EDITORIAL: Obama Teaches Russia a Lesson


Obama Teaches Russia a Lesson


Obama, famous on YouTube for flyswatting says: "This year was a tough one. More and more problems every day." Source: Ellustrator.

Last Tuesday must have been rather disturbing for the denizens of the Russian Kremlin.

American voters helped the Republican Party adminster a “humiliating” beat-down of the Democrats in gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, both states Barack Obama easily carried last year in his presidential bid.  The humiliation for Obama was especially intense in New Jersey, an overwhemlingly “blue” state that hadn’t seen Republicans in the statehouse in ages, a state Obama won in a landslide and where he campaigned actively for the Democratic incumbent.  And the Republicans didn’t just win, they won in absolutely dominating, blowout fashion.  It seems that reports of the GOP’s demise were greatly exaggerated.

These results would have the Kremlin heads spinning for two different reasons.

First, the very notion of a party opposed to the center sweeping to power in regional elections is utterly anathema to the Kremlin.  It has seized total control over such polls, and handpicks regional leaders, claiming that pluralism only results in weakness and national decline.  Yet there is America, the world’s only superpower, with a GDP ten times the size of Russia’s and a population twice as great, practicing pluralism to the Nth degree.

And then there’s the fact that Obama’s foreign policy has been full of appeasement towards Russia.  It can’t make the Kremlin feel to comfortable to see America’s Chamberlain being so viciously repudiated at the voting booth.  What’s more, as we report below it seems Obama’s top Russia advisor, Michael McFaul, was criminally misquoted by the Kommersant newspaper a few weeks ago, and in fact never asserted that the Obama administration would back away from pressuring Russia on human rights.

The Kremlin will simply never understand the power of democracy, or more importantly the weakeness of dictatorship.  The craven denizens of the Russian Kremlin cannot wrap their minds around pluralism, vesting a nation’s citizens with actual power and responsibility and freedom of choice.  The Kremlin, you see, views the people of Russia more like cattle than human beings, and believes that if they made decisions the country would go straight into the crapper.

It’s ironic, of course, because that’s exactly where elitism and autocracy has driven Russia time and again over the past century, so that now Russia is a hollow relic of a country on the verge of total exinction.


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  1. Indeed, I still do not understand Obama’s foreign policy. There are two types of world – one is “fantasy” usual for novels where good guys are opposed by the bad guys and other is “real” where everyone just pursues its own goals, no more, no less. But Obama came up with third type of world – world where is no black and white like in first type or grades of grey like in second one. In Obama world, EVERYONE is good. That is beyond fairy tail, even stories for little children has some villain like evil prince or dragon. Obama bases his policy on “if I smile at him, he will smile in return”. He is not a Chamberlain because Chamberlain was prime minister and could be forced to step down from his office which actually happened. I do not think American president can be somehow forced to step down, unless he has serious health problems. Unfortunately, we’ll have no other option than to survive next few years with naive and romantic person in the White House..

    • Maybe no way to force President out of office, but electing a Conservative Congress would be a way to cut down BO’s shenanigans. I believe its already beginning to happen and that’s why the extra big push now for the radical reforms the Left is after. And BO is neither naive or romantic…just delusional and dangerous.

  2. I think this is a very bleak outlook. The previous Republican administration did nothing to counter Putler’s posturing – remember Bush’s crap about seeing into the dark one’s soul? – so why is it good to see the GOP making a return?

    What is required is a nuanced intelligent approach to Russia. I don’t see this coming from a hawkish republican administration. America has to right the wrongs it has been committing and make itself attractive to the outside world again to show Russia up as being the dung heap it is.

    It is a mature and realistic approach to see that George W. Bush and the shocking policies that came with him were the greatest recruiter an Islamofascist terrorist front could wish for. I believe the Americans won Cold War 1 by being seen to be the goodies.

    • I don’t even know where to begin with your post. Just suffice it to say Islamofascism was already up and running long before W. came into power. Remember the first attack on the WTC, the truck bomb? As for W looking into someone’s soul, yah that was naive, if not plain dumb. And see what being nice to a rabid dog gets you? I could add more but this has been hashed over to death on prior postings, etc…

  3. Despite being a Socialist, McCain had the right aproach to foreign policy.
    Sarah Palin will, too.

  4. I’d like to ask Obama critics, what would McCain done about Russia? And how would a McCain/Palin achieve this?

    Obama is a realist, and pragmatist. He’s not going to pursue a foolish confrontational policy and approach to Russia that isn’t going to work purely to look “tough” for cyber armchair generals and strategists.

    What would McCain done differently? What makes people so sure that McCain could handle Putin? Because he saw a K, a G, and B in Putin’s eyes. Unlike his President at the time “who saw a sense of his soul”.

    The US can’t be fighting “Islamo-Fascists” around the world, fighting in Iraq, fighting in Afghanistan at the same time, confronting Russia with a New Cold War, and trade war/arms race with China, and military strikes on Iran, and removing Chavez from Venezuela, and killing every evil dude on the planet.

    Get real people. One thing at a time.

    Just who would go alone with a McCain/Palin plan to confront Russia? The Germans, the French, the Italians, Dutch, the Spanish? Me thinks not.

    • For God’s sake Warren, just listen to yourself. Pragmatism, yes. Realism, we are all for it. Compromises are inevitable, and we all (at least all of us of a certain age) remember tricky Dickey Nixon’s little trip to China.

      But there is a fine line between being pragmatic and being an appeaser to a Hitler. And so, I don’t know what McCain would do. The question is now moot and purely academic. I did not vote for him as a life long card carrying Democrat, and now I regret it.

      Opposing pure evil should not be a partisan issue. Reagan did it, although there were a lot of geopolitical concerns (just as weighty as those you named) in favor of not doing so. A uber-liberal Democrat, Jimmy Carter, with all his faults and flaws, did it too. We all remember his human rights crusade, the grain sanctions and the Moscow-80 Olympics boycott, don’t we? Kennedy did it, Truman did it, both Democrats of course, but now for some reason we can’t.

      I am now certain that McCain would have condemned Russia too. He would have demanded to expel her from the G-8, for starters. He would have considered some sanctions maybe. He would have put a lot of pressure on businesses to curtail co-operating with Russia, especially oil businesses. President of the United States has lots of options and huge leverage even during these bad times.

      Russia is very vulnerable because she cannot really extract much without Western money and technology. And Western withdrawal from their oil and gas arena would have dealt a terrible blow to the Putin regime.

      That’s what McCain could have done, but Obama would not. He is just too cautious I think (I don’t buy all that crap that he is a Marxist, I don’t see any proof of that). But in the end, all that may backfire. Appeasement is never a solution in a long run.

    • Dear Warren,

      MaCain would be in Berlin next week.

      Why Won’t Obama Celebrate Freedom’s Victory?

      Carol Platt Liebau
      Monday, November 02, 2009

      On a November evening back in 1989, it was impossible to take one’s eyes from the television screen. There it was, the seemingly impossible – the Berlin Wall falling as East Germans, intoxicated by the promise of freedom, scaled its once-forbidding face. Americans heard the singing, saw strangers singing, crying and embracing, and realized they were witnessing history. The end of the Cold War was at hand, and the United States – and the forces of freedom – were victorious.

