EDITORIAL: Russia and its Future


Russia and its Future

The future of Russia

The chart above is translated from the Russian website Rumetrika (Russian language link) and shows the source of information relied upon by Russian young people aged 16-26.  Horrifyingly, the graphic shows that the older a Russian gets, the less he relies upon the Internet and the more he relies upon TV.  In the oldest age range, more than twice as many got their news from television than relied upon the Internet, and gossip from friends was nearly as popular as the Internet.  Less than one third of the people in this group read newspapers, and half was cut off from the Internet entirely.

Let’s be perfectly clear:  Those gigantic columns on the left side of the chart represent not just TV, but state-owned, Kremlin-operated TV.  Even though, in other words, Russia is supposedly a “free” society, just as much indoctrination and brainwashing is going on now as there was in Soviet times.

So much for the bizarre notion that the Internet can save Russia.

Even a little Internet, however, is too much for the Kremlin. Global Voices reports:

According to a Russian newspaper Moskovski Komsomolets [RUS], when [a company called] CDMS applied for a permission to install Ethernet-network in Kraskovo, Mikhail Chuiko, a newly elected mayor, sent the application back with a note that the process should be coordinated with the FSB “to ensure protection against terrorists.” When the FSB finally authorized the application, the mayor requested another approval from the security service. This time he wanted the FSB to investigate the company.

The last thing the Kremlin wants, of course, is for Russian citizens to be able to download and upload information faster and better.  The slower the Internet works, the fewer people wil use it.  Thus, it becomes suspcious and possibly even “terorrism” to offer Russians this power.

23 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia and its Future

  1. Sergey Shelukhin

    Well, I promised myself to not comment here anymore (I still follow RSS for links you aggregate), but this is so much concentrated nonsense that I cannot stop myself from doing it :)

    1) You misinterpret the data completely. Why don’t you include some data for 50-year-olds, and lament how by 50 Russians stop using internet at all?
    From your bizarre commentary it should follow that @16 51% Russians use internet but by 25 some 13% (of total) *give up*! Awesome logic, very typical of you.

    What the data *really* means is that internet use in Russia is growing, with each new generation using the internet more than the old one. Moreover, it means that internet is getting cheaper and/or families are getting less poor – so number of 15 year old kids with internet increases, and when they grow up number of 20, 30, or whatever-year olds using internet will, too.
    I know that for a fact because when I was in HS we couldn’t afford internet other than crappy dialup, but by the time I left Russia even people working part time in the uni can easily afford DSL or LAN-based provider (that’s special Russian form of small ISP).

    2) And herein lies the 2nd lie. While I won’t deny there’s fair share of idiocy, corruption, bureaucracy, and kovavaya gebnya in Russia, internet in major cities in Russia is cheaper *and* as faster in the USA and Canada (if you consider direct uplink, of course the pond factors in when you consider latencies to real resources).
    I used to pay $25 for the same speed in Russia that costs me $45 here, and there were even cheaper plans.
    Moreover, due to massive competion in major cities (Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk etc) prices are constantly driven down and speeds and services up.
    I remember when my DSL was getting faster every month for 3-4 month straight…
    Heck, in 2001-2003 competition in Moscow was so intense that two small ISPs that expanded to the same apartment building and roughly the same time near my home cut each others’ cables there :)

    Actually, seeing how cellular network operators here are crappy, expensive and are monopolies with government-level lobbying, unlike in Russia where competition again drives prices down and I paid ~5 times less for better service than here, and seeing how I already received petition from group small ISPs here (Vancouver) asking to do something or the other (call your congressman or whatever they do here) prevent major carriers from forcing them out of business via lobbying a law, I can see quality of internet service degrading in North America more than in Russia in foreseeable future, unless Pudvedev drives Russia into some kind of total societal collapse.

    You really should keep yourself to aggregation, otherwise your blog is like a book of favorite short stories collected by alternatively talented patient – some are good ones, some are bad ones; the worst part is that he decides to add his own comments to most!


    Uh, Mr. Braying Jackass? If you actually read this blog, rather than your own feces, you’d know we HAVE addressed all age groups MANY times before:




    The data clearly shows that ALL age groups in Russia are fundamentally cut off from Internet access. But THIS data shows that THE OLDER PEOPLE GET, THE LESS ACCESS THEY WANT and THE MORE THEY RELY ON STATE-OWNED TV. It shows that THE VAST MAJORITY of Russian youth have no Internet access. It shows the Internet is totally meaningless as a way of informing Russians about the real world.

    Your ridiculous UNDOCUMENTED anecdotal LIES merely make you look silly, silly in the way that the goons who justified and defended the USSR used to look. That you would claim to dispute our facts without offering ONE SINGLE BIT of documented fact research challenging ANY of them bespeaks mental illnesss.

    Oh and, by the way: The average salary in Canada/USA is TEN TIMES what it is in Russia. That means if Candians pay twice what Russians pay for Internet access their cost is FIVE TIMES CHEAPER for them than it is for Russia. Where did you get your education? Russia, maybe? Where did you get your brain? K-mart?

    • Well, I don’t think $25 is that cheap for Russia, and how can you compare that to $45 in Vancouver?

      I don’t know if it’s Vancouver in Washington State or Vancouver in British Columbia, but in either place the average earning will be about 10 times higher, but the cost of the Internet is less than two times higher. So, it looks in Russia, it’s actually more expensive in relation to their wealth

    • Sergey, trying to reason with LR and her minions is like trying to reason with a pack of rabid animals. Much better left ignored, and if one can be bothered, sued for libel / defamation / hate speech as the opportunity presents itself.

      • Sounds like trying to reason with a racist little douchebag like yourself kgb pederast.

