More Stark Humilation for Russian Women’s Tennis

At the WTA tour event in Tokyo, Japan this week Russia began the tournament with five of the sixteen seeds, more than 25%, and three of the top five. Not one of them made it to the tournament’s third round, despite most having byes in the first round.

#1 seed Dinara Safina lost her first match to an unseeded player from Taiwan not ranked in the world’s top 130 players. Ouch.

#3 seed Elena Dementieva lost her first match as well, to an unseeded German rival not ranked in the world’s top 60.

#5 seed Svetlana Kuznetsova likewise went down in flames, losing her first match to another unseeded German, this one not ranked in the world’s top 50.

What do you suppose happened to #6 seed Vera Zvonareva? What’s that you say? You guess she lost her first match too, against an equally lowly and unseeded rival?  You’re right!

But if you think #13 seed Nadia Petrova went down in exactly the same fashion, you’re quite mistaken.  Petrova was the only seeded Russian player to win as much as a single match, and the only one to advance  to the third round of the tournament. Care to guess how she managed it?  You think her unseeded second-round opponent might have resigned due to injury early in the second set? You’re right again!

So much, once again, for Russia’s “dominant” female tennis players.

23 responses to “More Stark Humilation for Russian Women’s Tennis

  1. Sergey Shelukhin

    May I inquire why you are not comparing it to Serena and Venus Williams’ awesome progress as usual,
    and miss some Russian players (although that part customary), as well as all other seeds eliminated by now?
    You also seem to miss whole lot of WTA events that could shed more light on humiliation of Russian tennis.
    Ah wait, it’s LR, guru of selective reporting.

    • Sure, you can inquire. There’s lots of reasons.

      (1) Serena didn’t play in this tournament, you ignorant ape.

      (2) Serena Williams has won more grand slam titles this year BY HERSELF than the ENTIRE NATION of Russia.

      (3) Nobody in America says that Americans are “dominant” in tennis and that this proves how great the Obama regime is.

      (4) The fact that America does badly doesn’t excuse Russian failure, does it? Or is it OK if Russia destroys itself as far as you’re concerned, as long as America does too?

      (5) Venus Williams lost badly in this tournament. That’s ONE American. FIVE Russians lost badly. We think that’s worse. If you think it’s the same, you’re free to have your own idiotic “opinion.”

      By the way, are YOU attempting to claim that YOU fairly report bad news for Russia?? If so, we call you a SHAMELESS LIAR.

      • Sergey Shelukhin

        What about one Russian who didn’t lose badly? How many Americans made it to semi finals? Oh, and why didn’t Serena Williams play?

        I am not claiming and never claimed that Russia is domiunant in tennis (I am not sure where you got that one).

        But what did you do? You reported losing, Russian, seeded players at particular tournament. Hey, random things happen. You failed to report:
        * other losing seeds
        * other (non-losing) Russians
        * other tournaments.

        I call that selective reporting.

  2. I already commented on this LR, but I’d like to repeat it again. I respect you greatly and love most of what you do. Our positions are very often similar. But I don’t understand your fixation on women’s tennis and on Russians playing it. They are just individuals playing for money and for nothing else. I doubt they are agents of the Russian state.

    It’s just entertainment, please don’t make it so important by constantly posting items related to it. The world is going straight to hell in a hand basket, and Russia contributes to that mightily. Please, don’t get distracted by tennis.

  3. The answer to the fixation of LR on russian tennis players is simple – envy. As a rule, russian tennis girl are beautiful, sexy, lovable creatures. Unlike the author of this blog, who is most probably fat-assed, ugly freak. Likewise, sisters Williams and Kournikova or Sharapova are worlds apart in terms of appearance.

    So it’s just envy and jealousy…

  4. P.S. Apes – is the most suitable word for sisters Williams… big apes..

  5. Oh really? You think Kuznetsova, Petrova and Safina are PRETTY?

    I’ve said: “ a rule..”

    • As a RULE????????????

      Did you even LOOK at our link showing ALL the seeds at the French Open with their OFFICIAL photographs?

      As a RULE, we’ve published post after post on this blog showing that the actual facts prove the OPPOSITE of what you say, which is one of the reasons we write about Russian female tennis players, to DISPEL this myth.

      You simply don’t live in a world of facts but of propagandistic lies spread by your government which you repeat like a goat. It’s really sad.

      • Have you noticed how calm LR stays when discussing politics, but becomes hysterical whenever expressing her inferiority feelings towards the beauty of Russian women and their tennis success?

