Putin plays with his Medvedev Puppet

David Kramer of the German Marshall Fund, writing in the Moscow Times:

Comments by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in late December must have come as an unwelcome surprise to Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev as they try to conclude a new U.S.-Russian arms control agreement to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, that expired on Dec. 5.

But this was not the first time that Putin has thrown cold water on Medvedev’s efforts. In June, Putin stunned Medvedev and leaders in the West by announcing a change in Russia’s approach to pursuing membership in the World Trade Organization just when everyone thought that Russia was about to cross the WTO finish line. In both cases, Putin reminded Medvedev and the international community that if you want to get things done, it isn’t good enough to just have the Russian president on board. The prime minister has virtual veto power.

The latest problems arose following a meeting between Medvedev and Obama in Copenhagen on Dec. 18. They announced that their negotiators were close to reaching agreement on the START replacement treaty. Despite last-minute snags and sticking points over inspections and telemetry, both sides expected to finalize the agreement early in 2010 — that is, until Putin opened his mouth on Dec. 29 while on a visit to Vladivostok. Asked by a journalist to name the biggest obstacle to reaching agreement on the arms control treaty, Putin responded, “The problem is that our American partners are building an anti-missile shield and we are not building one.”

This wasn’t the first time that Putin has tried to throw a monkey wrench into Medvedev’s efforts to finalize major agreements. During the St. Petersburg economic forum in June, where Medvedev was the main feature, the talk among Russian officials and international visitors was about Russia’s imminent membership in the WTO. Until that time, Russia remained the largest economy outside of the organization. But after extensive negotiations, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and other trade officials present in St. Petersburg were speaking more positively than ever about Russia being on the verge of ending its exclusion from the WTO.

But then within days after we heard these optimistic statements, Putin pulled the rug out from under Medvedev by announcing that Russia would seek membership in the WTO only in union with Kazakhstan and Belarus. Putin’s announcement came as a complete surprise to everyone, including those in his own government, and derailed a deal that finally had seemed to be within reach of Russia after many years of trying. Moreover, Putin had the temerity to blame the United States for blocking Russia’s WTO membership when he himself is responsible.

Depriving Medvedev of victories seems to have become an objective for Putin. This is a reflection of Putin’s deep sense of insecurity and manifests itself when he competes with Medvedev for global attention and glory. During his eight years as president, Putin failed to achieve membership in the WTO, while it appeared that Medvedev was close to reaching that goal at the start of his second year in office. Similarly, signing an arms control agreement with the United States would have marked another accomplishment for Medvedev and an early milestone in the “reset” in U.S.-Russian relations. It seemed that Putin feared that Medvedev could show him up in one of the most important areas in global affairs — nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation.

Beyond raining on Medvedev’s parade, Putin also seems intent on maintaining hardline positions on issues of importance to the United States, including sanctions against Iran. In contrast to Medvedev’s seemingly open position on sanctions, Putin has repeatedly made clear his opposition to getting tougher with the Iranian regime. Is Putin weighing in on the hopes of exacting last-minute compromises from the United States, assuming that Obama is desperate to get an agreement signed and might be willing to make key concessions to Russia? Perhaps Putin is intent on blocking the reset in bilateral relations because he needs to maintain the image of the United States as a “threat” to Russia to justify his autocratic vertical power structure.

Whatever the explanation, the U.S. State Department responded correctly to Putin’s year-end salvo in Vladivostok by flatly rejecting a link between post-START negotiations and missile defense. Maintaining a firm stand against provocations and bullying from Putin is exactly the right response. At the same time, the Obama administration should resist getting drawn into a corner in which it is forced to make a choice between Medvedev and Putin as “most-favored negotiating partner.” It would be a mistake to assume that Medvedev would be more amenable than Putin to improving relations. Obama already made that mistake last summer when, on the eve of the summit with Medvedev, he made a sharp remark that Putin has “one foot in the old [Cold War] ways of doing business.”

For the reset in U.S.-Russian relations to succeed, both Moscow and Washington must show interest in working together. Medvedev might be interested in this, but from all appearances Putin — the real power in the Kremlin — is not.

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  1. Like Arthur, Medvedev obviously enjouys having another mans hand up his arse…..

    • Andrew, I don’t know what you are talking about, but don’t you think that given your numerous ‘love affairs’ with both New Zealand and Georgian male sheep, you should refrain from sexual innuendos towards others?

  2. Now Arthur/Michael Tal, gu\iven your previous admission of enjoying the Russian gay underground lifestyle…….

    Besides, as Kiwi I only molest female sheep, and only after shearing, we have to export pure virgin wool after all….

    • This is not the right forum to discuss your zoophiliac preferences. In fact, this is not a forum devoted to discussing you and your personal sexual or other preferences. Leave sheep and goats alone and return to substantive political discussions.

      • Oh Arthur, just because you are uptight about your homosexuality and lack of humour……

        Though maybe you are uptight about your homosexual tendencies because, like Putin, they involve little boys??

        • Grow up, child.

          • So you deny Putin is a paedophile despite film evidence of him kissing a boy on the stomach in public?

            Or are you and the MBLA still considering that normal behaviour?

            • I don’t really care. Unlike you, I am not fascinated by sex and pedophilia.

              But I don’t think that kissing a child on the stomach at a televised public gathering constitutes pedophilia. If the photo of this event arouses you and helps you get off – that’s your problem.

              Moreover, you are violating the rules of this blog by purposefully and insistently diverting the discussion from its stated topic: Putin’s control over Medvedev. If you think that this control is “pedophilia” – ask your psychiatrist for a new medication. While at it, ask your shrink what he thinks of Saakashvili’s mental state when he was eating his tie while interviewed on BBC TV:

              Saakashvili eats his own tie on air – BBC

              • Well I do think that Medvedev and Putin have a passive active relationship.

                As shown by their somewhat “intense” relationship.

              • BTW, if you consider kissing an unknown child on the stomach in public normal behaviour, then you are not safe to be around children.

                However Russia does have a long and proud tradition of homosexual behaviour in General and pedophilia in particular.

                St.Seraphim of Sarov battled against what he described as “this particularly Russian sin” as practiced by Russian men against minors all his life, trying to stamp out (without success) this practice amongst Russians.

  3. Andrew wrote:
    [Or are you and the MBLA still considering that normal behaviour?]

    What is this mysterious “MBLA”? Did you mean MLBPA: Major League Baseball Players’ Association? Do you suffer from dyslexia?

    Major League Baseball Players Association: Home

  4. No, I suspect you are a practicing member of a far more unplesant organisation.

    It would be right up your alley Arthur, given your admiration for deviant behaviour on previous posts.

    • Andrew,

      Stop weaseling. I cought you with a sever case of dyslexia, and it’s rather funny.

      So, now what the heck are you talking about? A “cabal of baseball players” maliciously kissing babies on the stomach in public? You should really spend more time treating your dyslexia and paranoia.

    • OK, out of curiosity I looked up MBLA:


      MBLA Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association
      MBLA Mortgage Broker License Act
      MBLA Man Boy Love Association (usually seen as NAMBLA)
      MBLA Macedonian Business Lawyers Association
      MBLA Multi-Beam Laser Altimeter
      MBLA Middlebury Bridle Land Association (Connecticut)
      MBLA MSOE Business Leaders Association
      MBLA Management by Listening Around
      MBLA multi-bit linear audio
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      MBLA Marlon Brando Look Alikes (South Park)
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      MBLA Mississippi Biomedical Library Association
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      MBLA McGill Business Law Association
      MBLA Mutual Building and Loan Association (Bay City, Michigan)
      MBLA Married But Living Apart

      • Try the 3rd one sicko, its about right for Putin and you.

        • Andrew,

          I googled your group – “MBLA Man Boy Love Association”. It is disgusting and outright criminal. Your advertising this group is reprehensible. Now I understand why you constantly talk about “butt plugs”. Now it becomes clear your stories of zoophilia are just a smokescreen for your homosexual pedophilia.

