EDITORIAL: Barbaric Russia butchers its Women


Barbaric Russia butchers its Women

Domestic violence kills 14,000 women in Russia each year, which amounts to almost one woman every hour, or about the same number of Soviet soldiers who died fighting in the 10-year Afghan war. And at the moment there is no law to protect them.

There are 365 days in ayear, and each one has 24 hours, for a total of 8,760 hours per year.  Each hour has 60 minutes, which means each year has 525,600 minutes.  Divide that number of minutes by 14,000 murders of women by their husbands, and you get one such killing every 37.5 minutes, not every hour.  It’s more accurate to say one Russian woman is murdered by her husband every half an hour.

Knowing that such a stupid error was made, it probably will not surprise you to learn that the speaker was not some wild-eyed Russophobe but the Kremlin’s own propaganda project Russia Today, back in February of 2008 — some six months before the worst financial crisis of the past decade smashed into Russia like a tsunami.  If the Kremlin itself admits that 14,000 Russian women are murdered every year by their husbands, do you dare to imagine what the real figure is? Do you dare?

In 2003, “only” 9,000 women were killed by their husbands in Putin’s Russia according to government statistics. That means that over the course of the next five years, while Putin governed, the murder rate increased by a shocking 55%.  This figure is ten times the number of women murdered by their husbands in the United States, a country with twice Russia’s population.  In other words, the per capita murder rate of women by their husbands is twenty times lower in the USA than it is in Russia. Yet, Russian government officials claim the problem of domestic violence is no worse in Russia than anywhere else, and the city of Moscow does not have one single shelter to house women fleeing domestic violence.

Not one shelter.  Our lead editorial today, regarding the barbaric arrest of 82-year-old human rights activist Lyudmila Alekseyeva, shows in perfect microcosm Russia’s attitude towards women:  It simply doesn’t care.  The picture of this frail old woman in the clutches of a hoard of Kremlin thugs is truly worth a thousand screams.

Compared to many an ordinary Russian housewife, however, it was a walk in the park for Alekseyeva.  Just listen to the horror.

Here is the story of one Russian woman who had no place to escape to:

My husband would come home from work, often a little drunk. And he would hit me if something was wrong, like I forgot to take the garbage out or the soup for dinner was not warm enough.  I was like a fish in a tank: all alone. You open your mouth, try to say something, but nobody hears you. Everyone was just waving me off: this is nothing, it’s your family business. The last time he beat me up I woke up in hospital, with small tubes sticking out of my stomach and drips in my veins. I was told that I was in hospital and I had just been operated on. My first thought was: but how did I end up here? Oh, but I ended up here because I was beaten up by my husband. And why did he beat me up? Oh, because I was foolish enough to let him do it.

American data shows that the onset of the global financial downturn has caused a dramatic upsurge in domestic violence in the USA, and this upsurge is widely reported.  But try — just try — to find reports about what has occurred in Russia since August 2008 on Russian TV or in major Russian newspapers. Good luck with that.

The Putin regime will not face this crisis any more than it will acknowledge any of its other failings. Just as in Soviet times, it will hide the crucial facts from the population in order to escape blame and keep itself in power, and it will bring about the downfall of the nation by doing so.  No intelligent person can argue about it:  The Russian government is far more dangerous to the survival of the Russian nation than any foreign power.  And the people of Russia are responsible for their government, and ultimately responsible for the barbaric murder of their wives and mothers.

No nation can survive outrage this extreme.  Russia surely will not do so.

10 responses to “EDITORIAL: Barbaric Russia butchers its Women

  1. @14,000 (…) Soviet soldiers who died fighting in the 10-year Afghan war.

    The real number is far higher (too). Maybe even 75,000.

  2. Also https://larussophobe.wordpress.com/2010/01/01/editorial-he-man-putin-shows-snegurochka-whos-boss/#comments for more direct examples of the “Russia[n state] butchering its Women” (even ethnic Russian ones).

    And most people in Russia supported this.

  3. Great post, LR.

  4. Here’s something ironic –

    the rooshan orthodox church has done everything it can to infest every aspect of rooshan life, including keeping out protestants or muslims.

    Yet, with the beating of women, the rooshans look exactly like muslim countries, where women are killed on the pretext of “honor killings,” or other pretexts, or are simply treated like chattel and slaves, as under the Taliban.

    So why isn’t the rooshan orthodox church helping out on this?

    Because they’re too busy, with their “right of first refusal,” looking over the Duma’s legislation to make sure it’s “correct,” and protecting “their turf.”

    Helping abused women? Well, that’s just not the rooshan orthodox way.

    • @Yet, with the beating of women, the rooshans look exactly like muslim countries, where women are killed on the pretext of “honor killings,” or other pretexts, or are simply treated like chattel and slaves, as under the Taliban.

      If you are now implying there is actually any difference, in reality there is none:


      This man is the “Hero of Russia” etc.

  5. Robert, you are right – there is no difference.

    I don’t know how women put up with it.

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