EDITORIAL: Russia vs. America, The Smackdown


Russia vs. America, The Smackdown

84% of Americans are happy.  Russians? Just 2%.  Maybe that’s why Russia is a world leader in abortions and suicides.  Russia’s mortality rate is double that of the United States, and so is its AIDS infection rate.  Russia’s murder rate is five times higher. 

The number of Russian broadband users and Nobel prize winners and church-goers are in almost exactly the same proportion to their American counterparts.  Roughly twenty to one in each case. Russians have a lot to be unhappy about, it seems.

You can go on like this, on and endlessly on. Is it really a good idea for Russia to be provoking a new cold war with the United States?  A rational country would be seeking to curry favor, as we see it.

Americans watch almost 5,000 movies per year for every 1,000 people.  Russians watch less than 150.  Russians, it seems, prefer vodka.  America has almost ten times more radio stations and Internet users than Russia, and it has an amazing 300 million websites compared to just 5 million for Russia.

Russians protect five times less of their natural environment than Americans and have one-third fewer mammal species than Americans(even though Russia is a far larger physical habitat for such creatures).

Russia’s inflation rate is five times higher than America’s, and its stock of money and credit is five times smaller.  The budget of the U.S. government is eight times larger than that of the Russian government.  The value of the U.S. stock market was fifteen times more than the value of the Russian market before the Russian market lost 50% more value than the American market did during the global crisis.  Americans export 50% more than Russians per capita.

We could go on (and on and on) but our fingers would get tired typing.  We could talk about how the U.S. military budget towers massively over Russia’s, about how the U.S. population is twice the size of Russia’s and growing rapidly while Russia’s is shrinking horrifyingly.  We could mention America’s vast array of strategic alliances, spearheaded by NATO, while Russia stands utterly alone.  We could even compare the gross and per capita GDPs of the two countries, but even we’d feel sorry and ashamed for Russia if we went that far.

So we’ll just say what we think is obvious: For Russia to allow itself to be led by a proud KGB spy who despises America and does all he can to provoke a new cold-war conflict is quite insane, suicidal in fact. Russians should turn back from the precipice towards which they are hurtling before their nation, just like the USSR, plunges into the abyss.

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  1. Now i get the meaning of that picture above.
    Initially i thought the dragon there represents Russia. As it seems US must be the dragon there and that woman with a stick stands for Russia annoying US with it’s existence

  2. Never forget the glorious alliance of Russia and Nicaragua (neo-Sandanistas, trading communism for fascism).

    • Yep, they sure do have fashism. That is, a popularly -elected governement that continues to be hugely popular, has insulated the courts from special interests and shut down special police units employed by the former regime. But to you, those two are clearly one and the same. I pity you.

  3. I’m not surprised by this at all. 2%? im not suprised by that either, who would be happy starving to death and living in a country that has no opportunities. It is truly a shame that people who live in a country that is so rich in all kinds of natural resources cannot provide better life for thsemselves and must be so poor and miserable.

    • Kate,

      You know very well that the reason why Russia is behind the West in the standard of living is because of 70 years of Communist rule. It has to take some time for ex-Soviet republics to catch up to the West. But Russia is ahead of all other republics that had been under Bolshevik rule for 70 years and is right next to the Baltic republics, which had had steady Commie rule for only 50 years. Certainly, Russia is doing infinitely better than your own Georgia, which is at the very bottom of development, behind even Swaziland and Samoa:


      List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita

      54 Lithuania 17,800
      55 Latvia 17,300
      56 Poland 17,300
      57 Russia 16,100

      66 Bulgaria 12,900
      70 Romania 12,200
      76 Kazakhstan 11,500

      85 Azerbaijan 9,500
      86 Cuba 9,500

      99 Ukraine 7,400

      102 Armenia 6,300
      105 Turkmenistan 6,200

      113 Swaziland 5,100
      116 Samoa 4,800
      117 Georgia 4,600

      • No Michael, its because they are Russian.