          This blog is not intended for your cruising for underaged sex partners and discussions of pedophilia.

          Why do you divert every thread here into a discussion about pedophilia and homosexuality? Please stay on the topic. In this thread, the topic is Putin’s control over Medvedev, not your or Putin’s alleged pedophilia. If pedophilia and homosexuality of various celebrities and political figures are so important you – start your own blog, and see who comes to visit it.

        • I think Andrew was making those insinuations because he assumed you are the same person as Michael Tal a.k.a. Ostap Bender, a previous commenter here who was a self-confessed sexual deviant. In addition, even if you aren’t Michael Tal, excessive homoerotic fascination with a dictator with clear homosexual and paedophile tendencies is indeed troubling.

          • A.,
            […excessive homoerotic fascination with a dictator…]

            I don’t have any fascination of any kind with Putin. To me, he is a rather deplorable person, your typical power-hungry politician.

            The only person here who has this “excessive homoerotic fascination” with Putin is Andrew, who keeps on bringing up this subject again and again.

            So, kindly provide quotes to support your accusation that I have “excessive homoerotic fascination” with Putin.

            I also find it quite unbelievable that a person – say, this Michael Tal a.k.a. Ostap Bender – would confess to total strangers that he is a sexual deviant. I myself have not seen anybody here “self-confess” to anything of the sort, not even you.

            Are you lying again? If not – please provide a link to this “self-confession”.

            Otherwise we’ll know that you are a liar and a closet case.

            • Oh he confessed to being a keen visitor to the Moscow/St.Petersburg gay nightclub scene, he was harping on about how Russia is a grat place to be gay.

              He made a lot of posts about this subject, as well as constantly contradicting himself….


              There are a lot more about the wonders of gay life in Russia by this clown, but you can look for them by yourself…

              • [He was harping on about how Russia is a grat place to be gay]

                Are you saying that Georgia and New Zealand are terrible places to be gay? Do Georgians still imprison people for up to 10 years for being gay, like in the old times?

                [He confessed to being a keen visitor to the Moscow/St.Petersburg gay nightclub scene]

                You mean his story that one of his friends is gay and showed him gay clubs? Do you mean to say that anybody, who has been to a gay club, is automatically a “self-confessed sexual deviant” and “enjouys having another mans hand up his arse”(sic.)?

                You two are extrememy infantile. Are all Brits/NewZealanders are like that?


                Boarding school

                Boarding schools have long been considered as hot-beds of sexual activity among students, or sometimes between students and teachers. While sexual contact between boys in boarding schools is often being regarded in terms of “situational homosexuality”, a close examination of the nature and social context of these contacts reveals it had more to do with pederasty or boy-love than situational homosexuality.

                English public schools

                The English public school has been the exemplar boarding school in this aspect. The “prefect-fagging” system in particular, formally established by Thomas Arnold in order to enhance “character building” facilitated this bond between older and younger students. The younger students’ duties consisted “of almost anything”, from warming beds and toilet seats, to sexual favours. Fags were chosen among the “cutest” young boys and senior students often made “top 10” lists of the best looking ones. Cute boys were given feminine nicknames and they were called “tarts”. Relationships between older and younger boys were sometimes chaste, sometimes overtly sexual but always sentimentalized (Chandos 1984; Hickson 1992).

                Evelyn Waugh once wrote: “Most good schoolmasters are homosexual by inclination – how else could they endure their work?”. Although “masters” tried to sublimate their feelings, relationships between “masters” and pupils also occurred. English public school masters tried to repress homosexuality by taking measures like dormitory patrols, enlisting students to spy on another, removing doors from lavatories, prohibiting students of different age groups talk to each other, prohibiting young boys to smile on the presence of older boys…



                In England into the 20th century, public boarding schools were limited to boys and all the teachers were male. William Johnson Cory, a renowned master at Eton, evolved a style of pedagogic pederasty which influenced a number of his pupils. His Ionica, a work of poetry reflecting his pederastic sensibilities, was read in intellectual circles and “made a stir” at Oxford in 1859.[78] Oscar Browning, another Eton master and former student of Cory, followed in his tutor’s footsteps. Both are thought to have influenced Oxford don Walter Pater, whose aesthetics promoted pederasty as the truest expression of classical culture.[79]

                As a member of the Brit culture, who has himself “confessed” enjoying sex with sheep and who is an expert on pedophilian organisations, you really should grow up and embrace your own homosexuality.

                You are completely obsessed with homosexuality and anal orifices. When I get time, I will compile hundreds and hundreds of your posts here on the subject of pederasty.

                • LOL

                  Well Arthur, you are the one who defends Putins pederastic tendencies, and you rushed off in a fit of sexual excitement to that sicko site.

                  I only new the name of that org from watching SCU, CIS and “The Daily Show” on CNN.

                  You went looking for it my sick little puppy.

                  Sorry Arthur, but the way you jump and scream when anyone questions your sexual tendencies, and the fact that you quote another fairly sick (and discredited) individual, Freud, shows you for the sexual deviant that you are.

