EDITORIAL: Hands Up, Officer Dymovsky!

Police Major Alexei Dymovsky


Hands Up, Officer Dymovsky!

Kremlin prosecutors announced on Monday that they would file criminal charges against Russian Police Major Alexei Dymovsky for “abuse of office” in connection with his YouTube plea for Kremlin assistance in dealing with widespread corruption in the ranks of the Russian police.

Once again, in other words, the Russian government is going to massacre a legitimate Russian hero and the people of Russia will not lift a finger to stop it.

There can be only one result from this action, of course:  Fewer Russians will dare to come forward to point out problems in need of reform, and those problems — just as in Soviet times — will fester and worsen until they cripple and destroy the nation.

The irony here is genuinely shocking. Everyone knows the extent of corruption in the Russian police forces, and yet the Kremlin’s first response is to jail a whistleblower, not to nab any of the corrupt cops themselves.  Even as the charges against Dymovsky were being announced, an independent audit of the treatment of Sergei Magnitsky was confirming that he had been tortured by his jailers for political purposes.

Yet the Kremlin, even as it tries to make it look like it is attempting to do justice by Magnitsky, has no hesitation in profferring criminal charges against exactly the sort of person who is necessary to affect such justice.  Even as it fires some of Magnitsky’s oppressors, it crucifies those who would speak the truth about such cases.

The message from the Kremlin is clear:  It is at least as serious an offense to expose police corruption as it is to commit it, and the Kremlin will deal harshly with those who dare to do so.

5 responses to “EDITORIAL: Hands Up, Officer Dymovsky!

  1. By the time all this is done, Michael Kordhorovsky’s (sp?) legal team is going to be defending half the Russian population. Well I pray this courageous man gives the Kremlin hell. He needs to turn around (wasn’t he fired) and sue the powers that be for failure to protect his rights as a Russian citizen. Probably just by pass the Russian Courts and go straight into the European Court of Human Rights; just to tell the Kremlin that’s how little anyone can depend upon the Russian judicial system to protect them. Just some thoughts.

  2. The kremlin keeps doing what the uncivilized barbarians in the kremlin do best. They keep culling, and culling, and culling the russian intelligentsia {Now that they do not have the Ukrainian, Polish, Baltic, and other intelligentsia to kill!}.

    The kremlin is trying to create a SUPER MASTER RACE of secular savage uncivilized pagan barbarians to continue the work of the kremlin {compared to Hitler, who just wanted to create a master race.}, by killing, or arresting, the cream of the crop.

    The kremlin must have adopted the remarkable experiment started in the former Soviet Union in 1959 by Dmitri K. Belyaev, to fulfill the kremlin’s goals.

    Nice Rats, Nasty Rats: Maybe It’s All in the Genes


    Belyaev and his brother were geneticists who believed in Mendelian theory despite the domination of Soviet science by Trofim Lysenko, who rejected Mendelian genetics.

    Belyaev’s brother was exiled to a concentration camp, where he died, but Belyaev was able to move to Siberia in 1958 and became director of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk.

    Belyaev died in 1985, but his experiment was continued by his successor, Lyudmila N. Trut. The experiment did not become widely known outside Russia until 1999, when Dr. Trut published an article in American Scientist.

    Realizing that genetics can be better studied in smaller animals, Belyaev also started a study of rats, beginning with wild rats caught locally. His rat experiment was continued after his death by Irina Plyusnina. Siberian gray rats caught in the wild, bred separately for tameness and for ferocity, have developed these entirely different behaviors in only 60 or so generations.

    On an animal-breeding farm in Siberia are cages housing two colonies of rats. In one colony, the rats have been bred for tameness in the hope of mimicking the mysterious process by which Neolithic farmers first domesticated an animal still kept today. When a visitor enters the room where the tame rats are kept, they poke their snouts through the bars to be petted.

    The other colony of rats has been bred from exactly the same stock, but for aggressiveness instead. These animals are ferocious. When a visitor appears, the rats hurl themselves screaming toward their bars.

    “Imagine the most evil supervillain and the nicest, sweetest cartoon animal, and that’s what these two strains of rat are like,”

    “The ferocious rats cannot be handled,” Mr. Albert said. “They will not tolerate it. They go totally crazy if you try to pick them up.”


  3. As a kid, I used to keep lab rats…they where the
    sweetest pet you can imagine.

    Trying to catch one that had run away, I caught in a cage a wild sewer rat instead.

    He was so ferocious that he’d throw himself against the cage wire until his face was torn off and he died of rage.

    And so Vicki Hearne, the animal psychologist taught us in “Adam’s Task”,
    domesticated animal get civilised
    with human company.

    It is curious that humans, in contact with Islam or Socialism, return to bestiality and

  4. A classic example of my above comment happened today in moscow!

    Moscow police detain prominent rights activist

    The 82-year-old Lyudmila Alexeyeva was among those seen being pushed into police vans during the protest on a central Moscow square.


  5. Well, I did not expect anything else…

    Telling the truth is Russia IS A CRIME!

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