EDITORIAL: A New Low in Russian Barbarism


A New Low in Russian Barbarism

We here at La Russophobe spend a good deal of time gaping slack-jawed in horror at the latest example of Russian barbarism.  But now and then, even we are surprised by the depths to which this misbegotten mire of a country can sink.  For instance, the New York Times reports:

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once his country’s richest man, has resided in “gulag lite,” as he calls the Russian penal system under Vladimir Putin, for six years. Since the spring, on most working days he is roused at 6:45 in the morning, surrounded by guards and packed into an armored van for the drive to court. For two hours each way, the man who once supplied 2 percent of the world’s oil crouches in a steel cage measuring 47 by 31 by 20 inches. Convicted of tax evasion and fraud in 2005, Khodorkovsky now faces a fresh set of charges that add up to the supposed theft of $30 billion. In the dark of the van, Khodorkovsky tries to prepare for his trial, replaying in his mind his night reading, the daily stack of documents from his lawyers. But Russia’s most famous prisoner worries too about what would happen if a car slammed into the van. (Collisions are routine in Moscow’s clotted avenues.) “Your chances of making it out alive,” he wrote me one day this summer, “at any speed, are next to none.”

It is far beyond our powers of comprehension how a country could allow a situation like this to persist and yet call itself “civilized.”  In our view, it cannot do so.  This is barbarism, pure and simple. It is torture, it is subhuman, it is unworthy of nation with pretensions to greatness.  It shows that Russia is governed by petty, mean-spirited and indeed demonic children, not men, certainly not mature human beings.

We condemn it, and we condemn those — the vast majority of the Russian population — who condone it actively or passively.  We implore the people of Russia to slow down step back from the black chasm of neo-Soviet despair and failure toward which they are hurtling at breakneck speed.

37 responses to “EDITORIAL: A New Low in Russian Barbarism

  1. Khordorovsky should use his billions to bribe himself out of prison.

  2. Isa Yamadayev,a pro-russian chechen opponent of Kadyrov,wrote a letter to Medvedev and asked him to protect him from Kadyrov´s killer-squads. According to Isa actually dozens of Kadyrov-killers are hunting for him in Moscow and that Kadyrov gave them the order to kill Isa until December 31, “because i don´t want to have this problem “Isa Yamadayev” in 2010″.


    • You are a Real Russian of the PUKin era!

      by Tsotne Bakuria – do you even know who this guy is? He is a right hand of KGB scum Alsan(forgot his surname) the Ajarian dictator that Saakashvili has rightfully kicked out and turned that corrupt part of the country to what Ajara is today – The BEST place at the black sea with Batumi the most beautiful city at the black sea! Eat that Russian PUK!

  3. America treats its terrorists better than Russia treats its citizens. Truly sad.

  4. thomas rochester

    Saakashvili’s inhumane regime has nothing else to do but to label it’s oponents as KGB agents. The man suffers with paranoia,he is a mad man. Yes he does help terrorists from al qaida and yes he did ruin his country, and yes his worked for Aslan Abashidze too. He himself was raised as a spy. he was the one who attended the highest school of KGB in Ukraine in late 1980s. shame on you the most painful era in GEORGIAN history.
    Thomas Rochester

    • No, Saakashvili does not “help terrorists from al qaida”, and Georgia is a loyal ally of the US & UK in the war against terrorism (pity the US & UK were not quite so loyal when Georgia needed it, but thats geopolitics), and the Georgians have just comitted troops to Afghanistan, which are probably more needed at home due to the ongoing Russian threat (including ethnic cleansing) to Georgian sovereignty.

      Georgia, being an majority Orthodox Christian country is a comitted enemy of Islamic extremism, having been a victim of Persian islamic extremism in the past.

      As for Saakashvili “ruining the country” more retarded BS.

      Having been here both before and after the democratic, police, political and economic reforms instituted by the Saakashvili government, I can categorically state that the opposite is true.

      In 2003 (under Scheverdnadze), the gas and electricity worked max 2 or 3 hours a day, unemployment was around 70%, corruption was rife in all government departments etc. Elections were MASSIVELY rigged, protests were broken up with lethal violence, the media was muzzled, peoples phones were tapped etc.

