EDITORIAL: Vladimir “Just Call me Commie!” Putin


Vladimir “Just Call me Commie!” Putin

Like an envious underachiever, Vladimir V. Putin’s party, United Russia, is increasingly examining how it can emulate the Chinese Communist Party, especially its skill in shepherding China through the financial crisis relatively unbowed.

The New York Times, October 17th

You read that right:  Proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin is openly proclaiming his desire to copy the governing strategies of the Chinese Communist Party.  Meanwhile, ex-Commie bigwig Mikhail Gorbachev was scathingly condemning what he called a “mockery” of democracy in Russia’s most recent elections, which were a travesty even by Russia’s barbaric standards as we report below.  Russia has sunk about as low is it can get.

How many people were there, we wonder, those Russopile bastards, telling us when Putin came to power that Russia could “never go back” to the dark days of Communism and totalitarian, one-party dictatorship, that it did not matter that Putin was a proud KGB spy  because he had seen the light of Soviet failure and would not repeat those errors.  They were, of course, lying to us, seeking to buy time for Putin to consolidate the very type of government they denied he was capable of building.

It’s hard to imagine a more emphatic declaration of Putin’s failure than that he wants to study the Chinese, that is unless you want to talk about giant French retailer Carrefour.

Having invested nearly $25 million four months ago in two massive Russian hypermarkets Thierry Garnier, executive director of Carrefour, the French version of Target, declared boldly:  “We were waiting for the best moment to enter the market. We are in Russia for the long term.”

What a difference four months can make!  Last week, Garnier announced the company was selling both Russian locations and fleeing the country, never to return. 

So much for the “long term,” huh?  First IKEA, now Carrefour.

In this debacle we see the reality of Russia laid bare.  It’s a casino, and nothing more, where companies with some extra cash they don’t know what to do with plonk it down on the national roulette wheel to see what comes up.  It’s irresistable, because it has a large number of people and a large amount of oil, which seems to imply a large market.  But in fact, as we’ve said many times before, Russia isn’t like Saudi Arabia. It’s huge population, its corruption, and its frozen territory mean that the value of oil per capita in Russia is miniscule, far from being enough to let ordinary Russian shop at a place like Target, which for normal Russians has the same connotation of luxury and inaccessibility as Neiman Marcus would for an American.

And let’s be clear:  Carrefour richly deserves its massive losses in the Russian market.  Not for a second did this wretched firm ask itself whether, by entering the Russian market, it was contributing to the maintenance and legitimization of the Putin dictatorship.  Just as various firms invested in the regime of Adolf Hitler, others are currently helping to prop of the demonic despotism of Vladimir Putin and his KGB hoards.  We condemn each and every one of these monstrosities, from McDonalds to Coca-Cola, and we do not buy their products.

Instead, we roar with delighted laughter as we watch the Kremlin seize their assets, plunder their inventories and drive them into bankruptcy.

12 responses to “EDITORIAL: Vladimir “Just Call me Commie!” Putin

  1. http://www.rsf.org/en-classement1003-2009.html

    135 Nigeria
    136 Zimbabwe

    153 Russia …

    157 Rwanda

  2. Is Putin a Maoist too? It is vogue. Get with the program or be gulaged. OK?

  3. Re: Target as luxury store – I can testify to that personally. A friend from Moscow recently relocated to the US on a US-paid scholarship, which along with full tuition and lodging at a top US college – gives a monthly stipend.

    I took her to a Target some weeks back, and ended up sitting stupefied for hours in their “cafeteria” section while she wandered the aisles pondering the huge and affordable selection. The hair care section occupied her for over an hour alone! And to wit, we had always both considered her to be in the middle class of Muscovy – but this incident uncovered a deeper truth…

    • Well, in all fairness, you should not be surprised when the shampoo aisle attracts a woman’s attention:-) You know, we have cars to think about, ladies have their hair

      But cafeteria? What cafeteria? All I’ve seen in a Target is a Little Cesar “pizza station” woth 5 tables at the most.

  4. Putin emulate China, fat chance.

    Americans and Europeans can do business in China and have contracts honored. The Chinese have a strong work ethic to draw upon and can manufacture just about anything. Corruption can be punishable by death in China. They don’t like it.

    That’s just a few of the most glaring reasons why the Chinese vertical model works so well economically.

    Russia, meanwhile, is a lawless rogue dump where investors have been burned time and time again and corruption runs rampant. No one in their right mind not wanting to pay excessive bribes, on a deadline or expecting quality products would invest in manufacturing in Russia.

    Putin is a clown. The Chinese will own his oil wells and far east minerals in time.

  5. It’s been clear for quite a while that United Russia is just the next mono-party in Russia’s history. As Penny said, they can try to emulate China, but even if they firmly decided that this was the direction they were going to take and everyone left them to their own devices, they still wouldn’t stand a chance. Just as an oversimplified example, have you ever seen the documentary about how China built the railway to Tibet? Holy smokes, it’s incredible. Russia can’t even build a decent road between their two biggest cities. Good luck.

    As a side note, I’m sorry to be a stickler, but though this article was interesting, the typos and other various errors were distracting. I’ve seen this happen in other articles, too. Just a friendly nudge to keep an eye on this. Thanks.

  6. You are too funny AntipukiN.

  7. Well, Kavkazwatcher, I am not surprised that your friend spent almost an hour at the hair products counter. My daughter who works in Rasha on her visits home (she calls it “coming back to civilization if only for a short time, otherwise I can’t take it”) buys enough of those and other products to last her till the next visit not because she can’t get them there but because of their price. They are prohibitively expensive there. She refuses to pay those prices.

  8. Excellent editorial, keep up the good work.

  9. Mr. Putin fails to realize that the Chinese tried to get the economics right and instill some respect for that thing called “the contract”. In the end the Chinese Communist Party will wither away, but will leave in its wake a strong economy that investors want to join. What will be Vlad’s legacy?

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