        Tsarist, Communist, or modern Neo-Nazi Putin, Russians have always had the same fascistic government, they just change the symbols a little and keep on opressing and killing.

        The difference between Russia and Georgia, is that scum like yourself keep propping up and defending an opressive imperialist regime, while Georgians are trying to build a functioning western democracy.

        • Ah, the penultimate obsessive Russia-basher. Why didn’t you say that you were a racist and a xenophobe from the beggining ? You clearly have a problem with Russians as a people, not with the government.
          By the way, last time I checked, hosting a western-sponsored color revolution to overturn election results and illegitimately place yourself at the head of a country is not one of the vital steps in when it comes to building functioning democracies. Neither is blungeoning and teargassing protestors in the streets when they point out your illegitimacy. Neither is starting provocative wars without the consent of legislative bodies in your own country. Saka has sure built himself a nice glossy presidential palace, full of priceless artwork, but he obviously does not have “functioning democracy” anywhere on or near his plate. You can’t possibly argue other wise.

  4. Yeah Georgia is doing badly because it has Russia as its negihbor. Constant wars that are staged by Russia, invasions etc. That’s why Georgia can not develop more quickly.

    As for Russia it is extremely poor, and if it is because of Soviet Union Russian people continue to show terrible judgement still having a president who follows in Neo-Soviet steps.

    • > Yeah Georgia is doing badly because it has Russia as its negihbor

      Really? Blame Russia for everything? How convenient.

      Well, your neighbours Armenia and Azerbaijan don’t have Russia as a neighbour. Yet, they are not doing great either, even though Azerbaijan is full of oil.

      • Russia has set Georgia back in many ways. First by causing a human catastrphy when they helped and supported massacare of thousands of ethnic georgians in abkhazia, than by kicking out more than 250,000 ethnic Georgians from abkhazia who became displaced. Than there are more refugees from Samachablo (so called S. ossetia) just from last year there are 130,000 more georgian IDPs all thanks to Russia.

        Also Russia is the reason why Georgia is not able to join Nato which also sets georgia back tremendeously. Yes, i believe if Georgia did not have Russia as its neighbor GEorgia would be much more propserous and developed country.

        • You’d better calculate the number of russians that had to flee from Georgia. Then try to calculate the number of georgians that found their jobs and homes in Russia. And after that just shut up, crazy mamoona.

          • Calculate how many people are poor in Russia, than Calculate how many of them have fleed to Amercica or other Western countires to find jobs or husband idiot

            • поверь мне: сущие единицы!
              Those who escaped from Russia – is either Jews or gypsies, or the Georgians, who fled from Georgia to Russia, then from Russia to America. Or just rootless moral monsters.
              I know that my ancestors lived on this land for centuries, loved, suffered, died for their Motherland.

              • Good, stay there. But then you’d agree that your fellow Russians from the Baltics, from Bassarabia, the Caucasus, Karelia, Koenigsberg or the Volga region (Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Udmurtia etc) should also go back home to their Slavic homeland.

                • What do you mean “the Volga region (Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Udmurtia etc)”? What, you think, that the Volga region is not part of Russia? I am now sitting in 500 meters from the Volga in Chuvash (west of Tatarstan) and I’m Russian, and my ancestors – Russian. No power does not throw me out of here!

                  • Then you’re a hypocrite. You say true Russians should stay in their Russian motherland, yet you continue to live in an occupied territory (Tatarstan, if I understand correctly). So you said Russians who live outside their motherland are “Jews or Gypsies” or “rootless moral monsters.” In that case, are you a Jew, a Gypsy or a rootless moral monster?

                • I don’t understand why they all must go back?
                  In this case, all Americans (except Native Americans) must gone home: white – in Europe, black – in Africa …

    • Yes, one can only imagine how becoming the next state department puppet and losing any semblance of an independent foreign policy will propel Georgia foreward. Your logic is truly remarkable.

  5. I wish people in Russia had democracy and Russia would become prosperous country where people have high standard of living like in America or the West. maybe that way they won’t be so misarable as to threaten their neighbors with nuclear weapons? when people have nothing to lose they are ready to take everybody down with them.