      The fall of the Berlin Wall was part of a chain reaction, as repressive Soviet-satellite dictatorships in Hungary, East Germany, Romania, Czechoslavakia and Poland fell. Even a year or two earlier, no one would have foreseen the rapidity and thoroughness of the Iron Curtain’s disintegration. It marked a glorious moment in the history of the world, when liberty replaced tyranny, and dictators yielded to democracy.

      Next week, Germany will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall – recalling the peaceful events that sparked a new birth of freedom for a country that had been split in half, dividing family, friends and even the world since 1961. The commemorations will go forward, however, without America’s president.

      Remarkably, President Obama, who could find time to fly to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago’s Olympic bid, declined the invitation from German chancellor Angela Merkel to attend the festivities. That’s notwithstanding the central role that America played in the ultimate destruction of the Iron Curtain – and the bipartisan nature of its efforts, from the Berlin airlift to President Reagan’s famous exhortation to his Soviet counterpart to “tear down this wall!”

      No one but the President and members of his inner circle know the real reason that President Obama has refused to go to Berlin. It’s hard not to suspect, however, that his reluctance springs both from a misplaced sensitivity to the feelings of our former Soviet adversaries – and worse yet, from a misguided sense of shame about America’s Cold War triumph.


      • After Prime Minister Angela Merckel’s gracious visit the Obama administration went out of their way to publicize the fact that the President would have no part in recognizing the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

        The Berlin Wall of course represented everything America stood in opposition to, and it was an American President and not a Soviet agent that ultimately caused it to fall. So why wouldn’t President Obama wish to do the simple act of honor to his OWN nation and the cause of liberty universally and pay homage to a date the unified the German people after many years of separation?


    • McCain would not turn into Putin’s puppy dog!
      He would SHOW the bastard it’s place. He would call Russia what it is – Empire of Evil! He WOULD demand Russia get out of Georgia (as it has signed the agreement with Sarkozy…) He would engage into geopolitical game, seriously reducing the demand in Europe for Russian Oil and gas, by supporting building of alternative pipelines. And MOST of all He would DEMAND from Russia to reform and become a civilized state or be in isolation like USSR was. He would not give Mr.Pukin cookies and cakes for nothing. He would put Pukin’s Russia into a regime – change or – be disgusted by others!

      Instead Obama does absolutely SHOCKING things! We shall all see this seeds grow… It’s going to be a bad harvest, unless something seriously changes!

  5. Russia today is not the source one goes to find the truth or an objective opinion. It is a Putler mouthpiece operating on Kremlin money. So, spare us your stupid propaganda.
    As to Obama foreign policy, it is a disaster,as is his internal one. I didn’t vote for him nor did I vote gor McCain but after Obama had won I was kind of excited and decided to give him a chance. His socialist(of a marxist kind) agenda based on a distribution of wealth is making me sick. I am switching parties, to independent one. Obama and his policies are ruining my country. Churchill said: ” Socialism a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”

    • Perfect rule of a real propagandist: attack the messenger, not the message.

      As to Obama, you really deserve the third term for Bush next time.

  6. socialism is

  7. voroBey
    Of course RT is virtually under Russian gouvernment control. It is true as well as west sources are under control of appropriate western gouvernment. No one source is not absolutelly right. But I would like to ask you. Are information about Texas Governor Rick Perry who has announced intention to leave USA lie?
    According to RT Governor of Texas Rick Perry said literally: “Texas is a unique place. When we came into the union in 1845, one of the issues was that we would be able to leave if we decided to do that”.

    • So, Gov. Perry said that, it’s true, so what? He is an American and has a right to say virtually anything he wants, like any other American. People say lots of things, particularly professional politicians and other elected officials.

      Whether he is correct in his assertion that TX has a right to leave the Union is another matter. Most likely, he is wrong; I think the Civil War had settled the issue. The issue is of course a non-issue; as TJ observed, there are is real mainstream seccessionist movement in TX.

      • When states disentigrate, noone thinks about laws, IMHO. Most think of safety, and before that, of their wallets.

  8. I’m Russian

    I live in Texas and let me assure you there is no desire for Texas to leave the Union. It is a unique state but then again so all the others. Perry is on his way out as well as he’s going up against a strong challenger in Kay Bailey Hutchinson. He may not be governor much longer after the people vote him. Something that is very foreign in your society. His outburst was pretty ridiculous and left a lot people scratching their heads as to why he said. Texas needs the US as much as the US needs Texas. I hate ruin your fantasy but the US is will intact for some time to come. You have no idea how this country works. I would think you need to worry about your own country falling apart. Russia has to keep its southern flank in order by using pure terror in Chechnya, Ingushetia and the rest of Caucasus region. Something that would be unheard of over here.

    • you sound too american to be Russian, kid. no person with any command of Russian language, and a Russian ancestry would write such a thing, I believe.

  9. He did say that. But he also said that the federal government is strangling Americans with taxation, spending and debt. Perry suggested Texans might at some point get so fed up with Obama government they would want to secede from the union though he said HE SEES NO REASON WHY TEXAS SHOULD DO THAT. “We’ve got a great union” he said.
    So, russki, I do not know how well you know English and if you would be able to understand all the subtleties of “might, should and would”but I hope you have enough brains to see that ,again, your were duped by RT, of course. And we do have independent media though it may have left or right or middle leanings. It is up to us to choose. Can’t say the same for Rasha.

  10. Its funny that Perry said that since Texas receives an ungodly amount of federal money. His tea party rant was no big deal. Its just Rick Perry being Rick Perry.

    As far as media goes there are an endless amounts of media sources that cover a wide spectrum. FOX and MSNBC are great examples. But none of these media outlets have any direct connection to the government like RT. RT is joke. I love reading RT though it is one of the most entertaining news sites EVER. I hope it never goes away. Nothing like a daily feed of Kremlin sponsored America, Europe and Georgia bashing. I’ve never seen RT seriously take a critical look at there government’s shortcoming but they will rant all day about how the US will break up and that Ukraine should return to the Russian fold. I supposed if any of their reporters did they’d probably be “mysteriously” murdered.

    • They have this bizarre notion that government should own or control media outlets. This “I am Russian” guy has stated as much:

      “Of course RT is virtually under Russian gouvernment control. It is true as well as west sources are under control of appropriate western gouvernment”

      He takes it for granted that governments control media

  11. Sounds to me like a cultural disconnect. I mean c’mon…..when in any time in Russian history had the media had the ability to call out the establishment for the good of society. I don’t think ever. Maybe a brief period in the nineties and early 2000’s before Putin put an end to that. Now it seems that all that comes out of the media over there is how great Russia is and how it is surrounded by enemies. I can’t never find an Russian media outlet that disputes otherwise.

  12. RV

    “I think the Civil War had settled the issue”.
    Yes C.W. had settled but only until recently. Now this question is arised again by high authority representative so it`s very unusual for USA internal affairs policy. It`s also very similar to what happend in US during PERESTROJKA.

