EDITORIAL: Barack Obama, Rat Bastard


Barack Obama, Rat Bastard

Russophobes though we may be, we reserve our most potent ire not for Russians but for those among us who facilitate their evil ways. You know, your Pat Buchanans, your Ron Pauls . . . your Barack Obamas.

Just as Martin Luther King held his greatest scorn for the “white moderates” who pretended to be his friends, loathing them more than the virulent monsters of the KKK, we simply cannot abide the likes of Barack Obama.  When we read last week about the contemptible behavior of his representatives at the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission’s Civil Society Working Group, our stomachs turned.

Exactly as Obama had done when he visited Moscow, his emissary Michael McFaul, in a truly repugnant display, ignored all the basic human rights issues that plague Russian society and portend a neo-Soviet state, and talked instead only about corruption and child adoption.  It was as if McFaul was reading directly from the Kremlin’s own playbook.  McFaul babbled:  ““I think that kind of exchange is useful for breaking down stereotypes and for advancing American national interests and I hope in the long run Russian national interests as well.”

Indeed.  If only Americans could adopt more Russian babies and have less of their money stolen when they deal with Russia, all would be right with the world!

Plans for the future are no better.  Maybe they will meet again months from now, and if they do they’ll talk about prison form and migration. Prison reform and migration!

And who cares, Mr. Obama is asking, whether Russians murder dozens and dozens of black people ever year in racist orgies?  Who cares if journalists are liquidated by the score, what difference if opposition parties and local government are obliterated, why worry about the fate of places like Georgia and Ukraine and Estonia?  Rigged elections?  TV monopoly? What are they compared to the fate of U.S. poultry?  Oops . . . McFaul didn’t mention that either, nor did he say a word about the Russian nuclear bombers routinely buzzing American cities, resulting in the scrambling of fighters.

Stalin soda?  Big deal! Let’s not give in to stereotypes!  Besides, Mr. Obama is getting bored.

It was exactly this kind of “leadership” that allowed Hitler and Stalin to take and hold power, and now when the world needs American leadership the most it finds there is none to be had.

Let’ be very, very clear:  McFaul’s counterpart on the CSWG is Vladislav Surkov.  Dozens and dozens of U.S. congressmen joined in a letter of protest at McFaul daring to sit down at the table with, and thereby legitimize, a man the called “the architect of Russia’s current authoritarian regime.”  He’s the Goebbels of Russia, and McFaul is meeting with him to “solve problems,” clearing implying he might actually do so.

It’s an outrageous sham, and McFaul is selling out his Russophobe credentials for a taste of the glamour of the Obama White House.  Make no mistake:  Silence is interpreted as a clear message that Russia can do what it likes, that America is weak.

We will pay for sending that message to Russia this time just as surely as we have paid in the past.  Anyone who thinks that a clan of KGB spies can be sweet-talked into decency needs to have his head examined.


21 responses to “EDITORIAL: Barack Obama, Rat Bastard


    The language and tone of your posting is the most appropriate that I have seen.

  2. “If Obama can do it, why can’t I?”

    Will Smith plans to run for “The Fresh President of the United States”


    • There we go. You’ve finally found your calling : reporting tabloids. Why couldn’t we have started with that ? lolz


      There we go. You’ve finally found your calling: leaving vapid insignificant comments in response to comments about tabloids on posts that have nothing to do with tabloids. Why couldn’t we have started with that? lolz

  3. Michael McFaul, a professor at Stanford U and Hoover Institute, is a famous critic of Russia, often quoted on this blog. For example:

    Barack Obama…. has some good advisors, like Michael McFaul, but he doesn’t seem to be listening to them very hard.

    Michael McFaul and Kathryn Stoner-Weiss of Stanford University argue in a powerful article*

    The respected Russia scholar Michael McFaul of the Hoover Institute has argued that Russia’s economic growth would be much greater if it weren’t for Putin’s inhibiting policies.

    Also of great interest is a new piece on Slate magazine by professor Michael McFaul which rips Time magazine yet another new one over the selection of Vladimir Putin as “Person of the Year).


    Ummm, can you read dummy? THE WHOLE POINT is that he’s selling out for a taste of White House glamor. It would be really nice if you actually read our post before commenting.

