October 9, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Johns Hopkins Agrees with La Russophobe

(2)  HRW Condemns Russia’s Chechnya Barbarism

(3)  Podrabinek in English

(4)  On the Trail of Paul Joyal’s Attackers

(5)  Blame Chubais!

NOTE:  Some Russophiles attack us for allowing anonymity on this blog. We carry a major item (#4)  in today’s issue from the LA Times, asking hard questions about the murderous attack on Kremlin critic Paul Joyal. In a real frenzy even by its own standards, Russia Today (the Kremlin’s wholly-owned propaganda network) responds with not one but two diatribes, one laced with censored profanity.

Both are anonymous.  In other words, for all we know, they were written by the KGB, perhaps even by the very KGB agents who attacked Joyal.  So you Russophiles who struggle valiantly against anonymity will surely want to complain to RT. Won’t you?

Oh and, by the way RT . . . your hysterical reaction is what they call in poker a “tell.” Just FYI.

9 responses to “October 9, 2009 — Contents

  1. I guess it’s just this Robert Bridge fellow.

    The second link (one non-hysterical) is from 2007.

    Which btw means they are lying: “Ever heard of Paul Joyal? Neither had we, until now.” – 2 years ago called him “a prominent intelligence expert”.

    They/Bridge also call Oleg Kalugin “the Kalugin guy”. “The Kalugin guy” was a KGB major general, the spymaster on the USA and the head of the entire KGB foreign counterintelligence. While “the Putin guy” still isn’t even a full colonel in the FSB and in KGB he was just one of low-ranks in Dresden, East Germany.


  2. Russia’s litany of unsolved murders


  3. Another disaster for Russian “diplomacy”

    Seems almost nobody wants to attend the CIS summit.

    Gee, I wonder why?


    • Andrew, you know very well that “Russian diplomacy” is just as oxymoronic as “Russian peace-keeping”. The archetypal image of “Russian diplomacy” is the bloated, drunken Khrushchev banging his shoe at the UN.

  4. Among other congratulations 57-year-old Prime Minister received “Ode to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin”

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s most powerful politician Vladimir Putin marked his 57th birthday on Wednesday in the company of literary luminaries, lauded by the Orthodox Church for his wisdom, viewed askance by critics sensing a nascent personality cult.

    The “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” daily published an “Ode to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin” written in a style typical of poems devoted to former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

    “The country is again at a crossroads wondering whether it might perish or not,” the ditty reads. “We congratulate you comrade Putin and ask God to give you another 120 years.”


  5. “We congratulate you comrade Putin and ask God to give you another 120 years.”

    Same clueless sheeple, different Stalin.

    That’s all you need to know about Russia.

    • This was black humor (by NG, aka Politkovskaya’s paper).

      This was not:

      The former KGB spy has become a devout believer since the collapse of communism and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill was among the first to congratulate Putin on his birthday.

      “Wisdom based on rich political experience, typical for you, is a guarantee of stability in our state,” Kirill wrote in a congratulatory message carried by Russian news agencies.

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