An Open Letter to George Soros

Dr. Evilsoros

George Soros
Open Society Institute
400 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019

Dear Mr. Soros,

It’s no fun, of course, for a writer to get rejected. I’ve been rejected plenty of times by the blogs where I am the Russia columnist, American Thinker and Pajamas Media, and although (most of the time) they were right to do it that doesn’t make it any more pleasant.  But getting rejected by George Soros is a whole different matter.  Probably, it’s about as low as you can get.  This is how it happened to me, as if you didn’t know.

A little while back I penned a column for Pajamas about the horrific number of black lynchings that occur in Russia on at least a twice-weekly basis, and the shocking silence of Barack Obama regarding that issue. I was having a good week. Pajamas ran it.

A little while later, I happened upon a truly offensive bit of ignorant, dishonest, pro-Russia, anti-Georgia rubbish regarding the August 2008 war which was styled as an “editorial” on the Transitions Online website.  I wrote a letter to the editor, complaining about the outrageous diatribe, and to their credit they ran the letter as the lead in their letters section.  I was batting a thousand! It was not to last.

My juices in full flow, it occurred to me to wonder whether TO had ever published anything on the lynchings. I looked through their Russia page and search engine, carefully I thought, found nothing, and wrote something up and submitted it to them for publication to fill the void.

It got rejected.

The editor, a fellow named Ky Krauthamer (I’m guessing no relation to the arch conservative columnist and Russophobe of the same surname in the stable of the Washington Post) wrote me this:  “Thanks for the submission on racial violence. Obviously a very important issue, and one we have covered a number of times. Your piece, while timely, does cover similar issues as a number of previous TOL pieces, so we won’t be able to use it.”

So just to be clear, I’ve already been published on this subject and this fellow agrees the topic is important. Onward we go.

Now although it may surprise some of my readers to hear it, I’m the first one to admit I could have made a mistake, and I did admit it. I wrote back to Ky and asked him to supply me with the links to his material, which I’d been unable to locate myself (maybe it was the vapors, my critics tell me I get them quite often). I informed him I’d love to tout his wonderful work, of which I’d been shamefully unaware, on my blog La Russophobe. I promptly put his Russia page on my blogroll.

Days went by.  No answer.

E-mails, of course, sometimes get mistaken for spam (though my letter to the editor and my submission e-mails had no difficulty), so I sent a follow-up, and this time I threatened him. I said I’d write about it if he wouldn’t supply me the links, intending to say he gave me the bum’s rush as part of an essentially racist pro-Obama coverup.  No answer again. So I’m writing. 

Because, as far as I can tell, I’ve been lied to as part of a coverup to prevent Obama from catching political flak over his cowardly, craven failure to stand up to racism in Putin’s Russia.

Well, here’s the thing:  Transitions Online is funded by the Open Society Institute, and their website’s address has the word “soros” in it because OSI, in turn, is funded by you and your billions.   And it seems you have quite a little axe to grind where Barack Obama is concerned, don’t you Mr. Soros?  An American Thinker analysis says Obama is “replacing the Bush Doctrine with the Soros Doctrine.” Michelle Malkin says you are in bed with Obama over offshore drilling.  Your funding of Obama’s political activity goes way back. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Let me be clear:  Not everything on the TO website is bad.  It employs the Russian journalist Galina Stolyarova, for whom I have boundless respect, and she regularly gets to report facts about Russia that are hardly flattering to the Kremlin.  I now realize, however, that what she doesn’t get to do is criticize Obama’s Russia policy. And nor, as far as I can tell, does anybody else. My letter to TO, for instance, had the good fortune not to mention him.

In short, calling Obama a de facto racist who’s contributing to the brutal, bloody murder of dozens upon dozens of blacks in Russia every year, needless to say, just isn’t going to happen on Soros-controlled media. Such a thing would not fall within the Soros definition of an “open society.” 