    • In any case, in Russia is more democratic than in Georgia, for example. And perhaps more than in America.Because I am sure that in America, criticized the government less than in Russia.

      Oh, I already hear the indignation!
      But unlike your views about Russia, we have free media. Naturally this is not “First channel” (“Pervyi Kanal”) and “Channel Russia” (“Kanal Rossiya”), and not “Vesti”. This is cable and satellite TV channels that are available to most people (even with a salary of 4 $ / hour), and of course – the Internet.

    • Holy ####, Americans watch 5000 movies per 1,000 people ?Why, isn’t that a statistic that just oozes progress and happiness. It seems that LR is trying to pursue a point and yet undermining herself all in the same stroke. Well, there now remains little mistery as to why a third of the US population is obese, why 60% of American can’t even point to the country that they are currently subjugating on the map and why most are sadly uninformed about what goes on in the world.

    • Yes, those evil Russians, threatening their neighbors with Nuclear weapons simply because those nations decided to host foreign missiles aimed at Russia. Evil , Evil russians :)

  6. Yeah, comparing constantly raising it’s power USA and Russia who suffered one of the most terrible disasters in it’s history just two decades before now is completely your LR style. Now please compare the trends, if you can do it, of course.

  7. Question for the moderator of this blog:

    Is it true that Russians are very homophobic?

    What about the Russians living in the US?

    • There’s unfortunately no moderation here (for the comments).


      “The homophobia, of course, goes well beyond the OMON and the Orthodox faithful. And this isn’t the casual, Western “I think the idea of bumsex is a bit weird, but if they really want to be perverts let’s make sure they do it in a dark room well away from my kids” variety of homophobia. This is a full-on, “They are Satanic and should be exterminated by any means possible, the more violent the better” brand.”


      It’s of course not a serious-tone article (like most/all of other THE EXILE stuff), but I guess it’s a good introduction.

      And I loved the famous Brezhnev picture as the illustration.

    • http://www.examiner.com/x-10853-Portland-Humanist-Examiner~y2009m10d20-Vatican-welcomes-Anglican-homophobes-and-misogynists

      Vatican welcomes Anglican homophobes and misogynists

      The Vatican is welcoming Anglican homophobes and misogynists into the Catholic Church. The Vatican is creating a fast track to conversion for Anglicans who disapprove of homosexuality and female clergy, for Anglicans who cling to the good old days of ignorance, intolerance and hate. For the catholic church, those good old days just never stopped.

      The move clears the way for entire congregations of Anglicans to join the Catholic Church

      The move is a recognition by the catholic church that may Anglicans are uncomfortable with the recent move towards tolerance. Many Anglicans simply refuse to let go of their sexism and homophobia.

      Pope Bennedict and the Catholic Church are happy to receive the Anglican intolerant.

      Historical reference aside, the whole thing is an ugly business, and reveals a spiritual poverty that is nauseating. Religion in general, and religions that worship the God of Abraham in particular, are bastions of hypocrisy, ignorance, bigotry, evil, and anything else foul and morally repugnant. Thus the Pope’s move to recruit the most intolerant of the Anglicans should be no surprise.

    • As a lover of Islam, Robert must be an expert on homophobia and executing homosexuals:


      In countries where homosexual activity carries the death penalty, it is enacted under Sharia Law; under which Islam forbids homosexuality, and it is treated as a crime in most Islamic countries. All major Islamic sects disapprove of homosexuality. Homosexuality carried the death penalty in Afghanistan under the Taliban. In Saudi Arabia, the maximum punishment for homosexuality is public execution, but the government will use other punishments – e.g., fines, jail time, and whipping – as alternatives, unless it feels that people engaging in homosexual activity are challenging state authority by engaging in LGBT social movements.[80] Since the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, the Iranian government has executed more than 4,000 people charged with homosexual acts.[81] In Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, homosexuality went from a capital crime to one that it punished with fines and prison sentence.

