EDITORIAL: A Bun in Putin’s Oven?

Mummy & Daddy? Notice the gleam in his eye?


A Bun in Putin’s Oven?

“The most puzzling part of this story is that at press time, not a single major Russian media [outlet] has reported that Kabaeva had a son.”

Alina Kabaeva

That was the Russian website ReadRussia.com, discussing the delivery of a male child by unmarried 26-year-old rhythmic gymnastics champion Alina Kabaeva.

And yet, not a single major Russian media outlet had the least bit of interest in the story.

This woman is a major celebrity in Russia.  She’s posed in the Russian Playboy (chickening out and hiding herself behind furs).  The fact that she was pregnant and then gave birth is major entertainment news, and there is only one reason that the mainstream press would have ignored it:  Namely, that the Kremlin doesn’t want it reported. And what reason could the Kremlin possibly have for being interested in the pregnancy of a gymnast?

Well, for nearly a year now, rumors have been circulating that Vladmir Putin was having an affair with Kabaeva, and now she turns up with a bun coming out of the oven and no father in sight.  Where was the coverage during the pregnancy?  Where is the coverage of the birth?  If Putin isn’t the father, who is?

These are not questions for which the Kremlin is likely to have answers.   Some may suggest that if the baby really were Putin’s he’d have forced the girl to have an immediate abortion and covered the whole thing up.  But it’s a son! Putin has only two daughters from his wife, no male heir, and you can bet your socks he wants one.    What’s more, this mother is far too famous to simply disapear or to be made to shut up.  So if it is Putin’s son, what choice does he have? None at all, that we can see.

In fact, Russian attitudes towards Putin are so craven and lemming-like that Putinwould have no reason to believe his popularity would be at all affected by an extramarital affair or an out-of-wedlock child.

What this episode really demonstrates is the shocking level of neo-Soviet control over the organs of mass media that the Kremlin has already achieved. If they won’t report a relatively benign story like this, what other acts of misconduct do they know about on Putin’s part that they won’t dare repeat? And what will happen when Putin returns to power as “president for life” in a short while?

The answer is clear: Russia will go right back down the same failed path that led to the collapse of the USSR.

19 responses to “EDITORIAL: A Bun in Putin’s Oven?

  1. So what if Putin knocked up the pretzel girl?
    Maybe there’s a little pretzel in the oven…

    The ENVY just reeks out of this article.

    You wrote:
    “She’s posed in the Russian Playboy (chickening out and hiding herself behind furs).”

    Wether she was behind furs or not is irrelevant.
    You would have called her a whore anyway
    just like you’re doing now.
    I am very surprised this article was not titled
    “Stalin and his little whore” or something like that…
    Kabaeva is’nt even 30yrs old and she’s
    getting her photo taken with a Head of State.
    You try to make her look like a cheap prostitute.

    You’re jealous of her and you know it.

    Here’s some more Ice Cream for you…

    You wrote:
    “The answer is clear: Russia will go right back down the same failed path that led to the collapse of the USSR.”

    Most people regard the downfall of the former
    USSR as anything other than a “failed path”
    and most people are grateful for it.

    What makes LR so different?
    The answer is clear:

    It seems that LR, with a mind twisted by envy, now twists her own shallow logic to the point where she thinks Stalin is still in control.

    She may even be “hearing voices” in which case
    American Psychiatric Clinic can supply
    recommended medication.

    Or perhaps fear of Stalin is so deeply-ingrained
    into Russian memory and genetic structure
    that it lasts for several generations.
    Yes, that might explain some of LR’s rants.

    Stalin died in 53, now get it out of your genes + chromasomes, take a hard look at the calendar (note the year) and get back to REALITY!

    I will still wish you a Merry Christmas even if
    you are a degenerate atheist, unless you bar me
    in which case you may wash Kabaeva’s laundry…

  2. Most people consider the USSR a failed path, but very few were grateful to have been on it.

    Russia seems doomed to repeat its cultural tradition of imperialism and autocracy, with the resulting mass murder of civillians that has been a constant theme of Russian history, Tsarist, Communist and now it seems, Putinist.