If you think about it, I guess, you’re not being paranoid.   One might easily fear such information to be the kind that, if it got out, could bring Obama down by undermining him with his core base.  Not that my submission to TOL was phrased in any such sensational way.  Here’s what I wrote:  “It’s time for Obama to live out the true meaning of his creed.  Black people are dying in Russia, on average two per week.  If the African-American President of the United States won’t stand up for them, who will?”

So basically, the upshot is that if a few hundred black people have to be butchered in Russia as the cost of advancing the “Soros Doctrine” to its fullest glory during eight years of Obama rule, it is considered by all concerned, including the first black president and you, to be a small enough price to pay. And so is lying to cover up the nasty bits.

I find that disappointing. I’d like to ask you to reconsider what the words “open society” mean, and consider the possibility that they don’t mean blind political partisanship in derogation of basic democratic values and facts.


Kim Zigfeld

27 responses to “An Open Letter to George Soros

  1. Хе-хе.

    “Ай, Моська! знать она сильна,
    Что лает на Слона!”

  2. what

    No, really.

  3. Please write more, in more detail. I’m ignorant of any of the historical background…find it peculiar that there are enough black people in Russia to find themselves being lynched. So what is the culture? Are the Reds also red-necked? Lead me to more info.

    • 1. About half or so of all NS Skinheads in the world live in Russia (est. over 60,000) and most of them in Moscow.

      2. Moscow (and St Pete) is also a preferred destination for the “black” (according to Russians) Caucasian and Central Asian migrant workers and traders, and also genuily black students from Africa and Asians (left-over from the Soviet-era “friendship of peoples” policy towards the “progressive” countries).

      3. Collision course, with police mostly either indifferent at best or actively on the side of racist gangs at worst (few cops would intervene on the side of the victims in such cases, they’re much more interested in blackmailing the illegal workers), they’re reacting only to murders but sometimes they even assist in killings.

      So yeah, many, many murders every year (mostly knifings, some shotings and bombings). More and more every year.

      An example from already over a decade ago (it’s only worse now):

      MOSCOW — The U.S. Embassy again warned Americans of African and Asian descent to beware of violent neo-Nazi thugs after an African American Marine was beaten by a group of skinheads this weekend at a popular outdoor market. Moscow city police on Sunday arrested one of the assailants, who by chance was interviewed by a Russian television crew moments after the incident and bragged that he often beats black people on the city’s streets.
      The embassy first warned the expatriate American community about the neo-Nazi danger April 22, after two young Asian women were severely beaten by a group of more than 20 skinheads near a major boulevard in central Moscow. That assault followed a threat by neo-Nazis to attack foreigners of color at random to mark the April 20 birthday of Adolf Hitler.

      Attacks on (and around) Hitler’s birthday are now an annual tradition in Russia.

      Anyway, an example a Russian Nazi horde attack:

      The skinheads also target non-Slav minorities from the Caucasus, whom Russians disparagingly refer to as “blacks,” and Jews. Last October, a crowd of 300 skinheads smashed a market in south Moscow, beating the “black” merchants, then moved on to the Sevastopol Hotel to attack Afghan refugees staying there. Four people were killed and more than 20 badly injured.,9171,230458,00.html

      This is the same Moscow where thousands of OMON arrive to beat and detain a handful of peaceful opposition protesters against Putin every time they go in the street:

      So, from the same article:

      It’s a spring afternoon in downtown Moscow. Pushkin Square, a major hub of the Russian capital, is as vibrant as ever. Even those who hurry along on urgent errands steal a second to stop and enjoy the sunshine after weeks of rain and snow. But the atmosphere in one corner of the square is more menacing. A crowd of about 80 teenagers is chanting “Kill the U.S.A.!” and raising their arms in the Nazi salute. Zakhar, aged 15, with shaved head and camouflage shirt, is reluctant to talk to a journalist, but makes an exception to explain that the rally is “all about exterminating the Jews, Americans and other scum.”

      (OMON of course nowhere to be seen.)

  4. Too bad,she is running ou of sponsors.
    Hey,Kim, ever thought of making anti-American propaganda for the Kremlin?
    We have enough money,how much do you want?