                • Medieval Russia was apparently very tolerant of homosexuality. There is evidence of homosexual love in some of the lives of the saints from Kievan Rus dating to the 11th century. Homosexual acts were treated as a sin by the Orthodox Church, but there were no legal sanctions against them at the time, and even churchmen seemed perturbed by homosexuality only in the monasteries. Foriegn visitors to Muscovite Russia in the 16th and 17th centuries repeatedly express their amazement at the open displays of homosexual affection among men of every class. Sigismund von Heberstein, Adam Olearius, Juraj Krizhanich, and George Turberville all write about the prevalence of homosexuality in Russia in their travel and memoir literature. The 19th century historian Sergei Soloviev writes that “nowhere, either in the Orient or in the West, was this vile, unnatural sin taken as lightly as in Russia.”
                  The first laws against homosexual acts appeared in the 18th century, during the reign of Peter the Great, but these were in military statutes that applied only to soldiers. It was not until 1832 that the criminal code included Article 995, which made muzhelozhstvo (men lying with men, which the courts interpreted as anal intercourse) a criminal act punishable by exile to Siberia for up to 5 years. Even so, the legislation was applied only rarely, especially among the upper classes. Many prominent intellectuals of the 19th century led a relatively open homosexual or bisexual life. Among these were the memoirist Philip Vigel, the explorer Nikolai Przhevalsky, the critic Konstantin Leontiev, and the composer Peter Tchaikovsky.
                  The turn of the century saw a relaxation of the laws, and a corresponding increase in tolerance and visibility. In 1903 Vladimir Nabokov, father of the writer and a founder of the Constitutional Democrat party, published an article on the legal status of homosexuals in Russia in which he argued that the state should not interfere in private sexual relationships. The period between the revolutions of 1905 and 1917 was the Silver Age in Russian literature, but something of a golden age for Russian homosexuals. Many important figures led open gay lives, including several members of the Imperial Court. Sergei Diaghilev and many of the members of the World of Art movement and the Russian ballet were gay. In 1906 Mikhail Kuzmin published his semi-autobiographical coming out novel Wings, which became the talk of the literary world in Russia.
                  Scholars disagree about the effect of the Bolshevik Revolution on homosexual rights. Some argue that the Soviets were at the forefront of humanity in decriminalizing gay sex; others that the Bolshevik asceticism and distaste for sexuality of any kind set the movement back. In fact, the October Revolution of 1917 did away with the entire Criminal Code, and the new Russian Criminal Codes of 1922 and 1926 eliminated the offence of muzhelozhstvo from the law. Unfortunately, decriminalization in the early Soviet period did not mean an end to persecution. The modern Soviet fervor for science meant that homosexuality was now treated as a subject for medical and psychiatric discourse, an illness to be treated and cured. Furthermore, in the popular mind, homosexuality was still associated with bourgeois and aristocratic values, with the pre-revolutionary bohemian elite.
                  The sexual liberation that accompanied the Revolution was to be short-lived. The egalitarian and pro-women policies that had liberalized divorce and marriage laws and promoted abortion gave way by the early 1930s to Stalinist pro-family policies. It was in this context that the Soviet Union recriminalized homosexuality in a decree signed in late 1933. As an article by the writer Maxim Gorky demonstrates, it was also a context in which homosexuality was connected with Nazism at a time when German-Soviet relations were strained; Gorky writes, “eradicate homosexuals and fascism will disappear.” Of course, the Nazis themselves criminalized homosexuality only a year later.
                  The new Article 121, which punished muzhelozhstvo with imprisonment for up to 5 years, was followed by raids and arrests at the height of the Stalinist terror. The numbers of men arrested are not known, but by the 1980s there were about 1000 every year. The Soviet Union had the largest population of incarcerated men in the world, and given the importance of prison culture for Soviet culture as a whole, it is likely that prison homosexuality played a part in forming Soviet gay culture. In Soviet prisons there was a class of men called opushchennye (degraded) who were required to fulfill the sexual needs of the rest. On the one hand, they were at the lowest rung of the social ladder, but they were sometimes protected by their lovers. And not only men charged with Article 121 were opushchennye: any prisoner could be degraded by ritualized rape — for losing at cards, over an insult, or even because his beauty made him an attractive sex object.
                  Article 121 was often used throughout the Soviet period to extend prison sentences and to control dissidents. Among those imprisoned were the film director Sergei Paradjanov and the poet Gennady Trifonov. Threat of prosecution was also used to blackmail homosexuals into informing for the police and the KGB. Needless to say, gay men in Russia kept a low profile in the Soviet period, many restricting their gay activities to small circles of proven friends. Still, there were some public cruising areas in the larger cities and one or two bars known to be popular with gay men, though the threat of arrest or blackmail always loomed. Another threat by the 1980s was the gangs of gay-bashers who robbed and beat gay men, often with the encouragement of the police. They knew that if they were brought to court, it was their victims who would be put in prison.
                  In 1984 a handful of gay men in Leningrad attempted to form the first organization of gay men. They were quickly hounded into submission by the KGB. It was only with Gorbachev’s glasnost that such an organization could come into existence in 1989-90. The Moscow Gay & Lesbian Alliance was headed by Yevgeniya Debryanskaya, and Roman Kalinin became the editor of the first officially registered gay newspaper, Tema. Organizations and publications proliferated. The summer of 1991 saw the first international conference, film festival, and demonstrations for gay rights in Moscow and Leningrad. This was followed almost immediately by the attempted coup. Reversion to a more conservative regime would clearly have threatened their recent gains, and legend has it that many gay activists manned the barricades protecting the Russian White House and that Yeltsin’s decrees were printed on the xerox machines of the new gay organizations.
                  The collapse of the Soviet Union that soon followed the failed coup only accelerated the progress of the gay movement. Occasional gay discos were held, more gay publications appeared, gay plays were staged. In 1993 a new Russian Criminal Code was signed — without Article 121. Men who had been imprisoned under the article began to be released. Gay life in Russia today is in the process of normalization. Capitalism has brought the first gay businesses–bars, discos, saunas, even a travel agency. While life in the provinces remains hard for gay men, Russian gays in the cities are beginning to create a community.

  5. RuSSians, those hated sick fascists, used to rape and kill even Finnish children in Karelia during 1939-1944. It’s no wonder if Putler likes to kiss young boys in public. This little bald dwarf SS-Putler seems to be a very typical RuSSian animal.

  6. Ari Virtanen wrote:
    [RuSSians, SS-Putler]


    he Finnisches Freiwilligen-Bataillon der Waffen-SS was a Finnish volunteer combat battalion of the German Waffen-SS. It saw action on the Eastern Front during World War II.

    Formed in 1941 as SS Freiwilligen-Battalion Nordost, the battalion was made up of 1,200 Finnish volunteers who had signed to fight against the Soviet Union for two years. While many Finns were already serving with the SS-Division Wiking, the battalion differed in that it was staffed with Finnish officers and NCOs (Wiking being commanded by Germans).


    Siege of Leningrad

    On 6 August 1941, Hitler repeated his order: “Leningrad first, Donetsk Basin second, Moscow third.”[15] From the time that the Wehrmacht troops reached the outskirts of the city in August 1941 until the siege ended in January 1944, the Leningrad operations dominated the decision-making of the German High Command concerning all operations in the northern area of the Eastern Front.[5] By August 1941 all railway lines to Leningrad were severed, and the city was encircled on land by Finnish armies to the north and German troops to the south.[16]

    Plan of north region of Operation Barbarossa.
    Finns to attack Soviet Union from the north.
    Germans to attack from the west.

    Finnish military forces were located north of Leningrad, while German forces occupied territories to the south.[12] Both German and Finnish forces had the goal of encircling Leningrad and maintaining the blockade perimeter, thus cutting off all communication with the city and restricting them from getting any food or goods.

    Civilian casualties

    More than 1.2 million civilians perished in the city.

    • Well Arthur, seems you forgot the reason the Finns joined the “continuation war”

      Because Russian scum such as yourself invaded them in 1939/40 raping killing looting etc.

      In particular the ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Finnish population of Karelia.

      Of course this is normal behaviour for “the brave defenders of Russia”, see August 2008 for details.

  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_War

    RuSSians, those bloody murderers, started this war and are still occupying some parts of Finland after raping and killing its inhabitants, even little children. RuSSian animals also bombed Finnish towns destroying and killing innocent civilians.

  8. Andrew:
    [Medvedev obviously enjouys having another mans hand up his arse…..]

    Wow, even hand-puppets remind you of anal gay sex, Andrew. What an obsession. Even Freud wouldn’t be able to cure you.

  9. Andrew, Since we are on this subject, can you please explain something in the news:


    Ukraine’s opposition fears 400 Georgians come to disrupt elections
    17 January, 2010

    Ukrainian opposition Party of Regions is worried over possible attempts to disrupt the country’s elections. It said several charter flights arrived from Georgia, bringing in over 400 “athletic men.”

    According to deputy party leader Boris Kolesnikov, two charter flights from Georgia landed in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Friday. The first brought 152 passengers, the second – 145 people, all of whom turned out to be athletic men aged from 25 to 40 years old.

    The men told passport control officials that they had arrived to visit girls whom they met through the popular network website “Odnoklassniki”. Kolesnikov pointed out, however, that some of these men had detailed maps and addresses of all polling stations in the city.

    Kolesnikov told RIA Novosti news agency that on Saturday another charter flight brought other 120 Georgian men to the country’s capital, Kiev.

    He said the party appealed to the Ukrainian president and the Security Service of the Ukraine “not to allow unlawful interference of the foreign country’s citizens in the election process.”

    He added that Ukraine’s law enforcement organs would request Interpol investigate the matter. Kolesnikov said that the party will also contact PACE.

    Earlier, Ukraine’s Central Election Committee refused to register over 2,000 Georgian international observers, citing their lack of proper documentation.


    The European Union member-states will send over 700 observers to monitor the elections.


    Tell me, Andrew, how can it be that the entire European Union with its population of many-many hundreds of million contributed a total of 700 observers, while Georgia, a tiny impoverished country of 5 million wanted to send a whopping 2,000 “observers”? That’s almost a military brigade!

    And why is are all of the 419 presumably “peaceful” observers, who arrived in Ukraine, an “athletic men aged from 25 to 40 years old”?

    I can see only 2 credible explanations (other than their claim that all 419 men have flown together to in Kiev in 3 planes to have a date with 419 girls they met online):

    1. This brigade of goons came there to physically abuse the pro-Russian vote.

    2. They flew to Kiev for a huge gay convention.

    Think about it: not a single female “observer” at all, and no men over 40… Bizarre.