      By 2009 (under Saakashvili), the electricity works 24-7, so does the gas, unemployment is around 14% or so, the police are widely respected and have a public approval rating of around 75%, the media is free to criticise the government (and they do), protestors (as long as they do not damage public property) can protest for weeks at a time, Georgia is pointed out by transparency international as a MAJOR success story in stamping out corruption, the list goes on.

      The members of the opposition who have been labelled as Russian agents were caught on film meeting with Russian government agents near the Russian embassy in Berlin and receiving considerable sums of money from the Russian state to finance their activities, in Georgia, as in most democracies, it is illegal to receive campaign donations or funding from foreign governments or organisations.

      In addition, the US & UK embassies have provided the Georgian government with considerable intelligence regarding Burjanadze, Gamkrelidze, and Gachichiladze’s close links with the Russian state.

      Then there is the fact that every time the Russians are pressuring Georgia, out comes the traitorous trio.

      However there are several opposition leaders and groups which are loyal to Georgia, rather than being Russian puppets, such as Alasania, the Christian Democrats, and the Royalist party.

      The Georgian public is aware of the nature of much of the opposition, and the last round of protests called by the trio of Burjanadze and co, for the first week in november was a complete failure.

      So “Thomas Rochester”, I suggest you grow a brain, or get an education, prior to spouting kremlin agitprop.

      Your opinions show you to be a misinformed idiot.

    • Ah, I was wondering when the next Putin apologist would show up.

      “Saakashvili’s inhumane regime”

      First thing’s first: Got any proof for that? Any definition of when a regime becomes an “inhumane” one? No?

      Didn’t think so.

      “has nothing else to do but to label it’s oponents as KGB agents.”

      Hardly, given the fact that it still has to try and get the Russian military out of GEORGIA PROPER, somehow try and survive its domestic critics, and somehow hope to survive the next election.

      ” The man suffers with paranoia,he is a mad man.”

      A serious charge. Got any medical proof for that? And as for paranoia, it must be a fairly mild case, in which case it would be rather JUSTIFIED, all things considered.

      “Yes he does help terrorists from al qaida”

      Oh, and I suppose he helped them by sending the Georgian army to clean out Chechen camps (which included some members affiliated to Al-Qaeda) near the frontier with Russia prior to the war?

      No? Any OTHER proof, then?

      “and yes he did ruin his country,”

      So, I suppose he begged Moscow to shell Georgia to pieces and occupy about half of it?

      ” and yes his worked for Aslan Abashidze too.”


      ” He himself was raised as a spy.”


      ” he was the one who attended the highest school of KGB in Ukraine in late 1980s.”

      Got any proof for that?

      ” shame on you the most painful era in GEORGIAN history.”

      Nope, that would probably be the Soviet invasion/occupation from 1919-1930.

      So, again, DO YOU HAVE ANY PROOF?

  5. I’ suprised how the georgian mad man could possibly fulish so many people not only in his own country but most amazingly all around the world. A fellow Andrew writes a lot about Georgia and Georgian people ,however he misses the point : SAAKASHVILI HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GEORGIAN PEOPLE. He was never elected as the president of his country, he used the most cruel ways to oppres innocent civilians and imprison opposition activists. He started the war in S.Osetia and than secretly tried to escape from his country as a little mouse. he is coward and a liar.
    P.S.Instead to spend our taxpayers money for this madman we should be investing it in our country for our own children.

    • Obviously you have ignored the post I made above. So, for the most part, I will direct you there.

      “SAAKASHVILI HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GEORGIAN PEOPLE. He was never elected as the president of his country”

      Um, the FACTS state otherwise. Or do you think that everyone’s elections run like Russia’s?

      “he used the most cruel ways to oppres innocent civilians and imprison opposition activists.”

      Got any PROOF?

      “He started the war in S.Osetia and than secretly tried to escape from his country as a little mouse.”

      Perhaps he started the war in “S.Osetia”, though given your prior accuracy I have reason to doubt that, but he CERTAINLY did NOT start the war in SOUTH OSSETIA, as the reports from the front in the leadup to the war show.

      The South Ossetians and their Russian protectors did.

