maria and Bo came back to St. Petersburg in 2009 just few months before their son was born. Maria’s blog was filled with joyful updates about their first child. This turned out to be a terrible mistake.

In one of her blog posts, Maria told readers that she and her son had been attacked on a city train. One of the passengers pushed Maria when she, Bo and their son were getting off the train. Maria nearly fell down but Bo caught her at the last moment. She also recollected that the person who pushed was loudly complaining to his friends about “Russian whores who make mutants with Asians.” Meant to expose an ugly face of Russian extreme nationalism, the blog post caused a different effect.

“It all started with a young man who openly supports fascists’ points of view,” Maria told in an interview to Global Voices. “He found my blog with this story and photos of my child. He put those photos on his blog with comments about “a bloody race prostitute who gave a birth to a defected product from the racial perspective.”

This motivated many supporters of rock_my_cock, the blogger who started harassing Maria online, to visit her blog and leave offensive comments and threats.

“I want our race to survive,” rock_my_cock wrote to Maria. “It’s not a question of personal desires, but eugenics. And you have wasted your genetic code. I am very frustrated by it.”

Rock_my_cock later deleted his account on

But the harassment did not stop there. Few days later, Maria got an e-mail that contained a photo collage with a terrifying name “How to cook a baby.”

“They wrote that the only way I can get excuse for my guilt against the Russian nation for marrying Asian is to kill our ‘frog’ [the name Russian nationalists gave Marina’s son – GV), since ‘he is not human,’ and make a soup according to instructions that were attached,” Maria said. “They also promised to visit me and taste the soup. I was also required to divorce my husband immediately or else they threatened to hurt him.”

Those people also said that they knew Maria’s home address and phone number.

Unable to tolerate the harassment any longer, Maria published a blog post where she revealed her intentions to find the people behind the threats and report them to Russian authorities. The blog was hacked soon after the post and all blog content was deleted. The same thing happened to Maria’s and Bo’s e-mail accounts. The hackers later published “How to cook a baby” collage on Maria’s blog and wrote that “the soup from the son was very delicious.”

Click here to read excerpts from the Russian blogosphere in translation regarding the incident.

11 responses to “Virulent Russian Racism on the Rampage

  1. Terrible, just terrible. I won’t be visiting Russia anytime soon.

  2. Kalman Balatony

    THe Kremlin actually wants a mixed Russia, why do you think they import so many immigrants from Caucasus and Central Asia?
    (Russia has 10-12 million ILLEGAL immigrants!!!!)

    Nationalists are the favourite target of the Kremlin, because they adress the root problem.: the remplacement of russians with these people.
    Oligarchs don’t care about Russia, they’d rather hire the greasy tadjik janitor since he works for half that wage.

    • Nazis are Russia’s greatest shame. Russians, along with their Slavic brethren, did the most to destroy Nazism, made a huge sacrifice that was not made by any army so far.

      From historical experience, Russia should be a bulwark of ethnic and racial tolerance (class tolerance is a different matter because of communism).

      Instead, we get this. Any real Russian patriot would watch this with disgust.

  3. Stories like this involving immigrants are utterly common in Russia. It’s disgusting and degenerate beyond belief. Thanks for posting this, LR…

  4. Steamed McQueen

    As accustomed as I am to the contradictions and inconsistencies that is Russia and her people, I will never understand how a country that can count the victims of fascism in the millions not only tolerates these modern-day punks but also encourages them via the police turning a blind eye.

    Not that the Russian police are sterling examples of professionalism, but I can’t recall ever seeing them beat up someone simply because they were a bit darker than the average Russian.

    • @Not that the Russian police are sterling examples of professionalism, but I can’t recall ever seeing them beat up someone simply because they were a bit darker than the average Russian.

      How about “not just beating but rather killing them (in large numbers) just because they’re Caucasians”? Like this:

      On February 5, 2000, Russian forces engaged in widespread killing, arson, rape and looting in Aldi. The victims included an eighty-two-year-old woman, and a one-year-old-boy with his twenty-nine-year-old mother, who was eight months pregnant. The 46-page report criticizes the failure of the Russian authorities to undertake a credible investigation into the massacre and provide adequate protection for witnesses.

      Human Rights Watch previously documented the events in Aldi in a February 23 press release, but the new report documents in detail the killings of forty of the victims, along with six cases of rape, and the widespread arson and looting of civilian homes.

      “The Russian government has not undertaken any serious investigation of these horrendous crimes,” said Holly Cartner, Executive Director of the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch. “President Clinton should put this at the head of his agenda with President Putin.”

      Russian authorities have themselves admitted that special riot police units (in Russian, OMON) from the city of St. Petersburg and Riazan province were in Aldi on February 5.

  5. Russkiy-you’re not too smart are you?

    Russians also enjoy rice and often have bad teeth. The Chinese have far surpassed Russia in terms of both population and power. It seems that while Russia crumbles, China rises.

    Your country is dying Russkiy, and it desperately needs people. Otherwise, it will collapse. Right now is definitely not an appropriate time to start getting picky about race and ethnicity. if you do, you will die. I suggest keeping your head down and melting the ice inside your heart.

  6. These guy’s aren’t helping the cause of the Whites/Russians/Slavs/whatever. It doesn’t make sense why they should preserve their nationality. Just let things be as they should be and let the gene pool change as it may. They should be fighting to preserve their culture, or something, instead. Their national conscience.

  7. I wonder if Asian-baby soup tastes anything like chicken noodle? Just asking.

  8. can chinese males only take white women from russia? I’m chinese, no offense. is it true or at least mostly true?

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