    Is that why the “Georgian homosexuals” jokes are so popular in Ukraine? :-)


    Главным тренером эстонской сборной назначен грузин-гомосексуалист. И… наконец-то эстонская сборная научилась бегать!
    надісл. Kampuchija, 18-12-2006 р.
    A Georgian homosexual was appointed as the new head coach of the Estonian national soccer team in order to make them run fast. :-)

    [Explanation of the joke: Estonians and Finns are considered to be very nordic, subdued, slow and reserved people.]

    • Oh well, Ukrainian humor. It’s not as if Ukrainians and Russians are famous for their wit. But tell us more of your Ukrainian jokes, they are somewhat funny, in a cringetastic, Borat-esque kind of way.

      I thought it was clear why those 2000 Georgians were in Ukraine, they said it themselves: they wanted to meet easy-going Ukrainian girls. Aren’t girls Ukraine’s main export?

  10. [Oh well, Ukrainian humor. It’s not as if Ukrainians and Russians are famous for their wit.]

    How would you know? You are not fluent in Russian and can’t understand jokes in the Russian language, can you? Clealry, you are talking out of ignorance and knee-jerk hatred for everything Russian. Are by any chance British? Most of the famous American and even French comedy writers are of Russian/Ukrainian/Polish/Armenian origin, so Russia itself has had no shortage of comedic geniuses.

    Do you really want to read more translations of Russian jokes? If so, here a few translations that I have handy in a file. They are from the series about melancholic/slow Finns (called “hotblooded Finnish lads”) and laconic Brits. I apologise in advance that they are clean:

    Midnight. An English aristocrat’s home. The phone rings. The butler picks it up.
    – George, is that you?
    – Yes, Sir!
    – Go to my bedroom to see if my wife is in bed alone.
    The butler returns 2 minute later:
    – No, Sir, she isn’t. I saw a gentleman’s feet next to hers.
    – George, take out my gun and shoot them both!
    The butler returns 3 minute later:
    – Sir, I shot the gentleman but the lady managed to hide behind the gazebo.
    – Gazebo? What gazebo?! We don’t have a gazebo! …….. Never mind. Back to sleep. Wrong number.
    Two Englishmen meet after a long while.
    – Dear James, sorry to hear that you buried your wife recently.
    – Had to. Dead, you know.
    Two Englishmen are fishing. One of them catches a mermaid. Looks at her
    and then suddenly lets her go! The other Englishman asks:
    – But why?!
    – But how?!
    Three Finns – a father and his two sons – are fishing.
    Sunrise. 6am. The older son says:
    – The fish don’t seem to be biting.
    Sunset. 6pm. The younger son replies:
    – No, they aren’t.
    Midnight. 12 am. The father chimes in:
    – Not surprising. Your non-stop blabbering is scaring all the fish away, my hot-blooded Finnish lads!
    Two Finns are driving to the mill. Suddenly they see a human hand on the road:
    – Ejno, isn’t this the hand of our miller Martin?
    – Yes, it is.
    They ride on. Suddenly they see a human foot on the road:
    – Ejno, isn’t this the foot of our miller Martin?
    – Yes, it is.
    They ride on. Suddenly they see a human head on the road:
    – Ejno, isn’t this the head of our miller Martin?
    – Yes, it is. Let’s hurry up! I am beginning to get worried!
    A hot-blooded Finn is hitchhiking on a highway. A car stops, with another hot-blooded Finn in it:
    – How far is Helsinki?
    – Not too far. Just 15 minutes from here.
    – May I ride in your car?
    – Sure.
    Two hours later, the hot-blooded Finns resume their conversation:
    – How far is Helsinki now?
    – NOW it is VERY far. Two hours and 15 minutes from here.
    Question from a Finnish crossword puzzle:
    “Ten across. The shortest word in the Finnish language. Sixteen letters.”
    Soccer match Argentina-Finland. The Finnish TV announcer:
    – The score is 37-0 in favor of Argentina. But our Finnish boys shouldn’t despair yet: they still have 89 minutes left in the match to even the score!
    All rotary roads in Helsinki have a sign:
    – No more than 3 times!
    Helsinki subway. Public announcer:
    – This … station … is … called … Sibelius … Street … Next … station … is … going … to … be …………………… Oh … well … what’s … the … difference? … You … just … missed … it … anyway…
    A sign in a Russian bus: “Don’t talk to the driver while he is driving.”
    A sign in an Italian bus: “Don’t reply to the driver while he is driving.”
    A sign in a Finnish bus: “Please talk to the driver while he is driving. Keeps him awake.”
    – There are two types of Finn personalities: introverts and extraverts.
    – What’s the difference between them?
    – When talking to another person, the Finn-introvert is looking at his
    own shoes. But the extravert – on the contrary. He looks at the OTHER
    PERSON’s shoes.
    An ad in an Estonian newspaper on January 6:
    – If you haven’t celebrated the New Year’s yet, you can still do that
    by buying our tourist package to Helsinki.
    Another ad:
    “I am selling a greyhound dog trained at snail hunting”
    The soundtrack of the most popular Finnish heavy metal song: noise, screeching, more noise, more screeching, then in the middle of the song – a solo voice:
    – Mikko, are we recording yet?
    A Finn brags to his friends:
    – Congratulate me: I have just built myself a brand new house!
    – How many rooms?
    – One!
    – Why so?
    – It just didn’t make sense to settle for less than that!
    Most popular Scottish cocktail: “Sweet cranberry”.
    Recipe: 1 cranberry to 1 liter of scotch. If it tastes too sweet – take out one cranberry.
    The Finnish Air Defence forces don’t defend their country against supersonic planes. They don’t believe in their existence.
    The new local slogan for FinnAir:
    “We are faster than a speeding locomotive!”
    Finnish scientists have figured out the secret of the special slow-motion effects of Hollywood blockbuster movies like The Matrix: they use Finnish stuntmen and guns.
    Winter. The desolate snows of Lapland. Two Finns are daydreaming en route:
    – When we finally get to our village, the first thing I’ll do will be take a sauna.
    – Not me. The first thing I’ll do will be take off my skis.
    Iceland/Chukotka/Alaska court hearing. The prosecutor:
    – Defendant, can you tell us exactly where you were on the night from the 16th of October to the 5th of April?

  11. Arthur, those jokes are hilarious! Now you’ve completely disproven all those stereotypes about Russians and Ukrainians having no sense of humour. Maybe you should get a job as an “American, or even French” comedy writer, to join those “Russians, Ukrainians and Armenians” (who are in fact Jewish).

    Here’s some more hilarious Russian jokes I’ve heard:

    – There are no ugly women, just not enough vodka

    – Women have to be like food: fat, to go well with vodka.

  12. [There are no ugly women, just not enough vodka]

    Yes, that’s a popular Russian joke about life in London. However, British scientists found this joke so offensive that they recently conducted research to disproves it:


    Scientists of the University of Leicester UK managed to dispel the myth that alcoholic drinks make women more attractive in the eyes of men. So the phrase “There are no ugly women, only too little vodka” may well go down in history: its truthfulness has come under serious doubt.

    [Women have to be like food: fat, to go well with vodka.]

    That’s a very inane attempt at joking. I bet you made it up on New year’s day after your annual duty of drinking scotch and mating with your wife.

    And here is one of my favourite British-American joke:

    Q. Why do American beer and making love on a boat have in common?

    A. Both are f***ing close to water.

    And here is no joke:


    Health Statistics > Obesity (most recent) by country

    Rank Countries Amount
    # 1 United States: 30.6%
    # 2 Mexico: 24.2%
    # 3 United Kingdom: 23%

    And here are (pretty lame) cockroach jokes:

    “English jokes == Cockroach jokes
    English people are called, Shakespeare cockroaches. Undermentioned Cockroach jokes are about the low intellect, stupidity and idiotic nature of the English people and prove that the English ra*e is basically a stupid r*ce”
    Cockroach Joke 18
    What do you call those Englishmen and women, who are FAT?

