The Double Life and Fraudulent Times of Maria Shamapova

Well, so-called “Russian” Maria Shamapova, who actually lives in the United States, learned her game there, and never spends any time in Russia, “won” another tennis tournament last week, the Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo, Japan.

Once again, it was all smoke and mirrors for our gal Maria.

In her third-round match, Shamapova should have been required to beat #6 seed Vera Zvonareva.  But the match didn’t happen, because Zvonareva was whipped in her very first match by an unseeded opponent.

In her quarter-finals match, Shamapova should have had to face world #1 Dinara Safina. But again, she didn’t.  Safina also lost her opening-round match, to a player not ranked in the world’s top 100.

Upon reaching the semi-finals, Shamapova should have had to deal with U.S. Open finalist Caroline Wozniaki, the #4 seed.  But Wozniaki went down in her second match to an unseeded opponent.  If not Wozniaki, Shamapova rightfully should have played #5 seed Svetlana Kuznetsova.  But just like each and every one of the other seeded Russians in the draw, Kuznetsova did not even make the third round of the tournament, dropping her first match against a lowly qualifier.

And then came the finals.  Think Shamapova had to play the #2 seed, Venus Williams? Nope. How about the #4 seed, Elena Dementieva? Uh-uh.  Instead, Shampova’s just-plain-silly dumb luck held, and neither of those two players reached her either.

This left Shamapova on court in the finals against the #7 seed Jelena Jankovic, having had to face not a single one of the tournament’s other top-10 seeds along the way.  But if you think Shamapova’s dumb luck ended there, you’re very much mistaken.

Jankovic came up limp in the seventh game of the match, and she quit playing.  Call us arrogant, but we think even we’d be able to take down a WTA final if our opponent gave up and walked off the court.

So that’s how Maria Sharapova ended up “winning” her first tournament of 2009.  She truly may be the luckiest human being on planet Earth, what with being able to travel from Siberia to Florida as a child in order to learn tennis, winning Wimbledon by being saved by a rain delay (just before the stadium got a roof) and on and on.

See what we mean by “Shamapova”?  She’s a chip off the old Russian block.

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  1. Sergey Shelukhin

    Well, if other seeds couldn’t play for the heck of it that day, that means she was the best player of the day barring the finals accident (but score was favorable at that time) :P

    You clearly don’t understand sports a lot.

    • By your bizarre Russian logic, if the KGB murders all the other players (in the USSR this was often tried!) then Shamapova is the best.

      Dude, you’re sick in the head.

      • LR wrote:
        > if the KGB murders all the other players (in the USSR this was often tried!)

        Absolutely. That’s what KGB specialised in: trying to kill all other tennis players.

        > Dude, you’re sick in the head.

        Yep, somebody sure is sick in the head. Also thick in the head.

  2. > if the KGB murders all the other players then Shamapova is the best.

    That’s exactly what is happening in tennis. The reason why Russian women have been doing so well in recent years is clear: KGB has been murdering their opponents.

    > winning Wimbledon by being saved by a rain delay (just before the stadium got a roof)
    > She truly may be the luckiest human

    There was no luck! It never ever rains in London. Clearly, it was the KGB that sent the rain over London on that day. And it was KGB that delayed putting up the roof over Wimbledon.

    Listen to LR: she is a very brilliant thinker.

  3. You are right as always, LR. By winning the tournament, Sharapova has once again showed that all Russians are losers.

    The winners are the 3 American women in this tournament – Venus Williams, Jill Craybas and Alexa Glatch – who broke all previous records by not winning a single set among them. They lost 3 out 3 matches, and 6 out 6 sets. Perfect performance. Probably an all-time achievement.

  4. This is a very good site which has a fast-paced, knowledgable attitude and a realistic bent. I’m glad to find it and will be here lots from now on.

    I’m very concerned about the health of democracy in today’s Russia. I do not think that Putin’s past life has many democratic elements. The democratic groups have never looked so weak. An anti-western feeling in Russia seems to be growing. I don’t see a good future for openness and real freedoms in Russia.