      Countries that carry the death penalty:
      Saudi Arabia

      Contrast that with:


      Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Russia may face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents, though many advances have been made in the past two decades. As of 2008 (when MSMs were finally allowed to donate blood)[3], Russia has no criminal law directed at LGBT people.

      The age of consent currently stands at 16 since 2003, regardless of sexual orientation.
      Transsexual and transgender people can change their legal gender after corresponding medical procedures since 1997.[note 1]
      Homosexuality was officially removed from the Russian list of mental illnesses in 1999 (after endorsing ICD-10).
      Single persons can adopt children, regardless of sexual orientation, but only married couples can adopt children together, as a couple.[note 2]
      Gay people officially can serve in the military on a par with heterosexual people since 2003[2]
      There is a visible LGBT community network, mostly in major cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg, including nightclubs and political organizations.

      Summary table
      Homosexuality legal (since 27 May 1993)
      Equal age of consent (since 27 May 1993)[note 4]
      Anti-discrimination laws in any area (authorities refuse to recognize the need in special legislation)
      Same-sex marriage(s)
      Recognition of same-sex couples as de facto couples or civil partnerships (no recognition)
      Joint and/or step adoption by same-sex couples (only married couples allowed to adopt)[note 2]
      Adoption by single homosexual people (no legal restrictions based on sexual orientation for single people to adopt)[note 2]
      Gays allowed to serve openly in the military (gay people can serve in the military, but they are advised to hide their homosexuality)[2]
      Right to change legal gender (since 15 November 1997)[note 1]
      MSMs allowed to donate blood (since 16 April 2008)[3]

      • Jeez wayne Michael you are a moron.

        Any fool who understands history knows that in Russia you have a nation where under the USSR it had on paper freedom of speech, democracy, and the constituent republics all had the right to secede, however God help you if you tried to exercise any of those rights!!

        Modern Russia is no different.

        “Admitting homosexual orientation in public can not but do damage to a public person in Russia. That is the reason why in Russia only some homegrown showbiz figures spread the news about their homosexuality to gain more publicity, no matter how scandalous it may get in the process. No respectable Russian public person will ever publicly admit that his sex life is “slightly different” from a media cliché. At the same time, in the West some film actors, pop singers and politicians are well-known for their flagrant display of homosexuality.”


        • “To: UK PM; MPs; MEPs; Mayor of Moscow; World Politicians
          A petition calling on Russia to start recognising human rights such as the freedom of speech, of assembley and crucially, to accord rights to homosexuals living in the near totalitarian regime now in power in Russia.

          Following the assault of gay rights activists in Moscow on Sunday May 27th 2007, and the non-arrest of right-wing nationalists who perpetrated said attacks, the situation in Russia has become wholly unacceptable. The LBGT community in Russia must now live in fear of being beaten or killed, and rights to protest and of assembley have been severely curtailed. Given Russia’s status in the world, it is high time that human rights ought to be given credence to, and that LBGT-orientated human beings living in Russia are not condemned as “satanic” or treated as inferior minorities whose rights may be trampled on.

          This petition shall be sent to the Prime Minister of the UK, urging him to condemn discriminatory actions and attitudes towards gays and lesbians in Russia; it shall be sent to the Mayor of Moscow, whose homophobic remarks are despicable; this petition shall also be sent to local MPs, and MEPS calling for a condemnation of Russia’s actions. It will also be sent to world leaders where appropriate. ”




          Seems your fellow travellers don’t agree with you Michael.

          It is funny how you claim to be a gay/bi-curious Jewish Russian and everything is fine in Russia for you.

    • Yes, I’m terrible homophobic! And also I drink the blood of people at breakfast:)

  8. > What about the Russians living in the US?