      And as for fleeing the country, got any proof? And even so, SO WHAT? Perhaps you forgot the open propaganda broadcasts by Putin and co demanding his HEAD? And the fact that Russian spearheads came within a few miles of Tiblisi? Had they advanced further, it would have been futile for him to stay without massive reinforcements arriving rapidly, and abroad he could organize the response.

      That is what De Gaulle, the Dutch, Danish, Greek, and Norwegian governments did, and what countless others have plans for. Are they “cowards” as well?

      ” he is coward and a liar.”

      Again, ANY PROOF?

      “P.S.Instead to spend our taxpayers money for this madman we should be investing it in our country for our own children.”

      Ah, the isolationist argument. ALWAYS about “our own people”, “our own children”, “our own problems.”

      Newsflash: if we allow Russian power to grow unchecked, sooner or later they will make “Our own people” quite weak and submissive, “Our own Children” into their next generation of slaves, and “Our own Problems” quite larger than they already are!

      If you cannot write a decent response, don’t even bother.

  6. thomas rochester

    The proof as “Turtler” demands.

    1.Election fraud in Georgia (OSCE Report January 14 2008):
    “the pre-election environment was not equal and fair. This time, as usual, the alarming tendency of blurring the distinction between the presidential candidate of the ruling party and the state authority occurred, which was expressed through the direct political involvement of the different agencies (especially law enforcement agencies) of the executive branch in the electoral processes. One of the proofs of the involvement of the mentioned agencies is that the electoral headquarters of the ruling party’s candidate was in reality led by the Minister of Internal Affairs, who was conducting meetings and assigning local party leaders, heads of police departments, employees of the Constitutional Security and Special Operative Departments, prosecutors, and governors with particular election-related tasks.” [51]

    2.Oppression in Georgis
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 8, 2007
    Tbilisi, Georgia – Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia), as a non-partisan, Tbilisi-based non-governmental
    organization, sees the need to complement the information being circulated about the events of November 7, 2007 in
    Tbilisi, Georgia. TI Georgia is able to provide a first hand account of the government’s dispersal of the opposition-led
    protests that had been ongoing since November 2, 2007.
    Yesterday, TI Georgia witnessed the violent dispersal of protesters. The government has responded that the dispersal of the
    protesters was necessary because Rustaveli Avenue was closed in front of Parliament and that heavy force was used because
    of the protesters’ aggression. The level of violence used was inappropriate to the situation. Police officers and riot police
    not only violently dispersed the protesters, who were unarmed and varied in age and gender, but continued to pursue them
    down side streets and into shops and other buildings. Local television stations showed people being punched, kicked, and
    beaten with batons as they were running away, on the ground, or already subdued by other officers. An excessive amount
    of tear gas was used by the riot police. According to official numbers, 508 people were hospitalized due to their injuries and
    at least 100 remain hospitalized the next day.
    Starting November 2, 2007, the demonstrators came with four demands: (1) conduct parliamentary elections in spring 2008,
    instead of late 2008; (2) create new election administrations with representatives from political parties; (3) change the current
    majoritarian election system – a first-past-the-post, winner takes all system; and (4) release political prisoners and prisoners
    of conscience. For the first five days of the protests, the opposition leaders emphasized the peaceful nature of the
    demonstration and their commitment to constitutional processes. The lack of an adequate response from the government,
    however, aggravated the situation and protestors increased their demands, eventually calling for Saakashvili’s resignation.
    These calls for resignation have been interpreted by the government as an attempted coup. In the afternoon of November
    7th, the government provided television stations with taped cell phone conversations beginning in 2005. The conversations
    were between various opposition leaders, their relatives, and, ostensibly, Russian spies. The government used this
    information to assert that opposition leaders were serving Russia’s interests. However, the material provided little
    information and was largely interpreted as a late attempt to discredit the opposition leaders and incite infighting among the
    recent coalition of opposition parties. Most importantly, the information revealed on the taped conversations in no way
    provided justification for the government’s excessive use of force against the protesters, especially when this evidence
    comes after the initial attack.
    Throughout the day, journalists were vulnerable to attack. Many journalists, both local and international, have reported
    being physically assaulted by the riot police and regular police force and have had their equipment and material confiscated
    or broken. A little before 9 p.m. on November 7th, Imedi TV, the most popular television station in the country, and
    Kavkasia TV, went off the air. Before losing the signal, Imedi’s anchorman reported that the riot police had surrounded the
    building and were entering. At approximately 10:30 p.m., Prime Minister Noghaideli declared a state of emergency and
    subsequent restriction on the dissemination of information. When the government was asked why TV stations had been
    taken off the air, the response was that it was a state of emergency, even though the two channels had gone off air at least
    90 minutes before the announcement of a state of emergency. Just as other TV stations are now complying with the order
    to not broadcast news, so could Imedi and Kavkasia have complied.
    Transparency International Georgia believes that access to information is a key instrument in the fight against corruption,
    the promotion of government accountability, and the creation of democratic institutions. It is paramount that democratic
    methods are used to establish institutions in Georgia and that the process by which the Georgian state is built has public
    Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) is a national chapter of Transparency International, the global civil
    society organization leading the fight against corruption. TI Georgia was established on 7 May 2000 as a local nongovernmental
    organization committed to combating corruption in Georgia through the promotion of transparency and
    accountability. Our mission is to serve as the primary source of information on corruption reform in Georgia, assist the
    Georgian Government and the broader public in facilitating reform in sectors where corruption exists, and build and
    strengthen institutions. To fulfill this mission, TI Georgia: establishes programmatic activities that target structural
    corruption in specific sectors; promotes access of local populations to information on existing problems and changes
    initiated to address these problems; encourages input on reform from local and international experts; assists the
    Government in drafting policy; and produces analysis and public policy recommendations on current activities and on
    future reform.
    Press contact: Ani Akhalkatsi, (995 32) 921403, ani@transparency.ge

