EDITORIAL: Obama in Decline


Obama in Decline

In a truly stunning bit of humiliation on Tuesday night, the Barack Obama’s Democratic Party lost Teddy Kennedy’s Massachusetts seat in the U.S. Senate to a Republican.  Kennedy and the Democrats had held the seat for 46 years through nine elections, and his brother JFK had held the seat before him. Sometimes referred to as “The People’s Republic of Massachusetts,” the state is as blue and left-wing as they come in the USA.

And now it has a Republican senator, a senator who hands to the Republican party it’s 41st vote, the crucial one necessary to block a cloture vote on a filibuster, meaning that the Republicans can now cause any piece of legislation, including national healthcare, to grind to a screeching halt.

This is a cataclysmic, seismic, humiliating failure for Barack Obama, and shows that after only one year in office the country has already grown weary of his so-called leadership.  And we here at La Russophobe can only sigh and say to Obama’s supporters:  We told you so.

One need only examine Obama’s tragic and outrageous bungling of his foreign policy towards Russia to see that this man is no sort of leader at all.  He is either a coward, a moron or genuinely evil, in sympathy with the malignant forces of the Kremlin, and we are not sure which scenario is more disheartening.

We can only hope that the thrilling actions of the voters of Massachusetts will send a much-needed wakeup call to the benighted Obama administration and cause it to discover a little thing called American values, the things that gave birth to the hopes of democracy and freedom across the globe and which have steadfastly defended those values for more than two centuries, values Obama has repeatedly betrayed in his dealings with Russia from his first moments in office.

If not, Obama will go the way of Jimmy Carter and his ignominy will be richly deserved.

32 responses to “EDITORIAL: Obama in Decline

  1. “With all due respect; it’s not Senator (sic) Kennedy’s seat. It’s the People’s Seat.” Scott Brown to the debate moderator after the the moderator asked Mr. Brown a question referring to the senate seat as Ted Kennedy’s Seat.

    Scott Brown has class AND chutzpah…gotta love it!

    • Looks like many Americans will continue to have no health insurance:


      The election left Democrats in Congress scrambling to salvage a bill overhauling the nation’s health care system, which the late Mr. Kennedy had called “the cause of my life.” Mr. Brown has vowed to oppose the bill, and once he takes office the Democrats will no longer control the 60 votes in the Senate needed to overcome filibusters.


      Mr. Brown has made a signature issue of opposing the health care bill headed toward a final vote in Congress, and the possibility of his providing a 41st vote in the Senate to block the bill has galvanized both sides.


      Universal health care is implemented in all industrialized countries, with the exception of the United States.[1] It is also provided in many developing countries.


      • “Looks like many Americans will continue to have no health insurance:”

        In other news, same sheisten, different century.

        “Universal health care is implemented in all industrialized countries, with the exception of the United States.[1] It is also provided in many developing countries.”

        Not so, because there is no such thing as “Universal Health Care.” A quick trip to Canada or Britain (to name some of the MILDER cases- don’t even get me started on the Iberian countries or Germany) shows that it isn’t universal, but merely primarily state-managed.

        Anyone who has attended an Ethics Committee meeting (the so-called “Death Boards”) to discuss the available resources of a given hospital and whether it is cost efficient to keep Patient X ticking on can tell the difference.

        I will be the first to admit that the current system isn’t perfect, but I’ve seen worse. And I will NEVER willingly entrust my life to a Canadian or French hospital if I have any say in the matter under the current circumstances.

  2. Universal health care is implemented in all industrialized countries, with the exception of the United States.[1] It is also provided in many developing countries.

    Virtually all of Europe has publicly sponsored and regulated universal health care. The public plans in some countries provide basic or “sick” coverage only; their citizens can purchase supplemental insurance for additional coverage. Countries with universal health care include Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,[49] Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine[50] and the United Kingdom.[51]

    The universal health care system is used in Trinidad and Tobago and is the primary form of health-care available in the country. It is used by the majority of the population seeking medical assistance, as it is free for all citizens.

