In Russia, the Most Dangerous Criminals are the Cops

Another horrific Russian crime, and another instance in which the criminal perpetrator is a cop.  The Moscow Times reports:

A traffic police officer was caught red-handed trying to rape a woman in an elevator in a sting operation Thursday, and he is suspected in 20 recent sexual assaults in southern Moscow, investigators said.

The unidentified lieutenant from the Moscow region traffic police force was detained Thursday morning as he tried to force himself onto a woman inside the elevator of an apartment building in southern Moscow, RIA-Novosti reported, citing police.

Anatoly Bagmet, head of the city’s branch of the Investigative Committee, said the suspect was detained by police officers and investigators from his committee in a sting operation, Interfax reported. He did not elaborate.

Bagmet also said investigators believed that the suspect was behind a rash of 20 sexual assaults in the area this year.

A police spokeswoman declined to comment on Thursday’s detention.

Police alerted local residents that a serial rapist was on the loose after the first attacks were reported in March and have provided a composite sketch of the suspect that has aired on television, said the spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak with the media.

Southern Moscow residents who were contacted Thursday said they were aware of the hunt for a serial rapist but had not been particularly concerned about being targeted. The area where the sexual assaults occurred — which includes the Orekhovo-Borisovo and Brateyevo neighborhoods — is home to more than 1.5 million people.

Anna Putyatina, the mother of a schoolgirl, said that she had not seen the police sketch but had heard about the rapist from schoolteachers. “We were told that this guy is very strong and it is hard for women to fight him,” she said.

Another resident, Anna, a hairdresser who refused to give her last name, said she had heard about the attacker from colleagues but had not been worried. “We were counting on luck. You can’t really escape your destiny,” she said.

She added that she carries pepper spray to protect herself.

Police registered 530 cases of rape last year, a 25 percent increase from the previous year and a relatively low figure for a city with Moscow’s population of some 10 million people, according to the Investigative Committee.

Bagmet said earlier this year that 70 percent of sexual assaults were committed by illegal foreign migrant workers.

Meanwhile, investigators in the far eastern city of Khabarovsk are seeking to reopen a case against local district deputy prosecutor Viktor Basov, who is accused of sexually assaulting three underage girls in his apartment Sunday. Ilya Gudkov, an assistant to the Khabarovsk branch of the Investigative Committee, said Thursday that his office had appealed a decision by the local prosecutor’s office to close the case and free the suspect, reported.

7 responses to “In Russia, the Most Dangerous Criminals are the Cops

  1. Civilian police forces are a reflection of the society they serve as they consist of a cross section of that society. The Russian police operate at the same level of performance honesty and integrity as any other comparative third world country, so these reports of police murdering raping extorting their own citizens should come as no surprise, we see the same happening in places like Nigeria which like Russia depends on energy to prop up its underdeveloped economy.

  2. I would very much like to know the name of the above movie , Robert. Thanks so much!

  3. Gruz 200
    Director: Aleksey Balabanov

    A young woman is taken hostage by a police officer and subsequently abused by the lawman gone mad.

    Russian director Alexey Balabanov’s film Gruz 200 “Cargo 200” is not about the transport of the coffins back to Russia during the period of the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.
    Rather it is about the death of the Soviet Union. It begins in 1984 when we meet two brothers; a Soviet army colonel and a professor who is the head of the faculty of scientific Communism at Leningrad University. When the professor journeys to visit his mother in a remote Russian village, his car breaks down and he finds himself at a rural farmhouse where the farmer, his wife and their Vietnamese farm hand live. There is a discussion of the nature of G-d ad His existence and the farmer expresses his disdain for Communist atheism.
    While this is going on a young man and the daughter of a Soviet secretary meet at a party and they take a drive and arrive at the farmhouse. Hiding in the shadows is Zhurov who represents human perversion and the corruption of the Soviet party and government. The appearance of Zhurov is a sign for the horrible events that are captured in the rest of the film which include the disappearance of the girl and a brutal murder that takes place in a different location. The officer in charge of investigating both crimes is police chief Zhurov.
    This is quite a controversial film because it focuses not just on the lives and deaths of people but also on the death of the Soviet system of government.
    The film falls into the genre of thriller and the entire atmosphere is very tense. There is pure horror here but there is also dark comedy. The film is very serious as it deals with problems of religion, faith, power, love, good and evil and life and death. There is lots of violence and there is not one positive character in the film and we see things that human beings do not do. The only character who is not wicked is the Vietnamese servant who dies early on.
    This is an aggressive film about the final years of the Soviet Union and this is a film that must be seen to understand the horrors that took place in the USSR. The film disturbs but so does life and this dark film is bound to disturb the viewer. We see characters brutalized by the realities of the past and even without bloodshed, there are some very disturbing scenes here. This is a weird film with a cruel mean streak and it discomforts viewers. Yet this is an important film that must be seen to be believed.

  4. Thank you so much Olga for your wonderful synopsis of the above film. There is not much that is pretty about Russia out and about nowadays so no shock to me to read your description. I’m not sure what would be worse, being killed by one of the goons in the film or rotting away in a Russian prison for something you may well have not done! Now that I think about it, I’d prefer to be shot. LOL! Spasibo and Toda!

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