December 4, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Same old Russia

(2)  Russia’s Barbaric torture of Magnitsky

(3)  Will the Russian Reichstag burn Forever?

(4)  Russia has alienated Almost all its Neighbors

(5)  CARTOON:  Who are Russia’s Real Criminals?

NOTE:  Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment of her Russian column on the powerful American Thinker blog deals with the shocking issue of murders by Russian police officers.

NOTE:  #2 and #5 are required reading for those who want to understand the true nature of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

NOTE: Is this the lamest sports website you’ve ever seen or what?

7 responses to “December 4, 2009 — Contents

  1. “The Sochi 2014 emblem maintains a dialogue between the past and the future. Fusing various dimensions of Russian culture, the brand can promote several images of our vibrant country:

    A country rich in history, embarking on a successful future

    A country open to opportunities and the passion to make dreams a reality

    A country that is committed to equality and celebrates diversity. ”


  2. I’m glad to see you agree, Robert.

  3. The Article is right Putin seems unconcerned when it comes to these tragedies, as well as terrorist attacks like Beslan. He seems to care nothing about natural or accidental disasters that affect the people. Remember the Kursk submarine disaster, arrogant Putin stayed on holiday in Sochi throughout, and yet again Russia did not have the rescue equipment needed to help save these men.

    what made it worse is the fact that both Britain and Norway who offered both the mini subs needed and the trained personnel were kept hanging around for days because Putin and his cronies were as always to arrogant, to full of their own self importance to accept the help that was offered in the spirit of friendship. The Russian people should wise up to this man and demand to be treated like human beings, not cattle.

    Although I must point out that when Russia launched its aggression on Georgia last year Putin was there instantly. I think we can see where this creature priorities lie.

  4. Three years ago, a Soviet defector was assassinated on British soil. Why was he murdered? And who was behind it? In the most detailed account of the killing yet, former Russian military intelligence officer Boris Volodarsky reveals all

  5. I am a neo-Soviet reptile – and proud of it.

  6. There will not be normal political relations between Russia and Britain until this murderer Lugovoy stands trial for this hideous crime.

  7. “I am a neo-Soviet reptile – and proud of it.”

    Wow! KGB comrade just admitted that his brain lacks neocortex.

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