EDITORIAL: Will Russia outlaw Time itself?


Will Russia outlaw Time itself?

You probably know that if you live in New York City or Moscow, though you may think Christmas comes in the winter that’s not how they see it down under in Australia.  For the Aussies, Christmas is a summertime affair.

Russia is in the process of becoming even more flexible.   Who says morning comes at 9 am?

Why, the Russian parliament is asking, do people in Vladivostok necessarily have to get up and go to work at nine in the morning?  Why not have them do so at, let’s say, 1 am instead?  And instead of calling it 1 am, it would simply be called 9 am, so the time would technically be the same. Except it would be dark outside of course. 

If they did that, it would be awfully convenient for Moscow, because they’d be starting work at the same time as Moscow, and could take Moscow’s calls. Now granted, people would be working at night and sleeping during the day, but they could get sleeping masks and heavy curtains, couldn’t they?

You might think it’s odd that folks in Vladivostok would even consider such a bizarre notion for second, but if you did it would mean you don’t fully appreciate how European Russia is bleeding Siberian Russia even whiter than it becomes in the darkest days of winter.  As Moscow sucks up more and more of the nation’s resources, the hinterlands grow ever more desperate and dependent on the Kremlin’s charity to stay alive, ever more fearful of annexation by China.

So folks in Vladivostok are so scared of their future they’re even willing to turn time upside down.  We are fully through the looking glass in Putin’s neo-Soviet Russia, this is is what KGB rule hath wrought.

23 responses to “EDITORIAL: Will Russia outlaw Time itself?

  1. My goodness is that for real. That is almost too bonkers to believe, in fact is beggers belief.

  2. This system already exists in train stations. If memory serves me right, the only time displayed in all train stations is the time in Moscow and the time on the train ticket you buy will be the time in Moscow. Consequently, if you live in another time zone and travel by train, you always have to know what time it is in Moscow to be on time.

  3. My goodness Michel, I have never ever heard anything so bizarre. You couldn’t make this up!

  4. It brings to mind a Scripture from the Old Testament prophet Daniel 7:25

    And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws…..


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  6. Synchronization with Moscow time made in order to avoid confusion. Idiots.

    • Yuu mean Russians are idiots because they can’t figure out what time it is on their own, like Americans in their own multi-time-zone country manage to do?

      You’re right! They are idiots! We agree.

    • So, why is it that the rest of the world can synchronize their watches perfectly fine, even across time zones within their own nation (see US and even China, Brazil, etc), but Russia CAN’T?

      Why can Russia not simply have ye olde string of clocks showing the various times it is in all corners of the nation and in other strategic locations? For one, it would be FAR cheaper and less costly?

      Is it because the Kremlin is too damned stupid to figure this simple concept out?

  7. Hi Viktor SHM, does that really work across vastly differing time zones though?

  8. In all airports, railway stations, ets. indicates the time in different time zones …

  9. If you are traveling from Vladivostok to Moscow, you have to move your clocks to Moscow time, otherwise you will find yourself in the situation of idiot …

    • And Muscovites do not have to change their time, until they leave the train station. Makes for a nice metaphor about Russia and the role Moscow plays as the imperial center….

    • And pray tell me why the Kremlin cannot trust its own populace to do this on their own?

  10. China has only one time zone. Maybe that’s where they got the idea.

    • Maybe, but the fact remains that China’s regional time zones remain in unofficial use for synchronization, and the uniformity mainly exists in the halls of Beijing and other regional capitals, so even that doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

  11. dagestani mujahid


    We deleted your comments, you freak, because you spammed our post with graffitti having nothing to do with our topic in a highly rude manner, violating our rules. If you think we side with Russia, you need to have your head examined.

  12. it´s always the same,against the caucasian freedom fighters you always side with russia,but Allah will judge you on your doomsday after death! All those who kept silent in the chechen genocide will be taken to account,believe me


    KEEP SILENT? Are you out of your freakin’ mind? Or are you just drunk? We’ve published NEARLY TWO HUNDRED POSTS about Chechnya, every one of them attacking Russia:


    Can you read you ape?

    But THIS post is about TIME CHANGINGS, not Chechya. You write about Chechnya ON POSTS ABOUT CHECHNYA. Get it, ape?

    • Well, our first Islamist troll. SOMEBODY BREAK OUT THE BUBBLEY!

      First, in order to be “freedom fighters”, you have to be fighting for freedom, which the Islamists in the Caucasus most ASSUREDLY are NOT.

      Secondly, we have attacked Russia’s behavior in the Caucasus MANY times before.

      And finally, Do you have any real commentary to say?

  13. Why the drama?

    All The Moscow Times article highlights is a proposal to shift the working day in Vladivostok a few hours earlier so that Business times can converge with Russia’s financial capital for more than the current hour.

    It sounds bad if Moscow time is used but 1am in Moscow is 8am in Vladivostok and that not a bad time to start work at all.


    Uh, Mr. Illiterate Moron? The point is that people in Vladivostok be working AT THE SAME TIME as those in Moscow so they can communciate on the same business day.

    “A few hours” means three, dimwit. Even if it’s only three, how would YOU like to start every day at 6 am rather than 9? Volunteeering, are you?

    Your suggestion that you are smarter than everyone else and “understand” things better is hilarious, especially when you don’t take the time to offer even some quotes much less some links.

  14. ^Glad we can agree so why the drama?

    Though as an literate genius you would no doubt have noted that the issue is in part due to the need for measures to aleviate conjestion by staggering the start of the business day. Those not needing to keep their fingers on the pulse in moscow need not change. To me it would not matter, since I am not work shy and have indeed done my share of shifts.

    When you can identify a five hour gap using just the materials provided well supplementary information is overkill. Though to improve understanding I will surrender a link for the next time this blog crosses timezones:


  15. You are all idiots? Who… WHO said that in Vladivostok will live on Moscow time? Only idiots believe this!

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