    Thatg sounds like something that nobody has investigated. You really should conduct a full-scale investigation. Here is a starting point:



    Hyphenated Americans Russian-Americans
    Russians have maintained a presence on North American soil for more than 240 years, longer than most European people. Though their numbers have never been large here, Russians have helped to shape the continentХs landscape and development, from Alaska to Florida, in farms and factories, and through public life. The term “Russian” was originally applied to many immigrants who came from the multi-national Russian empire and the Soviet Union. These people in many cases were actually Jews, Poles, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Germans, or others. Russian and other East European immigrants came in four distinct waves:

    From the second half of the nineteenth century, up to World War I
    In the 1920s, after the Bolshevik Revolution
    Immediately after World War II
    After the 1974 Jackson-Vanik amendment to the Trade Act, that called for lifting Soviet restrictions on the emigration of Jews, and later as a result of GorbachevХs political reforms

    According to the US Census of 1990, the estimated total population from Russia and the Soviet Union living in the United States was 2,880,000 people. But a more realistic figure is 750,000 Americans of ethnic Russian descent. Immigrants from Russia and Eastern Europe primarily settled in and around large American cities such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, and Boston where there were plenty of employment opportunities. Additionally there are some Russian settlements in southern Alaska, parts of Oregon, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Many East-European and Russian immigrants, and their descendents in particular, have been assimilated into American society. Most, however, have adapted without entirely abandoning their native cultural traditions.

    FAMOUS IMMIGRANTS Distinguished second- and third-wave immigrants from Russia and Eastern Europe represent every aspect of American cultural, scientific, and political life. Distinguished immigrants include

    Igor Sikorsky (1889-1972), the father of modern aviation and the constructor of the first multi-motored plane;

    Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977), one of the most celebrated Russian writers

    Joseph Brodsky (1940-1997), a poet and 1987 Nobel Prize winner in literature

    Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), one of the geniuses of modern music

    Vladimir Horowitz (1904-), one of the worldХs most dazzling pianists

    George Balanchine (1904-1983), one of the best choreographers of our time

    Louise Nevelson (1899-1988), one of the most important modern sculptors

    Mikhail Baryshnikov (1948-), one of the most gifted contemporary male dancers

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Russian_Americans

      Olga Baclanova (1896–1974), actress[1]
      Mikhail Baryshnikov, dancer/actor[2]
      Eric Balfour, actor
      Yul Brynner (1920–1985), actor
      Eddie Cantor (1892-1964), actor and dancer
      Michael Chekhov (1891-1955), actor and dancer
      Kirk Douglas, actor
      Michael Douglas, actor
      Harrison Ford, actor
      James Franco, actor
      Walter Matthau (1920-2000), actor and comedian
      Mike Mazurki (1907-1990), actor and wrestler
      Leonard Nimoy, actor
      Mandy Patinkin, actor and singer
      Bronson Pinchot, actor and comedian
      Don Rickles, actor and comedian
      Natalie Wood (1938-1981), actress
      [edit] Literature
      Isaac Asimov – science fiction writer[3]
      Reginald Bretnor – science fiction and fantasy writer
      Joseph Brodsky – Nobel Prize in Literature 1987[4]
      Sergei Dovlatov (1941-1990) – short story writer and novelist.
      Vladimir Nabokov – writer[5]
      Ayn Rand – philosopher and novelist[6]
      Michael Rostovtzeff – writer[7]
      Gary Shteyngart (1972 – ) Russian-born writer[8]
      Michelle Izmaylov (1991 – ) Russian-American science fiction and fantasy writer
      [edit] Medicine
      Boris Vinogradsky, MD, FACS, MD – surgeon [9]
      Dmitry Arbuck, MD, MD – psychiatrist [10]
      Lyuba Varticovski, MD, MD – oncology [11]
      Yakov Elgudin, MD, FACS, MD – surgeon [12]
      Konstantin Slavin, MD, MD – neurosurgeon [13]
      Yevgeniy Khavkin, MD, MD – neurosurgeon [14]
      Rada Sumareva, DDS, Doctor of Dentistry – surgeon [15]
      Michael Klyachkin, MD, FACS, MD – vascular surgeon [16]
      [edit] Science
      Alexei A. Abrikosov – theoretical physicist
      George Gamow – astroPhysicist[17]
      Lera Boroditsky – cognitive scientist[18]
      Vladimir Nikolayevich Ipatieff – chemist[19]
      Sergei Khrushchev – professor & son of former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev[20]
      Wassily Leontief – economist, Nobel Prize 1973[4]
      Abraham Maslow, psychologist[21]
      Otto Struve – astrophysicist[22]
      Leon Theremin – physicist, inventor of Theremin[4]
      Igor Sikorsky – helicopter designer[23]
      Vladimir Kosma Zworykin – one of the inventors of television[24] [25]
      Igor Efimov, PhD – Russian scientist specializing in molecular cardiology [26]
      [edit] Sports
      Sue Bird – professional women’s basketball player[27]
      Nastia Liukin – gymnast[28]
      Denis Petukhov – figure skater[29]
      Sergei Raad – soccer player[30]

