October 7, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Racism and Obama

(2)  EDITORIAL:  “Life” in Russia

(3)  Another Original LR Translation: Kasyanov vs. Putin

(4)  More Outrage:  Russia and the Iranian Bomb

(5)  Annals of Shamapova

NOTE:  Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment of her Russia column is up and running on Pajamas Media. It deals with the neo-Soviet persecution of Soviet dissident Alexander Podrabinek over one of his columns in Yezhedevny Zhurnal.

NOTE:  This issue is a real eye-opener on Russia.  Racism. Disease. Deep political corruption.  And, of course, the little matter of giving the A-bomb to Iran.  No reasonable person can peruse items 1-4 and not realize that Russia is a nation run amok.

17 responses to “October 7, 2009 — Contents

  1. Marina Litvinenko – whose husband Alexander’s poisoning in November 2006 sparked a major diplomatic row between the UK and Russia – said she was ”deeply dismayed” at reports David Miliband would travel to the Russian capital next month.

    ”That his visit will take place exactly on the third anniversary of my husband’s poisoning is adding insult to injury,” she said.

    Mr Litvinenko, a former spy, died on November 23 2006, three weeks after being poisoned with a massive dose of polonium-210. The incident sparked a major public health scare in the capital, as well as one of the biggest diplomatic rows of recent years.

    After a lengthy investigation, British police tried unsuccessfully to extradite the chief suspect, Andrei Lugovoy, a former KGB operative.

    Last week Moscow news agency Interfax quoted a Russian foreign ministry spokesman in a report saying Mr Miliband was expected to make his first trip as Foreign Secretary on November 2.

    Mrs Litvinenko said in a statement: ”I am deeply dismayed by the reports that Foreign Secretary David Miliband is planning to visit Moscow.

    ”For three years I trusted the Government when they said that they were doing everything possible to get some justice for my husband and our family. I even accepted as a political necessity their reluctance to name the Russian state as the party behind the crime.”

    She added: ”But one thing is to observe the constraints of diplomacy, and another is to seek to normalise relations as if nothing happened.


  2. David Miliband is a lefty appeasement nitwit.

    Thank God Brown and 13 years of Labour are on their way to the trash heap as soon as the Brits can have an election.

    • > Labour are on their way to the trash heap

      Let’s hope so. Labour has been a warmongering monster, playing key roles in both the Rape of Yugoslavia and The Devastation of Iraq, and in waging an insane Cold War on Russia.

      • @the Rape of Yugoslavia

        Oh hello back, Phobophobe.

        I don’t think Labour played any role in the rpe warfare of Bosnia.

        • Btw, 5 days ago

          SARAJEVO, Sept 30 (Reuters) – Amnesty International urged Bosnia on Thursday to seek justice for up to 50,000 women and girls who were raped during the country’s 1992-95 war and to punish the perpetrators, many of whom still hold public posts.

          During the war, Bosnian Croats, Serbs and Muslims all participated in systematic rape as part of widespread ethnic cleansing but the victims, most of them Muslims, have been denied reparations given to civilian war victims, the human rights watchdog said in a report.

          “It is a shame that the authorities have been neglecting the needs of the survivors for the last 14 years,” Amnesty official Marek Marczynski told a news conference. “These women do not want charity, they want their right to reparation and justice.”

          Marczynski said that different estimates put the number of the rape victims, most of them Muslims, in the range of 20,000 to 50,000, and that impunity for such mass-scale crimes of sexual violence still prevails.

          “In many places a lot of police officers who allegedly raped still hold their positions, which prevents the victims from reporting the crime,” he said.

          Many victims do not dare to talk because of the trauma and stigma, and suffer from nightmares, depression, flashbacks, anxiety and feelings of insecurity, shame and guilt, he said.

          The authorities have failed to provide victims with access to adequate health care or psychological support and only non-governmental organisations offer such assistance, Marczynski said.

          In addition, many women cannot get any social benefits due to the complex structure of Bosnia’s judicial and welfare systems, and suffer discrimination in getting access to such help compared to other war victims.