    • Finally. and thank you.

      While I expected as much, which result was this from? 2004, or 2008? Because while the former certainly was conducted under the shadow and shades of it in the latter were to be expected, the election was held to be “free and fair” by most observers, including (ironically) the Kremlin’s analysts.

      I can hardly say that intimidation and other dirty business didn’t exist (it obviously did), but again, while this does call into question the behavior of Saaks’ government, the question becomes by how much this can be held to have undermined the results. Again, while 2004 was certainly compromised, the endorsement of 2008 by even those usually opposed to both Tibilisi in general or Saaks in particular indicates that it might not have been as widespread or as destructive as you seem to indicate.

      And I also notice you did not mention the other points (Saaks attempting to flee the county, Georgia starting the war, etc).

  7. thomas rochester

    What a” brave” fighter for people . abandoning everyone and runnning away like a rat.

  8. Saakashvili is a shame. We all know his erratic behavior . Maria Wilsky says he wanted to rape her while on her humanitarian mission in Tbilisi.He needs a very good treatment with the shrink.


    And yet, his government is rated far less corrupt than that of Vladimir Putin by Transparency International. How odd.

    • He may well be erratic and he may well be shamed in your opinion, and I am pretty damn sure he could use some time on the couch with someone, what evidence is there for the Wilsky story?

      There is a very good reason why Hersay is not viewed highly in courts of law.

  9. What kind of evidence is this FANATIC “Andrew” asking? are you on Saakashvili’s payroll? Putin is a dictator .nobody argues about that. so what? WE in GEORGIA have our own tyrant. I fought in Osetia last year with my brave georgian brothers against the russian occupiers. guess what our “Commander -in -Chief” did? Yes. you are right . He hid himself in bushes,whereas the army stood so bravely.
    In regards of rape of that lady. are you a man Mr.Andrew? how could you ask questions like that? what eveidence do you need? like everything to be taped on a hidden camera ? Would you be asking the same question to Saddam Hussein’s corrupt sons? I think you would if they would have paid you their boody money. Am I right?

    • Yeah, right.

      Well moron, I was actually in Georgia during the war, unlike you I suspect, unless you were serving in the Russian military.

      No Georgian soldier I know, and I know quite a few refers to it as “osetia”, they refer to it as “Samurchablo”, or the :Tskinvali raion”, or upper “Shvida Kartli”, the acutal and historic names for the province.