    Look at the map:


    Universal Health Care is available throughout the World, except for the backward countries of Central Asia, USA, Africa and Mongolia.

  3. What Barb said.
    For the arrogance alone, Coakley (ergo, the Kennedys and Obama) deserve to lose.
    Arthur, as someone who lives in a country with “universal healthcare”, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. A more centrist and fair position would be insurance reform.
    Just my thoughts.

  4. Many people in the world have been worried about our decline. I know they will feel better tonight.

    Obama is the enemy. Nothing could be more clear. This kick in the face will help clear his mind.

  5. I was suspecting it a long time and the meeting between pukin and Obama has proved it 100%. Obama is a VERY weak leader… I say this with big pain in my heart. :(

    The day McCane lost election… US and the rest of the world lost a chance of getting a true leader. Instead Obama made dictators like Chavez, Putin and others MUCH stronger.

  6. I might as well throw in my two-cents, on this topic-
    I am happy to hear of that Democrat defeat in that senatorial election, as, yes, Obama and his party deserve that major slap in their faces. They deserve many more slaps and defeats at the polls.
    I hope, further, that this is just the beginning of the national unraveling of the Democrat party and it’s extreme leftist agenda.
    The extreme leftists have kidnapped the Democrat Party, once “The Party of the Working Man”.
    I hope to live to see, Obama either resigning from office, or being impeached.
    He is, as a person, totally incompetant to lead our country-at best, and at worst, he wants to turn us into a very-leftist socialist workers’ paradise, destoying that which has made this country what it is, -it’s capitalist economic system, combined with our constitutional American liberties.
    He is absolutely no good for this country, and no good whatsoever in our dealings with any foreign nations, friends or foes, and especially no good in our dealings with Putin and his Kremlin gang in Russia.
    However, though I am politically a conservative, I know that America DOES NEED….some sort of major overhaul of our currently inadequate health-care delivery system…..just NOT the current bizarre mishmash that is in the Congress now. It is much too socialistic and too punitive, and is not a fair or even an adequate a plan. It is far more flawed than good.
    As one prominent American doctor put it so well: “Too many Americans cannot afford medical care, i.e. they are UNABLE to pay for it. Somehow, it needs to be made affordable, as it is not now.”
    For any fellow conservatives on the ‘right’, to deny this reality, does not do service to our conservative causes.
    America DOES need, some good/solid/workable reform of our health-care delivery system!!!
    But what is in the Democrat controlled Congress now, needs to be 100% thrown out!
    Just my two-cents worth……

  7. Are there any Democrats among the russophobes here?

    • I am. But I did not vote for Mr. Obama; somehow I find his rhetorical style distasteful and demagogic. And he had no other claim to the Presidency but the amazing speaking ability. Well, that’s not enough for me. I supported Mrs. Clinton.

      On the other hand, once we have him in office, there is nothing to do but hope he can accomplish something. So, I find many facets of opposition he faces unnecessary and untrue. Particularly accusations of being a Communist, a Socialist, a new Hitler and the like are just plain silly.

      • How was Clinton better than Obama?

        @a new Hitler


        • To my mind, she is more knowledgeable, more experienced, less flamboyant, and with a record of legislative work. She is just better than Obama in so many ways. That she is a woman does not bother me a bit

  8. I disagree with the views above that we need some kind of health system. Aside from our ER system we need no system at all. It is very simple to design your own or join some private system of your choice.

    We also do not need a system to fix our cars or change out our water heaters.

    Social security is in place and large amounts of money has already been spent on it. Congress steals our payments by paying no interest thereon.

    We need to keep the government out of everything because they steal.

    Also the people must take risks in order to stay strong. Government programs makes the population vapid and weak.

    Political parasites are always circling and lying. The Obama crowd has shown where it must always go.

    • So, the only purpose that US taxpayers’ money can be spent on, is bonuses to Wall Street and $multi-trillion war contracts with halliburtons and lokheeds ?

