EDITORIAL: Gleb Pavlovsky, Raving Neo-Soviet Lunatic


Gleb Pavlovsky, Raving Neo-Soviet Lunatic

Gleb PavlovskyTry to find out what the “Russia Institute” is, we dare you.

The Moscow Times, publishing an op-ed piece by the “head” of the Russia Institute, one Gleb Pavlovsky (pictured, left; scary, huh?), sure doesn’t give you any information.

Google it, and you won’t find out anything more.  You’ll find Pavlovsky, but you’ll find him at something called “Russia House,” not “Russia Institute.”  Russia Institute is nothing more than an obscure entry on his obscure resume, which is loaded with lots of other obscure entries.

Russia House describes itself like this:

Russia House promotes U.S. – Russia business, science, educational, and cultural cooperation by organizing conferences and networking seminars, identifying reliable partners on both sides, bringing decision makers together, facilitating negotiations and assisting in the establishment of mutually beneficial business ventures.

It doesn’t care to say who funds it, but it does say it’s affiliated with the crackpot, fraudulent “American Univeristy in Moscow” headed by the Russophile lunatic Edward Lozansky, who we have repeatedly exposed right here on this blog.  Basically, all these folks want to sucker Americans into thinking Russia is important enough to justify investment and deference.

In other words, they’re natural born liars.

But even by the standards of these loathesome reptiles, Pavlovsky’s piece in the Moscow Times was something special.  We’re hard pressed to find a single syllable of truth in it, and most of it plumbs new depths in scary, unhinged neo-Soviet mental derangement.

You have to give him points for innovation, though.  And he starts right off with it.  According to Pavlovsky, if Russia had not spent years committing every manner of illegal human rights atrocity in the book, including state-sponsored murder as found by the European Court for Human Rights, then Shamil Basayev’s rebels would have “turned into a global force like al-Quaida.”

You think we’re making this up, don’t you?  Well, look for yourself. It’s right there in black and white.  You see, this is the kind of thing these Russophile wackos say to themselves behind closed doors, and they really believe it.  Just as in Soviet times, there is nobody around to tell the Emperor he has no clothes, and pretty soon he’s strutting around in his birthday suit for all to gape at.  Soon after that, national collapse. 

Now let’s see, what else does our Mr. Pavlovsky have to say?

“Russia’s claim to being a central element in Eurasian security, on par with the United States and the European Union, is not the blustering of a spent Leviathan.” Got that? Russia is the equal of the EU and USA.  Their budgets and militaries are infinitely greater than Russia’s, making it look like a banana republic by comparison?  Piffle, you idiot.  Russia kicked Chechnya’s ass (sort of) so it is not to be trifled with!

Then this:

It is clear that modern Russia lacks a “global status” in the Soviet sense. But the United States has also been unable to achieve the global status of a “Yalta superstate.” The U.S. global military power is undisputed, although it is used with decreasing frequency.

Does anyone understand that? Yalta superstate? Huh?

“Sprawled over 11 time zones . . . ” Russia has eleven time zones, so it is great! Damn it! Great! Does it matter than 90% of those time zones are depopulated or depopulating at a horrifying breakneck rate? Nope! Great he sez, Great!

And then:

Americans sometimes suggest that Russia has a hidden strategic agenda. But the consensus that Vladimir Putin has created in Russia since he became president in 2000 is more than a question of interests. It is a value-based reality. It is based on the possibility of a free life in a secure environment — something that Americans take for granted.

Consensus?  Isn’t that the same consensus that Vito Corleone was famous for creating? Is this man even remotely sane?

It should be terrifying to any thinking person that Russia can still hold such blockheaded neo-Soviet apes as Gleb Pavlovsky, spewing forth utter nonsense with all the crazed glee of the infamous Emperor and his new clothes.  Russia is blythly repeating its failed past jot for jot, and soon it will repeat the national collapse that resulted.

5 responses to “EDITORIAL: Gleb Pavlovsky, Raving Neo-Soviet Lunatic

  1. Pavlovsky’s actually a political adviser to Putin.

    That’s his official photo, right? Well, maybe try this:

  2. “Yalta superstate” thing: He meant the Yalta conference.

    When the senile, depressed and dying Roosevelt was perfectly played out by Stalin who won the Eastern Europe.

    Rossevelt and the NKVD at Yalta and elsewhere, according to the CIA:

    In recent years, the statesmanship of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in particular his handling of Soviet affairs, has come under attack in historical studies. The situation has reached such a pass that even a psychiatrist who examined FDR’s medical records has opined that toward the end of World War II the US President ceded the better part of Eastern Europe to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin because he was “gripped by clinical depression.1”

    Certainly the President’s moves can be questioned, but questionable policy can be founded on factors other than low spirits—which, in point of fact, were not generally observed in FDR at the time. Rather, the operant factors were: the President’s supreme confidence in his own powers of persuasion, his profound ignorance of the Bolshevik dictatorship, his projection of humane motives onto his Soviet counterpart, his determined resistance to contradictory evidence and advice, and his wishful thinking based on geopolitical designs—mindsets supported and reinforced by his appointed advisors. Taken together, these factors produced a false view of US-Soviet relations and inspired policy that had only superficial contact with reality. As an instance in point, they induced the President of the United States to do the unthinkable: walk into a surveillance trap, not once, but twice, and willingly.

    Normally, in order to avoid the possibility of intelligence leaks and personal embarrassment, as well as to ensure physical safety, traveling US presidents stay in their own country’s embassies or other diplomatic buildings, whose tables and walls have been swept by instruments able to discover listening devices. But when Roosevelt went abroad to meet Stalin, he wanted very badly to please him, holding him to be a key figure in the postwar division of powers, and so did not insist on such accommodations. Consequently, at the conference in Teheran (November 1943) and again at Yalta (February 1945), he stayed in Soviet quarters and was bugged like no other American president in history.



    Summary (and Obama should pay attention now):

    Diplomacy is often compared to poker, even when conducted between professed friends. And in poker, who has the better chance of winning—the one who holds his cards close to his vest or the one who holds them up in front of a mirror, believing that by so doing he is making a show of good faith? FDR, like his gullible emissaries Hopkins and Davies, insisted on showing his cards, hoping to win over the man who liked to torture and destroy his friends, just as he liked to torment and humiliate his foreign allies before accepting their gifts of land and humanity. The stakes were not friendship and world harmony, as FDR fondly hoped, but the boundaries for the coming Cold War.

  3. Silly me, Robert. I thought you WERE talking about Obama. Oh, well…..

  4. privetsvuem iz kutaisi,gruzia.Nam interesno vashe mnenie o 4 rex podrostkov,kotorie zabrali osetinskoe storono pomoshiu rosian.ia bolshego ojidal o rosiiskix politik,izvinite no eto ochen glupie shagi,i nichego ot etogo pribil ne poluchat.Ne za to chto gruziu nujno,net rosia doljen izmenit kurs i pokazat miru chto on dobrososedski .s naruji po drugomu smotritsia,ia za skoreishee vostanovlenie ravnoe,dobrososedskoe otnoshenoe nashix stran!

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