        • Now Mike, you are the one who has to resort to trips to RuSSia to frequent Russian prostitutes……

          • Andrew,

            Let me point out that your latest lie has actually crossed the border to criminal libel.

            You are a sick man. Seek treatment.

            • Now Phobodunce, your description of all American women as fat ugly etc, was far worse.

              You retract your (unsound) comments, I will retract mine.

  6. sisters Williams is more scary then all ot them…

    • It probably goes a long way towards explaining why Russian players fail so spectacularly that Russians’ goal for their players is not to play well but to look pretty.

      No wonder Russians always lose!

      • Sergey Shelukhin

        In Russia there’s a saying about soccer that “in the end, there’s only score” (в конце остаётся только счёт на табло”).
        Note that I never claimed sisters Williams or whoever are systematically inferior players or whatever. The key is, in the end, there’s only the rating. Care to look at what the rating is at exact present moment? Dixi.

        • I don’t know why I even bother to reply. Professional sport is just a form of entertainment, and so not really worth worrying about, whoever plays and wins or loses; so, it has a very low priority or meaning for me.

          But I have to notice that each of the Williams sisters won more Grand Slam tournaments that all the Russian women combined. That’s a fact, unless I don’t have the right statistics. I think that #1 Safina has never won a single Grand Slam event; neither has Kourniukova who was more of a sex symbol or a source of excitement for horny adolescent boys than a truly outstanding athlete.

          So, I don’t know how they calculate ratings, but I too wonder how one who never won any Grand Slam managed to get the #1 rating.

  7. Professional sport is just a form of entertainment

    So if tennis is just an entertainment, stop spitting with poison toward russian tennis players. For the last 10 or so years the’ve made gigantic leap forward from where they were. Period.

    P.S. Ignorant LR, learn surname of Sharapova. Sha-ra-po-va, understand? Cos you twisting words like real “churka”…

  8. Leonid,

    Don’t you see that you (like all of us, Russians) cannot match the brilliant mind of LR?

    The Tokyo tournament has once again showed total American domination over Russia.

    The only thing the Russians have accomplished is to win this tournament (Maria Sharapova).

    But the Americans have totally dominated this tournament.

    There were 3 American women, and all performed great.

    The first American girl – Alexa Glatch – showed her prowess by losing in the very first round in two straight sets, the last being 0-6.

    The second American girl – Jill Craybas – did equally great: she also lost in the very first round in two sets: 2-6, 2-6.

    But the third American woman – Venus Williams – was the one that has brought the most pride to LR: she actually got past the first round and into the second round. How did she accomplish this heroic feat? By getting a BYE.

    Unfortunately, the draw was cruel to Venus, because in the second round she had to face a Russian girl: Pavlyuchenkova. Not the best Russian girl. An unseeded Russian girl. But even she was too good for the American superstar, who lost in two straight sets.

    Thus, the 3 American women have played 3 matches and a total of 6 sets, successfully losing each and every one of them.

    LR wrote:
    > Not one of them made it to the tournament’s third round, despite most having byes in the first round.

    Russian girls – Sharapova, Vesnina, Kleybanova, Pavlyuchenkova – all made it to the third round, and Sharapova won the whole tournament.

    Not one *American** girl made it to the third round, losing every set they played.

    Another chapter in the annals of Russian humiliation and American pride and domination!

    LR wrote:
    > That’s ONE American. FIVE Russians lost badly.

    Actually, all THREE Americans lost badly. Americans couldn’t lose MORE THAN THREE simply because there were only THREE of them in the tournament.

  9. Leonid wrote:
    > P.S. Apes – is the most suitable word for sisters Williams… big apes..

    Leonid, you are showing Russian bigotry. Sure, by Russian standards sisters Williams look highly non-pretty. But by American standards, they are beautiful compared to average American women, who are short, fat, ugly, with pathologically short legs and necks. At least, Venus Williams has long legs and a decent neck, probably because she is not of Anglo-Saxon or Irish origin. And, unlike her brother Serena, she is not huge in diameter and doesn’t have sequoia-sized legs and arms.

    When an American like myself returns to USA after being in Russia for more than 2 weeks, the biggest “culture stock” always is seeing the American females in airports. The first reaction always is: “There are no women here! Only very short ugly fat creatures with huge asses, no necks, no waists, stubby bow-legs, and sagging breasts, wearing high heels and skirts. And no, these are not Scotts in kilts onr West Villagers in drag…. :-)

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