    • American beer can be pretty damn good. Nevermind mainstream crap like Miller and Bud, but the US has lot and lots of great microbrews (some of which are just as good as their British and Belgian counterparts). If you live in the US and you’ve only had Miller and Bud, I pity you. But then again, I guess as a good Russian you know more about the taste of cheap cologne.

      • Please don’t put British beer on the same level as Belgian or German. English beer has to be OK in order to drown the revolting taste of the traditional British “cuisine”, but it is cr*p compared to Belgian and German beer.

        • See Arthur, you know nothing about beer. Mainstream German beer (crap like Becks) is no better than mainstream American beer. In terms of microbrews and specialty beers, Germany does indeed have some great stuff (I should know, I live there), but Britain has a brewing tradition that’s at least as good. Germany (like the Czech Republic) is good if you like lagers and wheat beers, but if you like real ales and stouts (like I do) the Brits and the Irish are the best.

          As for British cuisine, Jacques Chirac said it’s the second worst cuisine in Europe after Swedish. But I’d say even Swedish cuisine is more tolerable.

        • Obviously Arthur has forgotten the slime that is Russian “cuisine”


          Meanwhile, who could despise the sunday roast, maybe lamb in a mint sauce, with peas, roast potatoes and pumpkin……

      • Yes, I do like lagers/pilsners and wheat beers, and I have had Beck’s only one and the last time. Same for Heineken. I don’t drink mass beer because I haven’t found one that I like.

        And the best ales come from Belgium.

      • I wrote:
        [{And here is one of my favourite British-American joke:
        Q. Why do American beer and making love on a boat have in common?
        A. Both are f***ing close to water. ]]

        A. replied:
        [If you live in the US and you’ve only had Miller and Bud, I pity you. But then again, I guess as a good Russian you know more about the taste of cheap cologne.]

        LOL. That was a Monty Python joke:


        A joke from a Monty Python live show regarding watery American beer. Monty Python: ” Frankly over here we find that your American beer is a little like making love in a canoe. It’s f**king close to water. ”

        I quoted this joke from the most beloved English “comedians” to show how ignorant you Brits are. Based on that joke, you accused ME and ALL RUSSIANS of being ignorant and of drinking “cheap cologne”.

        Face it, man: it is your British national heroes and Oxford and Cambridge graduates from Monty Python who made that ignorant joke, so it it your fellow British elite that knows nothing about beer and drinks cheap cologne.

        I, on the other hand, grew up in a Russian intelligentsia family, my grandmother was a great cook, and I know more about good food, wine and beer than 99.999% of all Brits.

        • Yees well, you are still a Russian.

          Intelligentsia eh?

          Must have been Communists to survive in Russia.

          How many people did your daddy send to the camps?

          Unfortunately the average Russian does not have your “education” about good food, wine and beer.

          You are an excellent whine expert by the way Arthur.

  13. Oh come on, Andrew, whom are you kidding? Your preoccupation with pedophilia speaks volumes. You are just afraid to come out of the closet while still in Georgia, because if the Georgians found out that you are gay, you would suffer miserably, because Georgians are famous for hating gays and lesbians. What’s the Georgian word for “gay”? Isn’t it “butt-plug”?

    • No, its “Russian”

    • BTW Arthur, you seem to be alittle confused (not just sexually), first you claim Georgians are gay, then you say they are not, and are violently homophobic.

      Make up your mind.

      However, historically the Georgians are known as great womanisers, and interesting to note the Georgian word for a girl who is ready to jump into bed is “Nasha” which is a play on the common Russian womans name “Natashya”, it being a well known joke in soviet times about 37 rouble sex.

      37 roubles for a return ticket to Moscow, lots of women panting for sex because the Russian men are all drunk and buggering Russian boys, so the Georgian and Chechen men see to the womens needs and then back off to the Caucasus in the morning.

      Everyone is happy, the Georgians and Chechens get the Russian girls, the Russian girls get the real men, and the Russian men get to continue being pederasts.

      • 1. No, I don’ t believe that all Georgian men are gay. Otherwise, Georgians would have died out long time ago. But given the hate for gays in modern Georgia, there must be a lot of gays to cause this hatred, or a tleast a lot of closet pederasts who cover up their desires with gay bashing.

        2. Yes, you are right, Georgians are famous for coming to Russia and other USSR republics and raping women and little boys. Didn’t we have numerous stories some examples a few days a go? Let’s look at the famous Georgians hero and Saakashvili’s role model Comrade Beria:

        Torture and sexual abuse allegations

        At Beria’s trial after his June 1953 arrest a significant number of rape and sexual abuse allegations were leveled against him.[11] Beria was accused of raping large numbers of young women, who were picked off the streets by his bodyguards and brought to his mansion, as well as of using threats and intimidation to extract sexual favors from the wives of Soviet officials. One of Beria’s bodyguards, Nadaraia, corroborated these accusations at his own trial in 1955.[12] According to the book of Amy Knight, these sexual abuse accusations against Beria were also partially corroborated by an American diplomat, Edward Ellis Smith: “Smith noted that Beria’s escapades were common knowledge among embassy personnel because his house was on the same street as residence for Americans, and those who lived there saw girls brought to Beria’s house late at night in a limousine.”[12]

        Numerous stories have circulated over the years involving Beria personally beating, torturing and killing his victims. According to historian Simon Sebag-Montefiore, Beria personally tortured Nestor Lakoba’s family, driving his widow mad by placing a snake in her cell and beating his teenage children to death. Because of this event he was sometimes referred to as the “Snakecharmer”.[13]


        Lavrenti Beria executed: December 23rd, 1953.

        by Richard Cavendish

        LAVRENTI PAVLOVICH Beria was a Georgian, like Stalin, who called him ‘my Himmler’. He supervised the ruthless 1930s purges in the region. He soon succeeded Yezhov, who was shot on Stalin’s orders, apparently at Beria’s prompting. Beria, who went on to run the Soviet network of slave-labour camps, was notorious for his sadistic enjoyment of torture and his taste for beating and raping women and violating young girls. By the time of Stalin’s death in 1953 he was one of the most hated men in the country.

        • Well he was just like Yagoda and Yehzov in that regard, both of them were good Russians too, who presided over the worst parts of the great purges, and took delight in raping their victims.

          Dezherzhinksy was also accused of this, it seems to be part and parcel of the Russian secret police mentality.

          Then there are all the rape allegations against Russian soldiers in Checnnya etc

          Publication: North Caucasus Analysis Volume: 2 Issue: 28December 31, 1969 05:00 PM Age: 40 yrsCategory: North Caucasus Analysis

          According to Andrei Mironov of the Russian human rights organization Memorial, as cited by Miriam Lanskoy of Boston University, Russian forces stationed in Chechnya recently committed an organized mass rape of Chechen civilian males. During a fact-finding trip to the North Caucasus, Mironov learned of an incident which took place earlier this month: “Over 700 men (I was given a list of 762 names) were taken to a field. They [the Russian soldiers] raped a woman in front of them.” The Russian troops, Mironov related, then taunted the Chechen men, calling on them to defend the woman’s honor. Those who intervened, sixty-two men, were themselves then “handcuffed to an armored personnel carrier, and publicly raped.” “Never before have I heard about public rape,” Mironov commented, “Of course, people were systematically raped in prisons and detention centers, and [in] military units. This was intended to break their character. But now this is being done in public.” Mironov added that many of the Chechen men who had been publicly raped vowed that they would now become suicide attackers (Eurasianet, July 19).

