EDITORIAL: Russia and the Environment


Russia and the Environment

Two items in the news last week made for an odd juxtaposition as an international forum on global warming got underway.

On the one hand, the Associated Press reported that Russia had “signaled to the EU that it is ready to slash emissions by as much as 25 percent by 2020 if other developed countries do the same. Previously Russia has said it was willing to cut emissions by 10-15 percent from 1990 levels.”

On the other, e-Week Europe reported that the KGB had paid Russian hackers to crack open the e-mail vaults of the United Nations to reveal correspondence calling the data that supports global warming into question.

Does Russia want to protect its natural environment from further destruction after decades of being ravaged by heedless Soviet scum, or does Russia want to maximize its income by setting aside any such concerns in a fully neo-Soviet manner.  Last week, Russia was speaking with a forked tongue.

Which is, of course the way Russia always speaks on such issues.  It’s the reason Russia cannot count any major nation of the world as its friend, much less ally, because Russians simply cannot be trusted to do what they say.  Russia is a nation built on lies led by a proud KGB spy who spent his whole life learning how to lie.  There is, in fact no basis whatsoever to believe that the Russian government, or for that matter the people of Russia, have any real committment to environmental protection, not anymore than that they have a real committment to democracy.

4 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia and the Environment

  1. Russia will cut emissions because it’s not so hard to do because it need to close and/or modernise gulag-style factories anyway.

    I don’t think KGB hired anyone, I think quite the opposite. Global Warming theory is not very convincing. I think there would be millions of hackers worlwide who dream to hack these documents.

    La Russophobe, you’re great most of the time, but this time it looks like you missed.

  2. Let me tell you the Russians LOVE this effort to cut carbon emissions, because they know their going to make billions of dollars from it, and I will explain why.

    Each country has been set a carbon emission target if they do not emit their quota they can sell this carbon rebate on to other nations who have been set tougher targets for example Britain, France and Germany.

    The Russian emission quota is based on what they produced in 1990 when it was still the Soviet Union. Since 1990 Russian industrial output has shrunk by 30% with the closure of many dilapidated old factories. So by doing absolutely NOTHING the Russians already have a 30% saving in the bag which they will make a fortune from.

    These quotes were set to help emerging economies. Chinas industrial base has grown massively so will need this lower tariff; while Russia’s industrial output has stood still.

    Russia will sit on its hands when it comes to climate change and watch the money roll in. Putin’s favourite song at the moment is “wonderful wonderful Copenhagen”

  3. Russian oil and gas extraction industries in Western Siberia and the new pipeline projects constitute a most genuine form of ecocide. Huge amount of gas from oil extraction, as a by-product, just gets flared without any useful application, resulting severe environmental damages. This practice of waste of resorces just goes on. New gas fields in Yamal peninsula to supply the Nord stream pipeline currently under construction are located in an environmentally highly sensitive arctic region. Nord Stream pipeline itselt may have disastrous consequences on the Baltic Sea environment. NO to Nord Stream! http://www.balticsea.lt/en

  4. Medvedev stood up in Copenhagen and stated that Russia’s carbon emissions will be 25% lower in 2020 based on the emissions of 1990. What a double taking hypocrite. Russia’s emissions are today 30% lower than in 1990 due to Russia losing a third of its industrial base.

    So in reality what Medvedev really told the conference in Copenhagen is that Russia will increase its carbon emissions by 5% over the next 10 years. Go away Medvedev you insult my intelligence with your verbal “crap.”

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