EDITORIAL: Russia Sinks Lower into the Mire of Failure

See only evil, speak only evil, hear only evil. Fans in Moscow watch the horror unfold.


Russia Sinks Lower into the Mire of Failure

An LR editorial just days ago pointed to some more spectacular failure by Russian athletes in chess, boxing, ice hockey and tennis.  But that was just a zakuska for the main dish served up last week by the Russian national soccer team as it went down to utterly humiliating defeat against tiny Slovenia in the final World Cup qualifying match.

Not only did Russia fail to score a single goal while playing on Slovenia’s home turf, not only did it degenerate into shameless cheating in the second half resulting in not one but two red cards to its players, but it ended up in a 1-1 match tie with Slovenia, both nations having scored the same number of goals, for the last entry from their group to the World Cup 2010 finals in South Africa.  Russia lost that showdown because while Slovenia had scored a goal in Russia, Russia had not done so in Slovenia.


Once again, little miss “eleven time zones” so-called mighty Russia, under the heroic leadership of Vladimir Putin, will sit on the sidelines and watch the likes of the United States compete for the World Cup championship, stewing in the humiliating juices of defeat.

When will they ever learn?

9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia Sinks Lower into the Mire of Failure

  1. I must say, it was truly delightful to watch.

    • What happened? Did any of the players get seriously injured or something? The soccer news are of a very low importance in the U.S., so most of us based in America don’t know anything about it

  2. The aggregate score was actually 2-2, and not 1-1 as suggested above.
    It is actually rather a shame that Russia will not be competing, since they are an extremely fun team to watch at the moment and would probably have done much better than Slovenia are likely to do over the course of the competition. Having said that, they were fairly outplayed.
    As for the United States, it is hardly much of a surprise that they managed to qualify, given the calibre of teams in their qualification group. And even then they were still thrashed by Costa Rica and struggled to squeeze past El Salvador. I would be surprised if they get out of the first round of the World Cup, to be honest.


    Liar. We wrote that the MATCH score was 1-1, and the goal score was 2-2. Apologize or be banned. If you can’t read our post before commenting, you have no right to publish on this blog.

    The USA is in, Russia is out. Spin that any way you like, loser, it doesn’t change the facts one iota.

  3. If by “fun” you mean a cheating bunch of bastards who get red cards with an amazing regularity for violent acts against opposing teams players, I agree.

    I guess you also think that France had a well deserved win over Ireland despite the hand ball incident from the French captain Henry?

  4. A serious humiliation for Russia, and for anyone who has watched them it’s quite obvious their attitude is the biggest problem…then we can talk about the supporters I guess.

  5. Uh, ok, I was just making an observation as a football fan and I don’t exactly know what it is that I am being accused other than supposedly lying.
    I see that the confusion arose because you refer to something called the “match score” being 1-1. I have never in my more than 30 years of following football ever heard that term being used and presumed you were referring to the number of goals scored.
    Presumably, you are aware that football has a different scoring system than baseball. The winner in two-tie matches in football is determined by away goals in the event of an equaliser.
    @Andrew: What Henry did was very much cheating, I agree, very much what like what Robbie Keane did when he handled the ball earlier in the game. It was a shame that Ireland were cheated though.
    As to the Russian red cards, the second was a clear sending-off precipitated by some ill-tempered outburst towards the end of the game.
    But the first red card really was very severe, I think.
    I am not exactly sure I would describe fouls as cheating, in the same way that handling the ball is say, but I suppose that may be a purely semantic difference based on attitudes about certain nations.
    And fun? Sure, why not. Russia were very enjoyable to watch in the European Championship and there is no reason they would have provided any less entertainment in the World Cup.

    • I only saw highlights of the match, but I’m glad for Slovenia; I always support the underdog. And I’m glad that Russia is out not because I have anything against Russian athletes, but because the Putin regime has been using sport for propaganda purposes.

      As for the European Championship, some of Russia’s matches were very suspicious. They have a couple of talented players, and a brilliant (Dutch) coach, but overall they’ve been way over-rated. And Russian football at club level has been under-performing if anything, despite their two UEFA Cup successes in recent years. Having in mind the obscene amounts or money pumped into Russian clubs (making French or German clubs look like paupers in comparison), they should have been dominating European football if the clubs were managed competently. For example, Zenith St Petersburg is owned by Gazprom – what European club can match that kind of financial support? Western clubs are run transparently and have to balance income and expenses, while Russian and Ukrainian clubs can just rely on unlimited amounts of money and high-level political support.

      As for “fun to watch” Russian football is known more for its aggressiveness than anything else. Add that to incompetent team doctors (making injuries a potential career threat) and no wonder virtually all Western footballers avoid signing with Russian teams, despite the money being a lot better in Russia.

  6. Most countries view football as fun we like to win but if we lose it’s not a big deal. In Russia the government use any victory as a rallying call to the nation. When Russia knocked England out of the European championship, they were dancing in the street it was like they had won WW2 all over again. It was a sick over the top display.

    So I feel rather smug now that little Slovenia has kicked their butts, The Russians are trying to keep a low profile over this but in reality this is total HUMILIATION and they deserve it, yum yum victory never tasted so sweet.

  7. LR wrote:
    “Not only did Russia fail to score a single goal while playing on Slovenia’s
    home turf… but it ended up in a 1-1 match tie with Slovenia, both nations
    having scored the same number of goals”

    Steve politely corrected:
    “The aggregate score was actually 2-2, and not 1-1 as suggested above.”

    LR showed her mathematical prowess:
    “Liar. We wrote that the MATCH score was 1-1, and the goal score was 2-2.
    Apologize or be banned.”

    Which match? There were two matches. One ended with a score of 2-1, the other score was 1-0:


    Russia 2 – 1 Slovenia
    Slovenia 1 – 0 Russia

    Which one of these scores is equal to 1 -1? The 2 – 1 score? Or the 1 – 0 score?


    One match for Russia, one for Slovenia. You are an idiot!

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