  5. Kim,

    It is not about justice. It’s not about what is right. It is about power. How does Obama’s or Soros’s stance on Russian racism help them gain more power?

  6. “murder of dozens upon dozens of blacks in Russia every year …” reminds communist with a knife between teeth in 20th of lust century

    • Well the communists of last century did kill over 144,000,000 people, the Russian commies killed around 61,911,000 of those, and the Chinese killed around 70,000,000 or so.

  7. Paul Vincent Zecchino

    Thank you for standing up to this one who claims he ‘wants Open Society’ and yet seems to have worked laboriously to demolish free societies and replace them with impoverished prison states.

    Have long wondered if ‘Open Society’ as this post-modern Dr. No envisions it means ‘open season’ on anyone who has the audacity to love liberty, his Creator, and question soros and his methods.’

    Hopefully, I’m wrong as I generally hate it when my instincts prove correct. Isn’t it ironic that someone who so champions ‘open society’ has yet to present himself before the American citizens, let alone those of any other nation, to explain himself and answer questions?

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    04 November, 2009

  8. Man the liberals supporting Soros dont miss much do they? And they should,nt as their salaries demand they cover up for the Soros liberal-network. If its gov’t controlled hangings, Obama and Soros have the duty to speak up or let others do it. And if its “Nazi-thugs” , which is a Soros catch phrase taught to liberal bloggers and they love to use that b/s, then its the gov’t’s duty to stop it or to make a stand against it. Either way, its so nice to see the lovery, lollipop and roses liberal crowd condone murdering blacks. But shhh, dont want to let the world know and expose Soros, his paid blogger net, and b/s liberal propaganda machine! Good job KIM keep hammering the b/s artists that make up th Soros libral propaganda machine!

  9. For those morons who deny that there is racism or natzism in rasha , take a look at the pictures taken today in Moscow .

    My grandfather who perished in the first days of 1941 is weeping in his grave.
    Shame on the government of rasha!

  10. Kim:
    I blog on AT under carbonyes. Appreciate your confrontation of Soros. He is a dangerous and wicked man. I learned from an AT blogger about his involvement in the Nazi concentration camps, taking booty from Jews who were about to be exterminated, a real piece of work he is and a big supporter and promoter of Obama. Can it get any worse?

    • Actually,

      A Hungarian-born Jew, Mr. Soros was 14 when the Nazis invaded his homeland. He avoided the fate of many Jews by posing as the godson of a Hungarian official overseeing the confiscation of Jewish properties. He moved to London after the war and eventually graduated from the London School of Economics. There he came under the influence of the philosopher Karl Popper, whose ”open societies” credo Mr. Soros re-fashioned as his own. Popper opposed totalitarian states; Mr. Soros believes that participatory democracy and regulated market economies are the vehicles for insuring individual freedom.

      Well. Maybe you don’t understand this issue, what people might do (and what they did) to survive, so I guess I’ll quote you something (Auschwitz was where most of Hungary’s Jew went):

      Surviving Auschwitz was not an ennobling experience

      I hesitated to include this one at all, because it is a sidelight rather than a major issue. Also, this insight could indirectly be used to fuel anti-Semitism. Since it is an insight I had in researching Auschwitz, I do not want to leave it out. But I do not want to make too much of it either.

      It would be very easy to believe that anyone who survived Auschwitz must be a saint. This does not bear examination. Auschwitz was an extermination camp. A saint in Auschwitz likely died on the day of arrival. A saint who survived did so in spite of sainthood, not because of it. Those who survived did so because they had and exploited some advantage over the others. Doctors survived because early on the Nazis made a decision to spare them and enlist them in the administrative life of the camp, including human experimentation. Skilled workmen survived because their skills were needed. Polish prostitutes were spared for the brothel block. Hustlers, who made themselves indispensable to the camp authorities, survived.

