Russian Nazis on the Warpath


Paul Goble reports:

Those taking part in the Russian March in Moscow yesterday – an officially authorized demonstration which organizers claimed attracted 7,000 people but which observers said included only about 700 – were given written instructions on how to acquire guns so that they would be able to defend what nationalist speakers called “the Russian order.”

Such calls in the increasingly overheated atmosphere of the Russian capital given the availability of guns of all kinds there are inherently provocative and could prompt their opponents among non-Russians to arm themselves in response, provide a justification for the authorities to crack down on the nationalists, or, quite possibly, do both.

And while there is as yet no Russian media reporting that Russian nationalist groups who organized similar marches on the Day of National Unity in dozens of places across the Russian Federation handed out the same advice in the same way, it is very probable that the participants received a similar message in one way or another.’s Anastasiya Petrova and Sofya Krapotkin reported that “each of the participants [in the Moscow Russia March near the monument to the Soldier of the Fatherland} was handed instructions on the acquisition” of gas pistols and others types of “fire arms.”

Among the weapons specifically recommended in the handouts given to the Russian nationalists were the OSA, the Makarych, and the Bekas hunting rifle, Petrova and Krapotkin said. And those taking part heard Dmitry Demushkin, the leader of the radical and racist Slavic Union, say that soon “only two things” in Russia will have “real value: food and bullets.”

“Any power,” he continued, “has the right to existence only if it preserves my nation! In Moscow, there are many aliens, but the powers that be consider that there are not any. [These powers] want to bring year yet another million Chinese and yet another million Azerbaijanis,” regardless of what the Russian residents of the city think.

Other speakers offered similarly radical messages. Vladimir Yermolay7ev, a representative of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), said that “the powers that be are afraid that people will demand change.” And because that is so, “we must be together in order to understand our interests and defend them.”

Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov – not otherwise identified but likely a retiree – said that as of December 1, “Russia will not have an army and in March it will not have a nuclear shield.” That means, he continued, “if the powers that be are afraid and do not want to defend our Fatherland, we must do it ourselves.”

The organizers of the Moscow meeting, the reporters said, were the DPNI, the Slavic Union, the Resistance Movement, “and other nationalistic organizations.” The participants shouted out slogans like “A Russian Order for Russia,” “A Russian Power for Russia,” and “Glory to Russia,” and at least some carried Nazi flags.

20 responses to “Russian Nazis on the Warpath

  1. Bekas is actually a shotgun.

  2. Where did that photograph come from ?
    “Obraz” is a Serbian Neo-Nazi outfit.

  3. Why is Nazism, Fascism and Racism so popular in Russia? Don’t these Russians racist idiots who are spouting inane Fascist slogans aware of how many of their people were killed by “Nazis” and “Fascists”?

    >The participants shouted out slogans like “A Russian Order for Russia,” “A Russian Power for Russia,” and “Glory to Russia,”<

    What retarded slogans, what Russian order, and what Russian power? Do these cretins want the return of the Russian Empire, a new Soviet Union minus the Marxist-Leninist codswallop?

    I’ve seen countless videos on you tube and elsewhere of gutless Russian skinheads thugs attack en masse hapless and lonely African, Central Asian and Caucasian individuals. What is a gang of Russian skinheads attacking a single “black-arsed bastard” suppose to prove? Their manliness?

    Russian racists and nationalists never cease to scream obscenities and threats at Africans, Muslims, Chinese, etc. And shout out “Russia for the Russians”. But these Russian racists and nationalists have nothing to say about their “brethren” in the Baltic states? Surely Estonia should be for Estonians, Latvia for Latvians, and Lithuania for Lithuanians?

    How can the Russian Government have the temerity and sheer cheek to accuse the Baltic states who suffered horrifically under Soviet Communist and Imperial Russian occupation of “Fascism” for correctly equating the evil of Nazism with the equally evil of Communism? When Fascism and Nazism is thriving in Mother Russia?

    This Russian Neanderthal Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov remarks:

    “if the powers that be are afraid and do not want to defend our Fatherland, we must do it ourselves.”

    I thought Russia was the MOTHERLAND, and Germany was the FATHERLAND? Aren’t these Russian Nationalist Fascist Racist knuckle-draggers getting their parentlands mixed up?