          In the no. 49 (July 16) issue of Novaya Gazeta, award-winning war correspondent Anna Politkovskaya discussed the same incident and added some details. “Sixty-eight men,” she wrote, “living in Sernovodsk, have announced that they were raped by [Russian] soldiers conducting a punitive action, but they have not found the necessary understanding [on the part of the pro-Moscow Chechen authorities]. Forty-eight of them then appealed to [separatist President] Aslan Maskhadov with a request that they be permitted to become kamikazes in order to exact recompense for these humiliations by committing terrorist acts. Maskhadov categorically refused to grant their request. Two of them then attempted to commit suicide. This took place on July 12 in Sernovodsk. One succeeded. The other was revived.””


          So what were those examples you were talking about pedo?

          Some more about Russian scum raping in the Caucasus

          From an article1:

          Sometimes those who survive wish they were dead, as in Zernovodsk this summer, when townspeople say they were chased on to a field [by Russian soldiers] and made to watch women being raped. When their men tried to defend them, 68 of them were handcuffed to an armoured truck and raped too. After this episode, 45 of them joined the guerrillas in the mountains. One older man, Nurdi Dayeyev, who was nearly blind, had nails driven through his hands and feet because it was suspected that he was in contact with the fighters. When relatives later retrieved his remains, he was missing a hand. The relatives of another villager, Aldan Manayev, picked up a torso but no head. The families were forced to sign declarations that Dayeyev and Manayev had blown themselves up. (link)

          Where does the brutality of Chechen terrorists come from? Maybe from facing this kind of brutality from the Russian Army. While we rightly condemn the actions of the Chechen hostage-takers in Russia, let us also condemn just as strongly the atrocities committed by Russia that led to it.

          Complete text of the article, Torture and rape stalk the streets of Chechnya, by Krystyna Kurczab-Redlich

          At 5am on 14 April 2002, an armoured vehicle moved slowly down Soviet Street. A young brown-haired man, covered in blood, his hands and feet bound, stood onboard. The vehicle stopped and the man was pushed off and brought over to a nearby chain-link fence. The car took off and there was a loud bang. The force of the explosion, caused either by a grenade or dynamite, sent the man’s head flying into the neighbouring street, called Lenin’s Commandments. ‘It was difficult to photograph the moment, though I have grown somewhat accustomed to this,’ says a petite greying Chechen woman, who has spent years documenting what Russia calls its ‘anti-terrorism campaign’.
          Blowing people up, dead or alive, she reports, is the latest tactic introduced by the federal army into the conflict. It was utilised perhaps most effectively on 3 July in the village of Meskyer Yurt, where 21 men, women and children were bound together and blown up, their remains thrown into a ditch.

          From the perspective of the perpetrators, this method of killing is highly practical; it prevents the number of bodies from being counted, or possibly from ever being found. It has not always succeeded in this respect, however. Since the spring, dogs have been digging up body parts in various corners of Chechnya, sometimes almost daily.

          Meanwhile, the more traditional methods endure. On 9 September the bodies of six men from Krasnostepnovskoye were found, naked, with plastic bags wrapped around their heads. In June, a ditch containing 50 mutilated bodies was discovered near the Russian army post in Chankala. The corpses were missing eyes, ears, limbs and genitals. Since February, mass graves have been found near Grozny, Chechen Yurt, Alkhan-Kala and Argun.

          For nearly 10 years, since the beginning of the first war in December 1994, the grey-haired woman has been patrolling with her camera. She shows the gruesome images strewn on her table as if they were relics, or photographs from a family album. She runs her hand over the contours of an actual cracked skull, one of about a dozen found in February between Meskyer Yurt and Chechen Yurt.

          ‘The remains were unearthed not long after they died,’ she says. ‘The tissue was still in good shape. The torn pieces of flesh suggest that the victims were attacked by dogs. It’s difficult to know. People don’t want to talk. They are scared that they will be next.’

          The Society for Russian-Chechen Relations, in collaboration with Human Rights Watch, reports that in the span of a month between 15 July and 15 August this year, 59 civilians were shot dead, 64 were abducted, 168 were seriously wounded and 298 were tortured. Many men simply disappeared after being detained by Russian soldiers or security police; others were shot outright. During an operation in Chechen Aul between 21 May and 11 June, 22 men were killed. The majority were aged 20 to 26; two were 15.

          Since Chechen Aul is considered hostile territory, it has undergone 20 such ‘mopping-up operations’ this year. Usually the raids are conducted by federal armed forces (particularly OMON, the police special forces, and Spetsnaz, its army equivalent) and occur at any time of day or night. Typically a village will be encircled by tanks, armoured vehicles and army trucks, one of which, known as the purification car, is designated for torture. According to Human Rights Watch in New York, torture is a preferred method of gathering intelligence. Cut off and isolated, Russian troops’ best hope of discovering guerrilla activity is by grabbing citizens, almost at random, and coercing from them whatever information they might have.

          In its most benign form, such raids are limited to theft of personal property – from cars, refrigerators and television sets to jewellery, clothes, pots and pans, and, of course, money. But they frequently turn ugly. ‘They arrived on 23 August at 5am,’ says Zuhra from Enikaloi. ‘There were about 100 army vehicles, all packed with soldiers. We ran out to meet them with our documents. God forbid you encounter an impatient ‘federal’. If you do, then in the best-case scenario you may be tortured or shot dead on the spot. In the worst case, they take you away. About 20 of them, armed to the teeth and wearing masks, climbed into the yard and the house. As always, they were dirty, unshaven and reeking of vodka. They cursed horribly. They shot at our feet. They took my identification papers and started to shred them. I had bought them for 500 roubles. They cost me everything I had. They went to our neighbours’ house, the Magomedova family. We heard shots and the screams of 15-year-old Aminat, the sister of Ahmed and Aslanbek. “Let her be!” screamed one of the brothers, “Kill us instead!”. Then we heard more shots. Through the window we saw a half-dressed OMON commander lying on top of Aminat. She was covered in blood from the bullet wounds. Another soldier shouted, “Hurry up, Kolya, while she’s still warm”.’

          Sometimes those who survive wish they were dead, as in Zernovodsk this summer, when townspeople say they were chased on to a field and made to watch women being raped. When their men tried to defend them, 68 of them were handcuffed to an armoured truck and raped too. After this episode, 45 of them joined the guerrillas in the mountains. One older man, Nurdi Dayeyev, who was nearly blind, had nails driven through his hands and feet because it was suspected that he was in contact with the fighters. When relatives later retrieved his remains, he was missing a hand. The relatives of another villager, Aldan Manayev, picked up a torso but no head. The families were forced to sign declarations that Dayeyev and Manayev had blown themselves up.

          Usually groups of people simply disappear. Shortly thereafter their families begin feverish searches in all the army headquarters and watch posts. If they can track down a missing family member, they might be able to buy him or her back. The going rate for a live person is in the thousands of dollars. For a dead body, the price is not much lower. If they cannot find the person, family members mail letters to Putin (Russia’s president) and file petitions with social organisations and rights groups. They post photographs with the caption missing.

          And they wait. Most of the abductees never return and the trail grows cold.

          Those who do return are often crippled, with bruised kidneys and lungs, damaged hearing or eyesight and broken bones. It is almost certain they will never have children.

          The Russians do not deny that these things happen. Indeed, an official order has been issued banning such abuses.

          But what most journalistic accounts from the region overlook is the savagery committed by the other side. Anyone considered a ‘collaborator’ by the guerrillas is subject to abduction for ransom or summary execution. This summer a remote-controlled mine, presumably intended for a Russian military convoy, exploded at a bus stop in the Chechen capital of Grozny, killing 11 civilians, including two children.

          Analysts say that guerrilla leader Aslan Maskhadov, once regarded as comparatively secular, has succeeded in consolidating his often fractious forces by welcoming back into his command several rebel commanders regarded as radical Islamists. New rebel videotapes play down nationalist imagery in favour of Islamist symbols.