      [edit] Models
      Sasha Pivovarova – Russian model born in Moscow, Russia.
      Natasha Poly – Russian model born in Perm, Russia.
      Vlada Roslyakova – Russian model born in Omsk, Russia.
      Valentina Zelyaeva – Russian model born in Moscow, Russia.
      Eugenia Volodina – Russian model born in Kazan, Russia.
      Natalia Vodianova – Russian model born in Nizhny Novgorod.
      Tatiana Kovylina – Russian model born in Kazan, Russia.
      Daria Strokous – Russian model born in Moscow, Russia.
      [edit] Other
      Sergey Brin – co-founder of Google. He was born in Moscow.[32]
      Oleg Kalugin – former head of KGB operations in the United States[33]
      Boris Chaikovsky – founder of Tele-King International [34][35]
      David Sarnoff – founded NBC & RCA[36]
      Pitirim Sorokin – founded Harvard Sociology Dept 1930[4]


      Irving Berlin (May 11, 1888 – September 22, 1989) was an American composer and lyricist widely considered one of the greatest songwriters in history.
      Born May 11, 1888(1888-05-11)
      Mogilev, Belarus, Russian Empire


      Gershwin was named Jacob Gershowitz at birth in Brooklyn on September 26, 1898. His parents were Russian Jews. His father, Morris (Moishe) Gershowitz, changed his family name to ‘Gershvin’ sometime after immigrating to the United States from St. Petersburg, Russia in the early 1890s.

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayn_Rand

        Ayn Rand (born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum; February 2 [O.S. January 20] 1905 – March 6, 1982), was a Russian-American novelist, philosopher,[1] playwright, and screenwriter.

        Rand was born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum (Russian: Алиса Зиновьевна Розенбаум) in 1905, into a middle-class family living in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She was the eldest of the three daughters (Alisa, Natasha, and Nora) of Zinovy Zacharovich Rosenbaum and Anna Borisovna Rosenbaum, largely non-observant Jews. Her father was a chemist and a successful pharmaceutical entrepreneur.[9]

        Rand was twelve at the time of the Russian revolution of 1917. Opposed to the Tsar, Rand’s sympathies were with Alexander Kerensky. Rand’s family life was disrupted by the rise of the Bolshevik party. Her father’s pharmacy was confiscated by the Soviets, and the family temporarily fled to the Crimea. At sixteen, Rand returned with her family to Saint Petersburg.[10]

        Rand completed a three-year program in the department of social pedagogy at the University of Petrograd. She enrolled at the University of Petrograd, where she studied in the department of social pedagogy, majoring in history.[11] At university she was introduced to the writings of Aristotle and Plato [14] She subsequently studied for a year at the State Technicum for Screen Arts.[17] She arrived in the United States on February 19, 1926

    • What about from your personal experiences?

      When I was in Israel living on a kibbutz, a lot of the time I heard Russians uttering “pidor” and “pidoras”.

      One of them came up to me after I tried to settle a dispute and told me, without hesitance or equivocation, “I don’t talk to fags.”

      • Hey,

        Do not feed the troll (“Michael Tal”).