    • Since LR doesn’t allow posts that are irrelevant to the subject matter (in this case – Sharapova’s loss by winning), I assume that you agree with us that Masha Sharapova has posed a great threat to the Russian democracy since her emergence as a top tennis player at the age of sweet sixteen.

  5. Is this the same player who won her first 18 matches in 2008 including the Australian Open without dropping a set, beating Demi, Henin, JJ and Ivanovic ? Are you serious ?

    • Of course LR is serious. Everything she writes is the fruit of her brilliant logical mind and her irrefutably objective thinking.

      How can anybody doubt that?!

    • We’re quite serious, Dave. Are you?

      Are you really only able to defend 2009 Shamapova by talking about a month in 2008?

      What happened to Shamapova when she met Serena Williams in the Aussie finals? Do you recall, Dave?

      The WHOLE POINT of this post is that Shamapova’s wins are fraudulent, not that she never wins. If you had the slightest clue about her history, you’d know that’s true.

      But all you have is the hots for her, sweaty little boy.

      • I think you’re sweet…
        It would be so nice to have romance with you.
        You are like some kind of Goddess, like the
        woman slaying the dragon at the top of the page.
        You are the last defender of truth in this world..
        Just think-
        You and I could be in Moscow
        sitting on the banks of the Vulga–
        Holding hands
        and denouncing political traitors.

        Oh it would be so romantic.

        Dammit LR– I love you.

        Will you marry me?

      • My apologies, I came here via a tennis alert, I hadn’t realised it was a political propaganda thing – just for the record, Sharapova had her shoulder injury long before having the operation last year and you don’t win three grand slam events fraudulently (unless you can expand on that) – also you are incorrect with your dirty little thoughts, I am not even a Sharapova fan (OK I reluctantly admire her fighting spirit but that’s all), I much prefer JJ’s elegant style of play. Thank you for your reply anyway.

        • Boy, have you stepped into a wrong blog, Dave.

          This blog is exclusively for climnically insane paranoid russophobes, and for lame Russia-defenders like myself.

          However, if you want a good laugh, you should read **all** LR’s russophobic posts on sports and culture. She is hilarious. And the funniest thing is: she actually believes all the stuff she writes.

  6. Hello, ignorant ape La Russophobe! Let’s start russian language lessons. Sha-RA-po-va, Sha-RA-po-va. Understand, you moron?

    As I said, LR, your fat ass isn’t an excuse for shooting crap toward brilliant russian female tennis players…

  7. An anti-western feeling in Russia seems to be growing.

    Hahahaha….. And sites like this one contribute a GREAT DEAL to that feeling!

    • Actually, since the time that Bush left office, the anti-western feeling in Russia is diminishing. With Obama scrapping Bush’s provocation with the missile defences in Central Europe and the latest EU Report on the Georgian aggression, the anti-western feeling in Russia will soon fall back to its 1990s level, the level before Russia was provoked by the NATO expansions, USA’s unilateral withdrawal form the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and by the Wars on Yugoslavia and Iraq.

      • Now Michael, would that be the report that condemned Russia’s ILLEGAL actions and support of ethnic cleansing in Georgia, that condemned Russia’s recognition of Abkhazia & South Ossetia as ILLEGAL, that blamed Russia for a series of provocations and ILLEGAL actions (such as arming and training separatists) that were the direct cause of the war??

        As for NATO expansion, that was caused by former slave states of the Russian post war empire (Warsaw pact) desperately wanting to avoid Russian “friendship” and “international brotherhood” which roughly translate as “Opression” and “Ethnic cleansing”.

        Now what about Russia’s unilateral withdrawl from the “Conventional Forces in Europe” treaty, in reality a far mor important document than the ABM treaty (which Russia was frequently in breach of anyway).

        NATO expansion was simply the countries of eastern Europe and also former Soviet republics desperate not to be entrapped in the mouldy embrace of Russia ever again.

        Russia in the 20th century (and for some considerable period prior one might add) and now in the 21st, is a genocidal expansionist and murderous state, morally equivalent to Hitlers 3rd Reich, and which killed far more people (around 61,000,000 from 1917-1989 alone) in what amounted to death camps (Gulags).