      I also have a very good nieghbor and friend who is a Georgian Ossetian, he and many other Ossetians of Georgian citizenship fought for their country against the real fascist dictatorships of Kokoity, Putin and co in Tshkinvali last year as part of the Georgian army.

      I suspect the only army you fought in would be the Russian one.

  10. thomas rochester

    A nine-month European Union investigation into the 2008 war in the Caucasus has concluded that Georgia triggered the conflict, but that Russia prepared the ground for war to break out and broke international law by invading Georgia as a whole.

    2.Chapter 4/5
    In a series of “observations,” the report’s authors also take to task the international community for failing to intervene with effective and timely diplomacy when it was already clear that conflict was likely. The report notes that the United States, Ukraine and Israel supplied large scale economic and military aid to Georgia that allowed the country to double its military in the space of a few years. “Military support must stay within the boundaries set by common sense and due diligence, keeping in mind both the intended and the unintended use of the arms and equipment supplied,” the report’s observations say.

    • Yes dickhead, the Reprot states that Russia comitted multiple agressions and attacks on Georgia both military and in the terms of sovreignty.

      Did you miss the bit where it says “Russia prepared the ground for war to break out”???

      After all, you typed it in moron.

      Chapter 1 also points out that there is NO EVIDENCE that Georgia comitted attacks on Russian peacekeepers.

      The report also points out that Russia LIED about Genocide, and that Russia and its proxies in the Abkhazian and South Ossetian separatist movements comitted deliberate and planned ethnic cleansing on a large scale.

  11. IT’s so funny. Mr.Turtle ( by the way TURTLI in georgian means “durty”) would you be asking to your wife or perhaps to your doughter for an evidence like a trace of a sperm ,if they have told you that your GOD Misha raped them?
    You just don’t care what happens to rest of the world as long as Misha serves your purpose.

  12. You are so selfish. You really dont know how crazy Misha is? If you love Georgia how could you turtly or whoever your real name is defend him? He lost his country to the Russians for his ego and publisity. So stupid, vain and inglorious. He will go down in history as the most corrupt leader. Daughter is spelled with au, not ou. I agree with Saakashvili’s detractors. He is a total embarrassment to the country and Obama will no longer support his dictatorship.

    • So explain to me David, who would you replace him with?

      Nino Burjanadze (who actually gave the order to send in the riot police on Nov 7th 2007, admittedly after the “peaceful protestors” had attacked unarmed police during the morning, funny how you all forget that bit), and whose husband was filmed trying to obtain Russian weapons for a coup attempt, who also has strong links to Russia?

      Gachchiladze & Gamkrilidze, who were filmed meeting with Russian intelligence agents at a hotel in Berlin near the Russian embassy while attempting to gain Russian support and money for anti-government protests?

      As for Saakashvili being “corrupt” well, Transparency International, the UN, the World Bank etc would all disagree most strongly with you.

      When I first came to Georgia, corruption was endemic, and now it has virtually dissapeared (though of course it is impossible to stamp it out completely).

      You, sir, are a dishonest individual, I agree Saakashvili has made mistakes, but give him credit for the MASSIVE improvement in Georgia over the last 5 years, or would you rather go back to the USSR, or to the Scheverdnadze days?

  13. Please … you and your ” georgian wife”. you are pathetic and sound very much like Saakashvili.

    ask her ,unless you are georgian too, if she ever heard the word “turtliani”. perhaps Misha expalins it to her ofering his sweat couch afterwords.
    Mr.Gachechiladze and Mr.Gamkrelidze met with Mr.Kacha Targamadze in Berlin. A former georgian minister of interior whom Saakashvili publicly thanked as the guardin of georgian democracy. I can’t even comment your malicious accusation against Nino Burdjanadze . It’s not even funny .it’s a part of your very sick imagination.