        • How can I be racist when I long for the West’s destruction at the hands of the Third Worlders whom it has exploited for the past 500 years?? How can I be racist when I hope European Muslims, American blacks, etc, overturn and burn down the patriarchal, fascist, white-dominated order in those countries? I believe Russia should take a leading role helping the wretched and oppressed of the Earth regain their dignity. By opposing this and supporting Western totalitarianism, YOU are the racist pig, Andrew.

          • Gee KGB, when it is “third Worlders” who long for western style democracy and freedom but who are opressed by Russian sponsored leaders such as Mugabe (Zimbabwe), or the fascist and genocidal leaders of countries such as Sudan (Russians sponsored), Sri Lanka (Russian sponsored) Myanmar/Burma (Russian sponsored) etc.

            Why, if the west is so racist do so many africans, asians, and other non-european races want to live there? Not to mention Moslems. Compare this to fascist racist Russia, which non slavs tend to avoid like the palgue.


            You really are a lying racist slimeball.

            Time to stop tossing off to your photo’s of Che and Stalin little fag.

            By the way, you repeatedly make anti-semitic comments, anti-caucasian comments etc. You are a vile little racst scumbag. And, given your political leanings, most likely a mysoginistic sexual deviant too, that is fairly typical for “true believer” communists given historical evidence.

            • Third Worlders want to come to the West because a) they are made desperate by Western exploitation of their native lands and b) because of the propaganda disseminated by Western elites and their reactionary bourgeois sycophant / lackey ruling elites in the 3rd World. Nuclear weapons should be disseminated to true revolutionary nations like Iran and Venezuela and they along with Russia will form the vanguard of the assault on Western imperialism.

              Got me all hyperventilated there, must go calm down, meditate before my icon of Stalin…

              • Actually, most dictators in the 3rd world are lackeys of Russia.

                Democratic 3rd world governments tend to be very pro western, as they value personal freedoms and rule of law, and human rights, all of which are an anathema to Russians and socialists alike.

                • What you and fellow stooges call “democracy” is nothing more than a cover for Western fascism.

                  In reality, it is great leaders like Medvedev, Admadinejad, Chavez, etc, who are the purest democrats to have ever lived.

            • Zimbabwe is now most of all a Chinese colony.

          • Oh and KGB, considering the Russians are currently opressing dozens of ethnic groups, your idea that “Russia should take a leading role helping the wretched and oppressed of the Earth regain their dignity” is laughable at best.

            You really are a sad little retard. I reccomend you commit yourself to a mental hospital.

            Its amazing what they can do to help people like you with severe social and mental handicaps these days.

  2. Sergey Shelukhin

    Minus typos because I don’t have time to proofread, and degrading in the 2nd last paragraph as in relatively to the respective current levels

  3. Well, guys it’s all clear t people who just speak Russian and can see the same things that Russians are being shown by their filthy criminal KGB gang…

  4. KGB comrade, “What you and fellow stooges call “democracy” is nothing more than a cover for Western fascism.”

    On one of your points I agree, “Democracy” is a cover for fascism, primarily western european fascism.

    Fascism was born from the legacy of collectivism, when collectivists are to embarassed to call themselves socialists, they call themselves marxists, maoists, liberals, progressives, democrats, fascists, etc. Attempting to create different degrees of collectivism in order to claim inclusiveness. Russia is the tragic result.

  5. Sergey Shelukhin

    Reply to LR:
    No, you are really an idiot. “THE OLDER PEOPLE GET, THE LESS ACCESS THEY WANT”? That is precisely the kind of idiocy I was accusing you off and you confirmed it!
    You are *misinterpreting* the data! Don’t your feeble mind understand that to claim “the older they get the less they want” you need data from SAME people (generation) over SEVERAL years? You are looking at data from ONE set from each age group taken at what amounts to SINGLE point in time. You can interpret age differences in two ways: “large fraction of people who relied on internet when young gave up using it later on and switched to state TV” (your version) or “people from newer generations now rely on internet more than people from earlier generations” (my version).

    Guess which one is correct, moron. You might consider how many Americans use internet at what age group (despite much higher penetration of internet in the USA, there are age group differences) – do Americans also give up the internet use to watch Faux News channel as they age? No, they don’t, it’s just that newer generations still use internet more than older generation.

    Your insults and other drivel just shows how much of a pathetic joke you are.

  6. Sergey Shelukhin,

    you collectivists have an oligopoly of speaking for other people. It is more likely that your elders (may I add your future) know more than you and are more depressed because they know you will not defend them.

    “The greatest indication of a man’s character is how he treats people that can do nothing for him.”

  7. If you want to enjoy a good laughter and to see how stupid russophobes are, nothing can beat reading La Russophobe. She has this uncanny
    ability to turn every news into an apocalyptic story on how Russia is about to ex- and im-plode. Here is the latest in her “horror”


    In this editorial, she displays a chart showing how the use of TV, internet and other rmedia changes with the age of the rerspondent.
    And, as you would expect, the younger the age group – the more they use the internet.

    Now, you may ask yourself: “Why is this big news? Isn’t it true of ALL countries that the younger generations are more and more internet-bound?”

    Well, let me show he LR twists it:

    EDITORIAL: Russia and its Future

    The chart above is translated from the Russian website Rumetrika and shows the source of information relied upon by Russian young people aged 16-26. Horrifyingly, the graphic shows that the older a Russian gets, the less he relies upon the Internet and the more he relies upon TV.

    So much for the bizarre notion that the Internet can save Russia.

    Yes, friends, the fact that teenagers in Russia rely on the Internet more than slightly older people – that’s “horrifying” and “bizarre”.
    And the fact that younger Russians use the Internet more and more – that’s horrible news for Russia. Evidently, Russia cannot be saved
    because its youngsters use Internet….

    Need I say more?

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