EDITORIAL: Dima “Dumbass” Medvedev


Dima “Dumbass” Medvedev

“This is not a remark of mine but a verdict. Remarks are what you say. Everything I say is cast in granite.”

—  Russian “president” Dima Medvedev, speaking to Russian industrial leaders at Gazprom’s headquarters last week.

“Cast in granite”? Something can’t be cast in granite.  Casting is for liquid metals like iron or bronze.  And, um, Dima? Verdicts come from judges and juries, not elected administrators.  

The so-called “president” of Russia is, in other words, an idiot.  And he was just getting started showing it.

Indeed, Medvedev ended 2009 the way he began it:  Looking like a goofy dumbass who makes George Bush seem like Winston Churchill by comparison.

In an end-of-year interview with the Kremlin lackeys who run the Kremlin-controlled TV networks, Medvedev declared that “благодаря усилиям правительства и Центробанка,  инфляция по итогам 2009 года будет ниже прошлогодней – соответственно, примерно 9% против 13%.”  Translation:  “Thanks to the efforts of the government and the central bank, inflation in 2009 was lower than in the year before, just 9% compared to 13%.”

This comment was so inane that not even the reporter from state-controlled RIA Novosti who reported it could help from noticing that “this fact can hardly be called a victory of the authorities. The slowdown in price growth we should probably attribute to falling consumer demand and a number of seasonal factors.”  In other words, Russia’s level of price inflation fell in 2009 because of the massive financial crisis, which meant that nobody in the country had any money to spend.  With no demand, prices naturally fell in the hopes of making sales to the impoverished population.

Medvedev then met with industrial leaders and remarked “what a difference” as he compared the puny sums spent on R&D by Russian companies like Gazprom and Rosneft to those spent by Western firms like Royal Dutch Shell.  Unfortunately, Russia’s president-in-name-only isn’t sufficiently educated about his own government’s policies to know that the Kremlin seizes virtually all revenues generated by the national energy industry and spends them on profligate projects like provoking a new cold war and invading Russia’s tiny neighbors in acts of imperial conquest.  This leaves Russian energy firms with precious little money for anything, much less investment in future projects.

Not once did Medvedev acknowledge any possible fault on his own part in regard to any of these issues.  Not once did he criticize Vladimir Putin, whose government is entirely responsible for the ills Medvedev was describing, much less did he fire Putin in favor a more competent manager.

And he was still not done raving. He then began publicly demanding, heedless of financial reality, that Russian lenders reducing the interest rates they charge for loans. Never mind, of course, that Russian banks are awash in bad debt, a crisis that is expected to get much worse next year.  Medvedev wants to throw gasoline on that raging inferno and turn it into a conflagration.

Russia’s population is languishing in extreme poverty, not ranking in the top 130 nations of the world for adult lifespan, and Medvedev has nothing to say about it.  Even if he had said his remarks were cast in bronze or iron, his statement would still be gibberish, because everyone knows that he does not call the shots in the Kremlin.  Rather, his words are written on tissue paper that can disappear at a moment’s notice, at the whim of the man who really runs Russia, Vladimir Putin.

We find it strange, to say the least, that Russian people tolerate Medvedev.  They are, as we know them, obsessed with the idea of holding “prestige” in the eyes of foreigners, and yet before this world this man and his puppet regime make them a laughing stock.  But they do nothing.  They allow him to grow ever more ludicrously arrogant, until he really believes his words are written on granite tablets as if he were God Almighty himself, until, like the infamous Emperor with his “new clothes” he begins uttering absolute nonsense and humilating Russia before the eyes of a slackjawed world.

12 responses to “EDITORIAL: Dima “Dumbass” Medvedev

  1. When the puppet Medvedev became president. An effort was made by the Russian establishment to give this pathetic clown some sort of credibility. Now because Putin has given up any subtleness in his approach to key issues and appears ready willing and able to step outside the remit of a Russian prime minister. This phoney so called “tandem” of power has been exposed for the sham it always was.