        Btw I just set a mail filter for him, and I suggest for everyone to do the same.

        • This is great news. It means that Robert will no longer see my posts and won’t flood this blog with his voluminous drivel in repsonse, as he has been doing for months. If only his buddy Andrew too did the same, everybody’s life would be simple.

        • Robert,

          If you ever read this, I have a request. I would like not to see your and Andrew’s empty, hate-filled posts, as they usually make up 95% of all post volume in this blog and make it impossible to wade through posts from normal people.

          However, I read this blog as a web page:


          and thus cannot do any partial blocking of its content.

          But you seem to have this wonderful way of reading these web pages through “a mail filter”, something that I (not being a PC expert) cannot even envision.

          There may be a lot of other people who would like to filter posts form you, Andrew and/or me. Could you please share with the readers how you do this?


      • And when a big American guy drops a dumbbell on his leg and yelled: MOTHER F. ..!!!! Is he really wants to rape someone’s mother?

    • Sikorsky was born in Kyiv and was Ukrainian.

      Tania Sikorsky Von York (1918 – 22 September 2008) Sikorsky’s eldest child and only daughter. Tania was born in Kiev, Ukrainian People’s Republic, a short lived republic during the early rise of Russian Bolsheviks, eventually part of the USSR. Educated in the United States, she earned a B.A. at Barnard College and a doctorate at Yale. She was one of the original faculty members of Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where she served as Professor of Sociology for 20 years.[30]

      The kremlin always takes credit for the people that they enslave, and the nations that they occupy.

      • @Sikorsky was born in Kyiv and was Ukrainian.

        He was born in Ukraine (Russian Empire), but from a Polish family (there was no Poland at the time). Another Sikorsky (Sikorski) was even Polish national leader during WWII (prime minister and commander-in-chief 1940-1943 when he died/was killed).

      • So what?
        Give me 10 differences between the Russian and Ukrainian!

  9. > What about from your personal experiences? When I was in Israel living on a kibbutz, a lot of the time I heard Russians uttering “pidor” and “pidoras”.

    Actually, the word “pidor” has since Soviet times meant “idiot, moron, weirdo”. When I was a child, I didn’t even know that it had origins in “pederast”. People used it as a universal insult, say, like “motherf***er”.

    > One of them came up to me after I tried to settle a dispute and told me, without hesitance or equivocation, “I don’t talk to fags.”

    Did he say “fags”? How does he know this English word? This is a word used by average Americans, not Russians.

    I cannot tell why that particular person called you a “fag”, but if he said “I don’t talk to pidors”, he was more likely to insult your intelligence than sexual orientation.

    pidor – Often used as common insult towards to non-homosexual men.
    Poshel ti nahuy, pidor! (F*ck you, motherf**ker!)

    American tags: gay fag fagg*t pederast motherucker muthafukka

    From what I know, Russian-American Jews have pretty much the same spectrum of views on homosexuality as “native” American Jews. A very good friend of mine is gay. We were best friends when I lived in New York. He is originally from Odessa. His biggest problem was that whenever he went to see his parents, they would keep on asking “When will you give up this thing? We want grandchildren!”. So, he was upset every time he returned from their home. He now lives in Moscow, is a successful businessman, and showed me to a couple gay clubs. When he first moved to Moscow, he complained that there were thugs who harassed gays at the entrances to gay clubs. But in recent years, the thugs have disappeared. However, it took a while before gay parades were allowed:


    Gays Without Borders

    Russia: St. Petersburg to Host Russia’s Biggest Queer Cultural Event – September 17-27, 2009

    St. Petersburg – The International Festival of Queer Culture 2009 – September 17-27, 2009 – will take place in this Russian city as the largest-scale event of this type in this country so far. Several public organisations and initiative groups of St. Petersburg, both LBGT and non-LBGT, have joined forces to create this 10-day multi-event festival which is supported by partners varying from the Swedish and Dutch consulates to the St. Petersburg guidebooks.

