Medvedev the Dwarf

0_2fb2e_1a20e283_XLMedvedev the dwarf, a true work of cartooning genius from Sergei Yelkin, better known as Ellustrator.

4 responses to “Medvedev the Dwarf

  1. Come on, chums, read George Friedman, (STRATFOR)
    Russia is too big, with too many enemies outside and inside, not to be authoritarian.
    Chechenya was Russia’s Falklands.
    They, like Britain, decolonise, but like us, the more they retreated, the more their enemies came on.
    They have no alternative.
    A benign fascism or feudalism is all that the West and Russia can hope for.
    All societies are oligarchies and or Kleptocracies, anyway.
    America hides it better.

    • Hmmm, Russia has not voluntarily decolonised ine any way shape or form.

      Just look at its colonisation of large parts of Georgia.

      Russia only has enemies amongst its ethnic minorities and nieghbours because it insists on being authoritarian.

      BTW, the Falklands was a situation where a foreign power (Argentina) invaded a group of Islands where the local population was intent on remaing British subjects.

      Chechnya on the other hand was part of a 200 year struggle by the indiginous population to throw off the yoke of foreign (Russian) opression.

      Russia has plenty of alternatives to being a facist state that it is now, they are just too morally & intelectually lazy to explore them (with the obvious exception of some sterling individuals such as Latynina, Kozlovsky, Ryzhkov and others)

      I suggest you are a “useful idiot”.

    • Oh. I certainly didn’t know that Britain killed tens (hundreds?) of thousands of British citiziens in the Falklands.

  2. Mr Medvedev is in Singapore attending the APEC meeting with the other heads of Asian Pacific Rim nations the theme running through the conferences is; ending protectionism and allowing free trade.

    Medvedev has joined in the general consensus stating that Russia agrees and will do all in its power to encourage others to join them.

    Talk about lying through your teeth. This man has slapped a 35% tax on imported goods with just one purpose to protect Russia’s domestic markets.

    Now the cartoon is funny but you Dimity are a laugh a minute, who writes your speeches Bart Simpson?

    Another corker from the world’s biggest joke one Dimity Medvedev

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