  13. TJ

    “I would think you need to worry about your own country falling apart”. This quotation is more appropriate to USA society than for Russian one. We permanently defence our country since 1992. And we really understand all threats against my country so we don`t need in your advices. But you always try to teach us despite of your own internal problems. So I ask you: what would be wrong if you solved your own problems firstly? I think that my idea is not too bad.

  14. voroBey

    “…..your were duped by RT…. And we do have independent media though it may have left or right or middle leanings. It is up to us to choose. Can’t say the same for Rasha”.

    I give information about what Perry said only from RT. And I have failed to find something about this news elsewhere . So I think RT is not brainswashingmashine in compare with most of western sources.

  15. Come on, “I’m Russian”, what you’re saying is completely paranoid. What “defence”? Has anyone tried to attack Russia since the end of the Cold War? It is Russia who has continued to be a threat to all of its neighbors, has invaded other countries, and continues to occupy parts of Georgia and Moldova.

    I really don’t get it how so many ordinary Russians aren’t bothered by the fact that their government is more preoccupied with imperialism and expansionism than with sorting out Russia’s problems. Russians would be infinitely better off if their government scrapped their “geopolitical” ambitions, reduced their military spending, and focused on tackling Russia’s economic, social and public health issues. And then there would be no need for blogs like La Russophobe. It’s actually very simple really.

  16. TJ RV

    Of course the most of western media are under western gouvernment control. I see it everyday. And especially when something serious happend. Western gouvernment and western sources (especially free Europa, voice of USA etc.) always have similar approach and deal with each other as one team! E.g. in Serbija, Chechnija, Iran, Georgia so on. So your assertion that yuo have really independent mass media is lie or foolish.

  17. A.
    We have defended ourselves against Islamic terrorism in N-Caucasus and Middle Asia Near Abroad since 1992. Also we defended ourselves against your Gouvernment which tried to make a profit from our temporary weakness! Islamist rebellions were supported by westerns countries even more than by Islamic states. Now many Islamic countries recognise that Russia had a right to do what we did. But many westerns continue supporting terrorism.

    • Haha, what the hell are you talking about? What “Islamic terrorism”? Your country put down a free nation and committed genocide against the Chechens. The only “terrorism” in the Caucasus is committed by the Russians. And what do you mean by “your government”? As I’ve stated before on this blog, I’m not American. And what you’re saying is completely insane; in the 90s, the US saved your sorry ass, but indeed they were wrong to do so, they should have let Russia collapse instead of bankrolling it.

      With ignorant, racist, paranoid people like you, no wonder Russia is going down the drain. A normal, sane person would prefer his tax money to go to improving your country’s quality of life, rather than invasions, crazy imperial ambitions, or financing organized crime-infested black holes like Transnistria or “South Ossetia” and terrorists in the Middle East.

  18. A.

    Quote – “What “Islamic terrorism”? Your country put down a free nation and committed genocide against the Chechens. The only “terrorism” in the Caucasus is committed by the Russians.”

    Answer- What “Islamic terrorism”? Your country put down a free nation and committed genocide against the Afganians and Arabians. The only “terrorism” in Irak, Afganistan or New York – 9.11- is committed by the USA gouvernment.

    Quote- “A normal, sane person would prefer his tax money to go to improving your country’s quality of life, rather than invasions, crazy imperial ambitions, or financing organized crime-infested black holes like Transnistria or “South Ossetia” and terrorists in the Middle East.”

    Answer- A normal, sane person would prefer his tax money to go to improving your country’s quality of life, rather than invasions, crazy imperial ambitions, or financing organized crime-infested black holes like “Kosovo” or Saakaschvilly and Karsay dictatorschips or Islamic terrorists in the N-Caucasus as well as drugproducers in Afganistan.

    • “I’m Russian” are you retarded or something? What part of I AM NOT AMERICAN don’t you understand? My government has not invaded anyone. Ever.

      And this retarded “yes, but Americans invaded Iraq” line is really, really boring. So basically you admit that Russia is a barbaric, imperialistic and genocidal, but your argument is that it’s ok, because the US attacked Iraq. Very logical… not.

      • Look, I speak Russian… Read their blogs, watch TV, read papers and listen to their politicians (mob) and politologists(propagandists)

        Russia is a SICK, SICK NATION OF BARBARIC BLOODTHIRSTY ZOMBIES! They have no mercy for Russians or anyone else. I wanted to like Russians, wished I could. But they are a scum of a nation. YES, there are VERY few normal good Russians… but they are REALLY REALLY FEW!

  19. A.

    I understood that you are not American.
    What are you from? If you answer me I will find examples of your country aggressive behavior. My writing about USA is only example of rules of play. This may be also true for China, UK, India, France, Pakistan, Saudy Arabia, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Indonesia, etc.

    I`ve just pointed that Russia is not worse than another countries including USA. But unlike you I do not consider my country as so called “TEACHER OF THE WORLD”. But I say that since 1992 we have been playing fair as well as the most states in the World have.
    I don`t admit anithyng. I`ve just pointed to the fact that there is nothing we have done what e.g. USA haven`t:
    Afganistan (USSR)-Vjetnam(USA)
    Chechnja(Russia)-Afganistan + Irak (USA)
    Yes sometimes we have to do something for keeping our country. But if we had gone another way Russia would have been crashed and destroyed many years ago.

    • What about Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bessarabia, Finland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, East Germany? All countries either actually annexed or in fact made slaves. I am sure, the list is only partial

      What’s the score now?

    • You moron,

      Sebiya WAS killing the population of Kosovo.

      As in Georgia, it was the opposite. Russians where killing Georgians! Watch “Urkoi Russkogo” by Nekrasov. (I don’t think it will help your kind of Bidlo… but you could try)

      If you feel ashamed after the credits roll, that means you have a chance, if not than you are a full Bidlo, with no way of becoming a civilized human being.

  20. You are a moron, russki. There’s no point in talking to you, dima-idiot. You managed to steer the conversation in the wrong direction by spewing your schizophrenic propaganda. I have no desire to continue as I do not talk to brigadniks.

  21. voroBey

    Just you have nothing to answer me.

  22. RV

    Quotation- “What about Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bessarabia, Finland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, East Germany? “.

    Answer- What about Sudeten (mass murders of German civilians 1945-46 the crime committed by Czech Republic), Silesia (mass murders of German civilians 1945-46 the crime committed by Poland)? What about mass killing of Jews in Estonia, Latvia, West-Ukraina, Poland, etc! These country became absolutely “cleaned” from Jews by local “polizei” and “thanks to” local people! “Панушка полiцай миилинькiй жидинятино отродье до оврагу побiгло”. Of course you should also remember mass killing of Polands by Stepan Bandera`s so called “Ukrainian Rebellion Army” – УПА. Now that monster are “hero” in the west Ukraina. It`s only part of list of crimes commited by above-mentioned “victims”.

    • I have to enlighten you ..again! Hitler’s war against russia started on 22 June 1941. Eight days later, on 30 June 1941, the Ukrainian Nationalists under the leadership of Stepan Bandera proclaimed the establishment of a Ukrainian state in recently conquered Lviv.