      • Lockheed, Haliburton.

        And it should be “multi-trillion $”

        Meanwhile the idiots in the Kremlin are spending millions of the Bulava missile system that does not even work, attempting to buy amphibious assault carriers from France, and generally wasting billions of dollars when they can’t even manage to maintain ahydro electric dam properly, or maintain roads, or railways, or pay teachers properly, or pay pensions…….

  9. I don’t think Obama’s so-called decline has anything to do with his misguided foreign policy. It would be a shame if Republicans manage to sabotage the Democrats’ (already feeble) attempts to reform healthcare. America’s current healthcare system is a disgrace, and it’s outrageous how special interests continue to take precedence over public interest, and Americans continue to accept that.

    • I agree, whatever Mr. Obama is, he is right about health care delivery. The system is not working properly anymore and must be reformed and improved somehow. Insurance reform is a must

  10. The reason for huge corporate payment plans is that very few people know how to manage large organizations. Lazy little people who cannot even balance a checkbook resent other peoples ability. It is absolutely critical that big companies have the very best management. One guy can do it and the next guy can’t. You pay through the nose to get that one guy who can see what to do next. There are a hundred ways to lose, but very few ways to win.

  11. LR, you are absolutely, stunningly wrong to hope that Obama and his leftie clique will recognize a wake-up call when they see it.

    THEY DON’T CARE! They know what’s best for you and everyone else, they know that the little people out there are stupid, and they will try to chug along.

    “Give me your money so that I can do what’s best for you” is the modus operandi.

    And if you think I’m kidding, listen to all the talk from the Obama-Reid-Pelosi leftie crowd about jamming the health care bill through.

    Look at the deficit. Look at the national debt.


    Arthur – as far as your examples of industrialized countries having health care – yep, you have the numbers, sort of.


    Ukraine and Russia as examples???? You obviously have no clue about what those systems are like. Just like in the sovok system, you have to pay under the table, even for basics. There is lack of equipment, and everything else.

    Just watch the PBS documentary, “The English Surgeon,” for example.

    Hell, you don’t even have to do that. Just watch where the “political elite” go for their health care.

    The current Ukrainian presidential candidate, Yanukovych, went to Spain for his knee surgery.

    That’s not the only example.

    “Free for all citizens.”

    There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, Arthur.

    TANSTAAFL – pronounced “tanstaafel”

    You know not whereof you speak, Arthur.

  12. elmer, look, USA is a perfect socialist welfare state for the rich. $Trillions in taxpayers’ money is spent on Wall Street criminals, military companies, and on helping oil companies (by going to war over oil), agro-industrial complex, etc etc.

    Why can’t we reduce this welfare for the ultra-wealthy class by, say, 5%, and give poor Americans money to buy life-saving medicine and get health care for themselves and their children?

    • Which Wall Street criminal received any money from the government? I want to know. If you refer to the latest banking crisis, everything those banks did was lawful. Reckless, poorly regulated, but lawful. Can you distinguish between risky and criminal.

  13. http://georgereisman.com/blog/2009/08/replies-to-readers-of-my-article-on.html
    Replies to Readers of My Article on the Real Right to Medical Care
    by George Reisman AUGUST 08, 2009

    … The right to life is not a right to be kept alive by other people, against their will. If there were such a right, then you and I and everyone else not in poverty would have to be devoting our lives to keeping alive countless numbers of impoverished people all over the world. To the contrary, paraphrasing Ayn Rand, the right to life is the right of an individual to take all of the [peaceful, non-coercive] actions that sustain and promote his life. This understanding of the right to life is incompatible with the notion of people having a right to be kept alive at others’ expense.

    Of course, people may wish to give to charity within the limit of their perceiving that doing so enhances their own lives. The funds raised through charity together with the time doctors were willing to provide to charity patients would undoubtedly be concentrated on cases in which all that was necessary were relatively simple, inexpensive procedures that would save life or limb. But this cannot be a solution for all those medical problems requiring more complex and costly treatments that are beyond the means of patients and of the willingness and ability of people to provide charity.