        Has it ever ocurred to morons such as yourself why the majority of Ukrainians, Latvians, Estonians, Georgians, Azeri’s, Chechens, Ingush, Daghesh, Poles, Chzechs, Finns, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians etc hate Russians?

        A hint, Russian crimes……

    • > And sites like this one contribute a GREAT DEAL to that feeling!

      Actually, when there is good realtions between countires, sites like this don’t matter.

      There are thousands of anti-semitic sites in USA, yet there is little anti-American feeling in Israel.

      So, russophobic sites, especially those devoted to venting frustrations at the Russian excellence in sports, are less of a threat to peace than a source of good laughs for everybody.

  8. “Anti-americaf feelings” in no way pointed toward american people. They are always pointed toward concrete aspects of american foreign policy.

    • You’re simply lying. Russians slaughter foreingers because they are foreigners on sight in their streets every day. Read our lead editorial, you freakishly dishonest lunatic. Russia is world famous for its xenophboia.

      • Leonid wrote:
        > “Anti-american feelings” in no way pointed toward american people.

        LR replied:
        > You’re simply lying. Russians slaughter foreingers because they are foreigners on sight in their streets every day.

        Absolutely. Russians determine Americans on sight and then slaughter them. Every day. When you see 80 year-old women selling field flowers in front of big hotels, don’t be fooled: they are not there to supplement their low pensions! No, these elderly Russian slaughterers are there to scope out American hotel inhabitants. And at night, these babushkas sneak into the hotel with baseball bats and slaughter American tourists.

  9. Has it ever ocurred to morons such as yourself why the majority of Ukrainians, Latvians, Estonians, Georgians, Azeri’s, Chechens, Ingush, Daghesh, Poles, Chzechs, Finns, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians etc hate Russians?

    Has it ever ocurred to morons such as yourself why the majority of people all around the world (100% arabs included) hate Americans?

    • Has it ever occurred to you that you’re the spawn of Satan?

      Actually the world loves Americans. If it didn’t, there would not be McDonalds and Mickey Mouse and Levis all over the world. Care to name the Russian variants? America is in NATO. Care name Russia’s friends?

      Those people hate Rusians because Russians tried to exterminate them. It’s really quite simple. Ever heard of Golodomor?

      Russia stands utterly alone in the world, despised by all, because it hates the world for refusing to be dominated by Russia.

      • > Has it ever occurred to you that you’re the spawn of Satan?

        Listen to LR, Leonid. She is a very world-famous expert in her field. If she determines that you are the spawn of Satan, then you really must be one. She is the expert. But if you ask nicely, she may perform the exorcism on you.

        > Actually the world loves Americans. If it didn’t, there would not be McDonalds and Mickey Mouse and Levis all over the world.

        Brilliant logic!

        I can just imagine the 1930s in America, with some idiot saying:

        “Actually America and the world loves Nazi Germany. If it didn’t, there would not be German hot dog stands, Bosch paintings and concerts of Beethoven and Wagner music all over America and the world.”

        Or I can say: “Actually the world loves Russians. If it didn’t, there would not be War and Peace, Brothers Karamazov, Nutcracker ballet for Christmas, 1812 Suite for 4th of July, Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, Pavlovian dogs, Stoly vodkas, beluga caviars with blinis, tetris video game, blintzes with cheese, beef stroganoff, concert tours by Russian musicians, Elite chocolates from Israel, NHL hockey games with Ovechkin and Malkin, Kirov and Bolshoi ballets, and the Russian circuses”

        • You must be kidding. You cannot take credit for Tolstoy, Dostoevski, Tchaikovski, Pavlov, or Mendeleev or even for those hockey players, whoever they are. Those are all achievements of individuals, not of the country. In any event, Tolstoy etc. achieved immortal fame because of what they did not because they happened to have been born in a particular place. If, say, Tolstoy had immigrated to the U.S., this would not have made his work any better or any worse. His places of birth and residence are simply irrelevant, his individual talent is the only thing that mattered. Gogol wrote a lot of important things in Italy, Rachmaninoff and Stravinski in the U.S. and Turgenev and Bunin in France, so what?