  4. The new Kennedy he ain’t.

  5. Btw, I’ve got as imple solution for the supposed “problem” of Russian adoptees:

    Stop adopting Russians and leave them in the care of their oh-so-concerned mafia government (millions in the streets and in horrible orphanages).

    There is just enough children in the other third-world countries to adopt. What problem? No problem.

    • So, the well-being of Russian infants and the desire of many Americans to adopt Russian babies should be of no concern to the US leaders? Why? Isn’t USA a self-proclaimed leader in human rights?

      • Well, if after adoption their life is going to be as awful as the Russian leaders say it will be, perhaps we have to defer to their wishes and leave them in the dump they are in. After all, the Russian government must know what’s best for these children

        • Well, if they turn out to be like “Arthur”, I suggest leaving them in Russia to be suitable punishment.

          However most Russian children raised in a non Russian environment turn out OK, like my wifes uncle for example.

          It is a problem with Russian “culture” that makes people like Arthur the menace to society that they are.

        • I’d say, if this is the issue which angers the Russian mafia leadership so much, then okay, let’s ban adopting Russian kids in the US & EU. Big deal, not.

          With the sole exception of Gerhard Schroder, let him secretly ( http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/08/18/1092765021783.html ) adopt so many more as his well-earned Gazprom pay allows him to take. Preferrably all of millions millions of orphans and runaways.

          Then let’s get back to the real issue of human rights in Russia, including the rights of children of course.

  6. I wonder if he raised the issue of torture (real torture that is) in Russian secret detention facilities, those supposedly set up to combat “extremisim” but in fact used to detain pro democracy and opposition activists (and torture them too one would expect)?

    “Secret detentions have been used by Nazi Germany, in the Gulag system of the former Soviet Union, and by the Latin American dictatorships of the 1970s and ’80s, and are in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions, says the report. The authors stress that such detentions are wholly unjustifiable, regardless of allegations by countries that they are an unavoidable necessity for national security.

    The report was of particular relevance in light of a dramatic increase in Russian detentions under charges of extremism. Rights advocates have long maintained that legislation from 2002 defining extremism is uselessly vague, giving law enforcement agents free reign to arrest oppositionists and other activists deemed undesirable to the state. In the past few years, extremism charges have been filed against at least one poet, the families of victims in the Beslan school massacre, opposition leader Garry Kasparov, many newspapers, a channel airing South Park, and countless political oppositionists.

    A source of significant concern has been the Russian Internal Ministry’s Center for Extremism Prevention (known as Center “E”), which Amnesty International has accused of torture to extract confessions from criminal suspects. Activists say that many of these suspects are arrested on vague or nonexistent grounds, such as in the case of Konstantin Makarov, who was kidnapped and tortured by Center “E” officials in retaliation for organizing an opposition rally last October.

    In November, activists from the opposition movement Solidarity obtained an internal police memo indicting Center “E” and other police officials of conspiring to illegally detain activists holding solitary demonstrations in Moscow. Russian legislators began this month to discuss legislation that would greatly hinder activists’ ability to hold such demonstrations, drawing even more scorn from rights advocates that the government was doing everything it could to stifle political dissent.”


  7. Why is Obama appeasing this totalitarian regime?, especially now when there economy is in tatters fully reliant on external investment to put some much needed liquidity into the system, a strong US leader would use this opportunity to force these thugs into making real reforms.

    Obama’s limp wristed approach is very disconcerting, many old and new friends in Europe are beginning to wonder where the USA’s loyalties lie, In Great Britain our government’s political position has not budged one inch, and we would gladly use this symbolic reset button Clinton gave to Lavrov as a toilet flush. Come on Obama shape up or ship out, don’t leave us Brits on our own to face this menace, we had enough of that 60+ years ago.

  8. Obama is delusional in the extreme. Fortunately he is not smart and is sinking fast.

    Obama and the democratic party’s decline is some compensation for the ordeal.

    We are in danger, but hopefully we will skinny through.

  9. Obama’s political actions are no more left-wing than those of other Democrats like Clinton or Carter. What makes most of his opponents hate him is his father’s race.

  10. I do not think it is race. I like Justice thomas, Bob Parks and all the other conservatives. Obama is a rotton leftist.

  11. It is the combination of Black and Democrat that scares many conservatives.

  12. William Duranty and the progressives still live on in Russia and America.

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