EDITORIAL: The Putin Holocaust


The Putin Holocaust

“All the vices of our bureaucracy were exposed by this tragedy. Its incompetence, corruption and links to businesses. We need legal changes strengthening criminal punishment for bureaucrats for violations in control and supervision area.  They simply signed fake documents. Did they not know about it? Of course they knew. Where did the municipal authorities look? Why did they close their eyes?”

That was dictator Vladimir Putin’s response to the holocaust in Perm that, by last Friday, had killed over 140 Russians.  He did not acknowledge that his country has one of the worst fire fatality rates on the planet.  He did not accept blame for having done nothing in ten years in power to alter that rate.  He did not acknowledge what his own remarks clearly prove, that the survey results of transparency International, so often attacked as “russophobic” by Russian nationalists, are in fact deadly accurate in declaring that Russia is one of the most corrupt societies on the planet.  He did not accept blame for having done nothing in ten years of power to alter that reality either.

Instead, like the KGB thug he is, Putin could do nothing but threaten physical violence, hurling whatever Russians he could find into prison just like Stalin before him. 

Where did Vladimir Putin look? Why did he close his eyes?  Did he not know about it?  Of course he knew.

Putin cannot admit, of course, that the reason so many perished in Perm is the pathetic state of the Russian economy and the Kremlin’s savage diversion of resources from social services to cold war politics, the same critical error that brought down the USSR.  Doctors and fire inspectors in Perm are paid slave wages, just a few dollars per hour, and they have no technology or support services behind them. As such, they feel they have no choice but corruption to provide for their families.  Nothing is done to prevent fires, and when they occur nothing is done to treat the victims.

In other words, the real killer of 140 Russians in Perm is quite clear:  His name is Vladimir Putin.  It was Putin’s crazed policy of cold-war confrontation that denied money to Perm for fire prevention and burn treatment.  It was Putin’s total failure to acknowledge and address the corruption of his own government that prevented reform.  Putin has wiped out every aspect of civil society that might have agitated for reform and circulated information about the risks in Perm.  He has crushed newspapers, invaded television stations, and taken over local government leadership.  He has wiped out opposition political parties, arrested opposition political leaders, or killed them outright, and he has branded anyone who would speak out and expose the regime’s errors as a traitor.

Because of these acts, it is only Putin who can properly be blamed for the holocaust in Perm, an event that was entirely predictable based on Putin’s neo-Soviet priorities.  But where did Putin get the ability to commit these atrocities? He got it from the Russian people themselves.  As we report below, they continue to favor Putin with stratospheric job approval ratings even as he butchers them, just as they did in Stalin’s time as well.

So in truth, it is simply the Russian people themselves who are killing Russians, as if the whole country were on a fervent crusade of national suicide.

16 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Putin Holocaust

  1. memoriesareshort

    ” it is only Putin who can properly be blamed ”

    Nonsense! Corruption, callousness and khamstvo didn’t start with Putin! Sometime people get the leader they deserve!

    • Sure, but Putin is in charge now. Previously, other leaders needed to shoulder the blame. But when Yeltsin messed up, he stepped aside and handed power over, albeit to the worst possible choice. Putin shows every sign of being just like every other Russian ruler besides Yeltsin, refusing to do so.

  2. Russian television has reported that 10 night clubs in Moscow are to be shut down with immediate effect because of extreme health and safety violations. These are night clubs frequented by foreigners. Putin’s government has been caught with its pants down over these recent disasters on the Moscow to St Petersburg rail line and the night club fire in Perm. Putin is terrified that Foreigners will end up as mass victims of another Russian man made disaster. These tragedies have exposed to the whole world the total endemic corruption that drives the Russian state. Everything is for sale even the health and safety regulations.

    Putin has not asked his cronies to clamp down with such zest in the regions, just Moscow and St Petersburg where the foreigners are, He’s not so concerned if Russians burn.

  3. Good article. Well, suicide it is. Those who do not participate in this national suicide are going away. Before 1991 there were probably about 10% of people who could be called “free citizens” (those who care). But when 90% not only dumb but often agressively dumb, it is quite hard to change anything, it’s impossible actually. Then whose 10% started to emmigrate. Which is also called “brain drain”. Not only about 2-3% remain. And they still move away. First wave in 1991 went to USA. Then, during 90s, UK and Europe were added to list. Now they go everywhere – India, China, Thailand (and still to USA and Europe).

    Russians are like orphans. And most of them dream of good foreign passport. I mean most of those minority of those who can think.

  4. SORRY typo:
    “Then THOSE 10% started to emmigrate. Which is also called “brain drain”. NOW only about 2-3% remain.”

  5. By the way, the scary thing. Fascist theory actually started from Russia. One of the main ideologists at the early days of Nazi party was Russian. Probably, this is because of this specific structure of Russian society.
    If you want to undestant it better – read genius book “Obitayemiy Ostrov” by Strugatsky brothers. (But don’t watch the modern movie – it’s crap). This book was written in 1969 and sometimes looks very similar to Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison but it’s actually full of references and facts about current Russian state. It’s even more modern today than it was in 1969 because they predicted in this book what will happen if Soviet Union will continue its policy. And now it already happened. They describe Russian society brilliantly.

    • Alfred Rosenberg was born in Russia, yes, but in an ethnic German family. (And I can’t help but think how “Jewish” his name sounds.)

  6. Suicide is a selfish act; I don’t believe the Russians have any “self” left. I can see how Putin is enraged at the sociopathic behavior of the Russian citizenry in ways such as alcohol abuse and the high rate of abandoned children (there’s the future of the country right there!). But his elite KGB background did not prepare him to be the executive of this large, conficted country, except by the time-tested authoritarian model.

    The Russian geographic entity contains enormous natural wealth, the people are intelligent and creative, but they lack the necessary “cooperative” gene, and without a gun to their head, they absolutely will not work for the common good. They are like children muttering in school about the strict disciplinarian of a teacher needed to bring out the best in the students by fear. It works on a small scale, but at some point one must grow up and take on adult responsibilities.

  7. Well, Yankeegirl, at the point when someone takes out gun, you may not continue. This is stalinist ideology. This is wrong. If you just leave people alone, it would be much more better. But then 1917 happened and Putin won’t leave them alone. So called “siloviki” think they know how to rule. When in fact, the fate of the last Romanov family awaits them.

  8. Yulia Latinina reported that son of FSB general died in the fire in Perm club.

  9. The owners of the Lame horse night club in Perm have been arrested and are likely to be charged with manslaughter and will probably receive long prison sentences which they richly deserve.

    But the corrupt official who on inspection issued a certificate and gave the green light for this event has only lost his job as punishment. In countries where health and safety is taken seriously this individual would be locked up. Seems to me if Russia operated to EU or USA standards there would not be enough prison cells in Russia to hold all the corrupt officials that deserve to be locked up.

    • That official is likely to rebate to a judge a portion of the bribe he got and that’s how he will evade being held criminally responsible. In the U.S. he would be charged under the RICO statute (racketeer-influenced and corrupt organizations act) and would be in a heap of legal trouble

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