          I even think they achieved as much as they did in spite of being Russian, not because of it. But in any case, a large country like that is bound to produce some geniuses, statistically speaking, and that’s all there is to it.

        • RV wrote:
          > Those are all achievements of individuals, not of the country.

          Since you appear to have a mental handicap, let me get serious for a second and explain: my post was a sarcastic response to LR claiming:

          > > Actually the world loves Americans. If it didn’t, there would not be McDonalds and Mickey Mouse and Levis all over the world.

          So, Russia CAN NOT claim credit for its greatest cultural contributions – the work of Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Dostoyevsky, Mendeleev – but America CAN claim credit for its greatest cultural contributions: Levis jeans and McDonald’s greasy ground beef leftovers?

          So, McDonalds and Mickey Mouse and Levis achievements not of individuals, not of the country of USA? In what way? Is it because the morbidly obese Americans act as walking advertising for McDonalds?

          Brilliant! You are exactly as smart as LR, my friend.

          • That should read:

            So, McDonalds and Mickey Mouse and Levis are achievements not of individuals, Bbut of the entire country of USA?

          • For one thing I am an American, one of those you hate with such passion, so I don’t see how I can be your friend. And yes, no country can claim credit for cultural, and to some extent, scientific, work of individuals. You did not hear me brag about Mark Twain or Van Cliburn — I have nothing to do with what they did, and the country has nothing to do with that either. I guess a concept of an individual working without blessing of the state is new to you.

            Countries can only claim credit for the standard of living of their citizens, for civilization, for laws, for democracy, for business climate, etc., or be blamed for lack thereof. Oops, delete democracy, I forgot that Russians don’t care about this. A few Russians on this board had explained that very eloquently before they disappeared.

            So, Mickey D’s and Caterpillar and Levi’s etc. are direct beneficiaries of what their country made it possible for them to do, i.e., to succeed in business. They did not have to pay bribes to health inspectors, and tax inspectors, and all other kinds of inspectors (I am sure you know more kinds of inspectors ); they did not pay mafia, they just built their businesses, and the country did everything possible so they would succeed.

            Clear enough? As opposed to literature and music. Countries don’t write poetry or music, individuals do

            • You are missing the point again, RV. LR claimed that the fact that people around the World eat at McDonald’s – that proves that these people love Americans.

              This is a stupid argument, because many Americans drink Stoli vodka and yet don’t feel any burning love for Russia.

              I personally love Persian and Turkish food imports, but have no love towards Iran or Turkey.

              Are you beginning to grasp what’s going on, or do you want even more detailed explanations?

  10. Quote-“Has it ever ocurred to morons such as yourself why the majority of people all around the world (100% arabs included) hate Americans?”

    Hate and envy should not be confused…many uneducated people have a definite inability to discern between the two. As to the 100%…I find it difficult to belive that 100% of the people in that part of the world “hate” Americans as some don’t even know what an American is. Thy are people from that part of the world in some small kind.

  11. > Hate and envy should not be confused

    But they often go together. As in the case of LR’s burning envy and hate towards the beauty of Russian women, the depth of the Russian high culture, and Russian sports victories.

    • Interesting that the greatest Russian writer Pushkin loathed Russian culture (especially the lack of honour and endemic dishonesty of Russians) and exalted the Caucasians, in particular the Chechens and Georgians.

      As for Mr Tals’ comments about american/anglo-saxon/anglo-irish women, one suspects that his frequent visits to Russia are due to the fact that no self respecting western women would touch him with a barge pole LOL.

      Never mind Mike, console yourself with those Russian prostitutes you are frequenting, though don’t forget the raincoat, after all Russia does have a sub-saharan aids rate…….

      Not to mention endemic syphilis, gonorrhea, VD and pretty much all other STD’s

      Of course, beautiful Russian women more than make up for Russian crimes against neighboring states in the Caucasus and eastern Europe in Mr Tal’s opinion.

