EDITORIAL: Bloody Russia


Bloody Russia

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:  Russia is a nation of murdering bastards.  The nation’s leader sets the precedent, and the vast majority of the others follow right along in step.  Including the police.

Last Tuesday in Moscow, a trio of cops beat a man to death.  Two days later, this time in St. Petersburg, a second man met the same fate.  The week before, attorney Sergei Magnitsky died in prison after being denied medical treatment, and Putin’s cops claimed they didn’t even know he was sick, as if they thought that was an excuse.

Bloody Russia.  When Britons use that phrase, it carries a double meaning that we would adopt here.  Both “covered in blood” and “filthy, stinking, rat-invested.” That’s Russia in a nutshell.

The fundamental truth about Vladimir Putin’s Russia is simply this:  The police and the government are far more dangerous to your life than the criminals.

Since Putin came to power, over 3,700 people have disappeared in Chechnya, and 60 mass graves with over 3,000 bodies have been discovered.  That’s one person every single day of year for the past nine years.  Meanwhile, from Galina Starovoitova to Natalia Estemirova, anyone who spoke out against this barbarbic campaign of mass murder has likewise been liquidated.  Putin, of course, continues to enjoy massive approval in opinion polls and Russia’s freely talk about his return to power as “president for life.”

And yet, just as in the time of Stalin, the people of Russia, cowering in their dark corners like rats, continue to give Putin overwhelming support in polls and at the ballot box.  Just as they turned a blind eye to Stalin’s purges — or even turned in their neighbors — they now stand mute as their fellow citizens are butchered left and right.  They give Putin absolutely no reason to think he cannot simply go blithely on with his killing spree until every single person who dares to disagree with him is dead.

What words can we use to properly condemn this craven cowardice, this betrayal of Russia’ s chidren and of its past?  We can find none.  We can only say that the horrific suffering soon to be visited upon the people of Russia is richly deserved, and pray that the minority of Russians who are still willing to stand up for justice like real patriots will somehow get through to their countrymen before Russia breathes her last.

9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Bloody Russia

  1. “The 2nd OPM is essentially a riot police unit that is often used to disrupt and disperse opposition/democratic rallies along with OMON. For instance, they were arresting and beating peaceful protesters including myself at Triumfalnaya Square on October 31. Since nobody was killed then, we should consider ourselves lucky.”


    The ones in blackand green?

  2. “Since Putin came to power, over 3,700 people have disappeared in Chechnya, and 60 mass graves with over 3,000 bodies have been discovered. That’s one person every single day of year for the past nine years. ”

    That’s differenty counted. Most of them died in 1999-2004 and especially in early to mid 2000.

    Btw, just yesterday:

    Strasbourg fines Russia $324,000 over five missing Chechens

    Aslanbek Ismailov, Aslan Ismailov, Khizir Ismailov, Yusi Daidayev and Yaragi Ismailov, from the Chechen town of Achkhoi-Martan, were taken away by armed men in camouflage uniforms in January 2003. They have not been seen since.

    After studying the cases, the judge ruled that the five Chechens disappeared after having been detained by Russian servicemen. The court also declared the men dead.

  3. http://www.jamaatshariat.com/ru/content/view/370/29/

    With the aid of Allah,the Most High,the dagestani mujahideen of the “JAMAAT SHARIAT” carried out two successful special operations over the last 24 hours,killing two of the most active and most important commanders of the pro-russian dagestani traitor-police! In the capital Makhachkala the commanders of the dagestani “SOBR” and “UGRO” were shot dead in special operations! Unfortunately western media didn´t take notice of these operations again,while the russian media silently admitted the high-profile killings of these two dirty traitors,whose hands were stained in blood of innocent civilians! In their statement the Jamaat Shariat also states,that after ten years of Jihad in Dagestan the majority of the most active traitors were already killed and that those who still remain will be liquidated as well soon! ALLAH AKBAR,DAGESTAN WILL BE FREE!!!!!!

  4. “Russia is a nation of murdering bastards. ”

    – Unfortunately, 100% truth.

  5. … At the end of the Stockholm speech Vladimir Putin was quoted. Hammarberg said he had asked Putin a question about the mass graves in Chechnya. Putin’s answer (possibly with some distortion in translation) was: “One should not open old wounds, for that will infect the air and fill it with more hatred for the Russians in the region.”

    The Commissioner was apparently unaware that in this sentence Russia’s Prime Minister had made several important admissions. Putin did not deny that Russian federal forces are behind the mass graves. He, if anyone, knows this to be so. Hence there is no desire to investigate how and why the people who lie in those graves were killed. But more importantly, his words provide an answer to the question of why the Chechen resistance is so tenacious, including the apparent fact that Russia’s military, security forces and police have committed crimes, and continue to commit them.


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