          “The authorities must ensure comprehensive investigations that lead to prosecutions of war crimes of sexual violence in the country,” the Amnesty report said.

          The United Nations war crimes court in The Hague has prosecuted 18 cases of wartime rape. Another 12 cases have been prosecuted by Bosnia’s war crimes court, set up in 2005 to try thousands of war crimes suspects and take over lower-ranking cases from the Hague-based court.


          Wonder why he’s not talking about the “key role of Labour” in this? Photophobe, you must contact them with your revelations.

        • Yes, he does write an awful lot like Phobophobe.

          However Tal is an english name (also German), not a Russian Jewish one……


            • Fair enough Robert. I stand corrected.

            • Robert,

              You are a man of knowledge. But why can’t you use your knowledge to see Russia fairly?

              • Lets see, Russian agression and war crimes in Chechnya, Russian agression, war crimes and hypocrisy in Georgia.
                Russian opression in eastern Europe during the Tsarist and Soviet empires, Russian supply of equipment, advisors, training etc to the regimes of genocidal maniacs around the world from Sudan to Burma.
                Russian supply of weapons and nuclear technology to Iran, Russian supply of weapons and intelligence to terrorist groups in the late 20th C and to Hizbollah, Hamas, and Islamic fundamentalists in Iraq & Afghanistan either directly or through Iran.

                Knowledge of Russia means Robert does see fairly.

              • Define: “seeing Russia fairly”?

            • Can I ask you: what country are you in? Do you **reallly** feel that Russia is more of a threat to your fellow Muslims than USA?! How can you be so angry at Russia for Chechnya and so indifferent to what USA has done to Iraq and many other Muslim countries?

              • I’m not a Muslim, but if I were I would think Russia is a threat alright.

                Let’s see: 1-2 million dead Muslims from the Soviet-sponsored coup and then their occupation of Afghanistan (and more from the civil war since then), support for the Serb crimes in former Yugoslavia (some of these crimes actually commited by Russian volunteers and mercenaries), the brutal conquest and ethnic cleansings in North Caucuasus by the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union, the recent catastrophe invasions of Chechnya (see Grozny before and after, ), continuing violent opression/dirty war there and the rest of Russia’s North Caucuasus, and more (but I guess it’s enough).

                Grozny before:

                Grozny after:

                Can you find 10 differences?

                • You purposefully avoided answering my question about USA and Muslims. You are a skillful propagandist. But if you want to stories and pictures victims of USA crimes, start with these:


                  Or these:

                  Or these:

                  Or these:

                  Or this:


                  Preparations for a new Fallujah?

                  Fallujah, an horrific story
                  In November 2004 the United States carried out a relentless attack on Fallujah, a city 70 km to the west of Baghdad, and a stronghold of the Sunni resistance to the occupation. At the time of the attack, there were between 50,000 and 100,000 people in the city. The US estimated that this included between 1,000 and 6,000 insurgents. At the end of January 2005, reports of the use of white phosphorus in the attack on Fallujah began to take on serious proportions. The US only admitted to the use of white phosphorus after the release of a shocking documentary on this subject by the Italian broadcaster RAI. Reports from US soldiers make it clear that these weapons were used directly against people. To say that the impact on the civilian population was terrible, is an understatement. Jeff Englehart, a US soldier who served in Fallujah reports how he heard the order for the use of white phosphorus on the military radio. He describes the consequences as follows: “Burned. Burned bodies. I mean, it burned children, and it burned women. White phosphorus kills indiscriminately… And when it makes contact with skin, then it’s absolutely irreversible damage, burning of flesh to the bone.”

                  That’s what I’ve dug up in 1 minute of Google search. If I had time, I would gladly post 10000 more pictures of US atrocities for you to spot any difference between the victims of US atrocities and of Nazi atrocities.

                  • @You purposefully avoided answering my question about USA and Muslims.

                    Muslims in the US are not being murdered and forcibly disappeared (in sense: ther bodies not found yet/destroyed) by their own government. (Or by hundreds, or by dozens, or even individuals.) No American Muslim-majority community by any size was ever destroyed by a massive military atack, too.

