One Photo is Worth a thousand Screams

The toll of fire fatalities at the “Khromaya Loshad” night club in Perm (pictured, left) has risen to 125, with 100 more currently hospitalized, many of them in critical condition.

At least 15 children lost both their parents in the conflagration.

Many of the victims were killed not by fire or smoke but by being stampeded by fellow Russians fighting to get out the only exit.

After the jump, shocking pictures from the scene reveal bodies stacked like cord wood in the streets, shirtless burned men standing without medical attention in the freezing cold, clueless party goers moments before hell broke loose, and the horrifically bleak burial conditions met by those who did not survive. They also show the special plane that was needed to carry burn victims from Siberia to Moscow because Perm, a major Russian city, lacks sufficient medical facilities to care for them.  You can also watch video from inside the club here and read a Russian blogger’s first-hand account of the events in English here.

We would like to ask:  Mr. Putin, why do you have money to buzz the USA with nuclear bombers and send weapons of war to the crazed Islamists in Iran but not to provide burn treatment in Perm?

21 responses to “One Photo is Worth a thousand Screams

  1. “Islamists”


    Thanks for the correction! Corrected.

  2. As stated the seriously injured were flown to Moscow and St Petersburg as only these cities have the specialised care required.

    Now, Russia has a population of 140 million
    Moscow population 10.5 million
    St Petersburg population 4.6 million

    So this means there are 129.9 million Russians who do not have access to the rapid treatment required to save lives in these most terrible of tragedies

    Conclusion; No bloody wonder 18,000 Russians die of fire related deaths each year. What a disgrace, shame on you Putin

  3. Boże pomóż nam….

  4. The people don’t matter. Only power does.

  5. I guess in US in moments of panic, people behave politely and civily and do not trample each other.

  6. You’re missing the point, idiot. When things like this happen in the USA, people hold the government responsible. George Bush was voted out of office. Can you say the same for Vladimir Putin?

    And Americans don’t need to fly the victims to the other side of the country for treatment, doofus.

    And they don’t rationalize their failure by saying other countries also fail. They want to succeed so, unlike Russians, they reform. The fact that you don’t understand that explains why Russia doesn’t rank in the top 130 nations of the world for adult lifespan and is a second-rate country not taken seriously by anyone.

    Think about it.

  7. I read your blog because it is funny, but I don’t think you should be using the death of others in an accident as a political attack against Russians or its leaders. Even in Rhode’s Island they had to be flown to New York to get treatment against the burns. Just Perm dosen’t need a fully staffed Burns Treatment Center, it needs more fire safety, which Medvedev promised to do. There is nothing more to ask, least of all insult the victims and their families but politicizing their deaths.


    It’s a pity you aren’t more willing to pay attention to the facts.

    (1) The burn victims in Rhode Island were not taken to New York, they were taken right across the border to Massachusetts, a few minutes away. Boston has some of the world’s finest medical centers and there is nothing wrong with nearby Providence relying on them.

    It would be nice if you at least tried to document your facts, otherwise you simply look like a foolish hypocrite.

    (2) If Providence, Rhode Island, lacks the capacity to care for burn victims injured in the city, then it’s certainly fair to argue that it needs to acquire that capacity. The fact that it doesn’t have it does no more of an excuse for Russia’s failure to provide this capacity in Perm than Russia’s crackdown on the media and murder of journalists justifies America doing so. Your “logic” is neo-Soviet in character and, as such, totally appalling. You are helping Russians to fail.

    (3) The whole point of this post is to say that Medvedev SHOULD NOT HAVE WAITED FOR PEOPLE TO DIE EN MASSE before taking action. What’s more, his “promise” means nothing. NO ACTION of any kind has been taken yet, and Medvedev is not even the real ruler of the country.

