January 15, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia and its Bandits

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Dima “Slimeball” Trenin

(3)  Vladimir Putin, War Criminal

(4)  Welcome to the Neo-Soviet Gulag

(5) Russia goes to War with its Little Brother

17 responses to “January 15, 2010 — Contents

  1. First Caucasian Takes Russian Media by Storm


    “It is a famous aphorism: when the cannons are firing, the muses are silent,” said Alla Dudaeva, a famous painter, poet and writer and widow of the first President of separatist Chechnya Dzhokhar Dudaev. “I want to make the opposite true: I want to make the cannons silent when the muses are talking.”

    Dudaeva now hosts a programme, Caucasian Portrait, on First Caucasian, a Russian-language TV channel launched on the web by the Georgian Public Broadcaster at the beginning of this year. The channel was initiated by Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili and is funded by the Government. Available at http://www.1k-tv.com, it offers news coverage four times a day and a variety of cultural, political and educational programmes, including Dudaeva’s Caucasian Portrait, Oleg Panfilov’s Georgia with Oleg Panfilov, Zurab Dvali’s A Question’s Price and the children’s cartoons Fairytales of the Caucasian Peoples.

    Saakashvili has dismissed any allegations that the channel has been created largely with the objective of countering Russian anti-Caucasian propaganda and misinformation. Critics such as Giorgi Khaindrava, a former Minister for Conflict Resolution now a prominent opposition leader, say however that is has the potential to further aggravate tensions between Georgia and Russia, still high after the August 2008 war.

  2. The Helsinki District Court decided on Friday that Xhadizhat Gataeva and her husband Malik Gataev, known as benefactors of orphans of the war in Chechnya, are to remain apprehended until the court will decide whether or not to extradite the couple to Lithuania.

    Xhadizhat Gataeva, also known as the ”Angel of Grozny”, and her spouse are seeking political asylum in Finland alleging persecution by the Lithuanian security officials.


    Links to the articles (and the book and a film) about the “angel of Grozny”:


    A scene of the film (evacuation of children to Ingushetia):

    • Another deportation case, less outrageous (former fighter and not a humanitarian worker) but potentially more dangerous (further torture, death) – this time a shameful act by the “anti-Russian” Ukrainian authorities:

      Ukraine must not forcibly extradite Chechen man to Russia

      14 January 2010


      Amnesty International has urged the Ukrainian authorities not to extradite to Russia a Chechen refugee amid fears he would be at risk of torture and other grave human rights violations.

      Ahmed Chataev, who had reportedly been tortured by Russian forces after he was detained in Chechnya during fighting in 2000, was visiting Ukraine with a valid visa when he was detained by police on 3 January.


      Ahmed Chataev was granted refugee status in Austria on 24 November 2003 and has lived there for several years with his wife and three children, a 4-year old girl, a 5-year-old boy, both born in Austria, and a 7-year-old boy born in Chechnya. Ahmed Chataev’s wife will give birth to another child in August.

      He was wounded in the arm and stomach during fighting in Urus Martan in Chechnya in 2000, but before he could be taken to hospital he fell into the hands of Russian forces.

      He was reportedly subjected to torture including electric shocks despite being very badly wounded. His arm was subsequently amputated. He and his family then fled to Austria via Azerbaijan.

      Amnesty International has reminded the Ukrainian authorities that as a state party to the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, they must not forcefully return refugees or asylum-seekers to any country where they would face a serious risk of the death penalty, torture or other grave human rights abuses.

  3. Georgian observers have left for Ukraine this morning after the Kiev City Court nullified the ruling of the Ukraine`s Central Election Commission, which had rejected the request of Georgian monitors to observe the presidential elections in Ukraine.

    The law court announced the ruling yesterday. The ruling allows Georgian observers to monitor the elections of the president of Ukraine, which will be held on January 17.

    Reportedly, the opposition candidate Viktor Yanukovich has majority in the Ukraine`s CEC, who refused Georgian observers to attend the elections two days ago.


    • The kremlin is still trying to occupy and enslave Ukraine:

      Regions Party to raise question of goals of Georgian citizens’ arrival for election in Ukraine

      Today at 17:33 | Interfax-Ukraine

      The parliamentary faction of the Regions Party will on Tuesday raise the question of the goals of the mass arrival of Georgian citizens in Ukraine for alleged monitoring of the presidential election in the country, Regions Party deputy head Borys Kolesnikov has said.

      “If the interference of the Saakashvili regime in a struggle against the [Ukrainian] opposition is proved, we’ll demand that international organizations and the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry introduce a visa regime for Georgian citizens irrespective of the election results,” Kolesnikov said.


      • The Central Election Commission has not yet registered the proposed 2,000 observers from Georgia.

      • [The kremlin is still trying to occupy and enslave Ukraine: The parliamentary faction of the Regions Party will on Tuesday raise the question of the goals of the mass arrival of Georgian citizens in Ukraine]

        That’s your definition of “occupation and enslavement”? Wow.

    • Russia Today: Ukraine’s opposition fears 400 Georgians come to disrupt elections

      Ukrainian opposition Party of Regions is worried over possible attempts to disrupt the country’s elections. It said several charter flights arrived from Georgia, bringing in over 400 “athletic men.”

      PS RT is such a lying propaganda rag that this just proves that the Georgian citizens came to prevent fraud. That is why the kremlin controlled Central Elections Commission initially denied the Georgian delegation.

  4. Hey, remember how Modern Combat 2 has been banned in Russia few months ago – and at the same time became one of the most popular video games ever (in the rest of the world)?

    Well, the new game from the same team (DICE) – this time in Georgia:

    • And for the Russian side… just keep watching it to the very end :)

    • Robert,

      Why do you always hi-jack discussion as if you own this blog and can set the agenda? What on Earth does your favourite video game have to do with anything here? The fact that kids now play it in Georgia too is hardly a good pretext. Are you working for LR? Did she allow you to turn this into a gaming blog? I suspect not.

      • Arthur, the fact is kids in Georgia play anything but computer games – in a country with half of the population subsistence farmers…

        Bobby boy was lucky enough to be born somewhere else, far from the Caucasian torch of democracy:)

  5. Russian lawmakers sneer at Yuschenko proposal to set up tribunal on Soviet regime

    Moscow, January 15 (Interfax) – Two members of Russia’s State Duma, in interviews with Interfax, sneered at an initiative by Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko to set up an international tribunal to investigate alleged crimes by the Soviet regime and said he himself deserved being put on trial for “crimes against his own people.”

    Since I am convinced that it was the Americans who brought Yuschenko to power in order to ruin Russian-Ukrainian relations as much as possible, I see his initiative to set up an international tribunal as political death throes,” said Alexei Ostrovsky, chairman of the Duma Committee on the Commonwealth of Independent States and Liaison with Compatriots.


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