          It all suggests that the brutality of the Russians has also resulted in a growing radicalisation of their opponents.


  14. But wait, there is more, much more about the Russian predeliction to rape and abuse of minors, male and female…

    “Russia’s filtration camp policy is ‘to cripple Chechens for life’

    Captured male and female civilians tortured and raped by masked soldiers

    By Patrick Cockburn in Moscow

    Thursday, 17 February 2000
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    Horrifying new evidence is emerging of systematic beatings and rape by Russian soldiers of Chechen civilians and suspected guerrillas who are being held prisoner in what Russia calls”filtration camps” in northern Chechnya.

    Horrifying new evidence is emerging of systematic beatings and rape by Russian soldiers of Chechen civilians and suspected guerrillas who are being held prisoner in what Russia calls”filtration camps” in northern Chechnya.

    Ruslan, a 21-year old man from Grozny, the Chechen capital, who does not want to give his family name, is one of the few prisoners to be freed. He has described how girls as young as 13 were raped by masked Russian soldiers.

    Still bowed over in pain from being hit with a metal hammer on the back he says: “I thought nothing could be worse than the rubber sticks. Then I realised that the rubber sticks were nothing in comparison to the hammer.” When Ruslan was first arrested he was stripped of his clothes and kept in a specially refrigerated room at the camp in Chernkozovo.

    He was only released when his mother borrowed money to pay a large bribe. His experiences appear to be typical of the treatment received by those Chechens who have been arrested since a general mopping up operation started in Chechnya in mid-January. General Viktor Kazantsev, the Russian army commander in the north Caucasus, announced that all Chechen males between the ages of 10 and 60 would be considered as suspects.

    Ruslan’s story confirms the account given in a letter from a Russian soldier serving at Chernokozovo, published by The Independent last week, of merciless beatings and systematic rape of both men and women. Both Ruslan and the soldier say that almost none of the prisoners in the filtration camp have any connection with Chechen guerrillas. Most were arrested at the whim of Russian soldiers at checkpoints or during house-to-house searches. “They are literally being killed here, one just has to hear the cries of robust healthy guys whose bones are being broken,” wrote the soldier.

    There is growing evidence that the treatment inflicted on the Chechen prisoners by Russian soldiers is equal in brutality to that suffered by Bosnian Muslims in the early Nineties for which some of the perpetrators are now on trial for war crimes.

    In an interview with Human Rights Watch in Nazran, the capital of Ingushetia, Ruslan described how he was arrested on 16 January at a checkpoint as he and his family were trying to leave Chechnya.

    His mother and sister desperately tried to prevent him from being taken away but were told by the Russian soldiers that they would be shot unless they desisted.

    Ruslan was among the first Chechens taken by van to Chernokozovo, an old Soviet prison on the Terek river in north-west Chechnya. He says: We were told by the soldiers ‘don’t even whisper to each other or we will shoot you’.”

    As the prisoners left the van they were forced to run between lines of soldiers who beat them with rubber batons. The Russian soldiers, who were always masked, worked in shifts of 12 to carry out the beatings. “I was like a ball between them”, says Ruslan. The only Russian whom he saw unmasked was the official investigator. Ruslan said: “He knew I was a fighter.”

    When Ruslan denied that he knew any fighters he was beaten again. The beatings appear to be aimed at maiming young Chechens, breaking their ribs and fingers and bursting their eardrums. From 6pm to 11pm the prisoners were forced to stand with their arms raised. “He read out a decree that was on his desk.” said Ruslan. “It said that 150,000 Chechens have to pass through the filtration camps.” The official investigator added that the purpose of the camp was that those who survived would go out of it “crippled for the rest of their lives”. Ruslan claims that thesoldiers who were guarding the prisoners were raping the detained women, including girls as young as 13. Confirming the account of the Russian soldier who served in Chernokozovo, Ruslan says the guards also raped the men.

    Peter Bruckaert, a spokesman for Human Rights Watch, said the accounts of rape and mistreatment from the first prisoners coming out of the filtration camps are consistent with each other. He adds that there have been massive round-ups of Chechens over the last few weeks. He said Russian TV has shown pictures of young men in Grozny being tossed into the back of trucks like logs of wood.

    Ruslan was only released on 5 February because a pro-Russian Chechen arranged for the release of two Russian soldiers held by the Chechen fighters and his mother borrowed money to pay a bribe.

    There are signs that the Russian authorities intend to intensify the occupation of Chechnya by increasing the number of filtration camps. The Russian daily Commersant reported yesterday that a prison is to be first building rebuilt by Russia in Grozny. Most of the Chechen capital is in ruins as a result of prolonged bombardment by Russian artillery and aircraft and the prison will be given priority over providing shelter for either the Russian army or civilians.

    * The United Nations high commissioner for human rights, Mary Robinson, yesterday attacked Moscow for refusing her request to visit areas affected by the Chechen conflict. “The suffering caused by indiscriminate bombing and seeming disregard for civilians must not be compounded by the denial of the basic human rights of people in Chechnya.” she said.


    More Evidence of Rape by Russian Forces in Chechnya
    (Nazran, March 30, 2000) — The arrest of a colonel who may have committed rape in Chechnya does not address a pattern of sexual assault by Russian forces in the Chechen conflict, Human Rights Watch said today. On March 29, the chief of the general staff of the Russian armed forces, Col. Gen. Anatoly Kvashnin, announced that a Russian tank commander had been arrested for killing a woman who had evidently been raped before she died.
    Human Rights Watch today released fresh evidence of two additional cases of rape that it has documented through witness testimony. Human Rights Watch has previously documented rape in other Chechen towns and villages, including Shali and Alkhan-Yurt. (See, Rape Allegations Surface in Chechnya, HRW Release January 20, 2000.)

    “It would certainly be a step in the right direction if the Russian government actually prosecuted a serviceman for rape. But a single prosecution wouldn’t begin to address the problem. There have been hundreds of war crimes, including summary executions and rapes, committed by Russian soldiers in Chechnya.” Holly Cartner, executive director of the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch.

    The Geneva Conventions define rape as a war crime. “It would certainly be a step in the right direction if the Russian government actually prosecuted a serviceman for rape,” said Holly Cartner, executive director of the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch.

    “But a single prosecution wouldn’t begin to address the problem. There have been hundreds of war crimes, including summary executions and rapes, committed by Russian soldiers in Chechnya.”

    According to two eyewitnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch, Heda Kungayeva, 18, was raped and murdered by Russian forces sometime between midnight on March 26-27 and the evening of March 28, in the village of Tangi Chu south of Grozny.

    According to “A.B.” (not the witness’s real initials), Kungayeva was at home with her father and three siblings on the night of March 26. Her siblings told A.B.’s relatives that when soldiers came near their home, Kungayeva called out to her father, warning him of the arrival of the Russian forces and telling him to leave the house to avoid arbitrary detention. Her father departed, leaving Kungayeva in the house with her siblings.

    A.B. reported that when her father returned, the other children informed him that the Russian soldiers had come to the house, looked at all the children, and said, “We’d better take the pretty woman.”

    The Russian soldiers then took Kungayeva away. “B.D.” (not the witness’s true initials) told Human Rights Watch that on the night of March 26-27, B.D. heard screaming and shooting from the Kungayevs’ house. B.D. ran to the Kungayevs’ house just after midnight.

    Mr. Kungayev told B.D. that his 18-year-old daughter had just been taken away by Russian contract soldiers in an armored personnel carrier (APC). B.D. reported to Human Rights Watch that the sound of the APC pulling away from the village was still audible.

    Villagers followed the APC to the edge of Tangi Chu, and watched it return to the Russian military positions in the mountains surrounding the village. On March 27, a group of villagers obtained permission from local Russian forces to travel to Urus-Martan, seven kilometers from Tangi Chu, to search for Kungayeva.

