Putin makes another one of his “offers”

Putin says:  "You must embrace your comrades!"  On the middle shirt is written:  "Avto Vaz."

Putin says: "You must embrace your comrades!" On the middle shirt is written: "Avto Vaz."

Source: Ellustrator.

Read more: Streetwise Professor.

9 responses to “Putin makes another one of his “offers”

  1. Sergey Shelukhin

    It actually means “support”. It seems to me that these two are keeping the middle guy up :)
    I don’t quite understand this, it would be helpful if you provided captions (I read news with 1-2 week lag though, so if it’s recent…)


    It would be helpful if you clicked the link, looked at the source and realized that we have republished somebody else’s cartoon just as we found it.

    The arms of the big ape in the middle are choking the two comarades. Get it now, moron?

  2. Sergey Shelukhin



    Thanks for the link! Great!

  3. The Russian automotive industry is in the phase of modernization.
    Lada (with the help of Renault) will bring out 12 new models,Sberbank bought a 35 % stake in Opel and will build 2 million cars per year in Russia alone…
    The goal is to keep American and other foreign made crap out of the Russian market and become a net exporter of cars…
    Same things are going on in the aero industry(Sukhoi 100 jet,MS-21 jet),shipbuilding,machine building,defense industry(the Russian stealth fighter T-50 will come out for a maiden flight in a month).
    We are slowly but surely diversyfying our economy…

    • We have to wait a month for it to crash?

    • Yes, we are all waiting very impatiently when these 12 models go for sale. We’ve been waiting ever since the dealers have run out of Yugos and Trabants.

      Renault is quite uncompetitive, so don’t count on their “help” And Opel is better, but there is a big difference between the cars built by the superbly trained and super-diligent Germans and the same built by drunken Russian peasants. The former are among the best in the world, and the latter will sell well in Russia and other the third world countries but nowhere else.

      Keep diversifying, the world is waiting for a miracle…

      • We won the space race
        (put the first men in the orbit) and believe me,we will be able to manufacture high tech cars ,too.

        • Are you an orphan, dan?

        • Won the space race??? LOL, you got over the 1st hurdle, but I don’t remember Russia landing on the moon (your rockets kept exploding LOL).

          As for “diversifying the economy”, now Dan, are you directly accusing the President of the Russian Federation of lying when he said “there has been a catastrophic failure to diversify the Russian economy” and that “Russia’s economy is totally dependant on raw materials export”?

          With regards to the Sukhoi airliners, you mean the ones that nobody (not even “fly the deadly skies” Aeroflot) want to buy (as opposed to the Boeing and Airbus series of jets)

          The factories are trying to produce more modern ranges of planes.

          There are for example new Tupolevs.

          But none of the airlines here really want to buy them as they are not comparable with Western planes.

          Delivery dates are also extremely unreliable. Last year the entire industry delivered seven airliners when the total number ordered was just 13.

          “It is true that the planes we are making here are out of date; and we only sell a handful of them,” says Viktor Kuznetsov, deputy director of Aviastar, which manufactures the Tupolev 204.

          “But we have to keep going. Just think what would happen if Boeing and Airbus stopped selling to Russia. This is why our industry is strategically important for the state and will survive.”

          For all the gloom there is still one glimmer of hope for Russian’s aviation industry.

          It is a new regional airliner called the Superjet which went on public display for the first time at the Moscow air show last month.

          Sleak and modern, it has received quite good reviews from the experts.

          It was built by Sukhoi but with significant assistance from Boeing.

          Perhaps under pressure from the government, Aeroflot has placed an order for 30 of these planes to ensure it does have a Russian element in its fleet.

          But it is not clear when the first planes will be delivered.


          Oooh look, its a new Boeing, I mean Sukhoi, sorry, right first time, wow and a whole 30 have been ordered, as opposed to the several hundered Boeing & Airbus superjets on order to date. LOL

          Now for the “T-50”, its first “flight” is just that of the demonstrator, it will take at least another 10 years to enter service, by which time it will be having to deal with the far more advanced F-35 Lightning II JSF.

          Just more target practice for the USAF, RAF, Israelis, Italians, and Canadians, and now it seems the Indians.

          Russian made, be it military or civillian, equals JUNK.

          Hell man, just look at the Lada, Volga, or any piece of Russian made whitewear for the home.


  4. Keep dreaming, Dan. Rasha is famous for its verbal diarrhea and no action. LOL.

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