      Within days of the proclamation, Bandera and his associates were arrested by the Gestapo and incarcerated. Refusing to rescind that proclamation, Bandera spent July 1941 to September 1944 in German prisons and concentration camps. Duration of the Nationalists’ alignment with the Nazis: 0 days.

      But the kremlin signed a lovey-dovey friendship pact with Hitler, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, on 23 August 1939. Duration of the kremlin’s alignment with the Nazis: 669 days. Historical consequence: Stalin was a “great man” in moscow. But, Bandera was a “fascist”. There were close to 1/2 million Russians and150.000 Jews fighting against Stalin in German uniforms including Putin’s father! Why single out Ukrainians?

    • Really “I am Baboon”, Sudeten, yes well what about Koenigsburg, where Russia exterminated 100% of the original population between 1945 and 1947?

      Then you renamed it “Kaliningrad”.

      Russia and its people (as shown by you) are scum.

      As for your “successful” fight against Islamic terrorism:

      1. You still dont control the north Caucasus properly after nearly 20 years of genocidal actions (OK nearly 200 years if we start from the beginning of your vile Ruyssian rampage)

      2. You got your asses kicked in Afghanistan, in the same length of time that you lost over 50,000 killed, the NATO forces have lost around 2000 (Russians are INFERIOR soldiers).

      3. You got your butts kicked in Tajikistan’s civil war, where the side you were supporting (communists effectively) were forced to the negotiating table because the “rebels” were able to fight their way into the capital despite the prescense of tens of thousands of (useless) Russians.

      4. Russia is the chief supplier of weapons to the Taliban, Islamic regimes in Iran, the Islamic fanatics of Hizbollah and Hamas, etc, etc, etc.

    • United States had no role in these crimes

  23. LES

    “I have to enlighten you ..again! ” – I`m not wondering because you try to do it constantly. But you are just ignoramus.

    “There were close ………150.000 Jews fighting against Stalin in German uniforms including Putin’s father” – You are need to be enlighted.

    Have you ever heard about Holocost, Babiy Yar, etc. Genocide would have been impossible if local people had not supported mass killing in their living-areas. It equal true for Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bessarabia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, East Germany. What about Genocide of Germans inSudeten (mass murders of German civilians 1945-46 the crime committed by Czech Republic), Silesia (mass murders of German civilians 1945-46 the crime committed by Poland)?

    About URA-УПА they were ally of Hitler in 1943 . And they committed of genocide of Polands and Jews.

  24. To Mr I’M Russian; Russia today is nothing more than a state run mouth piece who only post suck up’s, radicals and anti western bigots, I tried to debate with these brain dead idiots but RT have censored my posts and finally excluded me totally the truth hurts doesn’t RT

  25. R John

    “Russia today is nothing more than a state run mouth piece who only post suck up’s, radicals and anti western bigots”

    I think it isn`t bad that gouverment has a possibility to speak by own mouth. Western media are much more outrageous.

    About bigots. You are bigot, all LR`s fans are bigots – antiRussian bigots.

  26. “I am Baboon” quit the “what abouts”, it’s idiotic and annoying. What the hell has the Holocaust or Stepan Bandera have to do with what Russia HAS BEEN DOING OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS AND IS STILL DOING. I’ll list some of the things again: genocide, invasions, fomenting civil wars (Moldova, Georgia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan), giving financial and military support to organized crime (Transnistria), terrorists (Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban) and psychopathic regimes (North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela). So don’t tell me about Estonia, Stepan Bandera, Genghis Khan or little green Martians, we’re talking here about RUSSIA. Which of the things I listed could count as “defence”?

  27. The difference between LR and RT is that you Mr I’ M Russian can have your say on this site RT have banned me (for telling the truth in a polite way).

  28. A.

    “So don’t tell me about Estonia, Stepan Bandera, Genghis Khan or little green Martians, we’re talking here about RUSSIA”.

    No dear if you are talking about someone`s behavior (good or bad) in certain situation you should also take into account the widespread rules and norms for all parts. Russia is not a single target. So I`ll tell you about your crimes and crimes committed by so called victims!
    It doesn`t matter what you think about my country,but we could safe Russia only by fighting against terrorist. And we won unlike you.

    • Yeah, I thought you would respond like that, you have no arguments. You weren’t able to refute any of the things I said. So, as usual, you try to change the subject, as all Russophiles do when faced with facts. So stop changing the subject and talk about RUSSIA. It’s as if a murderer who was on trial would try a line of defence on the lines of “Your honor, yes, I did murder someone, but Jack the Ripper got away two centuries ago so you should let me get away with it as well”. And maybe you wonder why everyone commenting on this blog calls you a moron.

      So never mind World War II (where Russia was just as barbaric as Nazi Germany anyway), tell me one country that has been doing the same things as Russia (genocide, causing civil wars, financing terrorists, annexing territories from other countries) in the last 20 YEARS, not 60 or 100 or 600 years ago. Not even dictatorships like China or Saudi Arabia have done that.

  29. RV

    “United States had no role in these crimes”
    Of course but USA have had their own role in much more crimes. You write about GULAG I write about Holoaust. But what about Hirosima, Nagasaki or Dresden. All people of Hirosima and Nagasaki and most citizens of Dresden were killed by USA and UK airfleet. All of them were civilians. There were nothing military effect. These were doing against USSR. USA and UK leaders wanted to show their masskilling capacity. There are many many examples of USA`s gouvernment barbarism.

    • You really are a moron. What does the USA have to do with the Holocaust? The Holocaust was committed by your buddies and allies, the Nazis.

    • Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely lawful and justified bombings, just as Russian wiping out of Berlin was lawful and justified. Dresden was mostly British operation, and was completely proper too

      • I’m sorry but I don’t think Hiroshima or Nagasaki were justified in ANY WAY.

        • Then we disagree Kate. There are two schools of thought on that, and we belong to different ones.

          A very brief summary of the position of those on my side is this. President Truman had agonized over that quite a bit (as his archive papers later showed) but concluded that war is war and after all we did not attack ourselves at Pearl Harbor. And then the invasion of the mainland would have been inevitable, with potential losses of over a million lives, ours and Japanese. They knew how to fight and did not just give up.

  30. The bombing of hiroshima and Nagasaki effectively ended ww2 and most likely saved countless japanese civilian lives. The alternative to the abomb was a land invasion of japan which would have been devastating in terms of casualties on both sides. it also prevented stalin from taking even more Japanese land. Could you imagine further soviet/russian occupation of japan? The whole country would’ve been a dump like the kurils and Sakhalin. Forgive me for any grammar mistakes, I’m using a touchpad and i hate it.

  31. I’m Russian

    Be careful when you use the word barbarism. Make sure you know the meaning. Yes Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden were horrific events and they were acts committed by the US. Fine. We all know this.That being said, in the aftermath of WW2 we could have just as easily made sure that neither Japan or Germany could NEVER get back on their feet and start anew. We could’ve kept them under our boot. But that’s not our nature. Instead we poured massive amounts of money and resources to create the countries that you see today and we can certainly say that Japan and Germany are no backwater countries. So after the destruction we wreaked you could say we atoned for our sins by aiding our enemies.