    So I’m another russian spy huh? you fanatics are so funny. God. how you people found eachother? I’m just wandering. O by the awy ,almost forget , Pushkin,Lermontov and Tolstoy were KGB agents too. Well …I’m not saying anything about Hillary Clinton who is a lady agent .she is so KGB . You know wha she did? she called her russian counterpart a friend. can you imagine? God save us from Sarkozy and Angela Merkel. They are the most dangerous agents KGB ever had. Please ,our smart “Andew”, help the world to reveal their real deeds.
    Please say hi to your “georgian wife”. lol.
    All the best to you my dear “Andew”
    George-“Russian Spy”
    P.S. while in Tbilisi shut me an e-mail. I would love to chat with you. you sound so funny

    • Now George, Burjanadze is roundly derided in Georgia, which you would know if you actually lived there. She is the MOST UNPOPULAR member of the opposition, and when she, Gamkrelidze, and Gachichiladze called for protests on the 7th of November this year, they were roundly ignored by the public, who see them for the traitors they are.

      Come and see me on Nustubidze plato, just ask for “nutsubidze’s sidze”. Most people there know where to find me. I imagine my neighbors who actually ARE war veterans would be “pleased” to give you an education.

      Of course, “blue boy” supporters such as yourself are in love with traitors such as Gamkrelidze et all, but don’t expect a warm reception from the majority of Georgians.

      By the Nino did not recognise your retarded attempt at mangling Georgian words, however, you are correct (once your inability to spell is taken into account), I guess all the vodka you have been marinading what passes for you brain in does not help.

      So, stop being a typical “blue boy” (lurgi bichi) and start trying to fix your country.

  14. You mean “Nutsubidzelebis Sidze” or “Giuli’s Rdsali”. I for one think you are “Giuli’s Rdsali”. HAHAAHA.
    I can’t take you seriously anymore .sorry. You know who Giuli is. don’t you? To whom who has hard time understand who Giuli is (I mean all those people above) : Dear Friends ,Giuli is Saakashvili’s mother, “rdsali” in georgian means a daughter in law, so our sweathart Andrew is Saakashvili’s mother’s daughter in law. in other words he is Misha’s WIFE. sounds great huh? HAHAHAHA.
    I’m going to be “meore platose” later this evening. What a coincidence. so I would love to be educated by fanatic Mishists.
    “Blue Boy?” another invention by Mishists. Try at least to find more originality. I saw this great music -video on youtube the other day called “CRAZY MISHA” it’s hilarious. There is this little rat in there that looks like Misha.I feel to lazy to find it for you. You can do it by yourself. I promise you will greatly enjoy it.
    All the best “sidze” (HAHAHA) and
    Truly yours

    • Not a fanatic Mishist at all, however he is far better than any of the alternatives (with the exception of Alasania of course).

      Anyone who supports Gachichiladze, Gamkrelidze, or Burjanadze is supporting a return to the rampant corruption of the Soviet and Scheverdnadze days.

      Post your email, and we can discuss things like adults, rather than with your pathetic insults.

      You act like a goimi bicho, grow up and maybe others will listen to you.

      And kindly explain how Gachichiladze, Gamkrelidze, and Burjanadze failed to mobilise any support on november 7th?

      Maybe because people see them for what they are.

  15. I’m with done this insane ping pong game.
    I just wanted you guys to see the link in which the report clearly states the fact that Saakashvili started the most devastating war for his country last year.
    Good bye to all of you

  16. Tom, can you read retard?

    The report states that Saakashvili was responding to severe military and political attacks on Georgian sovreignty.

    The fact is the Russians were coming no matter what he did, or did not do.

    Grow up little man.

  17. Boy you are stubborn and insulting. Fanatics always are. For those who are not blind please read the quotes below.(just scrol it down).
    Hi George. are you georgian?where did you learn english so well? How is Kaheti doing? I stil have ALAVERDI wine siting on my kitchen table. rochester_1971@yahoo.com is my private e-mail . I’d like to stay in touch with you.
    1.The key passage in the document reads: “The shelling of Tskhinvali by the Georgian armed forces during the night of 7 to 8 August 2008 marked the beginning of the large-scale armed conflict in Georgia, yet it was only the culminating point of a long period of increasing tensions, provocations and incidents.”
    2.More damning for Georgia, however, are the words uttered by Tagliavini as she summed up the gist of the report for international diplomats in Brussels. She said in her team’s view, “it was Georgia which triggered off the war,” and “none of the explanations given by the Georgia authorities in order to provide some form of legal justification for the attack [on Tshkinvali] lend it a valid explanation.”

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