    For all Russia’s ills, economic failure, non-existent manufacturing, political repression, demographic catastrophe, alcoholism, HIV-AIDS pandemic, appalling infrastructure, nihilistic judiciary, obscenely corrupt state bureaucracy, international pariah, etc. All these Russians can get worked up about are black people like me? Pathetic.

    • Well said Warren.

    • @What is a gang of Russian skinheads attacking a single “black-arsed bastard” suppose to prove? Their manliness?

      Their racial superiority. Making Hitler proud. Zachisting the city one Untermansch at the time.

      @Surely Estonia should be for Estonians, Latvia for Latvians, and Lithuania for Lithuanians?

      Nah, it’s all Russia[n Empire].


      English translation of Rodina, choose one (German Vaterland is rather obvious).

    • How come they use this word “motherland” all the time? What’s that about? We obviously have this word in the English language, but in all my life I’ve never heard an American say that Kentucky is his “motherland” or the U.S. is his “fatherland.” Sounds so unbelievably pompous.

      • Try Homeland, fool.

        • Americans don’t refer their country as their homeland, that’s a term used by their government to refer to a department that deals with security.

          American don’t see themselves as children of their country, they see themselves as parents.

          Idiot. Your ignorance is wide and bottomless.

    • 1. Отечество – Fatherland
      2. Родина – Motherland
      Either one can be validly used.
      3. You – idiot

      • 2 = FAMILY = YOU = ???

      • I don’t know what you wrote in Russian (I presume), I neither read not understand it. As it was explained to you, we do not use these words in any normal discourse. “Homeland” is reserved for the official use in the context LR pointed out to you.

        Should a person use these words in a conversation, he would not be taken seriously. It’s so heavily propaganda-laden and pompous- sounding to an American ear, that other people would immediately think that the speaker is an insincere creep.

      • Thats OK KGB, just because your parents were brother and sister……

  4. Is anyone really surprised that Russia has become the most racist country in Europe, Putin was voted in on a wave of patriotic fervour, he has followed a policy of Russian nationalistic aggression ever since not just within Russia. He spread this poison amongst ethnic Russians in host countries like Estonian as witnessed in the 2007 bronze soldier riots, And in eastern Ukraine where these pro Russian zealots destroy memorials to the Ukrainian freedom fighters who gave their lives opposing the soviet occupation. Putin even has a group within Russia called NASI these are young patriots based along the same line as the Hitler youth. These uniformed brats are used politically, in recent years they have demonstrated outside the Estonian and British embassy; over the bronze soldiers and removal of the British council issues they intimidated staff and blocked entrances, all this in Mr Putin’s not so democratic Russia.

  5. My Russian-born mother and grandmother became naturalized American citizens c. WWII. My Russian (Ukrainian-born actually) grandfather was arrested by the Bolshies and died in a Soviet camp. Seeing and hearing about Russia/Soviet Union as a kid makes today’s Russian behavior come as no surprise.

    Russians are very intelligent people but they, as a group, lack the political gene and think all businessmen are crooks. This accounts for their long-standing anti-Semitism. Also, hatred/distrust of Poles and Japanese. Germans not so much as lots of Russians have German ancestry, much like Americans do and Russians respect German accomplishments in science and music. Russians prefer to see themselves as dreamy intellectuals or artistes and thus are prey for slimy lizards like Putin. Stalin always said that everyone was “guilty” of something!Medvedev is more the dreamy type and his day is almost over.

    • Russians are intelligent people? Intelligent people don”t support fascism when it was the fascists who tried to destroy them in WWII.

      Russian anti-semitism is based on jealous and nothing more. Russians are angry that russian jews accomplished more than the ethnic russian population ever could. Majority of the russian nobel prize winners are jews also most of their chess champions are jews.

      As for the germans. Yes Germany gave the world national socialism, communism, two world wars and the Holocaust. Real reason to be proud of german accomplishments.

  6. Yankeegirl, russian employees are or were as adept as americans, the only difference is their indifference to human suffering.

    My objective assessment is, you look hot.

    Call me!

  7. R John, Russia has always been the most racist country in the “developed” world.

    In reality, russia is a thorn in the side of freedom and democracy.

    A splintered theocracy that is not grounded in principle is dead.

  8. Seanquixote

    My friend you have hit the nail on the head

    Nothing more to say

  9. In my last comment, I regret using the word democracy.

    Thank you R John, but I did err.

    Democracy is the antithesis of freedom. In that sense, the only true use of it is “freedom and(then)democracy.

    I will never make this mistake again.

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