      What a pathetic individual you are Mike.

      • Andrew wrote:
        > Interesting that the greatest Russian writer Pushkin loathed Russian culture

        But of course. Pushkin loathed the Russian culture, lived in Washington, DC, and wrote all his poetry in English for his American readers. That’s why he wrote in his most famous poem – Monument:

        “No, I’ll not wholly die. My soul in the sacred lyre is to survive my dust and flee decay; and I’ll be famed while there remains alive in the sublunar world at least one poet.

        “Tidings of me will cross the whole great Russia, and name me will each tribe existing there: proud scion of Slavs, and Finn, and the still savage Tungus, and – friend of the steppes – the Kalmyck.”

        See? It’s all about his love for America! He is writing that his name will remain forever in the minds of the typical American peoples – Slavs, Finns, Tunguses, Kalmyks. And he refers to America as “great”: “Great Russia”.

        And as far as love for Chechens- oh yes. No wonder Pushkin’s successor – Lermontov – wrote:

        “The evil Chechen is crawling onto the shore, sharpening his sword…”

      • And Georgians and Chechens have always been friends and allies against Russia. Here is what the son of the insane genocidal first Georgian President Gamsakhurdia admits:

        Roots of Chechen Resistance

        By Konstantin Gamsakhurdia, an orientalist and historian, the eldest son of Sviad Gamsakhurdia, Georgia’s first freely elected president.

        During the great Caucasus war of 1833-59, Georgian nobility fought on the side of the Russian colonialists. Shamil’s resistance was broken in 1859, but the Chechens fought on for two more years

        Not only Stalin, but also secret service chief Lavrenty Beria and NKVD General Gvishyany played leading roles in the mass deportations [of Chechens]. Yet the Georgian ancestry of these men did not arouse the animosity of the Chechens toward their southern neighbors.


        And do you know what Stalin did when he deported Chechens to Siberia? He settled it with his fellow Georgians, as even the son of Gamsakhurdia admits indirectly:

        After Stalin’s death, the Chechens were rehabilitated in 1957 and began returning to their homeland. The Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Republic was restored. The Georgians and Dagestanis who had been settled there….

        How convenient: Georgian-born Stalin, Beria and NKVD General Gvishyany deported Chechens to Siberia and replaced them with Georgian settlers, and only the coming to power of the Russian Khruschev saved the Chechens…

        Just as Stalin annexed the Republic of Abkhazia to his Georgia in 1930s, and then he, Beria and Gvishyany settled hundreds of thousands of Georgian colonists there.

        And anti-Russian Chechen terrorists “returned the favour” by fighting against both Russia and Georgia in 1991:

        Chechnya: Shamil Basayev’s Life Of War And Terror

        Chechen field commander Shamil Basayev, 41, began his one-man campaign against Russian rule over Chechnya in 1991 when he participated in the hijacking of a Russian passenger aircraft flying from the southern town of Mineralnye Vody to Turkey and thence to Grozny.

        Also in 1991, he signed up with the unofficial Confederation of Peoples of the Caucasus, and in 1992 led a battalion of volunteers from the North Caucasus who fought on the side of separatist region Abkhazia in its 1992-93 war against Georgia.

        • Now Phobodunce, Abkhazia was always part of Georgia, from classical to modern times.

          Check Strabo, the great Roman geographer, or the fact that the Georgian royal family came from Abkhazia (but were ethnic Georgians).

          Abkhazia was a Georgian principality, part of the medieval united Georgian kingdom.

          All ancient historical monuments in Abkhazia are Georgian, there are no historical monuments older than 300 years for the Apsu/Adyghe immigrants who came into the region in the wake of Turkish ethnic cleansing, and it is interesting to note that the leading nobles of Abkhazia were ethnic Georgians as late as the Russian revolution of 1917.

          In the post revolutionary period Abkhazia was part of Georgia by mutual agreement, to state that Stalin “gave it to Georgia” is to (not unusually for Mike/Phobokapo) lie outrageously.