    (4) We are speaking out and demanding reform to save lives in Russia. You are rationalizing failure and horrific loss of life. We find that just as odious as you find this post. And if you don’t like our blog, we invite you not to read it. If you find our reports on the murders of Anna Politkovskaya, Natalia Estemirova, Stanislav Markelov and many others to be “funny” then you are a psychopath who probably ought to be behind bars.

    • Of course they flew those Providence, R.I., victims to New York. How long is that flight? 15 or 30 minutes? Rhode Island is practically NYC’s suburb, or maybe exurb. But would they fly the victims to NYC if such a tragedy happened in Nebraska or Texas?

      And what do you mean Perm does not need a burn center? Isn’t that a city of over a million residents? What city of that size anywhere in civilized world would not have a place to treat burn victims?

      And what do you mean Medvedev promised more fire safety? What kind of country is it that the head of state has to provide fire safety? Don’t they have local government? What function is more essential to a local government than police and fire safety? Maybe Medvedev has to fix potholes and build local parks too?

  8. Its very very sad. My condolence with thier families. God will give them paradise.

  9. La Russophobe,
    You certainly should consult a psychiatrist.

  10. with this post LaRussophobe dislays very clear symptoms of someone needing deep psychiatric help. She reminds me now of the republicans in US, who scream at Obama socialist no matter what he does. Obama helps the banks —> Socialist. Obama does not help the banks —–> Socialist.

    After the RI fire, there was the same crackdown in US with clubs being re examined over and over. By the way, as you likely know, the clubs in Russian probably have a more stringent guideline they have to meet than US to be open. Corruption obviously gets around all of it, but non of it is news of course.

    • Can you name any tough critic of the Putin regime who you DON’T think is mentally ill? Garry Kasparov is definitely sick, right? And so was Politkovskaya? And Estemirova? And Markelov? And Ponomarev? And . . . long list, isn’t it?

  11. Come clean, did a ruski babe steal your ex boyfriend or something? What’s behind all this, surely it’s not purely political or philosophical. Come clean. You’ll sleep better at nights.

    • Interestingly enough, when Solzhenitsyn wrote The Gulag Archipelago he did it because Stalin had had an affair with his wife not because the prison camps were really so bad. In fact, Solzhenitsyn often wrote of his own time there as being like a Club Med with perfrost, and wrote many letters home from America begging to spend more time in them.

    • Indeed, it’s possible there was a mental trauma in the past. Anyway, if someone is enjoyed when commenting on a disaster with many casualties, this person is certainly mentally ill.

  12. Casey thinks Russia has tougher health and safety laws than the US what a load of “old bunkum”. Casey the fire in Perm was triggered by the use of fire works, did you know Casey there are no laws in Russia regarding the use of fire works none what so ever, my dear try doing a little research, sarcasm doesn’t cut it on this forum knowledge does.

  13. On very important point is that in Russia, the fire brigades are not there to prevent disasters like this one, to put pressure on bar owners to observe regulations and implement the required installations for protection. They are just there to collect bribes. A bunch of fat fire brigade officers will come to a bar, superficially check some items and then tell the owner to pay them off. This is why this could happen. And this is why La Russophobe is damned right to use this example to show how screwed up this country is. The hypocrites are those who claim that this could happen everywhere. Yes, fire can happen everywhere, but corruption leading to this kind of mass killing is a USP of Russia.

  14. Well, doh… People – a bunch of them – could not even open the sole two-sided door properly when they needed to run. Lots of crap must have been put behind the second part of the door that hindered the opening.

    + the host of the party said “it seems we are burning, let’s go out without any panic”… not very loudly, not for all the people who had been in all other halls to hear, and one could think it was a figurative speech, like “it’s so hot here! what a cool party!”
    The fire was dropping on people from ceiling, the air got quickly replaced by poisonous stuff and people fell on the ground weak, could not see where to go because the fume was that dark. The damned place had almost no windows, the ones it had were really small and hidden. The ceiling was law and made of the material which emitted poison while on fire.

  15. Russian nightclub death toll reaches 148

    Today at 16:03 | Associated Press

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