                    @You are a skillful propagandist.

                    Thank you. You are a sh*tty propagandist.


                    Friendly fire accident by a South Vietnamese pilot now an “American war crime”? Can you get any more retarded?

                    The South Vietnamese girl later fled united (communist) Vietnam to Canada.


                    Phúc joined a group of civilians and South Vietnamese soldiers who were fleeing from the Cao Dai Temple to the safety of South Vietnamese held positions. A South Vietnamese Air Force pilot mistook the group for enemy soldiers and diverted to attack. The bombing killed two of Phúc’s cousins and two other villagers.
                    After snapping the photograph, Út took Kim Phúc and the other injured children to a hospital in Saigon, where it was determined her burns were so severe that she probably would not survive. After a 14-month hospital stay and 17 surgical procedures, however, she was able to return home. Út continued to visit her until he was evacuated during the fall of Saigon, three years later.[2]
                    As a young adult, Phúc was removed from her university and used as an anti-war symbol by the communist government of Vietnam. In 1986, however, she was granted permission to continue her studies in Cuba. She had converted from her family’s Cao Dai religion to Christianity four years earlier.[10] Phạm Văn Đồng, the then-Prime Minister of Vietnam, became her friend and patron. After arriving in Cuba she met Bui Huy Toan, another Vietnamese student and future fiancé. In 1992, Phúc and Toan married and went on their honeymoon. During a refuelling stop in Gander, Newfoundland, they left the plane and asked for political asylum in Canada. It was granted. They now live in Ajax, Ontario, and have two children.

                    @That’s what I’ve dug up in 1 minute of Google search.




    “It is of the utmost importance that the investigations into the killings of Natalia Estemirova, Stanislav Markelov, Anastasia Baburova, and Anna Politkovskaya are conducted in an independent and impartial manner, and, where grounds exist, do not stop short of investigating possible links with government officials, including the highest government officials,” said Khan.

    A number of other attacks have recently taken place in the area. Zarema Saidulaeva, head of the humanitarian organization Let’s Save the Generation, and her husband, Alik Dzhabrailov, were both killed on August 11. They were abducted from their office in Grozny by men identifying themselves as law enforcement officials, and a few hours later they were found dead in the boot of their car.

    The office of Mothers of Dagestan for Human Rights in Makhachkala, capital of Dagestan, was recently burned down. A leaflet was also distributed in Makhachkala naming two representatives of that organization, Svetlana Isaeva and Gulnara Rustamova, as well as other human rights activists, lawyers, and journalists from Dagestan, as aiders and abetters of illegal armed groups. The leaflet called for a “blood feud” against these people.

  4. Looks like the butcher Shamanov might be in deep do-do.

    A good article on corruption in the Russian military:

    “Severely And Quickly

    This has created massive opportunities for corruption. Senior officers and those within the personnel directorate can demand and expect substantial bribes for their recommendations. According to some Defense Ministry sources, the going rate can be the equivalent of a full year’s salary in return for guaranteeing continued employment on the higher pay scale.

    Furthermore, the Defense Ministry is gearing up for a massive campaign of refurbishing and replacing rundown barracks and other facilities. This opens up opportunities for a wide range of money-making ventures from selling off second-hand furniture and equipment (which is then logged as having been destroyed) to manipulating bidding by contractors to secure government contracts.

    It is therefore no wonder that so many senior officers want Shamanov dealt with, severely and quickly. At present, many are doing very well out of their current opportunities for graft and embezzlement, with little risk of prosecution. They also see even greater prospects on the horizon.

    However, President Dmitry Medvedev has identified himself with the fight against corruption and Serdyukov is concerned about the cost of embezzlement to the defense budget. In that context, this cohort of corrupt senior officers fears that Shamanov’s case could force the Kremlin, at last, to crack down on criminality within the high command. But there is little sign of any real appetite for a thorough cleaning of the high command.

    Whatever happens to Shamanov, the likelihood is that Russia’s dirty generals will continue to enjoy business as usual – so long as they keep a low profile.”


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