EDITORIAL: Kim & Dima Sittin’ in a Tree!


Kim & Dima Sittin’ in a Tree!

It probably does not surprise you to learn that blogger Dima Medvedev, whose other job is “president” of Russia, has a Facebook page:

But it may surprise you to learn who his friends are.  He’s got nearly 2,000 of them (granted, a relatively small number for a country with perhaps 15 million people able to access the Internet, to say nothing of the wider world; Barack Obama for instance has nearly 7 million friends — ouch!) and among them is . . . yes, you guessed it . . . . (those who are at risk for cardiac arrest induced by uncontrollable fits of hilarity should not click the jump, you have been warned) . . .

. . . La Russophobe’s very own beloved fearless leader Kim Zigfeld!

Robert Amsterdam, the lawyer for Mikhail Khodorkovsky who sees Medvedev as the corrupt figurehead of one of the most corrupt and illegitimate legal systems on the planet, is also one of Dima’s close pals.

So, Dima Medvedev has accepted their invitation and “friended” both Zigfeld and Amsterdam. 

We do not feel any further commentary is required.

10 responses to “EDITORIAL: Kim & Dima Sittin’ in a Tree!

  1. Nice! Thanks for the heads up. Of course I just friended him.

  2. I’m friends with him too, but that said I strongly suspect he is a “false Dmitri”.

  3. LOL. What a hoot!

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