          As the leading researcher for the Moscow Institute of Ethnography, Svetlana Chervonnaya points out in “Conflict in the Caucasus”, the Georgians are native to Abkhazia, and any attempt to prove otherwise is not based in historical fact.

          Now once again we must deal with Michael (AKA Phobodunce) being somewhat selective with his editing of quotes

          “Not only Stalin, but also secret service chief Lavrenty Beria and NKVD General Gvishyany played leading roles in the mass deportations. Yet the Georgian ancestry of these men did not arouse the animosity of the Chechens toward their southern neighbors. They understood that their Georgian persecutors were acting on Soviet interests, UNDER WHICH THE GEORGIAN PEOPLE SUFFERED AS MUCH AS OTHERS. On the other hand, today many Chechens remember with gratification that Sviad Gamsakhurdia, post-Soviet Georgia’s first freely elected president, was the only chief of state to officially recognize Chechnya’s independence in 1991. Driven from Georgia by a coup, Gamsakhurdia lived for almost two years in Grozny, as the guest of Chechen President Dzhokhar Dudayev.”

  12. And there is more selective editing from Phobokapo/Michael.

    He writes “During the great Caucasus war of 1833-59, Georgian nobility fought on the side of the Russian colonialists. Shamil’s resistance was broken in 1859, but the Chechens fought on for two more years”

    The full quote:

    ” A look at the Caucasus wars of the 18th and 19th centuries, which lasted for decades, reveals the tactics used by the two sides. At every advance, the Russians built Cossack settlements, fortified positions and large fortresses. Grozny, the capital built by General Yermolov, was originally such a Russian outpost. These positions served as bases from which Russian forces could advance further into the interior. The Chechens defended themselves against progressive Russian colonization with small, mobile fighting units, which resulted in a war from 1785 to 1791 in which the Chechens, led by Sheikh Mansur, also sometimes engaged in open combat. The Russians won that war, Sheikh Mansur was taken captive and exiled to Solovky Island, where he soon died. During the great Caucasus war of 1833-59, the Chechens and Dagestani, led by Imam Shamil and fighting against the czarist army, felt themselves completely surrounded. Georgia had lost its independence to Russia in 1801, and the Georgian nobility fought on the side of the Russian colonialists. Shamil’s resistance was broken in 1859, but the Chechens fought on for two more years, led by Boiskar Beno.”

    Note that the Georgians had several rebellions against Russia, starting with the Imeretian revolt in 1812, the Gurian revolts, the revolts of the 1830’s all of which were put down with extreme violence by the Russian Imperial forces.

    By the start of the main Chechen uprising, Georgia had been thoroughly and bloodily subjugated.

    The Georgians who fought on the side of the Russians were no different to the Chechens of the Vostok & Zapad battalions who served Russia in its recent (and illegal) invasion of Georgia.

  13. The Chechen Factor

    The “sensational” element in this flare-up is the Chechen participation in the fighting, on the Georgian side. Chechens have in the past fought in Abkhazia, notably in 1992-93, but on the Abkhaz side. At that time, the Chechen battalion was led by the now famous Shamil Basayev, with several thousand other North Caucasian volunteers. Various nationalist groups from the North Caucasus had formed an alliance called the Caucasian Peoples Confederation. Its aim
    was to create an independent “mountain republic” state stretching from the Caspian to the Black Sea. Although the movement in its nature was anti-Russian, it was successfully instrumentalized by the Russian leadership as a weapon against Georgia. Both the movement and the idea of the Mountain Republic collapsed when the Russian troops invaded Chechnya, and no major solidarity movement came to their aid.