  3. For a western leader having an illegitimate child especially when married would be a great scandal if exposed and probably lead to his resignation. I doubt Putin having an illegitimate child with this gymnast will raise many eye brows within Russian society. It is very common for the rich and powerful to have young mistresses; the wife’s knows and accept it. In a survey only 7% 0f Russian women said they would divorce because of infidelity. As long as the wife and her children are well provided for Russian women tolerate it.

    In Sweden saunas are used to lose weight in Russia saunas are the places where rich fat middle aged men and young beautiful women meet to form these sordid mutually beneficial partnerships.

    What concerns me is;…I really hope this poor baby doesn’t resemble the father (ginger hair and all).

    Looking at the picture I bet she taught dirty old Vlad a trick or two!!!.

  4. 1. R John is such an ignorant tool. French Presidents have mistresses all the time (e.g. see Mitterrand), if anything the French are disappointed if they don’t.

    2. The reason the media isn’t covering it that much is because the last time these rumors sprang up IT WAS A HOAX!?

  5. These stories are pretty much an exact copy of the stories that came out earlier this year.

    The ReadRussia.com quote in the NY Post article that you refer to is actually from May.


    The article hasn’t got a datestamp, but I quoted it at the time:

    See here:


    • Hmmm, so “Russia expert” Andy thinks:

      (1) If Kabaeva were pregnant with Putin’s baby, she’d admit it regardless of what Putin wanted.

      (2) If Kabaeva were pregnant with Putin’s baby, Russia’s state-owned TV stations would report it.

      Gosh, Andy, if you were trying to say something even stupider than you claim this report is, you sure did succeed! Molodets!

      It’s nice to know Siberian Light has such deep insights into Vladimir Putin’s private sexual behavior. Tell us more, please!

  6. Mr KGB Comrade again your comments are just “froth and bubble” you provide no substance

    Anyway I think Putin’s been putting his “ignorant tool” in a certain Russian gymnast!!! Naughty little totalitarian.

  7. LR – can you prove you are not a convicted fraud? Because if not you, who is?

  8. this logic is flawed – “guilty until proven innocent”

    even if it happened, i don’t mind in the least bit. putin would be taking the appropriate measures with his power to assure unity and uphold his image. any leader would have done the same in his place if they had the power.

  9. So Paul what your telling us is this.

    Putin can “shag” himself stupid, pop out as many illegitimate little ginger “sproggs” as he likes as long as he uses his position of power to covers it up, Hmmmm

    Not a very moral position there Paul!!!!

  10. “Umm, hoax? Would you mind linking to ANY PROOF it was a hoax, numbskull?

    Is the baby also a hoax? If not,who’s the father?

    Gosh, you’re stupid.”

    Do you mean the baby that doesn’t exist?

    Alina Kabaeva blog post:

    “Dear friends: It’s against my rules to comment on the gossip, but I’ve decided to make an exception just this time, because I can’t ignore all of your kind words…

    I promised to tell you about the most important events in my life on my site. So, when I become a mom (which has not happened yet), I will make sure to write about it.

    At any rate, thank you to everyone who congratulated me and was worrying about me. That’s the only reason I make an exception to my rule — not to pay any attention to gossip.”

    That and the fact that she’s been on TV and out in public and there is no photos of her pregnant.

    Gosh, you’re stupid.

    • Umm . . .

      (1) A blog post you don’t even link to?

      (2) Are you suggesting that if she WAS pregnant and Putin told her to deny it on her blog, she’d refuse?

      (3) Where are the published, linked-to reports from objective third parties that she isn’t pregnant and didn’t deliver a baby recently?

      You don’t have the slighest clue, you demented little freak.

  11. Here is a link with a picture of her in October:

    She’s just getting fat.

  12. r john: that’s exactly it. that’s the way it works. “morals” are a hinderance to his keeping power. so he admits to it? what’s the use, other than fuelling a bunch of completely unproductive gossip and turmoil because of a moment’s unchecked pleasure.

    and this is all hypothetical. i am completely certain that this is a bunch of unfounded gossip which has caught on because it helps elevate the average person in one way above the greatest statesman alive. “i’m better than putin: i don’t have an illegitimate child!”

  13. The author scatter-brained all know that Russian best and intelligent people!!!!

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