    Lets look at the Russian\Soviet side of the coin. After WW2 Europe is partitioned and most of Eastern Europe falls into the Soviet police state orbit where over a generation of people languish. the USSR did nothing to provide a better life for their satellite states but instead created a life of terror for millions of Eastern Europeans that they vividly remember today. And for what? Was the USSR really trying to establish an international proletarian system in Eastern Europe? A defense pact in the Warsaw pact that truly looked out for its brothers-in-arms? No unfortunately. Eastern Europeans were simply intended to be used as cannon fodder for a potential NATO strike. Simply a giant human shield.

    Now that my friend is barbarism.

  32. RV

    “Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely lawful and justified ”


    “The bombing of hiroshima and Nagasaki effectively ended ww2 and most likely saved countless japanese civilian lives”.

    If you think so You are bigot. Obviously USA hadn`t any right to do so. The WW2 went to end thanks to USSR army. And your bomb attaks had no military results.

    But we really should keep our defence including great nukes forces for saving our own State against western bigots.

    • Actually, the Japanese say that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were justified and brought an immediate end to the war saving potentially millions of lives.

      So “I am Baboon” try reading you retarded little rat.

      “Preferable to invasion

      Those who argue in favor of the decision to drop the atom bombs argue that massive casualties on both sides would have occurred in Operation Downfall, the planned invasion of Japan.[2]

      The U.S. side anticipated losing many soldiers in the planned invasion of Japan, although the actual number of expected fatalities and wounded is subject to some debate. U.S. President Truman stated after the war that he had been advised that U.S. casualties could range from 250,000 to one million men.[3] Other sources put the highest estimates at 30,000 to 50,000.[4] In a study done by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in April 1945, the figures of 7.45 casualties per 1,000 man-days and 1.78 fatalities per 1,000 man-days were developed. This implied that the two planned campaigns to conquer Japan would cost 1.6 million U.S. casualties, including 370,000 dead.[5] In addition, millions of Japanese military and civilian casualties were expected.[6] An Air Force Association history says, “Millions of women, old men, and boys and girls had been trained to resist by such means as attacking with bamboo spears and strapping explosives to their bodies and throwing themselves under advancing tanks,”[7] and also that “[t]he Japanese cabinet had approved a measure extending the draft to include men from ages fifteen to sixty and women from seventeen to forty-five (an additional 28 million people).[8]

      Supporters also point to an order given by the Japanese War Ministry on 1 August 1944, ordering the disposal and execution of all Allied prisoners of war, numbering over 100,000, if an invasion of the Japanese mainland took place.[9]

      [edit] Speedy end of war saved lives
      Supporters of the bombing also argue that waiting for the Japanese to surrender was not a cost-free option. “For China alone, depending upon what number one chooses for overall Chinese casualties, in each of the ninety-seven months between July 1937 and August 1945, somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 persons perished, the vast majority of them noncombatants. For the other Asians alone, the average probably ranged in the tens of thousands per month, but the actual numbers were almost certainly greater in 1945, notably due to the mass death in a famine in Vietnam. Newman concluded that each month that the war continued in 1945 would have produced the deaths of ‘upwards of 250,000 people, mostly Asian but some Westerners.”[10][11]

      The end of the war also liberated millions of laborers working in harsh conditions under a forced mobilization. In the Dutch East Indies alone, there was a “forced mobilization of some 4 million—although some estimates are as high as 10 million—romusha (manual laborers)…About 270,000 romusha were sent to the Outer Islands and Japanese-held territories in Southeast Asia, where they joined other Asians in performing wartime construction projects. At the end of the war, only 52,000 were repatriated to Java.”[12]

      The firebombing of Tokyo alone had killed well over 100,000 people in Japan since February 1945, directly and indirectly. Intensive conventional bombing would have continued or increased prior to an invasion. The submarine blockade and the United States Army Air Forces’s mining operation, Operation Starvation, had effectively cut off Japan’s imports. A complementary operation against Japan’s railways was about to begin, isolating the cities of southern Honshū from the food grown elsewhere in the Home Islands. “Immediately after the defeat, some estimated that 10 million people were likely to starve to death,” noted historian Daikichi Irokawa.[13] Meanwhile, fighting continued in The Philippines, New Guinea and Borneo, and offensives were scheduled for September in southern China and Malaya. The Soviet invasion of Manchuria, had in the week before the surrender caused over 80,000 deaths.[14]

      Philippine justice Delfin Jaranilla, member of the Tokyo tribunal, wrote in his judgment:

      “If a means is justified by an end, the use of the atomic bomb was justified for it brought Japan to her knees and ended the horrible war. If the war had gone longer, without the use of the atomic bomb, how many thousands and thousands of helpless men, women and children would have needlessly died and suffer …?”[15]

      Part of “total war”

      Supporters of the bombings have argued that the Japanese government had promulgated a National Mobilization Law and waged total war, ordering many civilians (including women and children) to work in factories and military offices and to fight against any invading force. Father John A. Siemes, professor of modern philosophy at Tokyo’s Catholic University, and an eyewitness to the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima wrote:

      “We have discussed among ourselves the ethics of the use of the bomb. Some consider it in the same category as poison gas and were against its use on a civil population. Others were of the view that in total war, as carried on in Japan, there was no difference between civilians and soldiers, and that the bomb itself was an effective force tending to end the bloodshed, warning Japan to surrender and thus to avoid total destruction. It seems logical to me that he who supports total war in principle cannot complain of war against civilians.”[16]

      Supporters of the bombings have emphasized the strategic significance of the targets. Hiroshima was used as headquarters of the Fifth Division and the 2nd General Army, which commanded the defense of southern Japan with 40,000 military personnel in the city. Hiroshima was a communication center, an assembly area for troops, a storage point and had several military factories as well.[14][17][18] Nagasaki was of great wartime importance because of its wide-ranging industrial activity, including the production of ordnance, ships, military equipment, and other war materials.[19]

      An article published in the International Review of the Red Cross notes that, with respect to the “anti-city” or “blitz” strategy, that “in examining these events in the light of international humanitarian law, it should be borne in mind that during the Second World War there was no agreement, treaty, convention or any other instrument governing the protection of the civilian population or civilian property.”[20] The Blitz was not one of the charges against Hermann Göring, commander of the Luftwaffe, at the Nuremberg Trials.[21]

      On 30 June 2007, Japan’s defense minister Fumio Kyuma said the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan by the United States during World War II was an inevitable way to end the war. Kyuma said “I now have come to accept in my mind that in order to end the war, it could not be helped (Shikata ga nai) that an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and that countless numbers of people suffered great tragedy.” Kyuma, who is from Nagasaki, said the bombing caused great suffering in the city, but he does not resent the U.S. because it prevented the Soviet Union from entering the war with Japan.[22] Nagasaki mayor Tomihisa Taue protested against Kyuma, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe apologized over Kyuma’s remark to Hiroshima A-bomb survivors.[23]