    Since then, however, Chechens have come to develop better relations with their southern neighbors, Azerbaijan and notably Georgia. During a visit to Tbilisi in 1998, Chechen president Aslan Maskhadov apologized to the Georgians for Chechen participation in the Abkhaz war. The Chechens needed logistic support, and a route out of the Russian blockade for which Georgia could provide some limited
    alternative. Tbilisi, in return, wanted to use its newly established relations with the Chechens as a leverage to counter Russian influence in Abkhazia, as well as in numerous other Georgian regions outside the authority of Tbilisi. As a result, while during the first Chechnya war Azerbaijan was the logistic safe haven for Chechen fighters, since 1999 Georgia has become the place where wounded fighters received hospitalization; money supporting Chechen resistance is also channeled
    through Georgia. The 15,000 Chechen refugees in the Pankisi Valley of Georgia, inhabited by ethnic Chechens, provided the necessary cover
    for the movements of Chechen fighters.

    Fighting in Georgia Redraws Twisted Alliances

    Armenian News Network / Groong
    December 1, 2001

    By Groong Research & Analysis Group

  14. In this rather brief survey we tried to demonstrate that the evidence built heritage provides attests to the strong cultural and spiritual unity, which helped to shape the national identity of the peoples and tribes inhabiting the territory of Georgia. Like in many European states (E.g. Italy, Germany, Greece), national cultural coherence and unity did exist in Georgia in spite of political and administrative fragmentation.

    It is noteworthy that this spiritual and cultural unity was declared as early as the 8th century by one of the most famous and outstanding clergyman, St Grigol Khandzteli (Gregory of Khandzta), whose monastic activities spread across Georgia notwithstanding the existing political and administrative border restrictions, including in Abkhazia. According to him ‘And Kartli [Georgia] consists of that spacious land in which the liturgy and all prayers are said in the Georgian language.’

    The aforementioned holds true for Abkhazia as all the inscriptions whether made on stone, on metal or on paintings, are written in the Georgian language with ancient Georgian script asomtavrulii. This is very important for the genuine understanding of the situation on this land. Bedia Cathedral, e.g. has over eleven stone and fresco inscriptions containing numerous references to historical characters. There are many lapidary inscriptions on 11th century Ilori Church, one of the most respected holy sites in West Georgia. Of many fresco inscriptions surviving on Church of the Koimesis at Lichne, an 11th century inscription that mentions the apparitions of comet in 1066 is more remarkable. Inscriptions (mostly Georgian) on the walls of historical buildings or in the mural decorations bear witness to many noteworthy historical events, mention secular persons and clergymen.

    Georgian restorers had for many years conducted conservation work on various monuments. We now need help and support in preserving this precious heritage, the state of which, most regrettably, remains unknown to us.

    Everything that preserves from the past on the territory of Abkhazia sends and confirms one major message: by sharing the achievements of the neighboring peoples and combining them with their own initiatives and artistic perceptions, local inhabitants, disregarding their provenance, served as co-creators of the intrinsically diverse, but homogenous Georgian culture, even when due to various reasons, our small motherland was disintegrated and torn into peaces.

    Samples of architecture, painting, metalwork and inscriptions are eloquent witnesses of all these. A common cultural horizon, common weltanschauung and common artistic mentality.

    At this stage, it is more important to reveal and demonstrate unity and similarities rather than highlight differences. This statement can be supported by the well-known appeal made by an Abkhazian noblemen to the Russian Emperor in 1916: ‘We believe that the Georgians, related to us historically and through various circumstances, will ensure in all possible way the preservation of our national identity. We do understand that only the union with the Georgians will save us from numerous calamities and therefore in all circumstances and activities we are and will be together.’

  15. Click to access 994_15288_441745_afxazeti_istoriul.pd.pdf

    Page 4 gives a list of Georgian cultural and historical monuments in Abkhazia dating back to the 1st century AD

    • > Page 4 gives a list of Georgian cultural and historical

      How does this relate to Sharapova?

      • See your post:

        Michael Tal // October 6, 2009 at 7:18 am

        • > See your post: Michael Tal // October 6, 2009 at 7:18 am

          That was in response to **your** post:

          Andrew // October 6, 2009 at 4:37 am

          It was you who first brought up Georgians and Chechens and Pushkin’s “hate for Russia” and all other crap.

