December 14, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Putin Holocaust

(2)  EDITORIAL:  The Stupidest Thing yet written About Putin’s Russia?

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Russia and her Clueless Citizens 

(4)  Russia, Stuck in the Mud of Backwardness

(5)  In Russia, the Most Dangerous Criminals are the Cops

3 responses to “December 14, 2009 — Contents

  1. From Wikepedia’s ‘Putinism’ entry.

    “The Russian historian Yuri Felshtinsky compared the takeover of the Russian State by the siloviki to an imaginary scenario of the Gestapo coming to power in Germany after World War II. He pointed out a fundamental difference between the secret police and ordinary political parties, even totalitarian ones, such as the Soviet Communist Party: Russia’s secret police organizations are wont to employ the so called active measures and extra-judicial killings. Hence, they killed Alexander Litvinenko and directed Russian apartment bombings and other terrorism acts in Russia to frighten the civilian population and achieve their political objectives, according to Felstinsky.”

  2. 15 years ago Russian troops entered Chechnya

    On December 11, 1994, under the decree of the then president of Russia Boris Yeltsin, federal troops were brought to the territory of the Chechen Republic, and the first military campaign, called “restoration of the constitutional order” began.

    According to the official data, the losses of the federal forces in the first Chechen War made over four thousand casualties and about two thousand missing persons. According to other sources, during these years in Chechnya up to 30,000 Russian servicemen were lost and some 60-100,000 local residents, including members of armed formations.

  3. A potential deal that would see France selling advanced military technology to Russia has been causing concern among former Soviet states.

    Should Paris decide to go ahead with the sale, France would become the first Nato member to have chosen to sell advanced military technology to Moscow.

    “Whoever we buy it from, we will reserve the right to use it where and when we consider necessary.”

    “It’s obvious that such weaponry would allow Russia to mount aggression against its neighbours,” she added.

    “It looks like France is giving Russia a green light for new imperialistic wars.”

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