Australian Open Wrapup

Let’s look back on the Russian women’s  results at the year’s first grand slam tennis event, the Australian Open in Melbourne.   But be warned, there’s lots of nasty carnage to behold as usual.  Dominance? We think not.

  • Russia’s most famous player, Maria Sharapova, seeded #14, lost her first match of the tournament in humiliating fashion.  She struck 77 — yes, seventy-seven — unforced errors. Yikes.
  • Russia’s #1 seed, Dinara Safina, quit in the first set of her fourth-round match, cheating fans out of their hard-earned cash.
  • Russia’s #2 seed, Svetlana Kuznetsova, lost her fourth-round match to a player not seeded in the top 15.

But Safina and Kuznetsova did great compared to Russia’s #3 seed, Elena Dementieva, who lost her second-round match in straight sets to an unseeded opponent despite winning the prior week’s warm-up event in Oz over the number one player in the world, just as we predicted.  All four of these players should in theory have reached the quarter finals. Not a single one actually did.

Russia’s #4 seed Vera Zvonareva also went down in flames before the quarter finals, but unlike the four Russians mentioned above she at least could say she lost to a higher seed, the #7 whom she pressed to a third set which she then surrendered meekly without taking a single game from her Bulgarian rival.


In pre-quarter-finals play, only three of the top ten male seeds were ejected and only one by a lower seed.  On the women’s side, however, twice as many of the top-ten seeds fell and all of them lost to lower seeds.  Three of the six were Russians, a fourth was from Russia’s “little brother” Serbia.  Russians single-handledly, in other words, made a mockery of the seedings and destroyed the marquee value of the tournament.

Two other more lowly Russian seeds, their #6 and #7, both also lost to even more lowly rivals before the fourth round as well.

This left only two Russian players alive in the quarter finals, every one of the country’s top-ten seeds having been vanquished ingloriously.

Russia’s unseeded Maria Kirilenko was handed a free birth in the quarter-finals by Safina’s retirement, and was then lucky enough to face an unseeded Chinese player rather than the #8 seed, Serbian Yelena Jankovic, who she should have needed to defeat in that round.  This kind of raw dumb luck is the sort we usually see from Shamapova, whom Kirilenko defeated in their first-round contest. Then there was the woeful Nadia Petrova, Russia’s #5 seed, who was handed a fourth-round victory by the pathetic play of the much higher-seeded Kuznetsova.  Thus, only one of Russia’s seven seeds at Melbourne managed to get as far as the quarter finals, and then only because of the wretched, dismal performance of a higher-seeded Russian vaulting her into that position.

After being handed a victory by Sharapova’s shocking implosion and another by a default, Kirilenko faced  the lowliest opponent of any of the other seven contenders in the quarter finals, while Petrova also drew an unseeded rival, albeit the considerably more dangerous former world #1 Justine Henin.

But neither Russian came close to defeating her unseeded rival.

The unseeded Henin promptly destroyed Petrova, breaking her serve five times over the course of a straight-set win.  This left the Kirilenko as the only Russian with a chance to reach the semi-finals, where she too would face Henin, who had taken out Dementieva before pounding Petrova.

And as for Kirilenko?  She double-faulted on match point to lose in straight sets to the weakest of all the seven players she could have faced in the quarters.

And so it ended for the Russians, as it almost always does.  Despite seven seeded players, not a single Russian woman made it as far as the semi-finals, and their path through the tournament was littered with spectacular failure and humiliation.  Once again, the Russians were exposed for the frauds they are.

6 responses to “Australian Open Wrapup

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  2. What a russophobic approach of tennis …

    I am however sure that you did not predicted that two chinese players wold be in semi-final … Neither that serena won but could have lost … ;)

    However KIRILENKO did quiet a good result !

    • Good result? She advanced BY DEFAULT, you moron, and because another opponent hit SEVENTY SEVEN ERRORS. Are you mental?

      Thanks for pointing out that Russia has ZERO players in the semis and China has TWO. You think that’s GOOD news for Russia, moron? Just one more way China leaves Russia in the dust. Oh yeah, and America has one, the number one player in the world and one of the greatest of all time.

  3. The competition for World Supremacy and Domination in the 21 st century is not between Russia and China, but between USA and China. The Chinese success is much more painful to USA than to Russia.

  4. Today’s WTA rating :
    * 3 russians on the top 5 (> 50%)
    * 6 russians on the top 20 (=30%)
    Well i guess this is not too bad for a country that represents 2,5% of the world population …

    SO despite this accidental situation at australian open, Russia still leading female tennis !

    Great !!!!!!

    I would also say (one more time) that they are from far the most beautiful but no need to discuss this point, everybody already agree !

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