      In the wake of the outrage provoked by his statements, Kyuma had to resign on 3 July.[24] However, the comments of Kyuma were almost similar to those made by Emperor Hirohito when, in his first ever press conference given in Tokyo in 1975, he was asked what he thought of the bombing of Hiroshima. Hirohito then answered : “It’s very regrettable that nuclear bombs were dropped and I feel sorry for the citizens of Hiroshima but it couldn’t be helped (Shikata ga nai) because that happened in wartime.”[25]

      In early July, on his way to Potsdam, Truman had re-examined the decision to use the bomb. In the end, Truman made the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan. His stated intention in ordering the bombings was to bring about a quick resolution of the war by inflicting destruction, and instilling fear of further destruction, that was sufficient to cause Japan to surrender.[26]

      In his speech to the Japanese people presenting his reasons for surrender, the emperor referred specifically to the atomic bombs, stating that if they continued to fight it would result in “…an ultimate collapse and obliteration of the Japanese nation…”[27] In his Rescript to the Soldiers and Sailors, delivered on 17 August, he focused however on the impact of the Soviet invasion, omitting any reference to the atomic bombings.

      Japan’s leaders refused to surrender
      Some historians see ancient Japanese warrior traditions as a major factor in the resistance in the Japanese military to the idea of surrender. According to one Air Force account,

      “The Japanese code of bushido—”the way of the warrior”—was deeply ingrained. The concept of Yamato-damashii equipped each soldier with a strict code: never be captured, never break down, and never surrender. Surrender was dishonorable. Each soldier was trained to fight to the death and was expected to die before suffering dishonor. Defeated Japanese leaders preferred to take their own lives in the painful samurai ritual of seppuku (called hara kiri in the West.). Warriors who surrendered were not deemed worthy of regard or respect.”[8]

      Japanese militarism was aggravated by the Great Depression, and had resulted in countless assassinations of reformers attempting to check military power, among them Takahashi Korekiyo, Saitō Makoto, and Inukai Tsuyoshi. This created an environment in which opposition to war was a much riskier endeavor.[28]

      According to historian Richard B. Franklin

      “The intercepts of Japanese Imperial Army and Navy messages disclosed without exception that Japan’s armed forces were determined to fight a final Armageddon battle in the homeland against an Allied invasion. The Japanese called this strategy Ketsu Go (Operation Decisive). It was founded on the premise that American morale was brittle and could be shattered by heavy losses in the initial invasion. American politicians would then gladly negotiate an end to the war far more generous than unconditional surrender.”[29]

      The U.S. Department of Energy’s history of the Manhattan Project lends some credence to these claims, saying that military leaders in Japan

      “…. also hoped that if they could hold out until the ground invasion of Japan began, they would be able to inflict so many casualties on the Allies that Japan still might win some sort of negotiated settlement.”[30]

      While some members of the civilian leadership did use covert diplomatic channels to attempt peace negotiation, they could not negotiate surrender or even a cease-fire. Japan could legally enter into a peace agreement only with the unanimous support of the Japanese cabinet, and in the summer of 1945, the Japanese Supreme War Council, consisting of representatives of the Army, the Navy and the civilian government, could not reach a consensus on how to proceed.[28]

      A political stalemate developed between the military and civilian leaders of Japan, the military increasingly determined to fight despite all costs and odds and the civilian leadership seeking a way to negotiate an end to the war. Further complicating the decision was the fact that no cabinet could exist without the representative of the Imperial Japanese Army. This meant that the Army and the Navy could veto any decision by having its Minister resign, thus making it the most powerful posts on the SWC. In early August 1945 the cabinet was equally split between those who advocated an end to the war on one condition, the preservation of the Kokutai, and those who insisted on three other conditions : leave disarmament and demobilization to Imperial General Headquarters, no occupation of the Japanese Home Islands, Korea, or Formosa, and delegation to the Japanese government of the punishment of war criminals[31] The “hawks” consisted of General Korechika Anami, General Yoshijiro Umezu and Admiral Soemu Toyoda and were led by Anami. The “doves” consisted of Prime Minister Kantaro Suzuki, Naval Minister Mitsumasa Yonai and Minister of Foreign Affairs Shigenori Togo and were led by Togo.[28] Under special permission of the Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito), the president of the Privy council, Kiichiro Hiranuma, was also a member of the imperial conference. For him, the preservation of the Kokutai implied not only that of the Imperial institution but also the continuation of the emperor’s reign.[32]

      Japan had an example of unconditional surrender in the German Instrument of Surrender. On 26 July, Truman and other allied leaders issued The Potsdam Declaration outlining terms of surrender for Japan. The declaration stated that “The alternative for Japan is prompt and utter destruction.” It was rejected. The Emperor, who was waiting for a Soviet reply to Japanese peace feelers, made no move to change the government position.[33] In the PBS documentary “Victory in the Pacific” (2005), broadcast in the “American Experience” series, the historian Donald Miller argues that in the days after the declaration, the Emperor seemed more concerned with moving the Imperial Regalia of Japan to a secure location than he was with “the destruction of his country.” This comment is based on the declarations made by the Emperor to Koichi Kido on 25 and 31 July 1945, when he ordered the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal of Japan to protect “at all cost” the Imperial Regalia.[34]

      It has sometimes been argued that Japan would have surrendered if simply guaranteed that the Emperor would be allowed to continue as formal head of state. However, Japanese diplomatic messages regarding a possible Soviet mediation—intercepted through Magic, and made available to Allied leaders—have been interpreted by some historians to mean that “the dominant militarists insisted on preservation of the old militaristic order in Japan, the one in which they ruled.”[29] They also faced potential death sentences in trials for Japanese war crimes if they surrendered.[11] This was also what occurred in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East and other tribunals.

      Professor of history Robert James Maddox wrote that “Another myth that has attained wide attention is that at least several of Truman’s top military advisers later informed him that using atomic bombs against Japan would be militarily unnecessary or immoral, or both. There is no persuasive evidence that any of them did so. None of the Joint Chiefs ever made such a claim, although one inventive author has tried to make it appear that Leahy did by braiding together several unrelated passages from the admiral’s memoirs. Actually, two days after Hiroshima, Truman told aides that Leahy had ‘said up to the last that it wouldn’t go off.'” “Neither MacArthur nor Nimitz ever communicated to Truman any change of mind about the need for invasion or expressed reservations about using the bombs. When first informed about their imminent use only days before Hiroshima, MacArthur responded with a lecture on the future of atomic warfare and even after Hiroshima strongly recommended that the invasion go forward. Nimitz, from whose jurisdiction the atomic strikes would be launched, was notified in early 1945. ‘This sounds fine,’ he told the courier, ‘but this is only February. Can’t we get one sooner?'” “The best that can be said about Eisenhower’s memory is that it had become flawed by the passage of time.” “Notes made by one of Stimson’s aides indicate that there was a discussion of atomic bombs, but there is no mention of any protest on Eisenhower’s part.”[35]

      Maddox also wrote that “Even after both bombs had fallen and Russia entered the war, Japanese militants insisted on such lenient peace terms that moderates knew there was no sense even transmitting them to the United States. Hirohito had to intervene personally on two occasions during the next few days to induce hardliners to abandon their conditions.”[35] “That they would have conceded defeat months earlier, before such calamities struck, is far-fetched to say the least.”[36]

      Another argument by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa is that it was the Soviet declaration of war in the days between the bombings that caused the surrender. Other scholars disagree.[37][38][39]

      The “one condition” faction, led by Togo, seized on the bombing as decisive justification of surrender. Kōichi Kido, one of Emperor Hirohito’s closest advisers, stated: “We of the peace party were assisted by the atomic bomb in our endeavor to end the war.” Hisatsune Sakomizu, the chief Cabinet secretary in 1945, called the bombing “a golden opportunity given by heaven for Japan to end the war.””


