EDITORIAL: Lies, Lies and More Russian Lies


Lies, Lies and More Russian Lies

Perhaps Russia is slowly coming to its senses.  It really does begin to seem that Vladimir Putin’s neo-Soviet dictatorship is, under the pressure of his absolute economic failure, beginning to tremble at its foundations, ready to fall apart.

First we had the amazing admission of the leader of Russia’s upper house of parliament that the country’s Internet is an utter sham, just what we’ve been saying it was for years now.

Next, the Kremlin’s human rights ombudsman witheringly condemned the neo-Soviet tactics of Putin’s Hitler youth cult NASHI. Ella Pamfilova stated: “You must not divide the young into ‘ours’ and ‘not ours’ … and allow some to do practically everything while hampering the development of others.”  The nationalists in the Duma promptly called for her ouster.

And then, even more amazingly, we had Vladimir Sokolin, the head of the State Statistics Service, openly accusing the Economic Development Ministry of cooking its books to make the Russian economy look far better than it actually is.  Yet another confirmation from a high-ranking official Russian source that we’ve been right all along in loudly proclaiming that the Kremlin’s data is simply not reliable.  As a reasult of his open criticism of the Kremlin’s efforts to lie about his data and to tell him what data he can and can’t collect, as well as it’s political decision to cancel the census, Sokolin being transferred to a new position. 

He minced no words.

Speaking of the Ministry the 11-year veteran of SSS stated: 

The body that is the main user of our data and which compiles lots of reports and forecasts has a big temptation to direct statistics in the direction it needs. If we look at the Rosstat model, it does not confirm the Economic Development Ministry’s information that we have already started to move upward  In Russia we have all the ‘pleasures’ at once — the highest inflation and the steepest recession.  Now, colleagues, explain to me what kind of economy have we built?

What kind indeed! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and find it rather odd to be envious of the Russophobic verbiage of such a Kremlin official.  Maybe there is more hope for Russia than we thought?

So here we have a high-ranking government official from the Kremlin itself openly admitting that the Kremlin is perverting and twisting basic economic data for use as propaganda, wildly misleading the general population about the nation’s fiscal prospects in order to keep itself in power. In any normal country, the opposition party would now be having a field day, and the regime’s approval ratings would be plunging. But barbaric, uncivilized Russia, of course, is no normal country, and it doesn’t have any true opposition parties. Just as in Soviet times, the Kremlin has wiped them out.  The Kremlin also controls all TV news, and won’t report Sokolin’s statements.  Thus, the people of Russia will never know about them, and won’t have the chance to act on them to prevent their government from (once again) destroying their nation.

Sokolin also says this:  “The expert environment, on which the government should lean when taking serious economic measures, has effectively been atrophied.”  In other words, Putin has wiped out the class of qualified economists who could actually formulate policy and replaced them with KGB toadies. Then he has shut down the gathering of meaningful data, and simply lies about the rest.

The question now is whether Sokolin will be brave enough to join the “Solidarity” opposition movement and actually fight for what he purports to believe in, and whether other Russian patriots will do the same. So far, no such thing has happened. Apparently, most Russians don’t feel their country is worth risking their lives to save.

10 responses to “EDITORIAL: Lies, Lies and More Russian Lies

  1. Poor LR. I pity you.

    When Medvedev – the “new Gorbachev” – restores democracy – what will you do? With politics out of the way – what will remain there for you to criticse? Blini-and-caviar-Demidoff and other Russian foods? Russian tennis players? Russian world champion hockey team? Great Russian figure skating coaches?

    I mean, your posts on these topics are extremely hilarious and may be of great interest to specialists on the sour-grapes syndrome, but your blog will never be able to grow up or in any other direction.

    Maybe it is time for you to train to become a La Persiaphobe or a La Pakistanophobe?

    • Poor Michael. We pity you.

      Unable to create your own blog or draw any attention of any kind to your hilariously ignorant views on Russia, all you can do is leave rodent-dropping-like comments having nothing to do with the substance of the post in question on other people’s blogs and suffer in obscure irrelevance.

      This blog is one of the most highly trafficked sources of information about Russia on the planet. It’s been cited by everyone from the New York Review of Books to Little Green Footballs, from the Associated Press to the Moscow Times, and it’s founder writes major Russia columns on two even more significant blogs.

      You, meanwhile, do absolutely nothing except try to use the pathetic politics of personal insult, the same as in Soviet times, to distract attention from facts you find very uncomfortable and success that makes you bitterly jealous.

      And that will be the story of you, a pathetic little loser who never amounted to anything, sniping form the gutter like a rat.

      By the way, just to be clear: Your comment is SPAM having nothing to do with the content of this post. As such, it is highly offensive to us and violates our comment publication guidlines. We leave it in place because it serves our ends to show what pathetic rabble are left defending the Putin regime. But do it again and your banned. Comprendo?

      • Unable to create your own blog

        Blogging (web logging, you Amurrican ape, unable to pronounce polysyllabic words) is not a profession per se and it can’t be considered an accomplishment whatsoever. Well, unless you’re a useless ugly jobless social outcast (go look into the mirror) ;-)

    • While I on the whole disagree with Michael’s post, I must say that perhaps it IS time to branchout: maybe La Mullahphobe and La Pakistaniphobe can come up soon?

  2. It is a lost of time to have a dispute with monkeys. LR admirers are monkeys. So Michael I think you should not waste your time. As for me I attend sometimes these animals as well as I use to attend the zoo during my childerhood.


    Within one hour you published FIVE comments on this blog, most arguing about substantive points in our posts. Your own actions prove you to be a hilariously ridiculous liar.

  3. Michael Tal and I’m RuSSian – what drivel you fascist loving wankers of the KGB write!

    No wonder poor Russia is in such a mess when it is run by types of your limited mentality. Next you’ll be telling us that Putler pigs can fly?

    Sadly LR you will never win a sane discussion with the likes of MT and IR because although you use logic in your threads, they only use an illogical basis in theirs.

    Personally I believe that neither of them adds anything constructive to your magic and “the best Russia politics bloggers in the world!”.

    • Right on, Bohdan. They add nothing but the mayhem they intended.

      Responding to them feeds their strategy.

    • Sadly LR you will never win a sane discussion

      How true you are here! An insane blogger has its (sic) five frequent readers/posters, some of them are just ingnorant retards, while others are even more insane than da mastah ;-)

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