    The program includes theatrical performances, photo and art exhibitions, poetry slams, seminars, workshops, discussions, and music. Rockfest, the closing festival event, presents several emerging as well as well-established bands from St. Petersburg and is head-lined by the American group, Betty.

    The events also include the 3rd stage of this year’s ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) World Rainbow Cultural Conference on September 21 – with a special focus on Nordic rainbow cultural co-operation with collegues in Eastern Europe. It will also include the ILGCN’s and Tupilak’s (Nordic rain bow cultural workers) travelling art and photo exhibition with works from 25 nations.

    • And you sampled the gay nightlife and immersed yourself in the LGBT scene purely out of curiosity. It’s kinda curious how a self-proclaimed bi-curious (or homosexual) Jew is such a passionate apologist for neo-Nazis, homophobes and anti-Semites, as well as a proponent of genocide and ethnic cleansing of “non-Slav” populations. Is your real name Vladimir Zhirinovsky?

      It’s puzzling how often neo-Nazis tend to be closet homosexuals.

      • Hey, “Vladimir Zhirinovsky” is not even the real name of Vladimir Zhirinovsky ;)

        @It’s puzzling how often neo-Nazis tend to be closet homosexuals.

        My favourite was the recent story of Austria’s Heider.

        • Hehe, funnily enough, Haider wasn’t the first neo-Nazi in this situation (but I liked how Austrian neo-Nazis claimed, without a hint of irony, that Haider was “their Princess Diana”). For some reason, prominent neo-Nazis have a penchant for homosexuality and for deadly car accidents. The Dead Kennedys even have a song called “Nazis Can’t Drive”. And the funniest gay Nazi story was that of Nicky Crane, a prominent British neo-Nazi skinhead, who, it turns out eventually, was also a gay porn performer (and ended up dying of AIDS).

          So Mr Tal, you better watch your driving when you’re returning from a night of immersing yourself in the gay party scene in Moscow.

  10. https://larussophobe.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/shamapova-russians-back-in-form-in-beijing/

    > You think it’s OK if Russia humiliates and destroys itself, as long as America is doing the same? What did Russians ever do to you to make you hate them that much? No wonder you want to change the subject to America (incidentally, this blog is about Russia — if you want to write about America, why not make a free blog and try)

  11. Andrew,

    Stop feeding the resident troll plzkthx.

  12. The Russian nazi brothers
    Putin and Medvedev

  13. Meanwhile the cult of “manly dude” Putin has taken a turn for the worse:

    “Bronze bust of Vladimir Putin made as gift for Arnold Schwarzenegger

    A Russian sculptor is casting a bronze bust of Vladimir Putin as a gift for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    The Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation of Russia commissioned the cast of the Prime Minister after it learnt that the former bodybuilder and Governor of California collected sculptures.

    Mr Schwarzenegger has busts of Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev in his collection.”


    • > Meanwhile the cult of “manly dude” Putin

      Putin was chosen as president not because he is an “athlete” but because Boris Berezovsky mistakenly thought he was a great puppet.

      But here in USA people do elect people just because they are bodybuilders and/or famous actors. For example, the abovementioned bodybuilder film star Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Governor of California. Another actor, Ronald Reagan, was first the Governor of California and then President of USA. A circuis wrestler Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota. Etc, etc.

  14. I don’t know why many of you people who left some kind of comment hate Russians so much!!!! I have been living in an Ex- Russian country for more than three years now and I don’t see that people are so poor here!!! Buying aan apartment in the main city will cost you over 1m$ for 55m2!! Cars, Mercedes, Infiniti, Maybach, Audi etc etc!! You just have the wrong picture of the russian countries and you just hate them so much. The only reason why you hate them is because Americans are afraid of them. Yes, I agree that in Russia one of the main problem is Vodka, but try to live for six months of the year in a temperature of -30 celcius!!! Many people said about democracy! Can anyone of you explain democracy?? Why does America puts its nose in other countries business?? The only answer is that its a power seeker and wants to take all the energy in the world but America always forgets Russia and China (which by the way they are in good economic relations!)

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