    • I think the bombing did bring about a good result, like forcing an immediate surrender of Japan. And about right, yes we had it. Japan attacked us, and we were at war, remember. Starting wars has consequences

    • Oh BTW”I am russian ape”, the USSR had no influence on the outcome of the war in the pacific.

      That one you only entered in the last few days when we (USA & British Empire & Commonwealth) had done all the hard work.

  33. I’m Russian
    First of all What America did in Japan in no way excuses Russia’s long brutal and murderous history which is actually much worst in comparison to USA. But that is not the point, as A. has pointed out many times just even the last 20 years Russia has been behaving like a barbaric, murderous country unlike any Western or developed country! But for some reason you seem to ignore that fact completely.

    • Kate

      1)”Russia’s long brutal and murderous history which is actually much worst in comparison to USA”.

      Yes especially if take into consideration USA history whith slavery and mass-genocide of (American) Indians.

      2)”…the last 20 years Russia has been behaving like a barbaric, murderous country unlike any Western or developed country!”.

      What about USA and Co`s behavior in Serbija, Somaly, Irak, Afganistan etc. It`s much more cruel behavior than Russian`s one is.

      • Now “I am Russian Retard”, how about Russia’s genocides against the siberian natives, the circassian genocide of the 1860’s, and lets see, Russian genocide against the Poles, Chechens, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Ingush etc, the recent (last 20 years or so) genocide by Russia against the Georgians in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, angainst the Chechens (again) etc, etc, etc.

        By the way, Russia had slavery too, it was called serfdom, and it was just as bad as anything suffered by Africans Americans. In addition, the US has worked hard (and is still working hard) to be a land of equality for its people, this is as opposed to your scum pond Russia, where racism is entrenched in the state, and in the vile filth that passes for the majority of your political “kulture” these days, the “kulture” that kills Markelov, Politkovskaya, Estemirova, and imprisons real Russian patriots like Oleg Kozlovsky.

        BTW, your retarded comment regards Serbia is no surprise. Ever heard of Srebrenica you monkey?

        • Hi Andrew,

          You forgot to mention HOLODOMOR!

          • Sorry Les, I thought I had mentioned the massive genocide by Russians against Ukrainians in the 20’s and 30’s (there was much more Russian opression and genocide of Ukrainians than just the holodomor!!)

            My sincere apologies for the omission!

  34. I think its sad and pathetic the way Russia keeps on finding ways to celebrate “their” victory in WW2 only a couple of days ago there was a massive parade in red square to celebrate the day when the Soviets marched out to face the Nazis in 1941, all the participants were dressed in the uniforms of that period, talk about scrapping the bottom of the barrel, “get over it” the war ended 64 years ago, In Britain we have one day a year its called remembrance Sunday, that’s all that’s required to honour the memory of our brave British and commonwealth troops. The Russians are like a dog with a bone they just can’t leave WW2 alone, they seem to have some weird celebration every other week.

    As quiet rightly pointed out the Russians played no meaningful role in defeating the Japanese empire, the USA with help from the British and commonwealth won that conflict.

    The Russians assisted the Germans at the beginning of the war, we all know about the carving up of Poland, But did you know that in 1940 Stalin loaned the German navy a base near Murmansk they used this to launch attacks against the Royal Navy in the Baltic and north seas. Also the Russians provide ice breakers so that German warships could take the northern route at the top of Russia to enter the Pacific Ocean whereupon they sank many British and commonwealth merchant ships. This is part of Russia’s not so glorious war effort. And one they won’t want to celebrate.

    Please note; the above is based on “checkable” historical facts and not bigotry as some might like to assert.

    • Excellent points. And in most likelihood, Russia would have never gone to war against the Nazis had Hitler not decided to attack Russia. The so-called “great patriotic war” was a war of aggression by Germany and Russia against Central Europe and the Balkans. It’s disgraceful that to this day Russians are unable or unwilling to recognize the truth about their country’s participation, behavior and intentions in the war.

      And Russia’s attack on Japan, after it had already surrendered, is just another despicable example of Russian cowardice and greed.

  35. Kate

    You have wrote too much guys. You write about A-bombs very posityvely. You justified them. You aren`t ashame about mass killing of civilians absolutely. Only Kate keep the rest of conscience but she is also misled by fraudulent reports of western so called “free pressa” sources.
    So guys and girls you justified A-Bombs. And what we should do to avoid Nagasaky etc. fate? Our answer: we should keep our Nukes forces as defence against your “democracy”. Also we should have appropriate intelligence services, police and army. And appropriate gouvernment too.
    You are criticized RT. So I`ve translated into Russian language your blabber about A-bombs etc. and gave it to read for many friends of mine. The result is much more than RT`s reports. You are helping Russians to understand that we have enemies and our enemies are Western society! So you are more russian patriotic source than RT!

    • I’m Russian

      I don’t want to argue with you. I’m not mislead by anything, I have pesronally seen thousands of refugees in Georgia who have lost everything because of Russia, I also have chechen friends who have described horrors of what they went to under Chehcnya before they escaped. Only one mislead here is you by Russian propaganda.

    • As far as USA, yes I think what they did in Japan is terrible and in no way justified. However America has rebuilt all countrise they have ever gone into, America brings prosperity to countries while Russia only brings misery and destrcution.

    • More hypocricy from a Russian scumbag.

      Russians are the greatest mass murderers in history, the Nazi’s pale in comparrison.

      Russia has still to even apologise for the reign of terror it inflicted upon its former imperial posessions.

      Russia has brought only misery and opression to those it has raped, opressed, and murdered.

      • Andrew

        Scumbag is you.

        • Oh “I am Russian Ape” you show such wit, such repartee!!

          Russia is the most evil state in history.

          Unfortunately scum such as yourself have always supported, and will continue to do so, the autocratic, racist, mass murdering governments that you have always had in Russia.

          There is no hope for Russia to be a free, democratic, prosperous state while vermin such as yourself support a government which kills those who struggle for rule of law, individual freedoms, racial equality, and non interference in neighboring states.

          You are a scumbag.

  36. I’m Russian

    What does that article have to do with anything?

