Annals of Russian Barbarism in Chechnya

Oksana Chelysheva writes us via Facebook:

New proofs of the innocence of the Gataev couple and the role of the security police of Lithuania in fabricating charges against them were announced at the press-conference held in Helsinki on January 22.

Belkiz Mustieva, 21, a foster daughter of Khadijat and Malik Gataevs, came to Finland to speak out in defense of her parents. Belquiz Mustieva claims that she testified against her foster parents Khadizat and Malik Gataev in the court case in Lithuania under the influence of the security police officers who controlled the court case. Mustieva explained at the press-conference security police officers persuaded the young adults of the Gataev family to give false testimonies against their parents. In return VSD promised to provide the young adults with flats, residence permits and even Lithuanian citizenship. Belquiz Mustieva gave the names of the security police officers who were involved into staging the case against the Gataevs. She told that they also guaranteed that former foster children would never see their parents back as “they would get up to seven years per each of negative testimonies on them” and “will be sent to Russia to serve the sentence”. Besides, they assured the witnesses that “the judges are on their side and they will take the necessary decision”.

The three young men, who refused to testify against their parents, received threats to be deported to Chechnya and to be targets of criminal charges fabricated against them. The latter has come into reality in the case of Denis Volkovsky, who was accused of forging documents and thus extorting money from the residents of Kaunas area. These accusations were first sent via media outlets which were actively involved in spreading misinformation on the Gataevs. Those accusations were never confirmed by any proofs. Denis Volovskiy is now seeking asylum in Finland.

The other witnesses were also warned by the security police that they would face problems in case they decided to change their testimonies. Belquiz Mustieva fears that her decision to reveal the truth will also bring her problems when she returns to Lithuania. “However, these are minor problems in comparison with those I have inflicted on my parents”. she states.

Khadizat and Malik Gataev, who have given shelter for some hundred abandoned children in two home-like houses in Chechnya and Lithuania since 1996, were arrested in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 14 October, 2008. One of their adult foster daughters, Seda Esimbaeva, accused them for physical violence and money extortion. It has been proved that her boyfriend on that time, a VSD officer Donatas Shumskis, provided her with a high-quality recording device which she used to record a provoked argument with her parents which was the only evidence provided by the side of prosecution. The other witnesses testifying against the parents under the influence of the security police, didn’t give any new facts of alleged family despotism of the Gataev couple but just supported the testimony of Seda Esimbaeva.

The Gataev couple was sentenced to 10 month imprisonment on 4 June 2009 for home despotism, and to 1,5 year imprisonment on 25 September 2009 for money extortion. On 7 October 2009 Khadizat and Malik Gataev left their asylum applications to the police in Helsinki justifying their requests with the fabricated criminal charges, lawless court procedure and constant persecution by security police of Lithuania. On 6 January 2010 they were detained in Helsinki by Finnish police on the grounds of European Arrest Warrant issued by Lithuania.

Since the arrest of the Gataev couple in 2008, their friends, relatives and supporters have been subjected to continuous harassment and threats by VSD and Prosecutor in Kaunas, Ms. Nomeda Oskutyte. Some of the friends and relatives have also been arrested and suspected of various crimes. No evindence to prove their quilt has been established.

The municipal court will have a hearing about the deportation of Khadizat and Malik Gataev to Lithuania on 25 January, 2010 in Helsinki.

3 responses to “Annals of Russian Barbarism in Chechnya

  1. 1. Lithuania is not Russia.
    2. Lithuanian greedy corrupt officials and VSD may be easily influenced by Russia however. It’s a very suspicious institution, unfortunately. VSD was involved in many awful suspicious stories connected both to Russia and to the USA, it seems. It was involved in killing of Vytautas Pociūnas, its own official who supposedly disclosed something very fishy and profitable in connection to Russia and the greedy corrupt ex-communist Lithuanian politicians and officials. Those politicians and officials are called thieves for years and detested by the majority of the Lithuanian people. The Lithuanian VSD, the Lithuanian police, the Lithuanian judicial system are not what the majority of Lithuanians trust yet.
    I (we in Lithuania) haven’t heard about Gataevs from our bought/scandalist/yellow/shameless/dirt-spreading media for long now, for quite some years, I think.
    The last time we heard and saw of how Gataevs “abused children” was in 2007, I guess, when the natural quite self-proud and shameless ex-commies (Algirdas Mykolas Brazauskas party, newly called Socialdemocrats) still ruled and had formed the government of the country.
    I am sorry to hear another fishy story about Lithuania, its VSD and the like that shows that my country lacks true patriots and is so awfully heavily infected by shameless Soviet disrespect to justice and humans.

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