    What the solution for these medical problems is, is economic progress, which continuously improves medical care and makes it less and less expensive, while at the same times making practically all other goods and services better and less expensive as well, thereby freeing up more income to be spent on medical care if necessary. The foundation of economic progress, of course, is individual freedom and capitalism.

    Always, however, there will be some people who will die because still more and better care, that others might have provided, was beyond their reach. There is simply no way to avoid this. It’s an aspect of the fact that man is mortal.

    Trying to avoid it by compelling everyone to devote his life to keeping other people alive, beyond his perception of the personal, value to his own life of doing so, destroys the incentives to produce and advance, and thus ultimately does no good to anyone.

    Because of this destruction, attempts to enforce such an obligation always stop short after a time. In fact, this is what we are seeing right now in the United States in the proposed roll backs in Medicare and denial of treatment to the elderly. It’s what already has taken place in Great Britain, and, I believe, in Canada and everywhere else that medical care has been collectivized long enough.

    The government simply lacks the means to provide everyone with unlimited medical care. Eventually, it has to impose limits. But its limits entail depriving people of medical care who could have afforded it, if left free to use their own resources for that purpose. Its limits entail aborting further progress in medical in order to hold down the cost of operating its collectivized system.

    There are two sorts of limits to medical care. One is reality, which encompasses the state of scientific and technological knowledge, the state of capital accumulation, the resulting productivity of labor, and the relative performance of different individuals cooperating together under economic competition and the pursuit of individual self-interest. Under capitalism, as the result of the pursuit of self-interest and competition, this limit is continually pushed outward and the level of care for everyone continually improves. (See my book Capitalism, chap. 9, for further discussion of this.)

    The other kind of limit to medical care is arbitrary government fiat. The government takes over medical care and it decides who is to receive care and to what extent. Under government control, the limit to medical care tends to be frozen, indeed, declining. Progress in medical care is largely prohibited as a threat to the government’s budget and decline accompanies the coming to the fore of doctors who are content to be mere tools of government policy; it also accompanies the general economic decline that results from related government policies that are hostile to capital accumulation and economic efficiency.

    There’s undoubted more to be said. But I hope that these remarks serve to address the matters you raised.

    George Reisman

    • Dear George Reisman-
      What is a’ nation’ about?…if not that we care for each other, that we help each other?
      Medical care IS an important NEED for every person, and for those in this country who cannot pay for it, then it MUST be provided to them by the rest of us…SOMEHOW!
      And, unless the government, at all levels, ceases to take our taxes from us, it DOES have obligations to it’s citizens, ALL of us.
      Most Americans, expect SERVICE from our elected officials. We demand it!
      Yes, I do not believe in full-blown socialism, YET, something/somehow MUST be done, to provide good medical care to all residents of this country
      Otherwise, we are just a gathering of barbarians, savages who care only about, ‘me, myself, and I’.
      Is that the America that you want? It seems so, Sir.
      But the crazy mishmash of the demos in the Congress and of Obama, THAT must be thrown out en toto, and we need to start over, from the beginning.
      However, our government DOES have responsibilities to provide for us who cannot provide for ourselves. And basic health care, SHOULD be available to all here, regardless of their ability to pay for it or not.
      The days of the American ‘rugged-individualists’ is long over, if ever it was true.
      Our only question now, is, what is the best way to provide this medical care to all, that’s all!
      The Congress, Obamna, and the leftist Democrat Party do NOT have the best plan, not at all. Scrap it!
      Just my thoughts, on these very very controversial issues, which most likely will not be resolved soon….if ever…..
      P.S. Obama needs to go, also, because he is too weak in dealing with our foreign affairs, especially with Putin’s Russia.

  14. As the whole world knows, the so-called American Values are:

    1. Genocide (of the native population of America);
    2. Slavery (that helped to build the foundations of the USofA’s economic might);
    3. Napalm and Agent Orange (lavishly used against the Vietnamese)
    4. Depleted Uranium (used against the Serbs and the Iraquis…
    and a lot more.