    I love how you totally avoided Russia’s barbarism toward Eastern and Central Europe. I don’t need to show my Eastern and Central European friends proof of Russian barbarism…..They lived it for seventy years. How many innocent people were starved, executed, imprisoned just to cover Russia’s western flank? I’m sure the citizens from the Ukraine, The Baltics, Poland, Bulgaria etc. all have a glowing memory of everything you did for them. You wonder why you have enemies? Your country treats its neighbors like garbage just like you treat your own citizenry.

    This will be my last post on the subject so you can fire away on useless ramblings and articles that have no relevance to the debate.

    • You will receive the answer that those Ukrainians, Balts, Poles, etc. don’t count because the U.S. killed many Indians in the 19th century

      • Of course Ukrainians killed many Polands as well as many Ukrainians also were killed by Polands. This is also true for Pribaltica (Baltija)`s people. The World`s history are showing to us eternally wars and mass mudering through all the world.
        You have a lack of sense if you think that relationships between Russia and Est-Europa are different. Moreover there were not only bad things in our mutual history. I have many friends from Est-Europa (Chechija, Hungary, Bulgaria, former Est-German, Poland, of course Ukraina) who support our country and hate USA. Their age and society status are different but their thanksgive to us for so called “Soviet occupation”.
        I don`t only understand one little things. What are Yankee doing there? For englishspeaking guys who think that they are Embassy of God (especially for Yankee) I remember their own criminal-violations and their own problem. Russia is not absolutely innosent. But your own violation are more horrifying. If Russia shoud be accused then USA should be punisched more cruelty as more dangerous criminal! And of course neither USA nor some groups like LR haven`t got any right to carry court-procedure.

        • Russia is not only not innocent, but was and is orders of magnitude worse than any other state in terms of mass murder, genocide, racism etc.

          In the 20th cenntury the Russians alone killed 62,000,000 or so civillians (and thats just the median estimate).

          Russia’s violations in eastern europe after WW2 were just as bad, if not worse than the Nazi occupation, the genocide against Georgians in Abkhazia in the early 90’s, the genocide of Ukrainians, the genocide against the Chechens, Russian support for Serbian genocide against minorities, Russian support for dictators and mass murderers arounnd the world.

          Russia has, like the evil disease that its political culture is, destroyed everything it touched, whereas Europe, Israel, Japan, and India are functioning democracies with rule of law

  37. That is certainly true, one big problem is that Kremlin doesn’t trust the people. The relationship between the state and the people is built upon misleading and distrust.

  38. The Soviet Union was an evil empire that exported death and destruction across the globe, It had a perverse ideology that was enforced by a ruling elite, The eastern European slaves trapped in this cess pit of corruption have been freed (thank god).What remains is the Russian Federation, A Nation still being led by exactly the same people who ran the Soviet Union, When the system collapsed the ruling elite stayed in place, How can we be expected to deal with a group of misfits who are either liars because they supported a system they didn’t believe in, or hypocrites because they pretend to be democratic but are totalitarian at heart,

    Russia will only become a trusted member of the international community when the current tainted political elite is swept away,

    • No Russia is already a trusted member of the international community because of so called “free community” is not consider all of the World. USA and their area of influance is only part of the World. We have a good peaceful relationships with another parts. But for better mutual understanding between Russia and USA we should have many nukes etc.

      • LOL.

        Russia is seen for what it is, an entire nation of 2 year olds with ADHD.

        Russia is the chief supporter of international terrorism, both in weapons and funds, the chief supporter of genocidal regimes from Serbia, Burma (Myanmar) Sudan, Sri Lanka, the separatist regimes of South Ossetia, Transdenistr, and Abkhazia to name but a few.

        Russia is not “respected” internationally, it is not even liked.

  39. The world is obviously a complex entity judging from the posts here. The truth is a fleeting thing, it’s relative and gives a distorted reflection depending on who’s looking. Despite this fact, it is seriously spooky to see how distorted the reflection is, and how cutoff from common sense many people are.

    A comment on the earlier posts regarding BO; The US should be proud and happy that they elected a president who at least has a pronounced agenda and a deeply rooted will to end injustices, both domestically and internationally. Of course he won’t have the means to reach the majority of his goals, but I’m quite certain the citizens of the world still sees his intentions as worthy of sincere admiration. His presence is therefore invaluable both for the US, but also for the international community. Let us all hope that he is able to steer towards a more sustainable future.

    Finally… With all due respect, ‘I’m Russian’, you’re heads and shoulders (and then some) ahead of everyone else, both regarding your view of the current state of international affairs, but also your argumentation technique. Maybe it’s a cultural issue, though I’m hard pressed to think so. You need to revisit yourself, your sources and reflect a bit. Your opponents here are perhaps overly harsh and offensive, but try to see past the bitter words. Russia has a lot of problems, just like it has had for decades. Saying that doesn’t mean other countries are free of guilt. Still, two wrongs doesn’t make one right. From an international perspective (and by that I mean democratic & free countries…let’s leave it at that) Russia is potentially a big problem and has definitely behaved in ways that are questionable to put it mildly.

    All the best, to all of you.

    • “From an international perspective (and by that I mean democratic & free countries…let’s leave it at that) Russia is potentially a BIG problem and has definitely behaved in ways that are questionable to put it mildly.”

      It is because of we are BIG very BIG too much BIG. We are RICH very RICH too much RICH. We are POWERFULL very POWERFULL too POWERFULL. So USA and others are interessed in our country. We are not appropriate for new world`s building which is created by USA. So we obviously should disappeare under western`s plans. Your could be very hardly explaned by writed above arguments . Many countries from all the world have done the same things. Listed above accusations are not a cause of yours hate against Russia.We are guilty only because of we aren`t appropriate for USA`s plans.

      • Once again you missed the point. I was not discussing the US, and definitely not contrasting US and RU. To reiterate, two wrongs doesn’t make one right, and I would be the first to critique US foreign policies. But as you may have noticed, the discussion concerns Russia.

        Please read again, and like I said previously, try to find a new stance.


      • Nobody wants to invade the dump that is Russia.

        All your best scientists, and all your best women want to escape the hell hole that is Russia, leaving only xenophobic waste bags such as yourself to stew in your own juice.


  40. I’m Russian your countries GDP is smaller than all the other G8 members, Russia is a middle ranked nation. Russia’s military budget is smaller than Britain’s, France, Italy, Germany, and so and so on, it’s about the same as Spain.

    Your deluded, very deluded, too deluded.

  41. R John

    Your aknowleges about my country are very very poor.

  42. I’m Russian you state that Russia is a rich nation and does not need filthy western money, ok well please explain to me why your finance minister Mr Kudrin visited London this week desperately trying to seek help from the city of London bond market, Kudrin is trying to raise billions by selling Russian bonds to raise capital to pump into Russia’s -10% economy. And he needs London to help him out.
    Please I’M Russian don’t give us another meaningless rant but address the point I have raised lets see what you really know about your own economy.Your Mr Kudrin needs your advice please help him out

  43. I’m Russian, is that you?

    That video pretty much sums up your argumentation skills and paranoia about Western conspiracies against Russia.

  44. I would rather have Obama pay more attention on domestic issues than foreign policy.

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