          • Now Phobodunce, you were the one who brought up foreign policy etc

            Michael Tal // October 5, 2009 at 11:53 am

            Pushkin was opposed to Russian political culture, and the dead hand of contemporary Russian society (like many young Russian reformers he was a fan of Napoleon) and was such an irritant to the Tsarist system that the Tsar wanted to personally censor his writings.

            His love for the Georgian & Chechen highlanders and their culture during his time in the Caucasus is also quite well documented.

            At least I did not bring up the crap on the scale you have.

            By the way, you really should learn to put the whole quote in, rather than your very selective and easily refuted BS.

            Oh, thats right, you are a compulsive Russian liar, never mind.

            • Pushkin devoted his entire life to Russia. He loved Russian culture, Russian people and fought for a better Tomorrow:

              Пока свободою горим,
              Пока сердца для чести живы,
              Мой друг, отчизне посвятим
              Души прекрасные порывы!

              As long as we are burning with love for liberty,
              As long as our hearts are alive to honour —
              My friend, let us devote
              All our souls and our deeds
              To our Motherland!

              • >> 1720. Peter I’s ukase banning the publication and printing of books in Ukrainian.

                >> 1769. Ban {BY THE KREMLIN} on Ukrainian ABC books.

                >> 1825 Modern Russian is sometimes said to begin with Pushkin.

                Ukrainian was banned by the kremlin before Pushkin was born!

  16. Andrew, LR has a strict rule that posts should be on the topic. The topic here is Sharapova and tennis. But you have turned this thread, as all other threads, into another recitation of anti-Abkhaz and anti-Ossetian propaganda. I know yoou hate these and other minorites, but please stop spamming.

    • Actually Phobokapo Mike, it was you who changed the subject.

      I have no dislike for Ossetians and Apsu/Adyge, but I have intense dislike for their ethnic cleansing and war crimes.

    • How typical of you to mis-quote, or just plain lie, and then try and weasel out of it.

      Typical Russian liar that you are.

    • Actually you are at least as guilty young man, he’s not talking to himself you know.

      • You are absolutely right this time, LR.

        I allow Andrew and Robert to provoke myself into their endless arguments about Georgia.

        I promise that I will try to resist the temptation, and will simply ignore them. Life’s too short, and so is blog space.

  17. Andrew // October 6, 2009 at 8:25 am | Reply

    Now Phobodunce, Abkhazia was always part of Georgia, from classical to modern times.

    And now, Andryusha, it’s time to get used to independent Abkhazia and South Ossetia. No force on earth can change it…


    How about US ICBMs raining down on Moscow?

    • LR, please…

      Not only Obama but even Bush wouldn’t be insane enough to start the Nuclear Holocaust in which all of us – both you in New York and I and my children in California – will die. And certainly not for the sake of a deranged aggressor like Saakashvili.

      That’s why it is paramount for the survival of the entire World to keep the balance of nuclear powers. Thank god, Obama seems to understand that.

  18. I think all the posts about Sharapova Kim writes herself. I’m not sure about the others: no man or woman in the world can spend all his/her time on such things even if he/shi is completely insane. Even Novodvorskaya couldn’t. But when it’s about Sharapova, that is Kim’s personal war.

    • I do too. There seems a gap of at least 30 in terms of IQ points between the posts about Russian politics and the posts about sports, and culture.

      I suspect that the posts about Russian politics and Putin’s persecution of opposition are written mostly by a normal person with an IQ of 110. On the other hand, the posts about sports, internet and culture are written by a psychopathic, intolerant retard with huge envy and (justified) inferiority problems and with an IQ of 82 or below.

  19. I.Q. is no longer the accepted method of measuring intelligence….it is however directly related to the number of Miami CSI episodes you can cite from memory.

  20. > I.Q. is no longer the accepted method of measuring intelligence….

    Great news for you, InCountryVlad .

  21. Treg Andressen

    Are you against all of the Soviet people or just the corrupt government under which they’ve had to suffer? And what is it about Maria that drives you wild.


    We think its disrespectful and patronizing to the people of Russia to suggest that they are the helpless victims of their government. They’re not. They’re responsible just like parents are responsible for their children.

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