    • Comrade Evgeny, ‘Eugene’-
      Your list of national-crimes, appears like a list of one/one hundreth of the crimes against humanity, of your communist workers’ paradise, now continued today by your neo-soviet KGB/FSB Putin’s criminal gangster apparatus.
      Comparing of American (supposed) crimes, and your Russian crimes, makes America come out as an angel.
      And, American history is SO short, compared with Russian history.
      Yet, you folks are still doing your bloody deeds, aren’t you.
      While America is still, the City Upon the Hill, the beacon for all mankind, greatly blessed by God.
      Shame on you!
      You deserve to fall apart and be smashed and conquered by your surrounding enemies, all nations which you have done tremendous evils to.
      They do not forget, nor forgive you.
      Even today, the brightest and the best of your educated and intelligent people, are fleeing to the West, especially to America (once again!).

    • Eugine forgets all the Russian genocides of the 19th century.

      1. Circassian Genocide

      2. Pogroms against Jews

      3. Extermination (ie complete eradication) of various nomadic tribes of the Siberian region.

      4. Ethnic cleansing of the highlands of the Caucasus.

      Then we have 20th Century Russian genocides.

      1. Invasion and repression and ethnic cleansing in Georgia, Azebaijhan, Ukraine, and central asian republics that gained a few short years of independance from Russia in the 1917-1922 period.

      2. Genocide of Finnish population in Karelia.

      3. Genocides against Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians under Molotov Ribbentropt pact (alliance between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia)

      4. Genocides against Chechens, Ingush, Volga Germans, Crimean Tartars, Pontic Greeks etc.

      5. Ethnic cleansing of Romanian population of transdenistr region of Moldovia.

      6. Ethnic cleansing of Georgian population of Abkhazia.

      7. third and fourth genocide against Chechens.

      8. Ethnic cleansing of Georgian population of South Ossetia.

      This is only a small list of course.

      It is possible only to summarise the evils comitted by the Russian state, and my apologies to any ethnic groups that were victims of Russia that I have missed.

    • @Iraquis

      The correct spelling is “Iroquois”.

      You’re welcome. Don’t forget.

  15. Funny, Eugene, if one liked, one could sum up other countries in a similar fashion. Pogrom is a Jewish word for mass extermination, just as the Russians tried to do to them.

  16. Obama’s “health care reform” is not about “reform.” It is about the clique that controls Obama trying to have the government take over the entire health care industry – and other industries – and trying to turn the US into the Soviet Union of North American Communist States.

    Government “regulation” inevitably introduces distortions – and high costs.

    What can be done in the absence of government control (with oversight as to safety, for example)? Miracles.


    Lasik eye surgery. A few years ago, Lasik eye surgery, which correct near-sightedness, cost about $4000 per eye.

    Today, in the US, in the ABSENCE of government regulation, this miraculous surgery costs about $600 per eye.

    And, the laser has improved – it’s now got “tracking” so that it compensates for the tiny movements of the eye during the half-second or so that the laser is actually on.

    Obama wants to put people in jail, or fine them, for not buying Obamacare.

    But if Obamacare is so darn good, why does Obama NEVER ANSWER the crucial question – will he, Obuma, the anointed one, be subject to the same plan that he and his commie lefties are trying to jam down the throats of the American people?

    Obuma has NEVER answered that question – because, like the commie nomenklatura, he is “special” and “more equal” than the people.

    Piss on that.

    • Yes, like all the “Special Restaurants” that Lenin set up for the Party elite during the famines that accompanied the civil war and the years following it.

      A tradition copied by Chardonnay socialists in the democrats and the labour parties of the commonwealth.

  17. Hitler spoof on Republican Scott Brown winning in Massachusetts in the special US Senate election.

    Nota bene – it is a SPOOF.

    “Bush got C’s; Obama failed lunch – no wonder Obama won’t release his school records”

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