    They believed that she might have been taken to one of two detention facilities run by Russian forces in that town. A.B. and B.D. both reported to Human Rights Watch that on March 28, a Russian commander in Urus Martan told the group of villagers that Kungayeva was dead, and had been raped by drunken men.

    He promised to find and punish the perpetrators, and to return the corpse. The witnesses told Human Rights Watch that Kungayeva’s body was returned on the evening of March 28. They said that her body was badly disfigured.

    Human Rights Watch has collected evidence of another rape, earlier this year, at the Kavkaz military checkpoint near the border with Ingushetia.

    Alisa (not her real name) reported to Human Rights Watch that in the last week of January, while traveling by bus with Maya (not her real name) from Chechnya to Ingushetia, the bus was stopped at the Kavkaz Russian military checkpoint, manned by Russian contract soldiers.

    Ostensibly because the photograph of Alisa in her passport no longer resembled her current appearance, the soldiers detained her, together with Maya. The bus driver pleaded with the soldiers not to detain the women, but the soldiers responded that the women would be sent back to their point of origin. The driver left. Alisa and Maya were taken to separate underground shelters near the checkpoint. In Alisa’s shelter were four Russian soldiers who accused her of being a sniper.

    They gave her a gun and told her to dismantle it, put it back together, and then shoot. Alisa told Human Rights Watch that she had never held a gun and did not know how to handle one. One of the soldiers hit her with either his wrist or fist, and Alisa fell to the floor. Two other soldiers began kicking her. The soldiers told Alisa, “You will never have children again.” Then the soldiers raped her. Some time later, Maya was brought into the underground shelter where Alisa was being held.

    According to Alisa, Maya was covered in blood and her mouth was cut. Alisa told Human Rights Watch that Maya said she had also been raped. Alisa told Human Rights Watch that she believes Chechen fighters paid the Russian forces for their release. She spent three weeks in bed recovering from the abuse.

    Rape is considered a war crime under Protocol II additional to the Geneva Conventions, which prohibits it in its Article Four (Fundamental Guarantees), “at any time, and in any place whatsoever outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment, rape, enforced prostitution, and any form of indecent assault.”


  15. Maybe Arthur you should try reading this article….


    Or this:

    “New Information on Massacres in Aldi District of Grozny
    June 1, 2000
    The Russian government has not undertaken any serious investigation of these horrendous crimes. President Clinton should put this at the head of his agenda with President Putin.
    Holly Cartner Executive Director of the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch As U.S. President Bill Clinton arrives in Moscow for a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Human Rights Watch has released a report Russia / Chechnya February 5: A Day of Slaughter in Novye Aldi detailing the massacre of at least sixty Chechen civilians in the Grozny suburb of Aldi in February.

    On February 5, 2000, Russian forces engaged in widespread killing, arson, rape and looting in Aldi. The victims included an eighty-two-year-old woman, and a one-year-old-boy with his twenty-nine-year-old mother, who was eight months pregnant. The 46-page report criticizes the failure of the Russian authorities to undertake a credible investigation into the massacre and provide adequate protection for witnesses.

    Human Rights Watch previously documented the events in Aldi in a February 23 press release, but the new report documents in detail the killings of forty of the victims, along with six cases of rape, and the widespread arson and looting of civilian homes.

    “The Russian government has not undertaken any serious investigation of these horrendous crimes,” said Holly Cartner, Executive Director of the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch. “President Clinton should put this at the head of his agenda with President Putin.”

    Russian authorities have themselves admitted that special riot police units (in Russian, OMON) from the city of St. Petersburg and Riazan province were in Aldi on February 5. The military procurator passed the case over to the Grozny civilian procurator, stating that OMON units do not fall under his supervision. Three civilian procurators are currently investigating the killings.

    The failure to address what amounts to war crimes in Aldi directly contradicts Putin’s statement on May 29 that “all violations of the law in Chechnya will be stamped out in the most severe fashion regardless of who committed them.”

    Human Rights Watch called on President Clinton to set a deadline for President Putin to start prosecutions against Russian forces for the massacre in Aldi. President Putin should also demonstrate significant and measurable progress towards implementing the April 2000 U.N. Commission on Human Rights resolution on Chechnya. This resolution included a call to the Russian government to “establish urgently, according to recognized international standards, a national, broad-based and independent commission of inquiry.” Neither the Duma (parliament) commission headed by Alexander Tkachev, nor the commission of inquiry headed by former minster of justice, Pavel Krashenninikov, meet internationally recognized standards on commissions of inquiry.

    Russian forces began shelling Aldi in earnest on February 3, using cluster bombs against a civilian objects. Reconnaissance units of Russian conscript soldiers entered the village on February 4, warning the local residents to come out from their cellars and to have their documents ready for inspection the next day.

    On February 5, 2000, Russian riot police and contract soldiers entered Aldi and went from house to house executing civilians. Some killings were accompanied by demands for money or jewelry, serving as a pretext for execution if the amount was insufficient. Others victims lacked identity papers. Several witnesses stated that the soldiers forcibly removed the victims’ gold teeth or stole jewelry from corpses.

    Despite the great cultural stigma attached to rape in Chechnya’s predominantly Muslim communities, second-hand reports of the rape of women by Russian soldiers in Aldi on February 5 have surfaced. Several women spoke to Human Rights Watch researchers about six cases of rape. This suggests that the actual number of incidents could be many more. In one incident, soldiers reportedly gang-raped four women and strangled three of them, leaving the fourth for dead.

    Russian soldiers torched many homes of Chechen civilians in Aldi. While soldiers engaged in some pillage on February 5, the pillage on a massive scale took place during the following week. Witnesses stated that soldiers returned in large numbers on February 10 and in broad daylight brazenly stripped their homes of valuables.

    Because the Russian government has shown a clear lack of political will to vigorously investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of the Aldi massacre, a national commission of inquiry is likely to be inadequate. Several witnesses told Human Rights Watch that they had withheld information from Russian investigators in Aldi for fear of reprisals.

    “Only an international commission of inquiry could enjoy the trust of eyewitnesses and of victims’ relatives,” said Cartner. “Until such an international commission is formed, with the ability to recommend prosecutions, it’s not likely that those who are guilty of the Aldi atrocities will ever be punished.””


  16. Andrew wrote:
    [Thursday, 17 February 2000
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    You are the laziest spammer around. You just cut-and-paste random text without even reading what you are dumping on us. No wonder you posted a spam 1500 lines long the other night.

    • Did you read the articles about mass rape by Russian scum, I mean soldiers, oops right the first time?

      As for lazy, thats you Arthur, morally, intelectually and physically lazy.

  17. Arthur,

    You just love blaming everyone but yourselves right?

    Your country never bothered me until I began to live here. The filthy, venal, cess-pit that is Russia needs sites such as this to expose the realities, especially as we have to deal with programmed, neo-soviet, nostalgic morons like you.

    It just beggars belief how a country with so much ‘intelligence’ (as you put it), is so lacking in wisdom, grace and compassion.

    Shame on you bastards.

  18. Arthur, a lot of Belgian ales is pretty good, but it’s definitely not better than British ale. Overall there’s more quality stuff in Britain. I personally think the Scots make the best ale in the world, but that’s a matter of personal taste. And since you’re in the US, try some Dead Guy Ale by Rogue (Portland), Honker’s Ale by Goose Island (Chicago) or anything by Surly (Minneapolis). Good stuff.

    You’re right about British food (I’m not a Brit or Yank), but I don’t think there’d be German policemen in hell. German cops are a lot nicer than American cops, believe me. But in most likelihood hell would have Russian cops. And Russian pop music. And all the media is in Russian. The cooks would probably be a multinational team of Brits, Czechs and Russians.

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