      Art Spiegelman in Maus tells the story of how his father, an enterpreneur, survived in Auschwitz. He persuaded the man in charge of his block that he was a shoemaker. He taught himself how to make simple repairs. When handed a pair of boots far beyond his skills to fix, Mr. Spiegelman found a shoemaker in one of the other blocks and subcontracted the work. Mr. Spiegelman survived in part because of this man’s labor, but the shoemaker’s fate is not recorded.

      I do not remember the source of another story. Every morning, the inhabitants of each block turned out for roll call. Despite the chaos of the camp, the daily murders and deaths from disease and overwork, the neat German penchant for bureaucracy meant that the numbers must be monitored and that roll call would take place every day. Anyone found at roll call without his shoes would be sent to the gas chamber–but a moment of inattention and any personal effects could be stolen.

      A teenager who survived Auschwitz related how he was raped in his bunk one night by another inmate. The next morning, he realized the rapist had stolen his shoes, to ensure his elimination. So he simply took a pair from someone who was still sleeping, assuring the other’s destruction instead of his own.

      Primo Levi survived because he was young, relatively strong, and a chemist. Here are his words on the survivors of Auschwitz:

      “There remained only the doctors, tailors, shoemakers, musicians, cooks, young attractive homosexuals, friends or compatriots of some authority in the camp; or they were particularly pitiless, vigorous and inhuman individuals….or, finally, those who, without fulfilling particular functions, had always succeeded through their astuteness and energy in successfully organizing, gaining in this way, besides material advantages and reputation, the indulgence and esteem of the powerful people in the camp….[All others] followed the slope down to the bottom, like streams that run down to the sea.”

  11. Pingback: Blacks Lynched in Russia: Soros and Russia « Romanticpoet’s Weblog

  12. The president had personally campaigned for Deeds and Corzine, seeking to ensure that independents and base voters alike turned out even if he wasn’t on the ballot _ and voters still rejected them. Thus, the losses were blots on Obama’s political standing to a certain degree and suggested potential problems ahead as he seeks to achieve his policy goals, protect Democratic majorities in Congress and expand his party’s grip on governors’ seats next fall.,_nj

  13. Shouldn’t come as a great surprise from the previous Nazi sympathizer. Soros won’t be happy until the U.S. has become a bananna republic. Look at the crap MOVEON.ORG puts out!

    • “Nazi sympathiser”?? Dear god, he was a 14-year old Jewish kid posing as a gentile!

      A quoite similar to the story told in this film – yes, it was Solomon Perel (vel “Josef Peters”) who recognised Stalin’s son:

  14. Soros is banned in Russia for his role in sponsoring
    Rose and Orange revolutions.

    Maybe he is running out of money and needs to cosy up to Putin the way Murdoch cozies to Chenese communists.

  15. Soros was one of the few jews that was protected, temporarily. From the collectivist establishment.

    When socialists start acting like themselves, Soros will be eaten by his own.

    I wish I could feel sorry for him, but he will not be able to play anymore.

    • seanquixote ,

      Please explain to me how a 14-year old child could be “one of the … establishment”.

      • To put it in some perspective:

        A German kid at the age of 14 could not even volunteer/be conscripted into the Volkssturm’s HJ units (Goebbels’ last-ditch desperate militia covered males aged 16-60) – not to mention any at all “involvement in the Nazi concentration camps” (and even a Jewish-Hungarian kid could not be very much “involved|, that is except being most probably gassed on the day of arrival at Auschwitz and burnt on the very same say too).

        I’m really sick of throwing dirt (or maybe rather crap) at people like that by the clueless American right and left alike. Come on, let’s go on and call Bush “a baby killer” because he served (and as an adult!) in the National Guard at the time of Vietnam War. Why not, eh?

        Oh, and National Socialism was not “collectivist”. As we’re speaking about concentration camps, they also provided forced labor for privately-owned companies (such as Krupp and IG Farben concerns).

  16. The Glenn Beck Review

    You may appreciate a post I have up about Soros. It juxtaposes his background with Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

  17. CRUCIFY HIM!!!!

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