January 25, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia and its Children

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia and its “Religion”

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Russia and its Barbarism

(4)  Oleg Kozlovsky’s Passport Revoked!

(5)  Kremlin spends more on Propaganda than Unemployment

NOTE:  On February 2, 2010, the CATO Institute is hosting an amazing forum on “The Rule of Law in Russia.”  Speaking will be Karinna Moskalenko and Andrei Illarionov as well as Robert Amsterdam.  Be there or be square! The opportunity to hear these two scintillating Russian heroes on the same stage may well be once in a lifetime for Americans, not to be missed.

NOTE:  If any clever reader can Photoshop an image of Vladimir Putin and Shamil Basayev similar to the one that appears in #5 of the presidents of the USA and Iran, we’ll gladly publish it prominently here on this blog.  Please forward by e-mail to larussophobeATyahooDOTcom.

NOTE:  A new website aims to translate the English blogosphere’s content into Russian. A noble enterprise.

3 responses to “January 25, 2010 — Contents

  1. Heads in the rooshan Duma are spinning faster than ever, as if the devil has possessed the Duma and no exorcist can banish the devil.

    Why? Because President Victor Yushchenko has made Stepan Bandera a national hero of Ukraine.

    Now, to anyone who knows sovok-rooskies, all you have to say it 2 magic words – Stepan Bandera” – and that sends any sovok rooskie into a death spiral, into a tailspin, into epilectic seizures – and then things get bad.

    You see, during WWII Stepan Bandera led Ukrainians against the sovok commies. in a bid for Ukrainian freedom and independence. The sovoks spent years perfecting their propaganda about Bandera, including a lot of stuff about Nazis and fascism and killing Jews and a whole lot more, to the point where they react like Pavlov’s dogs to the mere mention of his name.

    And, as we see, the sovok rooskies in the DUMA even today are having seizures and nightmares about Stepan Bandera – based on a lot of propaganda and operant conditioning.

    For years, the sovoks tried to kill him – and finally did, when a KGB assassin finally assassinated him in Munich in 1959.

    They simply could not catch him until 1959, and the sovoks became like dogs with rabies about Stepan Bandera.

    So it looks like President Yushchenko gets the last laugh after all.

    The DUMA’s heads, and Putler’s, will be spinning for years to come.


  2. Well, Popova, here is Vlad the Empaler Putin
    photoshopped with Boris Karloff…
    A more true vampire never existed…
    (Your Vlad has no chin, while Boris
    had a big one!)

    De rien, Madame, il est tout à vous!

    En espérant que notre héroine Sarah abbatte ce chien galeux Obama, agent gramscian de Poutine:

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