    Medvedev now looks a lonely pathetic figure, during a recent press conference Medvedev was asked by a reporter if he noticed that when addressing a group of civil servants about his pet subject economic diversification many in the audience were using mobile phones and not paying attention. Pathetic Medvedev snapped “Give me their names” the reporter retorted that he couldn’t as this would make him very unpopular. What a pathetic remark from a weak pathetic president.

    Meanwhile the real dictator of Russia Mr Putin this week has announced that Russia will increase its offensive military capability and now wants the START nuclear treaty and conventional weapons to be linked. Putin has unilaterally moved the goal posts this political move is putting an agreement in jeopardy and risks nuclear proliferation. There are at least 12 nations who do not have nuclear weapons but have the technological ability to produce them. These nations are watching the outcome of these negotiations with great interest and concern.

    Putin is playing a dangerous game. The prime minister of Russia is supposed to deal with internal economic issues this interference in these negotiations is unconstitutional, but as we have seen in the past the Russian constitution is a worthless document which is changed at the whim of the great dictator Putin.

  2. If Mr. Putin were to die his likely replacement would be Mr Medvedev, am I right? As Mr. Medvedev is a kind and well intentioned fellow, dare I suggest that he serves at least some possibly useful purpose in this regard. I can think of worse people occupying the post of President of Russia. Also, there are few nations in recorded history that became liberal democratic overnight. When Mr. Medvedev was being interviewed by Fareed Zakaria he basically said the same. Is he not right?

    • If Putin were killed, Medevedev would not replace him, he would continue to be president and would name a new prime minister.

      Medvedev is not kind and well-intentioned, he’s a moron who does the KGB’s bidding blindly and without question.

      Fareed Zakaria is a fool.

      • I have to agree LR, I watched that Fathead Zakaria interview on CNN, boy if he had been any more “worshipful” he would have given Medvedev head I swear.

        One of the worst interviews I have seen in a long time. I would much rather have seen Medvedev on BBC’s hard talk, but that will neve happen.

    • While it’s true that no country became democratic overnight, Russia loudly proclaims that she has and demands, in a super-aggressive manner, that she be respected as such. She insists on her right to remain in the G-8 group; she also insists on the right to veto who other countries can and cannot associate with. And you nice Mr. Medvedev is he one who does the Putin’s bidding

      • In February 1917, Russia became democratic overnight.

        • Only in appearance. And you know how long that democracy lasted

          • And in practice.

            The whole thing was kind of like the Paris Commune (which was, to quote Lenin, “burdened with the rudimentary forms of petty-bourgeois democracy”), only fell not to the forces or reaction but instead rather to the foreign agents provocateurs.

  3. We must literally do something about all the slack-jaws this country is causing. Is the WHO aware of this plague?

  4. Mr. Medvedev’s remark does sound eeriely similar to that of the Emperor Paul who succeded Catherine “No one in Russia is important except the person who is speaking to me; and that only while he is speaking.” He had some egomania and was desperate to get out from under the shadow of his mother Catherine, whom he loathed.He was supposedly tyrannical and strangled to death with his silk scarf. Justifiably paranoid some said, I believe. I must admit not a good omen for Mr. Medvedev if you believe in such things, and I for one do not.

    • It’s a complex… nobody take Medya seriously… So he wants to say – HEY! WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEE? :(

      But the little scum better know his place, he his 2 more years in the chair left…

  5. Well I listened this crap in Russian…

    so basically he was like – Eh you may talk the small talk. BUT WHAT I say is REALLY REALLY important… (and then he made this look that early teen retards make)

    Heh, good thing Mr.PUKin was not there… I wonder is Medusha would have enough guts to say this to his Boss in the face… But it was funny, because even dicks that where present… where smiling like – WTF! That Stupid Moron! LOL, who the fk he thinks he is?

    It was funny… :)

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